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15 Apr 2014 00:02:07

Sac trades - McClemore, Gay, Williams, and Thomas
Sac gets - Rondo, Millsap, Korver, and Atl 1st

Bos trades - Rondo and Bradley
Bos gets - Mcclemore, Williams, and Thomas

Atl trades - Millsap, Korver, and 1st
ATP gets - Gay and Bradley

Sac drafts Smart and James Young
Bos drafts Embiid and Aaron Harrison





Sac turns elite with 3 allstar plus a future one in smart and a good three point shooter in Young

Bos gets rebuilding pieces and can soon be in contention

Atl also becomes a force with a scorer that takes Millsap place and one of the best defenders in the league

Why would the Kings do this? Rondo has already said that he won't sign with them, and they lose all of their youth. Nice try, Celticfan.



14 Apr 2014 23:42:47
Hawks Pacers Knicks Rockets

Hawks get Roy Hibbert, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Rockets 1st round pick

Pacers get Jeff Teague, Tyson Chandler

Knicks get Omer Asik, George Hill, Pacers future 1st

Rockets get Paul Milsap

- Hawks get the center they need to pair with Horford, think that it might be better to play Al in 4 position and moving Paul Milsap might not hurt, they lose Teague but they got a first rounder and Iman Shumpert who plays defense and may play PG, use Lou Williams as PG (he did in Philly) and develop Shroeder more
-draft Rodney Hood (SF/PF) and Shabbaz Napier (PG)

Shroeder / Napier / Felton / Williams
Shumpert / Williams / Jenkins
Korver / Hood / Carroll
Horford / Scott / Brand
Hibbert / Noguierra / Antic

- Pacers finally land a pure PG that can generate offense for the team (Jeff Teague) and a championship experienced center to replace the struggling Hibbert (both of them are defensive centers but this will let West had the ball more due to Chandler wants the ball lesser than Hibbert)

Teague / Watson / Sloan
Stephenson / Turner / Butler
George / Copeland / Hill
West / Scola / Allen
Chandler / Mahinmi

- Knicks land a defensive PG to lead them and a more productive center maybe (offensive wise)

Hill / Murry / Prigioni
Hardaway / Smith / Brown
Anthony / MWP (fa)
Stoudemire / Odom (fa) / Martin
Asik / Tyler / Barnagni

- Rockets add an all-star PF who can play alongside Howard

Lin / Beverley / Canaan
Harden / Hamilton
Parsons / Garcia / Casspi
Milsap / Jones
Howard / Powell / Motiejunas

Who is Powell



13 Apr 2014 15:33:35
Warriors - Hawks

Warriors get Al Horford, John Jenkins

Hawks get Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes

Curry - Blake - Crawford
Thompson - Jenkins
Igoudala - Green
Lee - Speights
Horford - Oneal - Ezeli

Teague - Shroeder - Mack
Korver - Williams
Barnes - Carroll
Milsap - Scott - Brand
Bogut - Antic - Noguierra



11 Apr 2014 21:39:34
Celtics off season
Draft @ # 4 Dante exum
Trade sullinger, olynyk, s&t Bradley, bogans and bass, bin/atl pick, 2015 clipper pick, 2015 Philly pick, 2016 Celtic pick and 2018 Celtic pick for Kevin love and Kevin Martin
Resign humphries and sign Paul Pierce
Trade Jeff green and Gerald Wallace for josh smith

Josh smith/FA
Kevin love/humphries/faverani/anthony

Sullinger and Olynyk and so many picks - wouldn't do that. I know that Love is great but Martin is not so much and getting rid of two promising young player will be bad for the team.



10 Apr 2014 15:52:22
Warriors - Knicks - Hawks - Rockets

Warriors get T Chandler K Korver P Milsap

Knicks get D Lee J Teague

Hawks get A Bogut H Barnes I Shumpert R Felton Knicks 2018 1st round pick, 2018 2nd round picks

S Curry / S Blake / N Nedovic
K Thompson / J Crawford
A Igoudala / K Korver / D Green
P Milsap / M Speights
T Chandler / F Ezeli / J Oneal

J Teague / P Prigioni / T Murry
J Smith / T Murry / T Hardaway
C Anthony / T Hardaway
D Lee / K Martin / J Tyler
A Stoudemire / A Barnagni

D Shroeder / R Felton / S Mack
I Shumpert / J Jenkins
H Barnes / D Carroll
A Horford / M Scott / E Brand
A Bogut / P Antic / L Noguierra



09 Apr 2014 17:21:40
Hawks Rockets Celtics

Hawks get Jeff Green, Omer Asik


Rockets get Paul Milsap

Lin/Beverley/Christon (25th)

Celtics get Hawks 1st and Isaiah Canaan

McDermott (11th)/Wallace
or draft Exum, Hood, Cauley-Stein


Asik is worth Bargnani at best. 15 mil for him next yr



08 Apr 2014 04:29:05
"let's have the greatest comeback the league has ever seen"
-Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, who will be 36, who is coming off of two terrible injuries, has been constantly ridiculed and degraded by the media and "haters". What people fail to point out while they bash him; he will be 100%, he could've played this season again, he is Kobe Bryant, who has shown no age let up, but due to injury, people say he is done. Last season, he basically carried the Lakers to the playoffs at 34. Another great player, Tim Duncan, has been one of the most consistent players, he has battled through numerous injuries, and look at him now at his age. Kobe can and will do the same.

But first, it is mandatory the Lakers make these moves (or moves like these) to succeed next season:

Draft: Aaron Gordon (6'9 SF/PF)
-Athletic, versatile at either the small forward or power forward, and he can pass very good for his size. He can finish at the rim and brings speed and freakish athleticism to the team. Although he isn't the best scorer, that can always be improved-but he can hit a long range shot just as good as most. He is also a cheap and good Plan B if Kevin Love doesn't come to LA.

Biggest Offseason Target: Greg Monroe
-An established center that doesn't like it in Detroit, while the Pistons have found a great defensive front-court in Drummond and Josh Smith. Monroe wants money, which the Lakers have, and to leave Detroit. The Lakers can offer him a nice contract, a chance to contend in 1 year or 2, the luxury of living in LA (don't even say it's nothing unless you have played at the Staples and had Jack cheering you on, or have been to our beaches), and the opportunity to train with the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who trained with an immature Bynum. Imagine what he can do with Monroe). If that's not enough, then I don't know what is. And Monroe has never intended that he is in a "win-now" state of mind, so even if the Lakers aren't contending next season, the other options are hard to spurn.

-Nick Young
-Jordan Farmar
-Xavier Henry
-Kent Bazemore
-Ryan Kelly
-Pau Gasol (no trade clause/2 year 2nd year player option, 10 million)
-Jordan Hill (just doesn't want to play for D'Antoni)
-Chris Kaman (just doesn't want to play for D'Antoni)

*I'm hearing Steve Nash may retire next season and is only playing in order to (a) pass Marc Jackson and (b) play as much as he can because he knows his window is closing: assuming he does.

The PG problem candidates: Isaiah Thomas, Kyle Lowry
Lowry: He is having a great season in Toronto and I doubt they let him go without throwing some big bucks at him, but it is honestly his decision. He seems to have it good in Toronto and is enjoying being the guy to go to.

Isaiah Thomas: The Kings have found a diamond in McCallum and he is flourishing in place of Thomas. He can easily take his spot, along with the possible drafting of Dante Exum or Marcus Smart. The Kings will have many options and if they want to keep Rudy Gay, Isaiah Thomas (who might not get a large contract) will draw attention from several teams and will be offered a lot of money not worth matching. And not to mention he is a Lakers/Kobe fan, and would be enticed to play alongside in the backcourt with Kobe.

- D'Antoni is obviously gone. John Calipari has been linked to the Lakers recently and Ollie has been in discussion, but who fits better? How about an established coach who has greatly coached a team with underrated stars and as a player had much success? LIONEL HOLLINS (says he wants to coach again)

2014 Roster:
PG: Isaiah Thomas-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Kent Bazemore-Xavier Henry
SF: Aaron Gordon-Nick Young
PF: Pau Gasol-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monroe-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

What about love?



07 Apr 2014 20:23:36
hawks 76ers and Griz

Hawks get JRICHI and 2rd 2014 from 76ers

76ers get T Allen

Griz Get Lou Williams


Why would Hawks want JRich? Who knows if he'll ever play again.



06 Apr 2014 23:06:01
Minnesota get Tony Allen

Memphis get Lou Williams, Luc Mbah Moute

Atlanta get Ronny Turiaf, Memphis 2nd round pick



06 Apr 2014 19:34:38

DET get Nic Batum, Dion Waiters, Joel Freeland

HAWKS get Greg Monroe (sign and trade)

CAVALIERS get Paul Milsap, Hawks 1st round pick

BLAZERS get Luol Deng (sign and trade)



Lavine (Hawks pick)/Miles/Karasev
McDermott (own pick)/Fair (2nd round)




06 Apr 2014 19:03:15
Hawks - OKC - Philly

Hawks get Nerlens Noel, Steven Adams

OKC get Thad Young

Philly get Al Horford, OKC pick, Kendrick Perkins

Al horford is coming off an injury. And he's too old for the Sixers squad right now. So no deal.



06 Apr 2014 16:41:26
Warriors - Celtics - Hawks - Pistons

GSW trade H Barnes D Lee M Speights future 2nd
GSW receive P Milsap K Korver 18th pick from BOS

S. Curry / J. Crawford / S. Blake
K. Thompson / K. Korver / N. Nedovic
A. Igoudala / D. Green / K. Korver
P. Milsap / A. Payne or M. Harrell (18th pick)
A. Bogut / J. Oneal / F. Ezeli

BOS trade J Green 18th pick
BOS receive G Monroe

R. Rondo / J. Bayless / P. Pressey
D. Exum / A. Bradley
P. Pierce (FA) / C. Johnson / G. Wallace
J. Sullinger / B. Bass
G. Monroe / K. Olynyk / J. Anthony

ATL trade P Milsap K Korver J Jenkins
ATL receive D Lee J Green future 2nd from GSW

J. Teague / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
L. Williams / Z. Lavine (11th so far)
J. Green / D. Carroll
D. Lee / M. Scott / E. Brand
A. Horford / P. Antic / L. Noguierra

DET trade G Monroe
DET get H Barnes J Jenkins M Speights

Jennings / Siva / Bynum
Harris (8th) / KCP / Jenkins
Barnes / Singler / Datome
Smith / Mitchell / Speights
Drummond / Speights / Harrelson
Jennings to Knicks for Shumpert and Bargnani expiring and pick
then draft Smart




06 Apr 2014 16:04:12
Raptors - Bobcats - Hawks

Raptors get Gerald Henderson and Kyle Korver

Bobcats get Terrence Ross and Paul Milsap

Hawks get Raptors 1st, Bismack Biyombo and MKG

Not giving up ross. its only his second year and his potential is huge.



05 Apr 2014 18:04:22

ATL get Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson

NOLA get Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver



04 Apr 2014 20:10:00
Sixers - Hawks

Sixers get Paul Milsap and Rockets 1st
Hawks get Omer Asik and Sixers 1st via NOLA
Rockets get Thad Young and 2nd round pick from Hawks

Waaaay too much for just Paul Milsap. That NOLA pick will be in the top 10. Ridiculous

Milsap is an All-Star, so how dare you say that he is a just?

Why would the sixers trade Young and a first to get Millsap and a first. it is like the something. maybe Thad Young for a first

Houston passes

Last I checked the hawks were 10 games under. 500 in a terrible eastern conference. So praise milsap all you want, he can really carry a team



04 Apr 2014 15:00:39
Warriors - Hawks

Warriors get Paul Milsap and Kyle Korver
Hawks get David Lee and Harrison Barnes





04 Apr 2014 14:57:16
Hawks - Raptors - Thunder

Hawks get Serge Ibaka and Thabo Sefolosha

Raptors get Paul Milsap and Lou Williams

Thunder get Amir Johnson, Terrence Ross and Raptors pick

then the Thunder trade all 3 1st round picks to get rid of Perkins and acquire formidable front line combination

Thunder get Omer Asik, Thaddeus Young and Rockets 2nd round pick
Sixers get OKC pick via Raptors and Kendrick Perkins
Bucks get OKC pick via Mavs and Hasheem Thabeet
Rockets get OKC pick and Irsan Ilyasova

Thunder roster

R. Westbrook / R. Jackson
T. Ross / J. Lamb / A. Roberson
K. Durant / C. Butler / P. Jones
T. Young / A. Johnson / N. Collison
O. Asik / S. Adams


J. Teague / D. Shroeder / S. Mack
T. Sefolosha / K. Korver / J. Jenkins
K. Korver / D. Caroll
A. Horford / M. Scott
S. Ibaka / E. Brand / P. Antic


K. Lowry / G. Vasquez / D. Buycks
L. Williams / G. Vasquez / FA
D. Derozan / L. Fields
P. Milsap / T. Hansbrough
J. Valanciunas / C. Hayes

This is one of the rare good trades, will most likely never happen, but will help all teams



04 Apr 2014 14:34:37
Bulls - Cats - Hawks

Bulls trade Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy and future 2nd round pick
Bulls get Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo and Bobcats pick via Blazers (#24 projected)

Cats trade Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo and # 24 pick
Cats get Paul Milsap and John Jenkins

Hawks trade Paul Milsap and John Jenkins
Hawks get Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy + Bulls' future 2nd round pick

Chicago Bulls then
resign DJ Augustine
resign Kirk Hinrich to vet min
sign Nikola Mirotic
draft picks : Stauskas, Harrell, Cauley-Stein

D. Rose / D. Augustine / K. Hinrich
G. Henderson / N. Stauskas
J. Butler / T. Snell / M. Harrell
C. Boozer / N. Mirotic / M. Harrell
J. Noah / B. Biyombo / W. Cauley-Stein
-or they can Amnesty Boozer and start Nikola Mirotic
Bulls do this to add pick and get a shooting guard they need, they also got depth up front

Bobcats then
Make a sign and trade deal with Cavs involving Deng and MKG maybe picks and other players involve here
- they do this to add veteran stability to be more competitive

K. Walker / L. Ridnour / J. Pargo
G. Neal / C. Douglas-Roberts
L. Deng / J. Taylor
P. Milsap / J. McRoberts
A. Jefferson / T. Zeller

- remember the Milsap-Jefferson connection in Utah + with Walker as the facilitator and Deng as the stabilizer, with a shooter on the Wing.

Hawks get a bruiser who can play PF or C to play alongside Horford + Dunleavy who can play the role of Korver when out

Teague / Shoeder / Mack
Korver / Williams
Carroll / Dunleavy
Gibson / Scott / Brand
Horford / Noguierra / Antic

No way Bulls trade Gibson for that package.

^ how about MKG to Bulls as well?



04 Apr 2014 14:06:56
Bulls - Hawks - Kings - Magic

Bulls get Aaron Afflalo, rights to Lucas Noguierra and Kings pick projected #7
Hawks get Rudy Gay (s&t) and Taj Gibson
Kings get Paul Milsap, Mike Dunleavy and #19 from Bulls
Magic get Hawks pick #18, Bulls pick # 15

sign Mirotic
amnesty Boozer
select Julius Randle or Noah Vonleh
resign Hinrich and Augustine

Bulls roster


Dunleavy/Williams/Warren (#19)

Ennis (#15)/Nelson
Oladipo/Lavine (#12)
Embiid (#3)/Payne (#19)

Kings pass



02 Apr 2014 21:58:43
Lakers - Hawks

Lakers get Paul Milsap

Hawks get Jordan Hill, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 and 1st round pick 2016, Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly

Lakers draft Dante Exum

D. Exum / K. Marshall / S. Nash
K. Bryant / K. Bazemore
N. Young / W. Johnson
P. Milsap / E. Davis (FA)
P. Gasol / FA



02 Apr 2014 19:00:42
NYK get Rajon Rondo, Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith

DET get Iman Shumpert, Vitor Faverani

ATL get Jeff Green and 2020 1st round pick from Knicks

BOS get Andrea Barnagni (expiring), Hawks 1st round pick projected #16-18, Tim Hardaway Jr. , Knicks 2018 1st round pick, Knicks future 2nd round picks rights to Lucas Noguierra

-eat 2 big contracts but get a huge name on PG spot

R. Rondo / R. Felton / P. Prigioni
J. Smith / T. Murry / S. Brown
C. Anthony / G. Wallace
J. Smith / A. Stoudemire
T. Chandler / J. Tyler

-draft Kyle Anderson at #8

B. Jennings / P. Siva / W. Bynum
I. Shumpert / K. Singler
K. Anderson / K. Caldwell-Pope / L. Datome
G. Monroe / T. Mitchell
A. Drummond / V. Faverani


J. Teague / S. Mack / D. Shroeder
K. Korver / J. Jenkins / L. Williams
J. Green / D. Carroll
P. Milsap / E. Brand / M. Scott
A. Horford / P. Antic / M. Muscala

-draft Marcus Smart (#4)
-draft Rodney Hood (#15)
-draft Adriean Payne (#18)

M. Smart / J. Bayless / P. Pressey
A. Bradley / T. Hardaway Jr.
R. Hood / C. Johnson
J. Sullinger / B. Bass / J. Anthony
K. Olynyk / A. Payne / A. Barnagni

Come on man, Knicks can't spend $40M and send less than $20M the other way. Might want to study up on how the salary cap works.

Gotta send Stoudemire to Boston also



02 Apr 2014 18:16:18

to ATL : Kosta Koufos, Quincy Pondexter
to MEM : Mike Scott, Demarre Carroll



02 Apr 2014 16:11:22

Hawks get Brandon Jennings, Gigi Datome and #8 pick
Pistons get Jeff Teague, Demarre Carroll and #18 pick



01 Apr 2014 23:41:22
Cavaliers - Thunder - Mavericks - Hawks

Cavaliers get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Al Horford

Mavericks get Tristan Thompson

Hawks get Thunder 1st, Dejuan Blair, Samuel Dalembert and Mavericks future 1st round pick



01 Apr 2014 18:53:02

ATL get Brook Lopez and future 1st round pick
BKN get AL Horford and Lou Williams

Lopez is damaged goods.

So is horford^

So is Lou Williams

Horford was injured once? Lopez is hurt every season. Lou williams is irrelevant. Your team would look like the Brooklyn Hawks.



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