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26 Apr 2017 22:58:27
okc thunder offseason

sign griffin max
roberson 3 year 23 mil
gibson 2 year 14 mil

Okc TRADE abrines sobonis syngler bulls 2nd
okc RECEIVE Jae crowder

Heat Trade whiteside
HEAT receive sobonis abrines syngler bulls 2nd brown/smart and clippers 1st 2019 pick

celtics get whiteside

heat get rebuild with brown abrines and sobonis 3 promising players while geting picks

celtics cet lethal rim proterctor and great center while kepping brooklyn picks and assuming they sign GORDON HAYWARD

OKC get contendor and shooter around russ and blake while getting a deaper bench

Please share what you think.

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26 Apr 2017 23:52:05
OkC is over the cap.

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26 Apr 2017 22:14:15

Knicks get Allen Crabbe, Al-Farouq Aminu, Doug McDermott, Kyle Singler, and #21 pick (via Thunder)

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony, Kyle O'Quinn, and #26 pick (via Blazers)

Blazers get Enes Kanter, Courtney Lee, and #58 pick (via Knicks)

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26 Apr 2017 23:00:15
Pass from Portland. I'd rather pay crabbe than kanter, at least crabbe isn't the worst defender in the NBA. Also, kanter and Nurkic wouldn't work together.

Lee and Aminu is probably a push, though I'd take the defensive guy in Aminu.

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26 Apr 2017 17:37:42
Toronto gets George

Indiana gets Kanter, Singler, wright, Sabonis, Siakam, Grant, 3 1st from Toronto, and 3 swaps.

OkC gets Carroll, Young, and Miles

Toronto ends up with a player that can help them take the next step. They end up with a top 3 starting line up.

Indiana gets a ton of young talent and picks to start a rebuild. There isn't a sure fire star there, but the Pacers seem to have a good track record of developing young talent and they end up with a lot.

OkC surrounds Russell with the shooters he needs. The team could end up similiar to what Houston currently has.

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26 Apr 2017 20:10:51
There's obviously other teams besides Toronto who would want george. All of them could put together a better package.

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26 Apr 2017 16:02:54
Lee Noah and a 2nd


Rubio and Aldrich

Knicks draft Monk
Twolves draft Isaac


Lee (Lavine)

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26 Apr 2017 16:15:09
Minnesota isn't giving up Rubio and taking on Noahs contract. I don't think the Timberwolves would give up Rubio for that even if you took out Noah.

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26 Apr 2017 17:22:24
Knicks had their chance to grab Rubio at the deadline and lost him because Jackson got greedy. With the way he played after the deadline, and the fact that Dunn may not be ready yet, Rubio only gets moved if it's a really good offer, and this isn't one.

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26 Apr 2017 15:58:20
Okc gets - Carroll Wright and Nogeuira

Tor gets - McDermott and Kanter

Okc drafts Dwayne Bacon
Tor drafts Terrance Ferguson

Westbrook - Wright
Oladipo - Roberson
Carroll - Abrines
Gibson - Sabonis
Adams - Nogeuira

Lowry - Joseph
Powell - Ferguson
Derozan - McDermott
Ibaka - Kanter
Valancuinas - Poeltl

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26 Apr 2017 22:48:36
hate it as okc fan.

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26 Apr 2017 15:16:33
Celtics get Krstaps Porzingus

Knicks get Celtics 2017 pick, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown

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26 Apr 2017 16:17:23
I don't see why the Knicks would do this. It would probably take a king's ransom to get Porzingis from them.

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26 Apr 2017 16:28:24
17 Nets pick, 17 second rd. pick and Smart for the Zinger and Lee.

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26 Apr 2017 20:12:27
The nets picks only starts discussions.

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26 Apr 2017 23:10:42
Well the lick is obviously the Nets pick. that's the only pick that Boston has in the 1st round.

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26 Apr 2017 14:11:10
Clippers trade CP3, Crawford
Wolves trade LaVine, Rubio, 6th pick, (maybe add one more protected future 1st round pick)

Mbah/6th pick/W.Johnson
- draft Tatum or Isaac with 6th pick to get future SF
- core still young enough to develop (Griffin, LaVine, Rubio, 6th pick and also Jordan)

- let Muhammad walk, sign defensive wing like Sefolosha & resign Rush

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26 Apr 2017 15:07:13
If minny could land Paul, they'd just sign him. They're not trading value for a free agent when they have cap space. And Paul wouldn't want to gut the team he's going to. Sign and trades are never like this.

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26 Apr 2017 16:19:32
Agree with Bmiller, even if there was a sign and trade to give Paul the most money possible, the Clippers would be at best looking at future picks.

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26 Apr 2017 12:23:37

NYK get Payton and Biyombo

ORL get Noah and NYK 2017 1st rounder

Knicks get rid of Noah's contract they take on Biyombo's but Biyombo is less injury prone and will help take pressure of Porzingis on the defensive end. Payton gives them a young pg who can get the ball to the stars and drive the open lanes.

Magic get Noah's bad contract but they have time to kill as they search for a star and adding another pick gives them a better chance of that.

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26 Apr 2017 13:23:44
As much as getting rid of Noah's contract would be fantastic, I don't think that Biyombo's contract and an underachieving Peyton is worth giving up the number 7 pick.

Biyombo has a similar contract to Noah's, and will never live up to it.

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26 Apr 2017 13:57:09
Exactly. This would be a worthwhile deal if it was a mid-late 1st rounder, but 7 is way too high just to unload Noah for that return. I could see that kind of a package being moved for a better player on a terrible team like Lopez though.

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26 Apr 2017 20:46:25
HAHAH rather homer trade nothing but net. Biyombo has the exact same contract. But instead of being a great defender/ rebounder like noah when noah is ever actually healthy, biyombo is a below average center. awful.

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26 Apr 2017 11:33:34

NOP get Payton

Orl get a 1st rounder either 2018(top 10 protected), 2019(top 5 protected) or 2020 unprotected.

Pelicans let holiday walk get a hometown kid who can get the ball to their stars and will be cheaper giving them more money to keep their stars and add some shooters at sg and sf to help space the floor in the off season. They protect their picks incase Cousins walks.

Magic have Fox in most mocks so that makes Payton expendable so grabbing a future pick would help them continue to build as they only have their own 1st rounders and are lacking a star so grabbing picks and young players should be a priority until they find an identity to start moving forward.

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26 Apr 2017 13:59:39
I'm not sure I would take Fox if I'm the Magic. Tatum is the obvious choice if he isn't taken at 4, but I think I'd go somewhere other than Fox if he is. He seems like he has all the good, and most of the same bad as Payton.

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26 Apr 2017 16:23:00
Peyton isn't good enough to justify letting Holiday walk. They could just use the pick to get rid of Hill and/ or Asik's contracts to open up space.

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26 Apr 2017 04:53:59

Blazers get #3 pick + D'Angelo Russell + Luol Deng
draft Josh Jackson


Lakers get Damian Lillard + Evan Turner

Randle-Nance Jr

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26 Apr 2017 12:52:09
It's not a bad trade idea
But i can't see Portland trading Lillard.

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26 Apr 2017 13:24:41
McCollum yes, Lillard no.

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26 Apr 2017 14:12:23
I agree Triangle. It was hard enough seeing LA go, but having Lillard shipped out now would be a sign to the fans that they're pretty much giving up and starting over. If they were going to move him, this isn't a terrible framework to work with though.

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26 Apr 2017 16:25:56
The 3rd pick, Russell, and having to take on Deng's contract for Lillard? What reason does Portland have to move him?

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26 Apr 2017 17:51:38
I can't see Portland wanting another zero guard if they move McCollum or Lillard. They'd want a more true SG or a SF. Maybe change it to Ingram, Randle, and #3.

I don't think Portland has any interest in going younger though, they want to improve, not take a step backward. This makes more sense if it's a 3 way trade that brings Portland a star wing or PF (George, Butler) .

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