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30 Jan 2015 21:04:00
still think if Melo willing to allow a trade to Orlando this best move for NY. Still leave Orlando pieces that fit well with Melo and still have cap space to add Kevin Love to roster

Melo Early Larkin Hardaway
A.Gordon Oladipo Payton Harris (s&t) 4yr 40mil 52nd pick

Best team in Southeast 66mil payroll

Frye perfect compliment to Melo while Vucevic plays inside. Mudiay is next blur PG = Wall Rose Westbrook style of attacking

Marc Gasol maxed out Paul Milsap 4yr 60 mil
re/sign Galloway Amundson Ish and Stuckey Thanasis for minimum

Best team in Atlantic 70 mil payroll


1. This move would require several events that would be extremely unlikely together (Magic get a high enough pick, Harris doesn't grab someone's offer, Love guaranteeing he would sign with the Magic)

2. The trade is the opposite of what the Magic have been trying to do build a young, defensive team from the bottom up).

3. I doubt Hennigan would trade away 4 young promising players for one 2nd tier star on the backside of his career.

4. Neither Melo or Love has shown the ability to be the leader of a contender. If Melo had this ability, the Knicks would be much better than they are now.


01 Feb 2015 00:08:18
Hardaway Larkin Early compensate for trading away young talent. None of those players will ever be good as Melo. Phil Jackson screwed the Knicks with Chandler trade. Amare is retired already earning 24 mil. Love and Melo are not best defensive players. But they do enough if the have someone tough in the middle and tough up top. Knicks defense at the 2 most important position PG and Center. Mudiay is blur. Open shots for Love and Melo.


Since the Magic would be trading away most of their young assets for this, the issue becomes if this trade would turn them into a legitimage title contender. I just don't see the talent being sufficient to turn this into a true contender. They'll probably make a run or 2 thanks to being in the terrible East.

3 or 4 years down the road they'll be in complete rebuild mode again while the Knicks have a ton of talent entering their prime.

It seems like you're desperate to skip the rebuild process. There's no reason for the Magic to become a treadmill team so they can help you out.




28 Jan 2015 02:24:13
Solid Trade to figure out all the drama and rumors going around the NBA

BKN Get:
PG:Spencer Dinwidde
SF:Cartier Martin
SF:P.J. Tucker
C:Miles Plumlee
PHX 2015 first(16-20)

DET Gets:
PG:Isiah Thomas
SF:T.J. Warren
C:Brook Lopez
BKN 2015 1st (ATL-30)

PHX Gets:
PG:Jarret Jack
SF:Sergey Karasev
PF:Greg Monroe
C:Joel Anthony
DET 2015 2nd round (40-44)

I like it from all sides, it deals with all the rumors going around the league. DETS PG-SF problem, BKN Selling their over priced roster, PHX getting rid of the crowed backcourt while building the front court.


Lol you must be a Detroit fan. Suns give up Tucker, IT, Warren, Plumlee and first rounder for 3 x trash, 2nd rounder and the expireing contract of Monroe with no gurantee he will resign. Sure they value Warren alone higher then all of that trade package, he is the wing scorer of the future.


No offense but one can see you are a detroit supperter. That trade is horrible for Phoenix. Warren is probably more valuable then Monroe to them. and he is the only valuable player Phoenix gets in that trade, rest is end of bench material.


. nd Monroe's playing style does not fit the 'play fast' the Suns are trying to do. plus way too much for way too little. no thanks.


This trade won't happen because Monroe has veto and he is not going to give up his Bird Rights.




27 Jan 2015 18:20:18
Nets - Hornets - Raptors - Thunder

Nets trade Johnson, Lopez, Anderson
Nets get Stephenson, Perkins, Fields, Hansbrough

Hornets trade Stephenson, Williams, Henderson
Hornets get Johnson, Stiemsma, Jerrett, Lamb

Raptors trade Fields, Hansbrough, Stiemsma
Raptors get Williams, Henderson, Anderson

Thunder trade Perkins, Lamb, Jerrett
Thunder get Lopez

Nets unload over $40M in salary in this trade and the only long term salary they get back is Stephenson for two years.The rest of the players they recieve in the deal are free agents after the season. After making this trade the Nets will only need to make one smaller deal to remove about $2M to get under the tax line. A move an owner looking to sell should make.

Hornets regret the Stephenson and Williams signings greatly so swapping them out for the former all star may be what's needed to stay in the playoff chase with Kemba Walker out for a while.

Raptors looking to get back the #1 seed in the east swap out three players deep on their bench with expiring contracts and swap them out for some depth and scoring on the wing.

Thunder clearly are all in to win before K.D. hits the open market. Lopez proves a low post scorer, and the Thunder have been looking to swap out Perkins and Lamb for Lopez for a month now.




27 Jan 2015 11:04:15
Hawks - Suns

ATL receive M. Plumlee
PHO receive M. Muscala + pick




26 Jan 2015 23:56:40
Kemba Walker out for atleast 6 weeks. Possibly the season. Hornets wanna make the playoffs. They also wanna dump Lance Stephenson

OKC gets Lance Stephenson, Brian Roberts, and 2015 1st round pick lottery protected

Hornets get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, and Kendrick Perkins expiring




25 Jan 2015 01:32:44
Nuggets - Hawks

Nuggets trade Chandler

Hawks trade Mack, Jenkins, 2016 first round pick (top 10 protected till 2018 then turns into 2018 and 2019 second round picks)

Nuggets move out Chandler and get themselves the first round pick they require in return along with a quality back up PG and a young shooter. The pick (likely to be conveyed in 2016) will give the Nuggets two first round picks in each of the next three draft, a great way to jump start a rebuilding process.

Hawks (being on a huge winning streak) swap out their third string PG and a bench player for a true 3-and-D player who will fit well in the Hawks system.




24 Jan 2015 03:02:56
Dennis Schroder is the next R.Jackson/Blesdsoe

After season trade

Hawks get Deng and Cole

Heat get Hill and Seflolsha

Lakers get Schroder and Scott

Makes Hawks more elite

Draft Winslow with Nets pick



Deng has too much African in him to play for the hawks.




22 Jan 2015 18:37:41

pg. Parker = Teague
sg. Green < Korver
sf. Leonard > Carroll
pf. Duncan = Milsap
c. Splitter < Horford

pg. mills = schroeder
sg. ginobli > bazemore
sf. bellinelli > sefolosha
pf. bonner < scott
c. diaw = antic




22 Jan 2015 16:21:22
Spurs/hawks off season

Spurs get hawks 15 pick

Hawks get splitter, diaw

If milsap go horford move to the 4 splitter at center


Spurs say no




20 Jan 2015 21:21:39

Warriors get Korver and Sefolosha

Hawks get Iggoudala and Green


I don't think either of these teams are looking to make major changes right now.


Why would either team do this?


Because Warriors become deadliest 3 point shooting team ever and Hawks improve on defense A LOT


21 Jan 2015 07:36:39
The whole point is to keep green. Not trade him away


Terrible for GS


If you take Korver off the Hawks the team is no where near as good. Getting Green is not needed with Millsap.


Golden State needs a back up big man. not another shooter. They need to go after Miles Plumlee.




20 Jan 2015 15:38:05
Simple Next season moves for Atlanta Hawks to make them even better

resign Paul Millsap 3yr 4yr/42mil
sign Wesley Matthews 4yr/40mil

draft Willey Cauley-Stein (Nets pick)

Jeff Teague / Dennis Shroeder / Shelvin Mack
Wes Matthews / Kyle Korver / Kent Bazemore
Demarre Carroll / Thabo Sefolosha
Paul Millsap / Mike Scott / Adriean Payne
Al Horford / Pero Antic / Willey Cauley-Stein


20 Jan 2015 17:34:54
Matthews would get bigger offers than that, and why would he leave Portland for similar or less money and a smaller role on the team?


Both Millsap and Matthews will get bigger deals than that but the Hawks must resign Millsap this summer




19 Jan 2015 15:51:33

Hawks get: Wilson Chandler

Nuggets get: DeMarre Carroll and Thabo Sefelosha

Nuggets start going into rebuilding mode.

Hawks get the "Luol Deng" type of player that they were looking for.




19 Jan 2015 08:42:58
Hawks get Wilson Chandler

Nuggets get Carroll(exp) Brand(exp) future 2nd






14 Jan 2015 17:10:13
Denver Nuggets 2015 offseason moves:

Trade 1: Hawks-Nuggs
Atlanta gets: Wilson Chandler, JJ Hickson, 2017 unprotected 1st

Denver gets: Al Horford, 2016, second round pick

Denver gets a true two way player while Atlanta gets a future first and two key rotation pieces.

Trade 2: Thunder-Nuggs
Okc gets: Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, their protected first round pick, Nuggets unprotected 2016 first round pick, Gary Harris

Denver gets: Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins, Andre Roberson

Okc is able to less dependent on two stars and build towards a cost efficient future. Denver gets their superstar who can have a system built around him.

Denver draft #13 Kelly Oubre-Kansas

Denver 2015-16 Lineup
Pg- Westbrook, Nelson, Green
Sg- Afflalo, Foye
Sf- Gallinari, Oubre, Gee
Pf- Horford, Hickson
C- Nurkic, Mcgee


Hawks are at the top of eastern conference, so, they don't trade their best player.


3rd best player

Millsap, Teague, Horford




13 Jan 2015 23:32:54
Trying to extend the wiggins for #1 pick deal
I know this deal wouldn't happen but it would be cool

Phi sends: Richardson, Wroten, Kirelinko, 1st round pick (#3)
Phi receives: Kevin Martin, Carmelo Anthony
Draft Marcus Paige in second round

MCW/ Paige
Martin/ Mcdaniels
Anthony/ Mbah A Moute
Saric/ Covington
Embiid/ Noel

Sixers definitely get better and definitely would make a run for the playoffs with a good PG and distributer, a 3PT master, A guy that can take over and 2 guys with great potential

NYK trade: Carmelo Anthony, 1st round pick (#1)
NYK receive: Nikola Pekovic, Andrew Wiggins, Mo Williams,Andrei Kirelinko

Sign Dragic, and Faried
Dragic/ Williams
Hardaway/ Calderon
Wiggins/ Early
Faried/ Stat
Pek/ Smith

Knicks get a lot of potential and proven players and probably the most they could get out of Carmelo and also save even more space

Min trades: Pekovic, Martin, Williams, Wiggins
Min receives: Pick #1, Pick #2

Min drafts
(NYK)#1: Okafor
(Own)#2: Towns
(PHI)#3: Johnson

Rubio/ Lavine
Muhammad/ Budinger
Johnson/ Hummel
Towns/ Bennett
Okafor/ Dieng

If you are really wondering why the wolves do this just look at the draft

Just a crazy idea I had in mind and I know you guys are just going to click unbelievable but atleast write who says no and why


Im a huge sixers fan, and I just dislike this trade. The sixers do need a superstar but its not meli they need. he's not a good leader nor a good teamate. Everyone on tge knicks pretty much looks up to him but at the end he only cares about himself when it comes to basketball. The trade does make sense though and it is fair. But I rather have the sixers to go for durant,derozen,pg,lillard,but the one guy that would be a perfect on our team would be victor olidipocuz he just fits in with us and we can trade heat pick and noel for him and maybe someone else, and it can possibly be a 3 team trade. Then in free agency we can reel in a superstar player to fill the void at small forward,possibly durant.

go 76ers

Go Sixers. How do we get olodipo? Noel and the Miami pick?. I'd have to considered that if I'm the magic. Sixers. Might do it. It's just hard to give up on noel. He's so young but has a lot of potential.


Twolves might look at this pretty hard. because that's 25 million off books and grabbing okafor, towns, and mudiay.

Two quality bigs. And a quality back up for Rubio. And money to spend. Hmmm




12 Jan 2015 19:40:45

Jordan/Wilcox/Bullock/'19 First (Lottery Protected) for Horford/Carroll




12 Jan 2015 04:53:32

Sac sends Ben McLemore and first round pick and Derrick Williams
Sac receives Greg Monroe and Evan Turner

Bos send Evan Turner and second round pick
Bos receives Ben McLemore

Det sends Greg Monroe
Det receives Derrick Williams, first round pick and 2nd round pick

As unlikely as it is for Sacramento to trade McLemore I really hope they do because being a jayhawks fan, this guy has all star potential but playing with the two most selfish players in basketball is hurting his growth and what better place then Boston right now to break out not only as an all star but as a leader as well. And if Sacramento gets an agreement from Monroe to resign it would give them one of the better front courts in the league for years to come. And Detroit gets picks for a player unlikely to resign this offseason.


Unbelievable only because Monroe will lose his bird rights when traded this year and Kings won't have the cap room to sign him next year


So Detroit trades away a starting big man for a bench player? I don't think so. Plus Monroe has Veto power not going to give up his bird rights. Nice try.


Well Monroe is probably not going to resign at the end of the year anyways so might as well trade him for an exp contract and a first round pick that will be in the lottery probably so yea trading a starter for a bench player when he isn't going to resign makes a lot of sense. Boston did it with Rondo and the Knicks gave away Shumpert and Smith for practically nothing


If Monroe would sign off on going to SAC this is a no brainer for DET but he doesn't want to go there. He may resign with DET now that Smith is gone, he 's starting and they are winning.




10 Jan 2015 23:17:25
don't see it happening but still an interesting idea

1) Nash &Houston 1st Rd pick / Sanders

Bucks are done with Sanders and play Henson

2) Calderon for Lin

NYK gets cap

3) Deng for Randle, Ellington & Johnson

Mia is waiting for 2016 FA and having Randle is a good trade asset if they do S/T to put togeather another super team

6th Young

Lakers will struggle to get talent since their team is not strong currently. Would be interesting to see atleast

succeed and proceed

1st 2 trades fine but the 3rd I say no for Lakers, not for Randle




10 Jan 2015 10:29:03

ATL get Wilson Chandler and Erick Green

DEN get John Jenkins , future 1st round pick , Shelvin Mack
* DEN get depth at PG position

ATL becomes deeper on the wing position

Teague / Shroeder / Green
Korver / Sefolosha / Bazemore
Chandler / Caroll
Millsap / Scott / Payne
Horford / Antic / Brand




07 Jan 2015 19:36:55
Okc send Ibaka and Jackson to Atlanta
Atlanta send Schroeder and Milsap to Okc


Bad for okc




07 Jan 2015 17:44:24
Thunder get Paul Millsapp with ext agreement

Hawks get Steven Adams, Perry Jones, and Jeremy Lamb

PF. P. Millsap/ N. Collison/ G. Jarrett
SF. K. Durant/ A. Roberson/ J. Huestis (call up)
C. S. Ibaka/ K. Perkins/ M. McGary
SG. A. Morrow/ D. Waiters
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ I. Smith


07 Jan 2015 17:53:53
The problem is: why would Atlanta break this team up when they're playing so darn good together right now?


I like this but I think you would need to add jackson to the hawks and thabo back to okc

pg. teague
sg. jackson
sf. carrol
pf. horford
c. adams

pg. westbrook
sg. thabo/waiters
sf. durant
pf. milsap
c. ibaka


Yeah but how would Thabo fit in the OKC system??




05 Jan 2015 10:54:53

ATL get Jeff Green

BOS get Adriean Payne , Gerald Henderson , Hornets 2nd , Hawks 2nd

CHA get Brandon Bass , Shelvin Mack

Hawks add firepower on the wing for deeper playoff push
Celtics get young players and additional picks
Hornets add PF help and PG depth







04 Jan 2015 05:46:23

Atlanta trade Mike Scott, Shelvin Mack and 2015 first round pick for Jeff Green and Jameer Nelson

Boston recieves young players that they can used for rebuilding the team. Recieves also a future pick.





03 Jan 2015 03:47:42
2 small trades

Hawks get Shumpert
Knicks get Bazemore and a 2nd rd pick

Celtics get Prince and a 2nd rd pick
Grizzlies get Thornton




30 Dec 2014 16:04:08
Celtics and Hawks
Celtics send Green and second 2015 round pick
for Sefolosha and 2015 first round pick




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