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23 Jun 2017 14:50:53
Jazz Off-season

trade Favors, Burks to Hawks for Milsap (s&t)

- let Mack & Withey walk
- resign Hayward, Hill & Ingles

- all-in for championship run
- huge salary this year but in 2018 J.Johnson (10.5m) and Diaw(7.5m) will be off Utah's books
- keep developing Exum, Hood, Mitchell and also Gobert and Hayward

23 Jun 2017 15:49:07
I like it but depends on how much Hill will cost if it would work financially. Could lessen the load by not accepting Diaw's team option for 7.5 mill. They have Ingles' bird rights and he is RFA so they can definitely keep him regardless but depending on how much money he gets in RFA things will get real expensive for Jazz to keep that team together.

The key for Jazz is to retain Hayward anything above that is just gravy but a clear way to improve for them is to move Favors for a more versatile new age pf. Another slightly cheaper option than bringing Millsap would be to get Anderson from Rockets (prototypical stretch 4) and have Millsap go there instead with Jazz getting a future pick or something from Rockets.

23 Jun 2017 03:11:29
Kings Off-Season

- roster after drafting Fox, Jackson and Giles


UFA: Gay, Evans, Collison, Lawson
RFA: McLemore

Trade 1:
Kings trade Labissiere, Afflalo(non-guaranteed)
Hawks trade Milsap (s&t, near max contract)

Trade 2:
Kings trade Temple
Blazers trade Turner

- resign Evans 4y 80m, Lawson 2y


23 Jun 2017 04:51:47
I don't understand why Kings would tie up that much money to the 30+ Millsap. With him they probably don't make playoffs so they'd be better off being bad for another year and gaining another lotto pick and then could be more aggressive in 2019 when they don't have their pick. Trading for Millsap and giving up a promising talent like Labissiere would be even more foolish since Kings have cap space to sign Millsap outright.

The second trade also doesn't make sense for Kings. They could get Turner if they want although not convinced he is a great fit given his age, lack of shooting and ball-dominant play-style but they should get more in return for taking on Turner's awful contract.

Don't think Tyreke Evans will get that many years due to his injury history and probably not that much money either. Kings have a solid young core of Fox and Hield in backcourt and Jackson, Giles, Labissiere, WCS and Papagiannis in the fornt court. They should be focused on developing these talents and take it easy on big-time signings. They could consider taking on other teams bad contracts (like Turner) but only if they get some assets to do so.

23 Jun 2017 14:39:56
This is another group that could be very interesting in a couple of years. They're pretty frontcourt heavy, but if they can get three of those guys to work out and put shooters around them, they'll be a very tough inside out team. I just hope it's not soon enough to mess up the Celtics future pick.

23 Jun 2017 16:07:16
why would you give evans that much money to be a backup point guard?

22 Jun 2017 21:55:28
hawks : favors, exum, #24 pick
jazz : millsap (s&t), bembry

23 Jun 2017 01:56:17
Bad trade for Jazz. Nobody gives this much up in a sign and trade. Jazz could easily move Favors in a separate trade gain assets and cap space then sign Millsap themselves. They wouldn't have the cap space to sign Hill but they wouldn't either in this trade and would lose Exum and #24 pick too.

I agree Millsap would be a great fit back in Utah and if Jazz did some wiggling dealt Burks, decline Diaw's option and possibly moved Johnson they'd have enough for Millsap and Hill and could use Bird rights to resign Hayward and Ingles. They have 2 draft picks so they could potentially use that to move salary if they have to or worst case include Ingles in a sign and trade to get Millsap (likely 3rd team involved but Ingles could be valuable to a lot of teams) .

22 Jun 2017 20:56:13
Pacers trade George, 18th pick
Pacers get 7th pick, 41th pick

Hawks trade Milsap (s&t), 41th pick
Hawks get Dieng, 18th pick

Wolves trade 7th pick, Dieng
Wolves get George, Milsap(s&t)

Pacers get 7th pick in deep draft for George

Hawks add another 1st round pick and soild PF/C in Dieng under valueable contract for 4 years

Wolves goes All-In:
- let LaVine start because everybody can pass in this starting 5
- Rubio will make the 2nd unit much stronger, with his passing abilities he can involve everybody

22 Jun 2017 21:03:20
sorry forgot Dunn to Pacers as well.

22 Jun 2017 23:52:44
Why would the Minnesota need a s and t for Milsapp?

23 Jun 2017 00:39:45
If Minnesota wants Millsap, they can just sign him. No need to do a sign and trade.

22 Jun 2017 19:08:53
Detroit trade Drummond,leur, Johnson, #12
Receive WCS, Afflalo, #5, #10

Sacremento trade WCS,Temple, Afflalo, #5, #10, mclamore
Receive, Milsap, Drummond, Jackson, johnson, 2nd atl

Atlanta trade Milsap, 2nd
Receive Leur, Temple, mclamore, #12

Just for fun. Sac could actually be really good with this squad.

22 Jun 2017 20:27:25
Sac is rebuilding, not trying to acquire average vets that still won't get them to the playoffs. try again.

22 Jun 2017 15:16:18
Cavs get DeAndre Jordan

Clippers get Kevin Love

With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin likely on their way out, the Clips need a new leading scorer and face of the franchise if they hope to keep the fan base interested. Love put up 26 & 12 as a number one option in Minn and 19 & 10 as a third option in CLE, so I have to imagine he would again put up star numbers in LA.

The Cavs get the upgrade in size and defense that they desperately need. DJ would create mismatch problems against a smaller Warriors lineup should they meet in the finals again.

Cavs get Paul Milsap via sign-and-trade

Hawks get Tristan Thompson

TT becomes expendable for the Cavs with DJ around, and the team suddenly needs a stretch four without Love. Milsap is a great offensive player who would help space the floor for LBJ and Kyrie.

The Hawks have a need for an experienced center with Howard gone and they're hoping to land some kind of value for the free agent Milsap. This sign-and-trade gives the Hawks a young, excellent offensive rebounder with upside in exchange for their parting star.

C: DeAndre Jordan
PF: Paul Milsap
SF: LeBron James
SG: JR Smith
PG: Kyrie Irving

22 Jun 2017 15:30:36
They're not leaving. Both of them are involved in hollywood life. They're not going to take less money to leave. Blake has child #2 on the way with his LA native girlfriend. CP can bring in lebron and melo next year.

22 Jun 2017 16:03:01
@Gpack17 CP3 to SAS and Griffin to Boston rumors seem to have a lot of traction. If the Clips do manage to re-sign both of them, they'll have to pay top dollar and will then no longer be in the position to sign Melo or LeBron.

22 Jun 2017 16:32:55
The rumors make no sense financially. For cp to sign with the spurs, they have to get rid of 2 players valued at over 10 mill each. they won't most likely get rid of parker, it's not the spurs way. would have to be aldridge and green. that leaves cp in a big 2 with kawhi. they would have a worse roster than what he would have in LA. Plus he loves the LA life. He had a day earlier this season where he went to the oscars after the game.

Blake has a new baby on the way. His gf is from LA. he is involved with producing movies now. This is a business. As much as fans think it's about winning to a lot of people, it's not always the case. Both still have time to join teams like that in 4 years.

22 Jun 2017 16:34:10
also, deandre could opt out after next year to get a max deal. they can trade an expiring jamal crawford and austin rivers to free up space for lebron.

22 Jun 2017 02:53:04
DEN plans


DEN get Demar Derozan & Enes Kanter

TOR get Jamaal Murray , Kenneth Faried , 13th pick , 21st pick , future 2nd from OKC & 2019 1st from TOR (top 8 protected)
- get a home town boy and plenty of assets for a rebuild

OKC get Wilson Chandler
- get their small forward to start

DEN get a legit star on the trade taking on Kanter as a back-up scoring center


ATL get Darrell Arthur & 2nd round pick

DEN get Paul Millsap (s&t)

DEN resign Danilo Gallinari

Pg Mudiay/Nelson
Sg Derozan/Harris/Beasley
Sf Gallinari/Barton
Pf Millsap/Hernangomez
Ce Jokic/Kanter

22 Jun 2017 20:32:27
It's a great trade for the raptors but why would u want to rebuild now raptors are close and if injuries happen or just the right players around they can win east.

22 Jun 2017 02:19:00
Heat : millsap(s&t), schroeder
hawks : dragic, #14 pick, mcroberts(waive)

- sign hayward, milos teodosic,larry sanders
- resign j johnson, waiters, haslem, ellington
- let babbitt and reed walk

schroeder/t johnson/teodosic
Milsap/j johnson/white

22 Jun 2017 01:56:46
Kings trade 5th, 10th pick, Koufos, Labissiere
Kings get 3rd pick, Aldridge, Green

Spurs trade Aldridge, Green, 29th pick
Spurs get Milsap(s&t), Labissiere

Celtics trade 3rd pick
Celtics get 5th, 29th pick

Hawks trade Milsap(s&t)
Hawks get Koufos, 10th pick

- draft Fox with 3rd pick, get an former All-Star in Aldridge to bring veteran leadership at frontcourt (Cauley-Stein, Papagiannis and also Fox PnR-Game)

- sign CP3, resign Gasol, Simmons, Dedmon & Lee

- move down in trade to select either Tatum, Smith or Isaac
- add late 1st round pick for (one more piece for a superstar trade)

- rebuild around Schroeder, THJ, Prince, Bazemore and this years picks

22 Jun 2017 00:19:21

Pacers trade Paul George
Pacers get Paul Millisap (S&T) and Kris Middleton

Bucks trade Greg Monroe, Kris Middleton
Bucks get Paul George

Hawks trade Paul Millisap (S&T)
Hawks get Greg Monroe.

22 Jun 2017 06:40:25
Bucks would have to give up something else to the pacers that's no enough for pg13 my Parker or something else like bragdon. Plus they don't need millisap his 32 and if they are losing pg13 they need to rebuild. And that doesn't start by maxing out a 32 year undersized PF who is one bad injury away from he careers being over.

21 Jun 2017 23:49:54
Hawks - Lakers

Hawks gets:
27th pick (Celtics via Lakers)
28th pick (Rockets via Lakers)

Lakers gets:
31st pick (Nets via Hawks)

Hawks gets picks for their rebuild while taking on Dengs contract.

Lakers gets more cap space in 2018 and a high 2nd round pick.

21 Jun 2017 22:51:21
Paul Millsap sign and trade ideas
Kings, Suns, Nuggets interested per report

Millsap, #19 for #10, #34

Millsap for Bender, Knight

Millsap, #19 for Faried, #13

22 Jun 2017 01:07:03
Phoenix and Sacramento make no sense. Not only do they have enough cap space to sign them outright. Nuggets could work although don't think returns like that are typical in sign and trades.

I think Houston would be a great destination too but a 3rd team would have to be involved to take Ryan Anderson's contract and give some assets to ATL.

22 Jun 2017 01:30:45
All 3 of those teams have cap space. Why would there be a sign and trade.

23 Jun 2017 15:40:27
I think the Denver would do it but this way, since it's a sign and trade they don't have to give up more than Fareid. they already traded away the 13 so even their other assets that I didn't like anyway on draft night don't have to go away.

21 Jun 2017 21:00:14
Hawks discuss s&t trade for Milsap, so Heat could add another big reason for Hayward to sign in Miami in FA

Hawks trade Milsap (s&t, 4y 100m)
Heat trade 14th pick, Ellington, McRoberts

Hawks add 14th pick in deep draft 2017 and veteran experience on expiring contracts

- sign Hayward 4y 120m, vet PG & C
- resign J.Johnson, Babbitt, Haslem
Dragic/Richardson/vet PG
Whiteside/vet C
- replace Milsap and Hayward for McRoberts and Ellington to last years Heat and you get an immediat title contender
- bring T.Johnson and J.Johnson as 6th men both, lead bench with hustle plays and high-motor
- need to add pieces at PG and frontcourt but Pat Riley is a master in that

21 Jun 2017 22:41:15
Let's not go as far as to say title contenders, neither Hayward or Millsap are a true difference maker, this would make them a top 5 seed though.

22 Jun 2017 00:20:43
Still can't beat LeBron.

21 Jun 2017 15:05:03
Paul Milsap sign and trade
Hawks trade
Paul Milsap, Future protected CLE pick

Jazz trade
Derrick Favors, Dante Exum, Alec Burks
both late 2017 picks.

21 Jun 2017 17:07:00
Sign and trades never get you that kind of return.

21 Jun 2017 20:56:46
agreed Alexstorm1. regardless of sign-n-trade dynamic, Milsap is very good but not worth that suggested haul.

21 Jun 2017 03:58:47

Pacers trade Paul George and Al Jefferson to the Hawks for Paul Millisap (S&T), Tim Hardaway Jr., and 1st round pick

Pacers resign Jeff Teague (4yr/ 80mill)

Pacers sign Rudy Gay (2yr/ 36mill)

Pacers draft Bam Adebayo, OG Anunoby, and Frank Mason

Pacers Lineup:

PG: Jeff Teague, Lance Stephenson, Frank Mason
SG: Tim Hardaway Jr., Monta Ellis, Joe Young
SF: Rudy Gay, Glenn Robinson, OG Anunoby
PF: Paul Millisap. Thaddeus Young, Georges Niang
C: Myles Turner, Bam Adebayo, Lavoy Allen.

21 Jun 2017 05:53:44
Hawks just gave Dwight Howard away for essentially nothing, not sure what they'd want a year of George for. They'd be better off keeping THJ and trying to rebuild which after debating blowing it up the past two years looks like the direction Hawks are finally going to go.

21 Jun 2017 02:46:28
ATL will not be resigning Millsap after trading Dwight for less

I think they will go full rebuild


ATL get #10 pick + A.Afflalo

SAC get 2018 ATL 1st round pick (top 7 protected) + K.Bazemore

will give the Hawks a lottery pick for this year while sheding some salary. Hawks could be bad this year so Kings might do it while getting a young player in Bazemore to start at 3

21 Jun 2017 05:04:48
Bazemore would need a first just to take his contract.

21 Jun 2017 06:05:08
Why would Kings deal Afflalo's non-guaranteed contract and guaranteed #10 pick in the current draft for Bazemore's decently sized contract and a top 7 protected pick in a draft a year from now. Although I guess Bazemore is a solid player that would start for Kings he wouldn't be in their long-term plans which should be the focus right now. Having the pick being top 7 protected offers virtually no upside to dealing #10 this year.

21 Jun 2017 02:20:20
Hawks just dumped Howard on the Hornets

Howard and 31 for Plumlee, Belinelli, and 41

21 Jun 2017 05:08:58
They apparently really wanted to get rid of him if they are only getting a couple of scraps and dropping 10 spots in the second round.

20 Jun 2017 11:10:22
Now that Griffins gone I feel like Gilberts going to blow it up for whatever reason.
Gilberts Dream Scenario

4 team trade Cavs Bulls Pacers 76ers

Cavs Receive

Bulls receive
2 second rounders (NYK, ATL) this year from the 76ers
2019 first round (76ers) from the 76ers

Pacers Receive
2018 first round pick(LAL) from 76ers
2019 second round (SAC) pick from 76ers
2021 first round pick from Cavs

76ers receive

20 Jun 2017 14:53:48
Rumors have Chauncy Billups as the possible GM. He has mentioned prior, that he thinks Melo would fit nicely on this team. If Billups is hired, look for a Melo deal not too far behind.

20 Jun 2017 16:20:09
Cleveland is about to become a dysfunctional team. Gilbert got his championship title, Blow it up now Dan. First move, trade the dude that has lied to you a few times and is about to do it again.

21 Jun 2017 23:24:29
Sixers are getting hosed in this one. Okafor, Bayless, 2 1's and 3 2's? That's way too much for Irving. We'll just play with what we have, thanks.

20 Jun 2017 03:38:20

CLE get Nik Vucevic

ORL get Tristan Thompson


CLE get Paul Millsap (st) & Gorgui Dieng

MIN get Kevin Love , Kent Bazemore & ATL 1st round pick

ATL get #7 pick Channing Frye , Iman Shumpert & future 1st from CLE
sign Marresse Speights


Pg Irving/Williams
Sg Smith/Korver
Sf James/Jefferson/Williams
Pf Millsap/Speights
Ce Vucevic/Dieng


Pg Rubio/Dunn/Jones
Sg Bazemore/LaVine
Sf Wiggins/Muhammad
Pf Love/Bjelica
Ce Towns/Aldrich

draft J.Isaac

Pg Shroeder/Delaney
Sg Shumpert/THJ
Sf Isaac/Prince
Pf Frye/Humphries
Ce Howard/Muscala

20 Jun 2017 04:37:22
I dot need really think that Millsap and Vucevic are upgrades over Love and Thompson.

20 Jun 2017 04:58:51
I think they are a better fit. They can pound the inside better than Love and Thompson. and they have Dieng as a rim protector.

19 Jun 2017 19:03:28
1st trade:
Pacers trade George to Lakers for #2, #28, 2019 1st and Clarkson

2nd trade:
Pacers trade #2 to Suns for #4 and #32 and 2018 Heat 1st (Suns want Ball)

3rd Trade:
Trade Young to Atlanta for #19 and #31 (Need to replace Millsap)

4th Trade: Trade #19, #28, #31, #32, #47 to Orlando for #6 (Orlando is rebuilding and needs picks)

Draft Fox at #4, Isaac at #6, Ferguson at #18
Resign Miles and let Teague walk.

Robinson III/Miles/Niang


19 Jun 2017 21:42:28
I doubt Lakers give up that much for George. I don't think they'll ever include #2 pick but if they did that's all they'd need since I don't see any team outbidding that for a 1 year rental (they could probably add Deng or Mozgov and still get away with it) .

The second trade is alright although if I were the Suns I'd be fine at #4 where I'm guaranteed to get Ball, Jackson or Fox all who could fit well in that team (move Bledsoe for another draft pick in this draft or young asset) .

3rd trade is a little rich for Young since Hawks wouldn't be that good if they lost Millsap and could get a more reasonable replacement with #19 pick that would build them toward the future around Schroeder and THJ.

The Fourth trade I don't think those picks move you all the way up to #6 especially in this deep draft and from a team like Magic who is already young but needs a young player with superstar potential which is much easier found at #6. They already have a bunch of alright young player and adding 5 players to any roster is tough; 2 or 3 of those would have to be stashed overseas which really limits your selection.

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