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29 Aug 2014 16:11:22
Cleveland get Perkins , Lamb

Thunder get Murphy , Waiters




29 Aug 2014 05:08:55
Nuggets plan

-Nuggets get - Roy Hibbert and Chris Copeland

-Pacers get- Javale McGee, Wilson Chandler, and a 1st round pick

-Nuggets get- Greg Monroe 4yr 48m

-Cavs get- Timfy Mozgov and Nate Robinson

-Pistons get- Dion Waiters and JJ Hickson

- Nuggets get- Eric Bledsoe 4yr 48m and Shavilik Randolph

- Suns get- Danillo Gallonari, Randy Foye and Kennith Faried

Sign Jordan Crawford

Lawson / Crawford / Green
Bledsoe / Harris
Afflao / Copeland / Miller
Monroe / Arthur / Randolph
Hibbert / Nurkic

The perfect bigs to run a Brian Shaw style offense. This team has a quick deadly back court, this team has solid defense. They have 3 rookies off the bench but all 3 are very promising ecspecially Gary Harris who will become the 6th man and play 20-24 minutes a night, may be a finalist for ROY. Only fault is the depth at the forward postion but Copeland fits the skeme. This team jumps yo a top 4-6 seed.


Detroit has KCP and Meeks according to SVG he is set at the SG so this trade will not happen. Walters still hasn't figured out how to play defense, Hickson is a back up. Plus Detroit is not going to help make the Cav's even better. Anybody who believes hasn't read one article on SVG.




28 Aug 2014 16:41:49
Excuse my last post. I meant

Bucks get Eric Bledsoe s&t and Marcus Morris

Cavs get Brandon KNIGHT

Suns get Dion Waiters, Larry Sanders, and Ersan Ilyasova




28 Aug 2014 16:37:22
Bucks get Eric Bledsoe s&t and Marcus Morris

Cavs get Brandon Jennings

Suns get Larry Sanders, Dion Waiters, and Ersan Ilyasova


I don't get it


I meant Brandon Knight lol


Cavs get Jennings while Detroit isn't involved in the trade. But it's believable 3-1.




28 Aug 2014 03:50:22
PHI: Alexey Shved SG & Hasheem Thabeet C


CLE: Brenden Haywood C, John Lucas PG & 1st round pick


No way this works out


This actually might work for both teams. Haven't checked money yet but sixer have a bunch of cap room to take more money on.




28 Aug 2014 03:48:49
CLE: Brendan Haywood C, Malcom Thomas PF & 1st round pick


DEN: Timofey Mozgov C & 2nd round pick




27 Aug 2014 23:31:18

wolves get;haywood future 1st

cavs get;koufus franklin


I think you mean Grizzlies, not wolves lol




27 Aug 2014 21:23:02

Garnett, Blatche (ST)

Thompson, Haywood, Lucas, Murphy

With Love starting at PF, Thompson's minutes have been greatly reduced and I do not see the Cavs paying 6.7Mil next year for a player who will be coming off the bench. Having both KG and Blatche offers good help for the frontcourt for the Cavs

The Nets need to become younger players and having a developing player like Thompson is a start

succeed and proceed



27 Aug 2014 08:26:59

Cavs get t.mozgov, n.robinson and r.foye
Nuggets get d.waiters, j.lucas (unguaranteed), m.thomas (unguaranteed), e.murphy (unguaranteed), b.haywood and 2 future 2nd round picks

- sign g.stiemsma and d.powell (min.)

Irving - robinson - dellavedova
Miller - foye - harris
James - marion - jones
Love - thompson - powell
Varejao - mozgov - stiemsma

- waive j.lucas, m.thomas and e.murphy's unguaranteed contracts
- sign r.sessions (1-year, 3m) via MLE

Lawson - sessions - green
Afflalo - waiters - harris
Gallinari - chandler - miller
Faried - hickson - arthur
Mcgee - nurkic - haywood





26 Aug 2014 22:57:56
Cavs get: Timfy Mozgov and Nate Robinson

Sign Ray Allen

Irving - Robinson - Lucas
Allen - Miller - Delladova
James - Marion - Jones
Love - Thompson - Powell
Vareajo - Mozgov - Haywood

Nuggets get: Greg Monroe, Will Bynum and Joe Harris

Lawson - Bynum - Green
Afflao - Harris - Foye
Gallonari - Miller - Harris
Faried - Hickson - Arthur
Monroe - McGee - Nurkic

Pistons get: Dion Waiters and Wilson Chandler

Jennings - Augustine - Dinwiddle
Meeks - Waiters - KCP
Chandler - Butler - Singler
Smith - Jerebko - Mitchell
Drummond - Gray


Take Harris out of the deal and this trade is good.

SAS Champs 2014



25 Aug 2014 21:36:12
Cavs - Grizzlies

Cavs get Courtney Lee , Kosta Koufos and 2nd round pick

Grizz get Dion Waiters


Take out the pick


Because salaries matching doesn't matter




22 Aug 2014 19:26:03
Cavs get Serge Ibaka and Perry Jones

Thunder get Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and Andy Varejao

Pf. K. Love/ P. Jones/ E. Murphy
Sf. L. James/ S. Marion/ J. Jones
C. S. Ibaka/ B. Haywood/ D. Powell
Sg. R. Allen/ M. Miller/ J. Harris
Pg. K. Irving/ M. Delladova/ J. Lucas

Pf. T. Thompson/ N. Collison/ M. Mcgary
Sf. K. Durant/ J. Lamb/ A. Roberson
C. A. Varejao/ S. Adams/ K. Perkins
Sg. D. Waiters/ A. Morrow/ S. Christion
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ S. Telfair


Four people here really believe you can get Ibaka for that?


Not enough for ibaka


I don't see them trading with one another




22 Aug 2014 02:23:11
Minnesota's next week

NY Knicks get; K. Martin, Chase Budinger, J.J. Barea from minn. and Non-guarenteed contracts from Cleveland in B. Haywood, J. Lucas III, and E. Murphy

Minnesota gets; A. Wiggins, A. Bennett, and protected 1st from Cleveland and A. Stoudemire and T. Hardaway Jr. from NY

Cleveland gets; Kevin Love and Ronnie Turiaf from Minn.

Better than reported love trade with just Cleveland
Minn gets Hardaway Jr. and NY gets 9 mill in cap space plus 3 decent players

Then Minnesota trades Shved and L.R Mbah a Moute and 1st round pick to Philly for T. Young, or trade Shved, L.R. Mbah, and A. Stoudemire plus the Miami 1st from Cleveland and Protected 2017 1st for Young

i love Disney

Terrible. The Knicks would never do that. They would be stuck with Martin and Bareas bad contracts next offseason and they won't have a chance to get a star. Plus they trade Hardaway? Heck no


Barea is only signed through next year.

i love Disney

Why would the Knicks ever ever do that. Ignore also giving away thj, just taking those contracts on is horrible.




21 Aug 2014 19:06:17
From latest rumors in the cavs Sixers and wolves trade. Anthony Bennett goes to wolves. Sixers get shev, ma a bute and miamis first round pick next year for Thad young. No longer Bennett for Thad.




20 Aug 2014 04:04:01
New twist on Love to Cleveland

Cleveland gets; K. Love and Ronnie Turiaf

Minnesota gets; A. Wiggins, T. Young, JaVale McGee,2 second round picks from Denver and protected 1st rounder from Cleveland.

Philadelphia gets; A. Bennett, J.J. Barea, and L.R. Mbah a Mounte

Denver gets; C. Budinger, J. Lucas III, and E. Murphy

Works on ESPN trade machine if you replace Wiggins with T. Thompson. Machine will not let you trade Wiggins and salaries are about the same.

Why teams do it:
Cleveland gets Love and rim protector
Minnesota could be very strong defensively
Denver gets out of the luxury tax after releasing ungaranteed contracts
Philly gets potential in Bennett, plus 2 players they could get small return for at the trade deadline.

i love Disney

20 Aug 2014 05:44:59
I like it but Gorgui would have to play PF or the wolves would have to trade pek


Minnesota played Gorgui at PF in summer league.

i love Disney

Actually has something there for sure. But there's hardly ever a four team trade in the nba.


Philly doesn't do it without getting a 1DP.

Boy Howdie

Give the nuggets some of the picks, instead of all of then to the TWolves




19 Aug 2014 04:53:37
Final Cavs moves

Add a rim protector

Cavs get Okafor s&t

Suns get Ilyasova

Mil get Dellavedova plus future Cavs pick

Sign Ray Allen

Irving/Lucas III




19 Aug 2014 03:35:44

New York - Josh Smith
Defensive big man
Cleveland- Iman Shumpert
Need defense
Boston- Brandon Jennings, Dion Waiters, Bargnani
Young talent
Detroit- Rondo, Jeff Green
Actually small forward and star point guard


Rondo is a rental he will be a FA at the end of the year and will not resign with Detroit. So Detroit would not only lose Rondo, but Monroe, Smith and Jennings if they made this trade going into 2015 and Detroit is not a landing spot of FA. Detroit would rather have Early, Oly instead.




18 Aug 2014 17:23:40
Shawn Marion has committed this weekend to sign with the Cavaliers


He'll serve as an excellent backup to the King. If the Cavs can also sign Ray Allen, they'll suddenly find themselves possessing one of the deeper benches in the league.


His decision is basically on. WHO CAN I WIN A RING WITH.




18 Aug 2014 14:47:12


CLE get: Kanter

UTAH get: Waiters

pg. burke/burks
sg. waiters/exum
sf. hayward
pf. booker
c. favors


CLE get: Bargnani (exp), George Hill, Shumpert (exp), & Prigioni

NYK get: Anderson Varejao & Tristan Thompson

pg. calderon
sg. thj
sf. melo
pf. thompson
c. varejao

IND get: Jr Smith, Brendan Haywood, & Delladova

pg. stuckey/smith
sg. smith/miles
sf. copeland
pf. west
c. hibbert

CLE signs: Ray Allen & Michael Beasley

pg. irving/hill/prigioni
sg. shumpert/allen/hill
sf. lbj/beasely
pf. love/bargnani
c. kanter/bargnani

hill, shumpert, and kanter add needed defense
hill and prigioni are solid back ups with playoff exp
bargnani skill sets similiar to love, so won't skip much of a beat while love rest.


LeBron is essentially the Cavs new GM and he loves Anderson Varejao, therefore I don't see him going anywhere.




18 Aug 2014 11:23:38

CLE get Andrew Bogut


GSW get Nerlens Noel , Dion Waiters , Thad Young


PHI get Harrison Barnes , David Lee , 1st from GS and CLE 2015



18 Aug 2014 12:17:15
Cavs will be button feeders for years to come.


Cleveland trades Dion Waiters for Andrew Bogut? Heck no they got to give up more than that (assets and salary). And this trade is terrible for GS. Noel is too raw, and they would do way better with Lee, Bogut, and Barnes. No way


Hahah gsw get way too much here. Bogut always injured. Lee over paid. Barnes unproven. Cavs and 76ers pass


I'm pretty sure this only helps the Cavs


^pizza Noel just missed the entire season.




18 Aug 2014 05:34:20

Min gets:
Russell Westbrook
Nick Collison
Steven Adams

Thunder get:
Ricky Rubio
Kevin Martin
Nikola pekovic

Minnesota gets an all star point guard and two solid big man to produce some bench points

Thunder get an pass first point guard who plays great defense and get a shooter and a starter who will become a Allstar center

Rubio/ Jackson
Martin/ lamb/ morrow
Durant/ jones/ Roberson
Ibaka/ mcGary
Pekovic/ perkins

Min: if kevin stays
Westbrook/ Williams
Brewer/ Lavine
Budinger/ Muhammad
Love/ Mbah A Moute
Dieng/ Adams

Min: if love goes via Cleveland
Westbrook/ Williams
Wiggins/ Lavine
Brewer/ Budinger/ Muhammad
Young/ collision
Dieng/ Adams


On no planet is that getting you Westbrook.


Two big, unwanted contracts along with a good young talent isn't going to land you a superstar combo guard along with two inexpensive effective role players. Awful trade.


Also, Rubio is a terrible defender, terrible.




18 Aug 2014 02:07:34
Bucks Cleveland



Lucas III (non- guaranteed)
2105 Cle 1st round pick (own will likely be 27-30)

Cleveland gets a better backup center
Bucks opens up playing time for Henson and Sanders

succeed and proceed

No one would give up a 1st for Zaza, ever.

SAS Champs 2014

2105 is a long time to wait for a first.


Least attractive trade I've seen




17 Aug 2014 08:26:14
Cavs get Iman Shumpert and Pablo Prigioni

Knicks get Dion Waiters

Cavs have enough people that can score. They need one more lock down wing defender. They also need depth at PG. Prigioni might be a better back up PG than Delladova

Knicks needs another explosive scorer next to Carmelo.


I could see that trade, but if it happened the Knicks would have to move J.R Smith, because otherwise there's not enough minutes to go around at the SG spot with Hardaway Jr. and now Waiters there.


Not nearly enough for Waiters. Better player on a rookie contract.


Good deal.

SAS Champs 2014



17 Aug 2014 07:24:19
Cavs need to make a few little moves to secure their position as a definate NBA Championship contender.

Cavs Get: Larry Sanders, Iman Shumpert
Bucks Get: Anderson Varejao, Joe Harris, 2017 Round 1 Pick (CLE)
Knicks Get: Erik Murphy, 2019 Round 1 Pick (CLE)

Sign: Shawn Marion - 2 year, $5.5 Million contract

Waive: Dwight Powell

PG: Kyrie Irving - Matthew Dellavedova - John Lucas III
SG: Dion Waiters - Iman Shumpert - Mike Miller
SF: LeBron James - Shawn Marion - James Jones
PF: Kevin Love - Tristan Thompson - Malcolm Thomas
C: Larry Sanders - Brendan Haywood


Not trading varejao because he lure lebron to come back and james want him as teammate


Lol Vareajo sucks, he's definitely tradeable


LeBron didn't come ack to play with Varejao.




16 Aug 2014 15:19:18
2015 offseason trade


CLE: L. Sanders

MIL: B. Haywood, 1st rd. pick(from MEM), 1st rd. pick(from CLE)

Sanders will only have one year left before he is an UFA and Milwaukee will get as much value in return as they can for him. The Memphis pick might even be a lottery pick if the Grizzlies continue to regress and miss the playoffs.
Haywood has a unique contract that is worth 10.5 mil next year totally non-guaranteed which would be used to match salaries. Milwaukee would then just cut him with no penalty.
Cleveland would get the rim protector at Center that they covet. The Cavs would make the picks for Memphis and then deal them to get around the "Stepien rule".

2015-2016 Cavs lineup

PG: K. Irving/ M. Dellavadova
SG: D. Waiters/ J. Harris
SF: L. James/ M. Miller
PF: K. Love/ T. Thompson
C: L. Sanders/ A. Varejao


Sanders contract is longer than that.

SAS Champs 2014

Not a bad deal but yea Sanders has like 3 yrs left and Haywood's salary is like 2.5 million so this trade wouldn't work


If you read the post, it states that Haywood's contract is non-guaranteed for 10.5mil NEXT year so YES, the trade would work.




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