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24 Nov 2014 19:23:19
LAC plan to improve


LAC get Iman Shumpert and Pablo Prigioni

NYK get Kyle Korver and Elton Brand

ATL get JJ Redick and 2nd round pick from LAC


LAC get Wilson Chandler

DEN get Reggie Bullock , 1st round pick

LAC sign Ray Allen

C. Paul / J. Farmar / P. Prigioni
I. Shumpert / J. Crawford / R. Allen
W. Chandler / M. Barnes
B. Griffin / G. Davis / H. Turkoglu
D. Jordan / S. Hawes / E. Udoh




24 Nov 2014 17:25:19

Hawks get Josh Smith back + Rajon Rondo


Celtics get Jeff Teague + Demarre Caroll and Hawks 1st round pick


Pistons get Jeff Green



Hawks would never want josh smith back


24 nov 2014 20:50:35
do it, now!




24 Nov 2014 15:49:29

ATL get: Wallace, Green, & Sullinger

pg. teague
sg. thabo
sf. green
pf. milsap
c. sullinger

BOS get: Horford, Kanter, & Evans

pg. rondo
sg. bradley
sf. evans
pf. horford
c. kanter

UTAH get: Smart & Korver

pg. smart
sg. exum
sf. hayward
pf. favors
c. gobert




24 Nov 2014 15:24:30

MIL get Ben McLemore , Jason Thompson

SAC get Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver

ATL get Larry Sanders , Derrick Williams and future 1st from SAC




23 Nov 2014 19:46:52

MIN get Al Horford

ATL get Nikola Pekovic , Corey Brewer and 1st round pick


Why would Minnesota who is rebuilding, trade a 1st round pick? And for a player who would not be part of their future. Horford is 28 and when Minnesota is read to compete for a playoff spot in two years, he would be a FA.




23 Nov 2014 17:46:27

ATL get Kyrie Irving and Jeff Green

K. Irving / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
K. Korver / T. Sefolosha / J. Jenkins
J. Green / D. Caroll
A. Horford / M. Scott
P. Antic / E. Brand / M. Muscala

BOS get Jeff Teague and Dion Waiters + a 1st from ATL and CLE 2nd , Paul Millsap

J. Teague / M. Smart
D. Waiters / J. Young
E. Turner / G. Wallace
P. Millsap / K. Olynyk / B. Bass
J. Sullinger / T. Zeller / V. Faverani

CLE get Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley

R. Rondo / M. Dellavedova
A. Bradley / M. Miller
L. James / S. Marion / J. Jones
K. Love / T. Thompson
A. Varejao / B. Haywood


Won't Happen But Makes Sense For All Parties Involved




22 Nov 2014 20:55:58
spurs - hawks
January trade

spurs get al horford and mike muscala

hawks get tiago splitter, matt bonner, austin daye

hawks get there true center, floor spacer bonner, young long wing player


Spurs would throw in a second round pick too


23 Nov 2014 16:39:03
Hawks can not take the extra guide because the have 15 players. Still not worth it for the Hawks though.




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22 Nov 2014 19:54:50

DEN trade Wilson Chandler , Randy Foye , Timofey Mozgov , 1st round pick
DEN get Al Horford and John Jenkins

DEN need some all-star caliber player beside Lawson to make a strong team , though they need to give more I think then be it

T. Lawson / N. Robinson / E. Green
A. Afflalo / G. Harris / J. Jenkins
D. Gallinari / D. Arthur
K. Faried / J. Hickson
A. Horford / J. McGee / J. Nurkic

ATL trade Al Horford and John Jenkins
ATL get Greg Monroe , Randy Foye and 1st from DEN

ATL get a healthier and younger center with a lot of upside + a 1st round pick , back court will become speedy

J. Teague / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
R. Foye / T. Sefolosha / K. Bazemore
K. Korver / D. Caroll
P. Millsap / M. Scott / A. Payne
G. Monroe / P. Antic / M. Muscala

DET trade Greg Monroe
DET get Wilson Chandler , Timofey Mozgov and ATL 2nd round pick

Well , Monroe might leave so get a decent return for him, get a starting SF and a good back-up big

B. Jennings / D. Augustine
K. Caldwell-Pope / J. Meeks / K. Singler
W. Chandler / C. Butler
J. Smith / J. Jerebko / C. Martin
A. Drummond / T. Mozgov / J. Anthony


I don't like it from Detroit. Trade there best player and don't receive equal talent.




21 Nov 2014 17:14:51
Atlanta - Golden State - Orlando

Hawks trade: Al Horford
Hawks receive: Andrew Bogut, 2015 2nd round pick, 2018 1st round pick

PG: J. Teague / S. Mack / D. Schroder
SG: K. Korver / K. Bazemore / J. Jenkins
SF: D. Carroll / T. Sefolosha
PF: P. Millsap / M. Scott / E. Brand / A. Payne
C: A. Bogut / P. Antic / M. Muscala

Warriors trade: Andrew Bogut, David Lee, 2015 2nd round pick, 2016 1st round pick, 2018 1st round pick
Warriors receive: Channing Frye, Al Horford, Nikola Vucevic

PG: S. Curry / S. Livingston / L. Barbosa
SG: K. Thompson / B. Rush / J. Holiday
SF: A. Iguodala / D. Green / H. Barnes
PF: A. Horford / C. Frye
C: N. Vucevic / M. Speights / F. Ezeli / O. Kuzmic

Magic trade: Channing Frye, Nikola Vucevic
Magic receive: David Lee, 2016 1st round pick

PG: V. Oladipo / E. Payton / L. Ridnour
SG: B. Gordon / E. Fournier / W. Green
SF: T. Harris / M. Harkless / D. Marble
PF: A. Gordon / A. Nicholson
C: D. Lee / K. O'Quinn / D. Dedmon


Magic say no, and while the value works for the warriors it makes no sense to trade two key players and a bunch of picks


This is terrible for every team except the Warriors why would anyone do this for late picks. Vucevic is killing it and signed what will be a bargain contract. Late picks aren't worth top talent

Galaxy Gordon



20 Nov 2014 20:21:27

Clippers get Joe Johnson and Pero Antic

C. Paul / J. Farmar
J. Johnson / J. Crawford / C. Wilcox
M. Barnes / C. Douglas-Roberts / R. Bullock
B. Griffin / G. Davis / H. Turkoglu
S. Hawes / P. Antic / E. Udoh

Nets get JJ Redick , Paul Millsap and 1st from LAC

D. Williams / J. Jack / J. Gutierrez
J. Redick / A. Anderson / M. Brown
B. Bogdanovic / S. Karasev
P. Millsap / K. Garnett / M. Teletovic
B. Lopez / M. Plumlee

Hawks get DeAndre Jordan and Andrei Kirilenko

J. Teague / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
K. Korver / K. Bazemore / J. Jenkins
T. Sefolosha / D. Caroll / A. Kirilenko
A. Horford / M. Scott / A. Payne
D. Jordan / E. Brand / M. Muscala




19 Nov 2014 21:44:39

DEN get Al Horford , Kyle Korver

T. Lawson / N. Robinson
A. Afflalo / R. Foye / G. Harris
K. Korver / A. Gee / D. Arthur
K. Faried / J. Hickson
A. Horford / J. McGee / J. Nurkic

DET get Wilson Chandler , Timofey Mozgov + 2nd round pick from DENVER

B. Jennings / D. Augustine
K. Caldwell-Pope / K. Singler / J. Meeks
W. Chandler / C. Butler
J. Smith / J. Jerebko
A. Drummond / T. Mozgov / J. Anthony

ATL get Greg Monroe , Danilo Gallinari + 1st round pick from DENVER and L. Datome (waive)

J. Teague / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
T. Sefolosha / K. Bazemore / J. Jenkins
D. Gallinari / D. Caroll
P. Millsap / M. Scott / A. Payne
G. Monroe / P. Antic / E. Brand


Sned Smith to NO for Anderson and get rif of jennings and now we can start building for the future.




19 Nov 2014 19:29:50

t.splitter, danny green, jeff ayres, austin daye
al horford, kyle korver

sign and trade horford for marc gasol in the offseason


Spurs are going to have to give the Hawks more than that.

SAS Champs 2014

Rights to overseas player or a sexond round pick that's it.




18 Nov 2014 14:58:44

Hawks get Greg Monroe and Evan Turner + 1st round pick from Celtics

Jeff Teague / Dennis Shroeder / Shelvin Mack
Evan Turner / Kent Bazemore / John Jenkins
Thabo Sefolosha / Demarre Caroll
Paul Milsap / Mike Scott / Adriean Payne
Greg Monroe / Pero Antic / Elton Brand

Celtics get Al Horford and Kyle Korver

Rajon Rondo / Marcus Smart / Phil Pressey
Avery Bradley / James Young
Kyle Korver / Gerald Wallace
Jared Sullinger / Brandon Bass
Al Horford / Kelly Olynyk / Vitor Faverani

Pistons get Jeff Green and Tyler Zeller

Brandon Jennings / DJ Augustine
Caldwell-Pope / Jodie Meeks / Kyle Singler
Jeff Green / Caron Butler
Josh Smith / Jonas Jerebko
Andrei Drummond / Tyler Zeller / Joel Anthony


Smith has to go first along with Jennings. Yes I know Monroe will be a FA at the end of the year. Green would be a welcome addition along with NO Anderson.




17 Nov 2014 17:36:08

ATL get Patrick Beverley , future 1st round pick and Troy Daniels

HOU get Jeff Teague


Nowhere near enough for Teague.

SAS Champs 2014



15 Nov 2014 10:13:55
Kings - Hawks - Pelicans

Kings get Paul Millsap and Thabo Sefolosha

Hawks get Ben McLemore , Jason Thompson and 1st round pick

Kings solidify their playoff push for the season


Hawks get a young SG and a 1st round pick, Millsap might leave them also



I may be wrong but I thought the Bulls owned the Kings pick

succeed and proceed



14 Nov 2014 21:37:24
this trade could go down next week. Bargnani can't clear injury report until next week. He doing light drills. OKC struggling offensive more then NY. Bucks trying to cut payroll. Knicks need backup center

OKC get JrSMith Ilyasova Bucks 2nd
Bucks get Bargnani Lamb
Knicks get Perkins Dudley ATL 2nd



December Trades
Nuggets get Foye Gee
Knicks get Larkins Moultrie
December Trades
Spurs get Hardaway JaSMith Prigioni
Knicks get D.Green C.Joseph J.Ayres





14 Nov 2014 18:30:48
Sac- atl
Sac- cousins
Atl- horford Teague 1st


Better line up with a force in the paint. Cousins still creates space. And Schroder is about to take Teague minute down a bit with his 4th quarter closing abilities and crazy good defense


Boogie isn't leaving the Kings.




13 Nov 2014 03:13:35

GS trades Andre Iguodala, Festus Ezeli for Amir Johnson, Lou Williams, Bruno Caboclo.

TOR trades Amir Johnson, Lou Williams, Bruno Caboclo for Al Horford.

ATL trades Al Horford for Andre Iguodala, Festus Ezeli.

Kyle Lowry
Demar Derozan
Terrence Ross
Al Horford
Jonas Valancunias

Jeff Teague
Kyle Korver
Andre Iguodala
Paul Milsap
Pero Antic/Festus Ezeli

Stephen Curry/Shuan Livingston
Klay Thompson/Lou Williams/Leandro Barbosa
Harrison Barnes/Brandon Rush/Justin Holliday
Draymond Green/David Lee
Andrew Bogut/Amir Johnson/Mareese Speights


No from T.O


Atlanta passes. Take a huge loss at center for a small upgrade at SF, not worth it.




11 Nov 2014 14:44:54
NBA Trade Rumors game. I'm going to post the teams involved and you come up with believable trades involving those teams

TRADE 1- Charlotte and Sacramento

TRADE 2- OKC and Utah

TRADE 3- Golden State, New York, and Portland

TRADE 4- Milwaukee and Lakers

TRADE 5- Cleveland, Boston, and Atlanta

Come up with just 1 or all 5


Lakers send Nic Young and Jordan Clarkson

Bucks send Ersan Illysova and Nate Wolters


Trade One:

CHA get: Derrick Williams

SAC get: Gerald Henderson

Trade Two:

No idea

Trade Three:

No idea

Trade Four:

LAL get: Larry Sanders

MIL get: Steve Nash (exp) & Hou 2015 1st DP

Trade Five:

CLE get: Kyle Korver

BOS get: Dion Waiters

ATL get: Jeff Green



OKC trades Jeremy Lamb, Mitch McGary, future pick.

Utah trades Alec Burks


That's a whole lot for Alec Burcs lol


Knickerbocker that trade 5 is pretty good. Maybe add a couple salary fillers and 2nd round picks but the bones of the trade are very solid


He's a bid upgrade over lamb


Idk about big lol. That's 3 young solid players. if the future pick is like a 2018 2nd rounder then I might. But McGary has actually gotten in great shape


For Trade 3
GS: Samuel Dalembert
Allen Crabbe

POR: Harrison Barnes
Ognjen Kuzmic

NY: Joel Freeeland
Will Barton


^why would the warriors do that trade




11 Nov 2014 01:25:40

GSW get: Al Horford, Kyle Korver, & Pero Antic

pg. curry
sg. Thompson/korver
sf. barnes/korver
pf. horford/lee
c. bogut/speights/antic

ATL get: Greg Monroe, Festus Ezeli, & KCP

pg. Teague
sg. kcp
sf. carrol
pf. milsap
c. monroe

DET get: Andre Iguodala & Draymond Green

pg. Jennings
sg. iguodala
sf. green
pf. smith
c. drummond


I'd rather trade lee than green and ezeli for the warriors, and I know it's just a trade idea but the warriors aren't making any trades right now


They are not going to trade KCP at this time. Smith is going to be the first of the forwards to be traded along with Jennings and Singler. They need a SF for sure.




10 Nov 2014 04:23:58
Bobcats get Paul Millsap with ext agreement

Hawks get Noah Vonleh and Gerald Henderson


Al Jefferson & Milsap back together?


10 Nov 2014 23:31:45
Only problem I see is Hawks have 15 players on roster so they can't take an extra guy. Maybe Hawks add Jenkins to fix that problem.




09 Nov 2014 03:31:10
Thunder get Paul Millsapp

Hawks get Steven Adams (slide Al to PF), Jeremy Lamb, and Kendrick Perkins expiring

PF. Millsapp/ Jones/ Jarrett
Sf. Durant/ Thomas
C. Ibaka/ Collison
SG. Morrow/ Roberson/ Smith
Pg. Westbrook/ Jackson/ Telfair


Makes no sense at all.

OKC already has their PF in Ibaka, and the Thunder are not going to give up a young stud in Adams for potentially one year of Millsap.

SAS Champs 2014



08 Nov 2014 18:11:31
spurs - hawks
splitter, green, daye and 1 round pick
milsap, Carroll and 1 second round pick




07 Nov 2014 23:49:50

Hawks get Jackson, Perkins, protected 1st rd pick

Thunder get Schroeder and Millsap


08 Nov 2014 16:44:43
I highly doubt Thunder would do this trade right now, with the injuries. Jackson is starting now because of Westbrook's injury, Schroeder can't take over the starting spot. Milsap is expiring and without Durant their is no point in tried to compete this year. Perkins is also expiring so they don't really free cap space.


Actually, I think it's good for Thunder because schoeder is a promising young prospect who is waiting for better role in a team. Also, he has two more years left in his cheap rookie contract which is very good for a small-market team like Thunder. Most importantly, thunder get an allstar who can be complement to the OKC's front court as a strecth-4 and 3rd scoring option. Keeping millsap in OKC won't be difficult since he would probably ask for a contract that starts from $14-15M range and salary cap is going to increase up to $83M level after 2015-16 season, so they would retain him easily.

Schoeder - telfair - (westbrook)
Lamb - roberson - (morrow)
Jones - thomas - (durant)
Millsap - collison - (garrett)
Ibaka - adams - (mcgary)


I would do this trade as a Thunder fan.




07 Nov 2014 13:12:01
Hawks: Jordan Hill, Rockets 2015 1st pick from Lakers

Kings: Paul Milsap, Clippers 2015 2nd pick from Lakers

Lakers: Derrick Williams, Hawks 2015 1st pick and Kings 2014 1st pick


07 Nov 2014 21:36:52
You know Hawks are basically trading Milsap and a mid first rounder for Hill and a Late First. That is horrible for the Hawks.


PG: J. Teague - S. Mack - D. Schroder
SG: K. Korver - K. Bazemore - J. Jenkins
SF: D. Carroll - T. Sefolosha
PF: Jordan Hill - M. Scott - E. Brand - A. Payne
C: A. Horford - P. Antic - M. Muscala
PG: D. Collison - R. Sessions - R. McCallum
SG: B. McLemore - N. Stauskas
SF: R. Gay - O. Casspi - E. Moreland
PF: P. Millsap - C. Landry - R. Evans
C: D. Cousins - J. Thompson - R. Hollins
PG: S. Nash - J. Lin - R. Price
SG: K. Bryant - W. Ellington - J. Clarkson
SF: N. Young - W. Johnson - X. Henry
PF: C. Boozer - D. Williams - R. Kelly
C: J. Randle - E. Davis - JR. Sacre




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