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28 Sep 2014 16:38:34
Boston Celtics trade with Cleveland and Oklahoma City

Celtics trade Avery Bradley , Brandon Bass , Joel Anthony
Celtics receive Dion Waiters , 1st round pick from Okc Kendrick Perkins

Oklahoma trade Kendrick Perkins , Jeremy Lamb , 1st rd pick
Oklahoma receive Avery Bradley , Joel Anthony

Durant-Jones III

Cleveland trade Dion Waiters
Cleveland get Brandon Bass , Jeremy Lamb





25 Sep 2014 23:02:55

receive Kosta Koufos , Courtney Lee

K. Irving - C. Lee - L. James - K. Love - T. Thompson
M. Della - M. Miller - S. Marion - A. Varejao - K. Koufos
J. Lucas - J. Jones - A. Kirk - E. Murphy

receive Ersan Ilyasova , Brandon Knight , 2nd from Cavs

M. Conley - T. Allen - E. Ilyasova - Z. Randolph - M. Gasol
N. Calathes - B. Knight - V. Carter - Q. Pondexter - J. Leuer - J. Stokes - B. Udrih - J. Adams

receive Dion Waiters , 2nd round pick from Mem , Tayshaun Prince (expiring)

G. Freak - D. Waiters - J. Parker - J. Henson - L. Sanders
K. Marshall - O. Mayo - K. Middleton - D. Inglis - Z. Pachulia - N. Wolters - J. Bayless - J. Dudley - J. Obryant

- Cavs become more balanced
- Memphis add some offense
- Bucks become very versatile w/ Giannis running the Point




24 Sep 2014 22:18:09
Houston gets Tristan Thompson

Cleveland gets Terrence Jones and Jason Terry expiring deal




24 Sep 2014 14:49:46
Cavs & Nuggets & Knicks

Cavs trade d.waiters, j.lucas, b.haywood, m.thomas, e.murphy and two 2016 2nd round picks (own and via LAC)
Cavs get t.mozgov, r.foye and p.prigioni

Nuggets trade t.mozgov and r.foye
Nuggets get d.waiters, b.haywood, m.thomas (unguaranteed), e.murphy (unguaranteed) and two 2016 2nd round picks (from CLE)

Knicks trade p.prigioni
Knicks get j.lucas

Irving - prigioni - dellavedova
Miller - foye - harris
James - marion - jones
Love - thompson - powell
Mozgov - varejao - kirk

Lawson - robinson - green
Afflalo - waiters - harris
Gallinari - chandler - miller
Faried - hickson - arthur
Mcgee - nurkic - haywood

Calderon - lucas - larkin
Shumpert - hardaway - smith
Anthony - early - outlaw
Stoudemire - bargnani - evans
Dalembert - smith - aldrich



I think knicks pass




24 Sep 2014 03:30:52
Cavs get Serge Ibaka and Jeremy Lamb

Okc gets Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Andy Varejao, and Joe Harris

Pf. K. Love/ L. Amundson/ D. Powell
Sf. L. James/ S. Marion/ M. Thomas
C. S. Ibaka/ B. Haywood/ A. Kirk
Sg. J. Lamb/ M. Miller/ J. Jones
Pg. K. Irving/ J. Lucas/ M. Delladova

Pf. T. Thompson/ N. Collison/ M. McGary
Sf. K. Durant/ P. Jones/ A. Roberson
C. A. Varejao/ S. Adams/ K. Perkins
sg. D. Waiters/ A. Morrow/ J. Harris
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ S. Telfair


Ibaka is not going anywhere and not for that crap. Ibaka is the main and maybe the only defensive piece in their puzzle to win anything this year. He is not going anywhere period.




23 Sep 2014 19:35:28
Spurs get Tristan Thompson

Cavs get Danny Green and 2015 1st


Tristan Thompson is going to be do overpaid next season lol idk if they put a 1st in this just in case he leaves for more money.


Make that pick lottery protected and deal


Why do the Spurs have to lottery protect a 2015 first?




22 Sep 2014 23:00:47
Cavs get Terrence Ross

Raptors get Tristan Thompson


Ross is a much better player then Thompson and the raptors have three PF on their current roster as good if not better then Thompson. No thank you.




22 Sep 2014 20:29:45
Cavs get Demar Derozan

raptors get Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Joe Harris, and 2015 1st

Pf. K. Love/ D. Powell/ E. Murphy
Sf. L. James/ J. Jones/ M. Thomas
C. A. Varejao/ B. Haywood/ A. Kirk
Sg. D. Derozan/ M. Miller
Pg. K. Irving/ J. Lucas/ M. Deladova


Raps are win now, no reason to break a star player into smaller pieces.




22 Sep 2014 20:25:22
Blazers get Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson

Cavs get Wesley Mathews and Thomas Robinson


The Blazers are in win mode and will not take a player who can't play defense and a bench player who won't play for them.




22 Sep 2014 20:19:28
Memphis gets Dion Waiters

Cleveland gets Tony Allen


23 Sep 2014 09:03:04
memphis would be hesitant to give their heart and soul for someone who could bring turmoil to the locker room and doesn't really fit the system


Add a 2nd to Memphis


If the memphis will do this is because of the young and good but they will think twice since allen is a good defender for cleveland they will have a good defensive type of player and he can bring a playoff experience along with lebron to teach the young guys of cleaveland


Rather have Allen who has been a defensive stopper for them over a player who can't stop a bus from driving the lane.




22 Sep 2014 19:50:00
This could work.

Cavs get Kobe Bryant

Lakers get Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao, Joe Harris, and 2015 1st rd pick

Pf. S. Marion/ D. Powell/ E. Murphy
Sf. L. James/ J. Jones/ M. Thomas
C. K. Love/ B. Haywood/ A. Kirk
Sg. K. Bryant/ M. Miller
Pg. K. Irving/ J. Lucas/ M. Delladova


Love is not a center - LeBron does not want to play with Kobe if he did he would have went to the Lakers as a free agent


Not even in 2k


Thats fun, probably a 3 team deal would be better because waiters and thompson don't really get along.


1.kobe isn't getting traded can't have four #1 scoring options on a single team


Pf. T. Thompson/ J. Randle/ E. Davis
Sf. N. Young/ W. Johnson/ R. Kelly
C. C. Boozer/ A. Varejao/ J. Hill
Sg. D. Waiters/ X. Henry/ J. Harris
Pg. J. Lin/ S. Nash/ J. Clarkson


That's awesome, love it! Not going to happen, but wow if it did.

SAS Champs 2014

Kobe makes 25 mil these scrubs no where close


All their contracts together are just over 20 million. so the deal is within the required Cba percentages


Varejao 10 mil
Thompson 5.5 mil
Waiters 4 mil
Harris 1 mil


Too much superstar they will going to outshine or other one of them will going to sacrifice since kobe and lebron wants the ball to score and kyrie need the ball to set up the offense and its better to keep verejao he can be their best rim defender in big guys


Kobe would just use his no trade clause. No way he leaves his family and home to be a 3-4 option in Clev lol


He wouldn't use his no trade clause. he wants to win




22 Sep 2014 18:42:07
Denver - Cleveland

Denver receives: Dion Waiters, Erik Murphy, John Lucas III, Malcolm Thomas, Brendan Haywood (salary asset), '15 first round pick from Memphis.

Cleveland receives: Timofey Mozgov, Arron Afflalo.


Waiters for mozgov straight up


Waiters for Mozgov and one other asset (ie. 2nd rd pick)

SAS Champs 2014



20 Sep 2014 01:45:39
3 team trade

76ers get gibson

Bulls get derozon

Raptors get t.wroten, snell,kings protected pick from bulls,and cavs protected pick from 76ers


Why would Sixers do this trade?? Exactly. No reason.


Raps don't make this trade.

SAS Champs 2014

A young 22 ppg guard for a bunch of nothing




16 Sep 2014 23:51:56

This is a trade for NEXT offseason in 2015.

CLE: M. Gasol(sign and trade), T. Allen

MEM: T. Thompson(sign and trade), B. Haywood, 2015 1st rd. pick(from MEM)

This is assuming the Grizzlies keep regressing and miss the playoffs this season.

This trade works financially because Brendan Haywood has a unique contract that is worth $10.5 mil unguaranteed next season which will be used to match salaries, then he'd be cut with no penalty for Memphis. Let's assume that Gasol signs for 4yr/$60mil and Thompson signs for something like 4yr/$32mil.

The Cavs have to do a sign and trade for Gasol because they would already be over the cap. Gasol would give them a big time defensive anchor at C which is the only real weakness on the roster. Allen would give them a veteren defensive wing to replace Marion if he retires, or just add even more depth if he doesn't.

Memphis obviously would be committing to a rebuild and this trade would give them a big boost to make it a better, quicker process. Memphis would get back their own lottery pick they lost to Cleveland in a previous trade along with a young big. They would let Randolph walk and get rid of the salaries of Gasol and Allen which would leave them with a ton of cap room. Gasol would not fit the rebuild anyway as he would be going into his thirties next year, but he is perfect for Cleveland who wants to win immediately and could expect him to remain a good defensive over the next 4 seasons.

Conley who is 26 and Thompson who is 23 are young enough veterans to be part of the core of the rebuild going forward. If Memphis drafts well and spends its massive amount of cap space wisely on good young vets, they could
be nearing contention in just a few years.

Here is a basic two deep lineup for the Cavs after this trade minus a few tweaks that are bound to be made with rookies and/or vets who are willing to come on the cheap for a chance to win.

2015-2016 Cavs lineup

PG: K. Irving/ M. Dellavadova
SG: D. Waiters/ T. Allen
SF: L. James/ M. Miller
PF: K. Love/ A. Varejao
C : M. Gasol/ A. Varejao


This trade will make cavs pay too much luxury tax and going to have a problem in maintaining love since they have gasol and love and cavs already have a talks about extension once his contract ends and minnesota already have the cavaliers protected 2015 first round draft pick


Grizzlies are going to be good this year. They made the playoffs (and almost beat the thunder while beat up and while ZBo was suspended), even with Gasol missing a good chunk of the season. They added Vince Carter, Jarnell Stokes, and Jordan Adams and should be even better this year


While Love and Lebron might leave after a year, I can see Cavs signing up for Brooklyn Nets level luxury tax to resign them both and M Gasol.

Worst case scenario they sign them all and trade one for picks mid season to avoid tax




15 Sep 2014 04:04:01
Cavs - Jazz

Jazz get 2015 1st round pick (via Grizzlies), any filler contract from Cavs
Cavs get R Gobert




14 Sep 2014 04:29:59

unlikely but,

Nyk get R. Jackson , A. Varejao


Okc get D. Waiters , S. Larkin


Cle get I. Shumpert , S. Dalembert , 2nd rd pick from Okc





13 Sep 2014 20:01:37
Cavs make one more move to add yet another star

Cavs get Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins. (sign Ray Allen)

Thunder get Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, Andy Varejao, and unprotected 2015 pick

Pf. K. Love/ E. Murphy/ D. Powell
Sf. L. James/ S. Marion/ J. Jones
C. S. Ibaka/ K. Perkins/ B. Haywood
Sg. R. Allen/ M. Miller/ J. Harris
Pg. K. Irving/ J. Lucas/ M. Delladova

Pf. T. Thompson/ N. Collison/ P. Jones
Sf. K. Durant/ J. Lamb/ A. Roberson
C. A. Varejao/ S. Adams/ M. McGary
Sg. D. Waiters/ A. Morrow/ S. Christion
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ S. Telfair


Allen is in Chicago


Ibaka is way too small for center. Him and love would be horrendous together.


Thunder says no. They are not in a rebuilding process.




13 Sep 2014 17:34:59
Looking for a more realistic way of the Cavs getting a shot blocking center.

Cleveland to Milwaukee:
Brendan Haywood, John Lucas, and Erik Murphys Contracts and a 2nd rd pick (might need another player thrown in)

Milwaukee to Cleveland:
John Henson and Kendall Marshall


Cleveland to Utah:
2nd rd pick

Utah to Cleveland:
Rudy Gobert

Would like to see Henson starting at center with the ability to play some at the 4 if needed. I still believe there needs to be a back up to Kyrie other than waiters. Gobert is more of a project but he doesn't need to contribute much offensively. If both trades were able to happen then Gobert could spend some more time in the D-League. But I would be happy with either one of these.


Cavs get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiter, and 2015 pick


Both those trades are horrible. Gobert has potential to be something special. He outplayed both Marc and Pau Gasol in Fiba semi game. Also bucks ain't trading Henson for that trash


I would love Serge Ibaka but I would rather have a decent defensive center that doesn't eat up much of the cap space.




12 Sep 2014 19:38:09
expanding on EDakaEH's idea;


CLE get: Eric Bledsoe (s&t) & S. Randolph

pg. irving
sg. bledsoe
sf. lebron
pf. love
c. varejao

PHX get: MKG, Dion Waiters, & Future CLE 1st

pg. dragic
sg. waiters
sf. mkg
pf. morris
c. plumlee

CHA get: Tristan Thompson

pg. walker
sg. stephenson
sf. williams
pf. thompson/vonleh
c. jefferson


Hornets not giving MKG and a 1st for Tristan freaking Thompson.


Agreed. And the cavs aren't giving up 2 young solid performers AND a first for a disgruntled injury prone young talent. Bledsoe averaged 15 5 5. Why are people making it seem like it's godly numbers? Goran dragic is the star of that team. Repeat dragic. Aka the stats are inflated. Remember when Lin averaged like 25 5 5 when Anthony was out for the Knicks. The point is, someone has to get stats. Is it possible Bledsoe can be very good? Yes. Elite? Most likely not, but possible. His trade value is that of a very good young prospect. Not an elite stud. i'd take Andrew wiggins over him without thinking twice. Jabari Parker also. His numbers are about comparable to dion waiters, yet people act like he's lebron. Sorry for the rant, but JeeZe, he's going to leave the suns after this year anyways. The suns have very very little leverage because they were holding firm on a couple million a year. Congrats, that's why Phoenix never wins.


Nice rant. until the "that's why PHx never wins" stuff. There's a 100 reasons why the Suns haven't over the years. but not giving into a guy who thinks he's worth the moon because LeBron's mouthpiece says so. is not one of them. Suns have NOT lowballed Bledsoe. and why is it no other team has put an offer sheet out on him? He is a good player. can be elite. but he is not there yet & shouldn't get paid for what he has yet to do.




12 Sep 2014 15:54:35
Cavs - Suns

Suns get D Waiters
Cavs get E Bledsoe (s&t 2 year/8 million with player option)

Suns get 2 more years of Waiters rookie contract

Cavs would need to do s&t because a player traded on the qualifying offer loses their bird rights. Cavs get use a 2 pg backcourt of Irving/Bledsoe.
Then Cavs unofficial GM Lebron James gives Bledsoe a max contract next year.


Cavs probably have to add at least a pick because Bledsoe is way better than Waiters. But Bledsoe is mad at the suns so his value is a little lower now, so they might not get full value back


Won't be anyone in PHX shocked to see Bledsoe in Cleveland next season.


Smart on the contract for Bledsoe, way to trade him and still allow for the Cavs to up him again next season.

Well done.

SAS Champs 2014



04 Sep 2014 03:01:37
Cavs - Kings - 76ers

Cavs trade D Waiters, 2015 1st round pick (more favorable Own/Grizzlies)
Cavs get N Noel

Kings trade N Stauskas
Kings get D Waiters

76ers trade N Noel
76ers get N Stauskas, Cavs more favorable 2015 1st round pick


Sixer's say NO. Not trading Noel .


Plus dion waiter and a bad lockdowns not equal Noel. Not even close. Waiter won't score ten a game with lebron and Irving and love hogging the ball.




03 Sep 2014 00:00:40
cavs and piston tristan dion for greg morne kyle singer


Detroit is not going to help out the Cavs in anyway. They have two good SG's one that plays defense unlike Dion. Tristan is another PF. Look the Pistons are looking for a quality SF nothing else maybe an upgrade at the PG.




02 Sep 2014 00:55:55
Cavs get: Rajon Rondo and Victor Faverani

Celtics get: Dion Waiters and Anderson Vareajo

Rondo / Lucas
Irving / Miller / Delladova / Harris
James / Marion / Jones
Love / Thompson / Murphy / Powell
Faverani / Haywood



Irving wouldn't be able to guard sg's he can't even guard pg's. Rondo, Irving and lebron all like the ball in their hands. They need rim protection not more playmaking.

Galaxy Gordon

Boston not giving up Rondo for this.

SAS Champs 2014

Yeah I was just messing around on the trade. Obviously Rondo isn't going to Cleveland lol




29 Aug 2014 16:11:22
Cleveland get Perkins , Lamb

Thunder get Murphy , Waiters




29 Aug 2014 05:08:55
Nuggets plan

-Nuggets get - Roy Hibbert and Chris Copeland

-Pacers get- Javale McGee, Wilson Chandler, and a 1st round pick

-Nuggets get- Greg Monroe 4yr 48m

-Cavs get- Timfy Mozgov and Nate Robinson

-Pistons get- Dion Waiters and JJ Hickson

- Nuggets get- Eric Bledsoe 4yr 48m and Shavilik Randolph

- Suns get- Danillo Gallonari, Randy Foye and Kennith Faried

Sign Jordan Crawford

Lawson / Crawford / Green
Bledsoe / Harris
Afflao / Copeland / Miller
Monroe / Arthur / Randolph
Hibbert / Nurkic

The perfect bigs to run a Brian Shaw style offense. This team has a quick deadly back court, this team has solid defense. They have 3 rookies off the bench but all 3 are very promising ecspecially Gary Harris who will become the 6th man and play 20-24 minutes a night, may be a finalist for ROY. Only fault is the depth at the forward postion but Copeland fits the skeme. This team jumps yo a top 4-6 seed.


Detroit has KCP and Meeks according to SVG he is set at the SG so this trade will not happen. Walters still hasn't figured out how to play defense, Hickson is a back up. Plus Detroit is not going to help make the Cav's even better. Anybody who believes hasn't read one article on SVG.




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