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23 Jun 2018 05:14:13
If kanter opts out

Knicks get dennis schroeder and nikola vucevic

Magic get trey burke and lance thomas

Hawks get Courtney lee,Noah, and 2019 knicks 1st rnd pick and 2 future 2nd rnd picks

Sign rudy gay 2 yr 12 mill and greg monroe 1 yr 8 mill

Re sign beasley



23 Jun 2018 04:42:04
Trade possibility:

OKC gets Kent Bazemore

ATL gets Carmelo Anthony

OKC gets out of Melo's contract, even though they take on a relatively bad contract in Bazemore but they get a good 6th man. Melo goes to the Hawks and either gets to be the guy for a year OR they buy him out and everyone wins. Hawks get out of their contract, Thunder get rid of Melo and his contract, Melo gets his money and either a star role or FA.

23 Jun 2018 04:51:14
Carmelo Anthony has no trade Cause.

23 Jun 2018 01:22:12

LAL get Nikola Vucevic

ATL get Luol Deng, Moritz Wagner & 2019 LAL 1st round pick

ORL get Dennis Shroeder


LAL get Williams & Beverley

LAC get Ball & Wear

LAL sign PG & LeBron

resign Randle

Pg LeBron/Beverley/Ennis
Sg George/Williams
Sf Ingram/Hart
Pf Randle/Kuzma
Ce Vucevic/Zubac/Bryant

22 Jun 2018 19:22:46

Schroder Bazemore

Biyombo Ross 2020 1st

Bad teams swap negative contracts.
Orlando gives a pick to make up for talent, and taking on additional 5m.

Pipe dream.

22 Jun 2018 23:01:14
Love this for both teams schroder n Bamba would be a good starting piece for Orlando n atl get a better 2 n good defensive center to help on the weak side when people blow by young.

22 Jun 2018 18:20:24

Bucks get Schroder, Vucevic
Magic get Bledsoe
Atlanta get Dellavedova, Wilson

Bucks get a younger type of Bledsoe and a big they need, with little cost.

Magic drafted Bamba, Biyombo's contract seems unmovable, so it seems that Vucevic is necessary no more. They lack pg, so a swap Vucevic for Bledsoe (both expiring) makes sense.

Atlanta lost leverage on Schroder after the draft. They need more a backup vet pg to mentor Young, which Delly is, than Schroder who causes trouble. They also take a young pf. It's not good, but they may end up worse if they don't find a taker for the German.

Edit: You can add Snell and Bazemore to that, if the Hawks want so badly to remove his contract.

22 Jun 2018 22:32:53
Maybe, I'm to low on Bledsoe, but I unless someone is desperate, I just don't see him having much value. He's not much of a defender any more and his offense is inefficient. It really hurts that he can't shoot the 3.

22 Jun 2018 23:36:57
Milwaukee will now have 11 players that play Guard. the never should have traded Monroe, and a 1st pick for Bledsoe. Now, After the draft, They still need a Center, and are 30th in the league in Rebounding.

23 Jun 2018 00:07:46
I agree with torque they should have never passed on Robert Williams.

22 Jun 2018 16:24:08
Knicks get dennis schroder

Hawks get Lee,Burke and 2021 1st rnd pick

Kanter opt ins and re sign Beasley
Sign Greg Monroe 2 yr 12 mill
Sign Rudy gay 1 yr 8 mill

2018/19 lineup

Dennis Schroeder/Emmanuel Mudiay
Tim Hardaway/Frank Nilikina
Kevin knox/Rudy gay
Kristaps Porzingis/Michael Beasley
Enes kanter/Greg Monroe

22 Jun 2018 16:13:59
Knicks are ready for 2019 summer

Bulls get Kanter Noah
Knicks get Lopez Dieng
Mavs get Felicio Wolves Bulls 2nd
Wolves get Asik

Faried Arthur Chandler for Lee Thomas. Saves denver 11 mil

Hardaway for Schroder Atl has rights to swap 2019 1st.


22 Jun 2018 16:22:18
The Wolves, Bulls and Mavs probably all turn that trade down.

22 Jun 2018 16:30:07
Like the nuggets/ hawks deals but hawks wouldn't match hardaway before but it still looks fair with the pick swap option.

22 Jun 2018 22:31:54
So fudget, i'm with this roster, sit zinger all season hawks and knicks should top 5 worst again.

Schroder/ Mudiay/ Burke
Ntilikina/ Dotson/ Baker
Knox/ Chandler/ T. Williams
Faried/ Arthur/ Robinson
Kanter/ Noah/ Porzingis.

22 Jun 2018 12:21:30
Cleveland, Charlotte, Atlanta

Hawks give:
Schroder, Bazemore
Love, Clarkson, Cavs remove protection on 2019 1st rd DP

Cavs give:
Love, Clarkson, Hill, Cedi
Kemba, Batum, Bazemore

Hornets Give:
Kemba, Batum
Schroder, Hill, Cedi

Cavs still have Sexton to deal. Obviously a cavs fan, but value seems fair for everyone. If the Hawks are looking to trade for Faried, they'd definitely be interested in getting Love and coming off Bazemore's deal.

22 Jun 2018 13:56:05
I think you would need a 4th team willing to give something up for Love.

22 Jun 2018 14:23:00
Yeah maybe. Only reason I’d expect them to want him is because of the Faried rumors like I said. But with no guarantee from Lebron, taking the protection off of that Pick would be huge. Even if he does stay, he’s 1 early season injury away from Atlanta having a potential lottery pick.

22 Jun 2018 17:11:39
removing the protection (top 10) is pointless, i'm assuming lebron stays in this scenario, so they make the playoffs.

22 Jun 2018 19:31:23
Hawks are getting too much. Schroder and Bazemore are both negatives.

22 Jun 2018 23:21:43
Love will opt out he like an expiring contract.

22 Jun 2018 03:32:54
Cavs get walker Batum mkg
Hornets get smith hill osman zizic clarckson Sexton

Cavs get Bazemore
Hawks get hood future 1st

Cavs resign James green Calderon

Sign Howard casspi Chalmers O'quinn

Walker Chalmers Calderon
Batum Bazemore korver
James mkg casspi
Love nance green
Howard Thompson O'quinn

22 Jun 2018 04:45:58
Not sure but I wonder if the alexander trade for bridges means they plan on keeping walker.

22 Jun 2018 13:26:25
Btec, that's possible or you could speculate that they possibly have a deal in place with the Cavs pending Lebron's decision with Sexton involved and they plan to blow it up either way.

22 Jun 2018 23:24:11
Think Walker goes to Cavs and sexton to the hornets.

23 Jun 2018 00:25:05
Noooooooo Collin Sexton untouchable.

22 Jun 2018 01:20:04
Shroeder maybe is on the move after Hawks acquire Trae Young for Doncic

22 Jun 2018 04:47:33
I would say it looks that way and they are going to have to get far less than what they are after. I'd suggest bucks but I am not sure he and buddenholzer had a great relationship.

21 Jun 2018 22:05:12
Cavs get walker Batum
Hornets get hill smith osman zizic clarckson nance 8th pick

Cavs get Bazemore
Hawks get hood (s&t) future 1st

Cavs resign James Calderon green

Cavs sign Howard George Chalmers casspi dedmon Monroe carter

Walker Chalmers Calderon
George Bazemore carter
James Batum korver
Love green casspi
Howard dedmon Monroe

22 Jun 2018 00:03:18
Can't sign George and I wouldn't give up that much for Walker.

21 Jun 2018 16:32:46
Celtics - hawks

Celtics: #3

Hawks: bos 27th/ sac 19/ Memphis 19

Celtics get there final piece by grabbing Jaren Jackson at 3 the best defender in the class and one of the Youngest with crazy potential and hawks stack up 1st round picks to build with probably tank another year and potentially having 2 top ten picks(there's and sac) and another top 15 in Memphis's

21 Jun 2018 17:16:27
I like the trade, I just don't think it will happen. If it does, I don't think it will be for Jackson.

21 Jun 2018 17:22:44
Yeah probably won’t happen but I’d love to see them pull it off. Who do you think they would go for if not Jackson?

21 Jun 2018 18:35:35
@zp luka. he is the best player on the draft, i think ainge is smart enough to realize that.

21 Jun 2018 20:07:52
Jackson would be a good pick up. Just don't think C's will get him. But you never know. Great size and is a 2 way player that can hit beyond the arc.

If Ainge can find a 3rd team to place C Parsons to facilitate a trade with Memphis then it could be a possibility … Jackson can stretch the floor for variable matchups.

21 Jun 2018 15:34:02
The Cavs get Conley, Parsons, and the 4th pick

The Grizzlies get Hill(expiring), Smith(buyout), Clarkson, Osman, Zizic, the 8th pick, and the Cavs 2021 top 10 protected

I had read that Memphis might be interested in getting out of Conley's deal. This only works if Memphis is motivated to get out of it and open up capspace next year. Just the fact that Conley's name came up makes me think there is atleast an outside shot that that could be the case. This is one of the few moves that have any possibility of threading the needle for the Cavs. They get a pg that could help now and end up with a great prospect for a rebuild. If Doncic fell to 4, the Cavs could have a very interesting team next year.

21 Jun 2018 16:53:24
Not going to happen.

21 Jun 2018 17:05:58
Probably not. I think it all depends on how the league and the Grizzlies view Conley's contract. He'll be 31 this year, he just missed the season and he has 3 years left at 30 plus million a year. Even if he doesn't get hurt again can he live up to that deal.

21 Jun 2018 17:28:49
1 more year of prime for conley maybe 2. This season will be a deciding factor on his viability as an nba starter. He had his best season statistically the season before last seasons injury. Griz claim to want to make it to the playoffs, this would stop that train in its tracks. Lift the protection on 2021 and it's doable if Griz want to rebuild.

21 Jun 2018 15:20:54

WAS gets Bazemore, Gasol, Isiah Taylor and ATL 3rd pick

ATL gets Bradley Beal
Sign Kanter 3yr/ 45mil
Sign Favors 2yr/ 20 mil

MEM gets Gortat, Morris, and 15th pick from WAS

Wall/ Taylor
Otto Porter/ Oubre
Baggley (#3 via ATL)

Beal/ Grayson Allen (#19)
Prince/ Bembry
Collins/ Favors
Kanter/ Plumlee

Evans/ Harrison
Porter (#3)
Morris/ Miles Bridges (#15 via WAS)
Green/ Gortat.

21 Jun 2018 17:02:16
How does favors sign for 10 mil a year, and kanter for 15? Favors is a much better player than kanter.

21 Jun 2018 17:27:17
Yeah, no one is giving Kanter 15 million. I wouldn't even give him 10. He's a MLE (7-8) kind of guy to me. He's a nice bench player, but I don't think you can compete with him as your starting center.

21 Jun 2018 18:45:15
3rd pick for bradley beal, hmmmm, nah i'd rather have luka.

21 Jun 2018 13:08:49
Hawks trade Schroder, 19th pick
Hawks get Gallinari, Hill, 12th pick LAC

Cavs trade LeBron, Korver
Cavs get Schroder, Rivers, 13th pick LAC, 19th pick Hawks

Clippers trade Gallinari, Rivers, 12th & 13th pick
Clippers get LeBron, Korver

21 Jun 2018 11:34:41

IF and I say IF

Suns draft Doncic as number 1 this might be another scenario

Scenario 1


Atlanta receives

- TJ Warren
- Marquess Chriss
- Suns 16th pick
- Suns 31st pick
- Suns 2019 first round (via Mil)

Suns receive

- Atlanta's 3rd pick

Suns draft Marvin Bangley


If the Atlanta do not want

Memphis receives

- TJ Warren
- Marquess Chriss
- Suns 16th pick (2018)
- Suns 31st
- Jared Dudley

Suns receive

- Chandler Parsons
- 4th pick

Suns draft Mo Bamba

Then they try to offer Aaron Gordon

- Try to offer Paul George

- Sign Elfrid Peyton

Scenario 1

PG - Doncic
SG - Booker
SF - Jackson
PF - Gordon
C - Bangley

Scenario 2

PG - Doncic
SG - Booker
SF - Jackson
PF - Gordon
C - Bamba

21 Jun 2018 08:33:03

MEM get Bazemore, 14th, 19th, 30th pick

ATL get Parsons, Faried (exp) & 4th pick

DEN get Muscala (exp)

21 Jun 2018 07:34:45
Atlanta Hawks offseason moves

-Trade Dennis Schroeder, #30 pick, and #34 pick to Clippers for Patrick Beverley, Boban Marjanovic, and #13 pick

3: Luka Doncic
13: Miles Bridges
19: Aaron Holiday

-Waive Boban Marjanovic, Isaiah Taylor, Antonius Cleveland, and Jaylen Moore

-Sign Alex Len 3yr 17m
-Sign Michael Beasley 1yr 4m
-Re-sign Damion Lee 2yr 4m

Pg. Beverley, Holiday, Dorsey
Sg. Doncic, Bazemore, Lee
Sf. Prince, Bridges, Bembry
Pf. Collins, Beasley, Muscala
C. Dedmon, Len, Plumlee.

21 Jun 2018 21:38:45
Two bad pucks for the 13? Bevererly is better than dennis.

20 Jun 2018 22:42:11

MIL gets Walker
ATL gets Bledsoe, Wilson, Brown
CHA gets Schroeder, 17th, 19th

Bucks obviously get the best player and upgrade a ton at pg

Hawks switch similar pgs, but take one in a shorter deal. Atlanta might need anyway to attach the 19th to unload Schroeder, here they get also Wilson (for some reason they like him since last year) and Brown to add competition with Dorsey

Hornets made it clear that they will rebuild for the next two years with the Mozgov deal. They have to pull the trigger now for Kemba. If they can't succeed in dealing him with Batum, this package might be the best they can have

20 Jun 2018 23:42:40
That's not enough for Kemba and there is no way that the Hornets take on salary in the deal.

21 Jun 2018 02:31:44
@milpso, I don't believe The Bucks are going to give up 3 players plus their only pick in the draft for Walker. Yes, walker would be an upgrade, Just not worth 3 players and the 17th pick to get him. Schroeder wants to come to Milwaukee, As does Dedmon from Atlanta. The Bucks would be better off just trading head up with Atlanta, and not include The Hornets.

20 Jun 2018 17:13:58
3 Team deal

To SAS - Harris, Beverley, pick 13

To LAC - Leonard, picks 18 and 19

To ATL - Gasol, pick 12

Spurs get quality players, move up five picks in the draft and unburden themselves of Gasol’s deal.

Atlanta has stated that they would like to move into the lottery a second time, which they accomplish by dealing pick 19 and take on Gasol’s deal.

Clips get Kawhi while also keeping two picks in the draft.

20 Jun 2018 17:31:00
I can't see that being enough for Leonard.

20 Jun 2018 18:04:27
So Clippers take Leonard and retain two mid high picks? Too good for them.

20 Jun 2018 18:09:51
i don't think taking gasol merits moving up 7 spots. and this is just not enough for kawhi.

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