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20 Feb 2015 19:36:58
Kevin Martin gets buyout and signs with the Hawks


Kevin Martin is not being bought out.




20 Feb 2015 18:57:47
Buck offseason

Three team trade

Hawks get Pachilla and 18th pick

Bucks get 9th pick

Pacers get 12th pick and Bayless

Bucks draft WCS and Graham in 2nd round



Who is grahm

go 76ers

From VCU




19 Feb 2015 04:20:09
Hawks - Wolves

Hawks trade own and Raptors 2015 second round picks

Wolves trade Neal

The Hawks want to add Neal either by trade or March 1st buy out. The Wolves want to package Neal with Budinger but if the Hawks offer two second round picks, the Wolves would be stupid to not to take the offer and worry about the $5M owned to Budinger next season later.


Worthless trade

go 76ers

How worthless? If Minny isn't going to buy Neal out, how will the Hawks get Neal?




18 Feb 2015 19:07:22
Hawks - Hornets

Hawks trade Wolves 2017 first round pick

Hornets trade Biyombo

Hawks add a shot blocker shoring up the one weakness on their team.

Hornets add a future first round pick to add more assets to a young team.


Biyombo isn't worth a 1st


A first that's likely to become a pair of second round picks he is




16 Feb 2015 18:54:11

Jonas and gigi or 2nd



As a DET fan I wish. No way ATL does this.




12 Feb 2015 22:06:58
Hawks and Wizard Trade

Hawks get Seraphin

Wizards get Bazemore and future 2nd

Hawks need backup center who can rebound

The Wizards need a backup shooting guard who can play defense.




12 Feb 2015 05:01:10
Atl - Was

Atl gets : Blair - Gooden

Was gets : Bazemore - 2nd rounder

Atl gets Bigs that they need

Was gets a scoring backup SG


ATL just unload a big (Adriean Payne) due to their log jam at PF position


Blair is a vet instead of a rookie like Payne and Blair is a true big physical cent unlike Payne who is a stretch four. Trade makes sense.




11 Feb 2015 21:36:17
Hawks - Kings

Hawks trade 2015 second round pick

Kings trade Evans, Hollins

Hawks lack size inside so adding to big physically centers on expiring deals is a nice boost to a small team for a playoff push.

Kings gain a second round pick for two players who will walk as free agents after the season.




11 Feb 2015 03:58:02
Hawks - Nuggets

Hawks trade Mack, Jenkins, 2016 first round pick (top 14 protected till 2018, then pick becomes 2018 and 2019 second round picks)

Nuggets trade Afflalo

Hawks add Afflalo to provide three point shooting and perimeter defense.

Nuggets get the first round pick they want for Afflalo.




10 Feb 2015 03:08:09
Pistons - Raptors

Pistons trade Monroe, Butler

Raptors trade Fields, Hansbrough, 2015 first round pick

Pistons are not likely to make the playoffs and even if they do they will be knocked out of the first round by the Hawks quickly. Monroe is a UFA and based upon his dealings with the team in working out a contract he isn't likely to be back. Now while Monroe can veto any trade and by accepting a trade he loses his bird rights, the Raptors have enough cap space this summer to resign him as a pure free agent if they choose to. The Raptors swap out their first round pick and take a risk on resigning Monroe to make a serious push for a title. Pistons get a first round pick in return for a player who doesn't fit in the offense and won't return next year.


I like this. A lot of guys on here say DET resigning Monroe no matter what but I'm not so sure about that. I think a pick in the early 20's of the 1st round is appropriate value for a potential rental, yet a shot at the finals.


10 Feb 2015 04:38:04
Monroe has a no trade clause


What do you think the pistons could get back in a s&t this summer for monroe? The kings got Greives Vasquez and a couple of 2s for tyreke evans, do you think the pistons could get something close to that?


DET won't get anything back from him this summer because he's unrestricted. DET either needs to make sure that they can resign him or get a late 1st for him before the deadline


10 Feb 2015 14:42:57
Monroe is not going to okay any trade. He will wait until the summer and retain his bird rights and the Pistons can wait and try to do a S&T with him for more then a bum like Hansburough and a bench player like Fields.


1) yes Monroe has a no trade clause but as I explained above, the Raptors would have enough cap space to resign him as a pure free agent this summer and why would he turn down a trade to a title contending team? 2) in order to do a sign and trade the Pistons would need Monroe to want to go to that certain team. Monroe wants nothing to do with the Pistons so S&T is pointless.


I think a first round pick and no long term salary is the best thing the Pistons will get in any trade for Monroe.


Well you think wrong Detroit can do what a lot of teams do with S&T. Let the player find the team and then work out a S&T. Monroe does this because he can get more out of a S&T then straight up negotiating and Toronto is not going to break the bank for him. Monroe has never said he didn't want to resign with Detroit. Actually since the Smith trade he is very happy and likes the direction the team and organization is going. Do a little research.




09 Feb 2015 22:27:13
Melo Hardaway Larkin Early Aldrich Prigioni
Nene Beal Porter Webster Humphries Wiz 1st

Wizards goal is Durant to come home and Melo roots in Baltimore can draw enough interest to prevent Durant from signing extension in OKC. Wall Hardaway Durant Melo Gortat-2016. 2015
Still I think this more dangerous they certainly not worse. This team will give ATL a run for division especially come playoff time.


Knicks run away from Melo and go to more traditional triangle offense where center and PF are post scorers and 1-3 solid perimeter defender and shooter. with cap space sign Marc Gasol 4yr 92mil maxed out

2015 Atlantic division Best team while they gel
Calderon/J.Grant-22nd/A.Harrison-44th 9 mil
Beal/Galloway/Thanasis 6 mil
Webster/Porter/O.Sanchez 10mil
Nene/Humphries/Acy 15 mil
Gasol/Okafor-1st/Amundson - 26mil

payroll 66 mil works bc they don't sign their picks until everyone else is signed


How about a trade between the wizards and the lakers. The wizards trade Otto porter and garrett temple and martell webster to the lakers for wesley johdnson and ed davis. I know both of them wants to be in the playoff .


1) How about the Knicks can keep Melo and his 30 year old bulky knees, I'll keep Beal no me Nene. 2) no way the Wizards trade Porter and Webster for that Laker trash.




07 Feb 2015 21:48:48
Hawks - Nuggets - Pistons - Celtics

Hawks trade Bazemore, Mack, Raptors 2015 second round pick
Hawks get Afflalo

Nuggets trade Afflalo
Nuggets get Datome, Raptors 2015 second round pick (from Hawks), Cavs 2016 second round pick (from Celtics)

Pistons trade Datome
Pistons get Mack

Celtics trade Cavs 2016 second round pick
Celtics get Bazemore

Hawks get themselves a selfless player in Afflalo while not giving up any real assets and keep themselves first in the east.

Nuggets want a first round pick for Afflalo but if two second round picks and an expiring contract gets offered they would be smart to take it.

Pistons need a back up point guard with Jennings done for the year. Mack is a veteran on a low budget deal and it cost the Pistons a player who isn't even healthy.

Celtics take one of their many draft picks and swap out a late second round pick on a young player who has a team friendly deal and see if he might be part of their future.


08 Feb 2015 16:26:02
Mack has done nothing in the NBA and doesn't even get much playing time. This doesn't help the Pistons as all even though it is for a player who hasn't played. His exp contract could be used with Jonas to get a true backup PG.




07 Feb 2015 18:08:18
Raptors - Nets

Raptors trade Fields, Hayes, 2015 first round pick

Nets trade Garnett, Jordan, Hawks 2015 first round pick

Raptors swap out two expiring contracts for a veteran savvy defensive minded big.

Nets allow Garnett to go play for a contender and get to swap out the Hawks first round pick (likely #28-30) for the Raptors first round pick (likely #21-23).




06 Feb 2015 02:40:45
This won't happen but I'm curious to see if you all think the value is close enough to being fair?

Raptors - Kings

Raptors trade A. Johnson, Fields, Hansbrough (all expiring contracts), Valanciunas, Caboclo, Nogueria, 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2016 first round pick, 2017 first round pick

Kings trade Cousins, Thompson, Evans, McCallum

So Kings get three expiring contracts, a young center (Valanciunas), two former first round prospects (Caboclo, Nogueria), three future first round picks and rid themselves of Thompson's bad contract for the best young center in the game (Cousins). Raptors add themselves a legit franchise player and put themselves back in the race with the Hawks for best record in east. Thoughts?


It's definitely in the "I'll think about it, but you better not tell anyone" range. Still as a Kings fan please don't take my Boogie.


Haha I don't want Boogie out of Sac town either but if the Kings were going to move him, that's a pretty damn fair offer don't you think?


I think that if they had to move him this would be as good of a deal as they could get.




05 Feb 2015 18:56:31
Think outside box trade for knickerbocker. Draft Day trade
Calderon Okafor Hardaway Early Prigioni
Westbrook Adams Morrow Lamb

OKC resign Jackson
60-22 best west
Okafor/McGary/Cauley Stein-15

Much better balance team. Nba finals

Knicks sign Pero Antic 4yr 48 mil Hawks won't match
Jared Dudley & Darrell Arthur 4yr 16 mil. buy a 2nd
resign Amundson Galloway Thanasis for minimum
sign Lavoy Allen and Orlando Sanchez for minimum

55-27 best team East
Antic/Adams/Dakari Johnson-43rd

Phil might coach this team 1 yr to convince Westbrook and Melo they work well in the triangle offense. Both each
get 25 shot a game. At the end game Westbrook has the ball in his hand with 4 shooters around him. Knicks will have plenty of shooters.


Outside the box yes, a good trade no.


Westbrook is incapable of playing without the ball in his hands would be terrible in the triangle that being said I definitely think the thunder should sell high on him there four best offensive weapons have exactly the same skill set good at scoring with the rock in their hands, a team like that will never win a championship


I don't believe the Thunder will trade Westbrooke unless Durant demand they do or if they get a superstar back with Durant signing off on it but the framework and idea for the trade is very good. The one exception I have is why the hell would you pay Antic 4yr/$48M? You could sign Millsap for probably 4yr/$54M or so


No. You can't have Westbrook for that


I'd rather sign a better PF than sign Antic since you have Adams and Dakari


Im a knicks fan. So you're saying, we give away a rare cornerstone at center, for an injury prone, prima donna ball hog? We have melo to take a ton of shots, don't need another one. Rather keep Okafor and then snag a dragic instead of westbrook. Basically, knicks can have dragic AND okafor, or just westbrook. No chance. Additionally, with Okafor at center, snag Monroe for PF and you have an amazing lineup.


06 Feb 2015 14:36:54
if I had the choice, I would assemble this team and say screw and Jackson melo and fisher





05 Feb 2015 01:02:22
Thunder - Nuggets - Nets

Thunder trade Perkins, Jackson, Lamb, Jerrett
Thunder get Lopez, Anderson, Nelson

Nuggets trade Nelson
Nuggets get Jackson, Jerrett

Nets trade Lopez, Anderson
Nets get Perkins, Lamb, right to swap first round picks in 2015 and 2017 with Nuggets

Thunder swap Jackson (who won't be resigned in offseason) into Lopez and Nelson, giving the Thunder a low post scorer and a veteran PG.

Nuggets almost trade for Jackson a week ago and now get Jackson's RFA rights by agreeing to swap first round picks with the Nets in 2015 and 2017. So in 2015 the Nuggets will likely have the Hawks pick (after the Hawks swap picks with the Nets).

The Nets send out Lopez and while they don't get a first round pick (like they want) they do get a prospect (Lamb) an expiring contract (Perkins) and what will be a likely 15-20 spot jump in the draft.


This trade values nelson more than jackson?!


Why do you think that trade values Nelson more than Jackson? Nelson is simply a replace at back up PG for Jackson. The Thunder swap out Jackson to land Lopez without giving up a first round pick


Let Nuggets send Chandler to Nets and it would be better


Why would the Nets want Chandler? What does the Nuggets get for Chandler then?




04 Feb 2015 17:28:50
TRADE Hawks - Suns

ATL gets M. Plumlee / A. Goodwin

PHO gets M. Muscala / J. Jenkins + pick




30 Jan 2015 21:04:00
still think if Melo willing to allow a trade to Orlando this best move for NY. Still leave Orlando pieces that fit well with Melo and still have cap space to add Kevin Love to roster

Melo Early Larkin Hardaway
A.Gordon Oladipo Payton Harris (s&t) 4yr 40mil 52nd pick

Best team in Southeast 66mil payroll

Frye perfect compliment to Melo while Vucevic plays inside. Mudiay is next blur PG = Wall Rose Westbrook style of attacking

Marc Gasol maxed out Paul Milsap 4yr 60 mil
re/sign Galloway Amundson Ish and Stuckey Thanasis for minimum

Best team in Atlantic 70 mil payroll


1. This move would require several events that would be extremely unlikely together (Magic get a high enough pick, Harris doesn't grab someone's offer, Love guaranteeing he would sign with the Magic)

2. The trade is the opposite of what the Magic have been trying to do build a young, defensive team from the bottom up).

3. I doubt Hennigan would trade away 4 young promising players for one 2nd tier star on the backside of his career.

4. Neither Melo or Love has shown the ability to be the leader of a contender. If Melo had this ability, the Knicks would be much better than they are now.


01 Feb 2015 00:08:18
Hardaway Larkin Early compensate for trading away young talent. None of those players will ever be good as Melo. Phil Jackson screwed the Knicks with Chandler trade. Amare is retired already earning 24 mil. Love and Melo are not best defensive players. But they do enough if the have someone tough in the middle and tough up top. Knicks defense at the 2 most important position PG and Center. Mudiay is blur. Open shots for Love and Melo.


Since the Magic would be trading away most of their young assets for this, the issue becomes if this trade would turn them into a legitimage title contender. I just don't see the talent being sufficient to turn this into a true contender. They'll probably make a run or 2 thanks to being in the terrible East.

3 or 4 years down the road they'll be in complete rebuild mode again while the Knicks have a ton of talent entering their prime.

It seems like you're desperate to skip the rebuild process. There's no reason for the Magic to become a treadmill team so they can help you out.




28 Jan 2015 02:24:13
Solid Trade to figure out all the drama and rumors going around the NBA

BKN Get:
PG:Spencer Dinwidde
SF:Cartier Martin
SF:P.J. Tucker
C:Miles Plumlee
PHX 2015 first(16-20)

DET Gets:
PG:Isiah Thomas
SF:T.J. Warren
C:Brook Lopez
BKN 2015 1st (ATL-30)

PHX Gets:
PG:Jarret Jack
SF:Sergey Karasev
PF:Greg Monroe
C:Joel Anthony
DET 2015 2nd round (40-44)

I like it from all sides, it deals with all the rumors going around the league. DETS PG-SF problem, BKN Selling their over priced roster, PHX getting rid of the crowed backcourt while building the front court.


Lol you must be a Detroit fan. Suns give up Tucker, IT, Warren, Plumlee and first rounder for 3 x trash, 2nd rounder and the expireing contract of Monroe with no gurantee he will resign. Sure they value Warren alone higher then all of that trade package, he is the wing scorer of the future.


No offense but one can see you are a detroit supperter. That trade is horrible for Phoenix. Warren is probably more valuable then Monroe to them. and he is the only valuable player Phoenix gets in that trade, rest is end of bench material.


. nd Monroe's playing style does not fit the 'play fast' the Suns are trying to do. plus way too much for way too little. no thanks.


This trade won't happen because Monroe has veto and he is not going to give up his Bird Rights.




27 Jan 2015 18:20:18
Nets - Hornets - Raptors - Thunder

Nets trade Johnson, Lopez, Anderson
Nets get Stephenson, Perkins, Fields, Hansbrough

Hornets trade Stephenson, Williams, Henderson
Hornets get Johnson, Stiemsma, Jerrett, Lamb

Raptors trade Fields, Hansbrough, Stiemsma
Raptors get Williams, Henderson, Anderson

Thunder trade Perkins, Lamb, Jerrett
Thunder get Lopez

Nets unload over $40M in salary in this trade and the only long term salary they get back is Stephenson for two years.The rest of the players they recieve in the deal are free agents after the season. After making this trade the Nets will only need to make one smaller deal to remove about $2M to get under the tax line. A move an owner looking to sell should make.

Hornets regret the Stephenson and Williams signings greatly so swapping them out for the former all star may be what's needed to stay in the playoff chase with Kemba Walker out for a while.

Raptors looking to get back the #1 seed in the east swap out three players deep on their bench with expiring contracts and swap them out for some depth and scoring on the wing.

Thunder clearly are all in to win before K.D. hits the open market. Lopez proves a low post scorer, and the Thunder have been looking to swap out Perkins and Lamb for Lopez for a month now.




27 Jan 2015 11:04:15
Hawks - Suns

ATL receive M. Plumlee
PHO receive M. Muscala + pick




26 Jan 2015 23:56:40
Kemba Walker out for atleast 6 weeks. Possibly the season. Hornets wanna make the playoffs. They also wanna dump Lance Stephenson

OKC gets Lance Stephenson, Brian Roberts, and 2015 1st round pick lottery protected

Hornets get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, and Kendrick Perkins expiring




25 Jan 2015 01:32:44
Nuggets - Hawks

Nuggets trade Chandler

Hawks trade Mack, Jenkins, 2016 first round pick (top 10 protected till 2018 then turns into 2018 and 2019 second round picks)

Nuggets move out Chandler and get themselves the first round pick they require in return along with a quality back up PG and a young shooter. The pick (likely to be conveyed in 2016) will give the Nuggets two first round picks in each of the next three draft, a great way to jump start a rebuilding process.

Hawks (being on a huge winning streak) swap out their third string PG and a bench player for a true 3-and-D player who will fit well in the Hawks system.




24 Jan 2015 03:02:56
Dennis Schroder is the next R.Jackson/Blesdsoe

After season trade

Hawks get Deng and Cole

Heat get Hill and Seflolsha

Lakers get Schroder and Scott

Makes Hawks more elite

Draft Winslow with Nets pick



Deng has too much African in him to play for the hawks.




22 Jan 2015 18:37:41

pg. Parker = Teague
sg. Green < Korver
sf. Leonard > Carroll
pf. Duncan = Milsap
c. Splitter < Horford

pg. mills = schroeder
sg. ginobli > bazemore
sf. bellinelli > sefolosha
pf. bonner < scott
c. diaw = antic




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