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30 Apr 2016 09:26:53
Atlanta: K Love
Cle: P Millsap+ M Gasol
Memp: Schroder+ T Thompson+ 1rnd pic cle 2017+1rnd pic Minny 2018

Ok it looks Memphis gets screwed and cleveland get to much. But Memphis is ending a cyclus and should rebuilt. Z-Bo's 35, M Gasol is 31 and Conly is going to leave in free agency. I don't think they're going to get a top free agent, so they have to rebuilt in the draft. The 2017 pick belongs to Denver, but is top 5 protected in 2017 and 2018, so they should tank next year and try to get high in the draft. The 2019 pick belongs to Boston, so they should have a good core before 2019.
Also schroder shows a lot of potential and can be the starting pointguard for 10 years.
T Thompson is a good defender and his contract looks ridicilous now, but it's going to be a reasonable and a tradable contract in the future.

And M Gasol deserves playing for a contender.

30 Apr 2016 12:41:51
I'd rather keep Millsap than deal him for Love.

30 Apr 2016 12:50:43
Love+ Horford+ Teague is an atractive trio to sign K Durant or Derozian.

30 Apr 2016 06:59:19
In the surprise of the century, the Hawks pull off the biggest off season upset in NBA history and sign Durant.
Resign Horford
Let Bazemore walk cause he will get paid a lot.
Trade splitter to free up cap space.
Sign Scola and Nene to a cheap veteran deals.
Teague/ Schroder/ Hinrich
Korver/ Hardaway/ Draft Pick
Durant/ Sefolosha/ Patterson
Millsap/ Scola/ Scott
Horford/ Nene/ Muscala

Durant wants to win a championship and this Hawks roster is a playmaking superstar away from that. It's obviously not going to happen but Durant would be moving to an eastern conference that only has the Cavs and not the Warriors and Spurs.

It's obviously not going to happen but if Durant wants to win a championship, Atlanta would be a good place to go.

30 Apr 2016 09:29:26
Atlanta 's a good destination, but if he want to win a championchip, he could sign with the Warriors.

30 Apr 2016 12:42:45
I don't see durant moving to a team where he is literally the youngest starter. I mean. Doesn't seem like a long term, promising situation. No?

30 Apr 2016 12:47:27
He could sign with the Warriors, but they are much tighter against the cap than the Hawks are, and would need to do considerably more to clear cap space for him.

30 Apr 2016 13:33:29
Durant is not going to the Warriors.

30 Apr 2016 14:59:54
I say you should then package Teague or Schroeder with other assets for a better starting SG.

29 Apr 2016 19:17:21

Atl: K Love
Cle: Millsap+ M Gasol
Memp: Schroder+ T Thompson.

29 Apr 2016 19:54:19
Haha. Love and Thompson are worth milsap and gasol? Really? You could argue love, milsap, and gasol all have similar value. So Thompson has that level of value too?

There realistically isn't any trade that would get those two to Cleveland, but Cleveland would have to part with love and Irving to even start a conversation.

29 Apr 2016 20:28:53
I don't think that Memphis is getting enough back. I guess this is selling a little low due to him coming off the injury. Also I don't think that it fits Cleveland's style of play with Gasol clogging up the middle.

29 Apr 2016 21:17:53
Not really love has the most value. Milsap is an expiring contract and gasol is coming off an injury. Love is getting over shadowed being a third option. Compared to milsap and gasol being top two options.

30 Apr 2016 02:20:31
Not even close to fair.

30 Apr 2016 10:23:04
Highly unlikely but love does have more trade value at this moment then expiring and hurt players.

30 Apr 2016 13:07:40
Barely. Let's not forget that the last time we were calling Love a superstar, he was putting up monster numbers on a a 25 win team. I don't believe that he's a guy who can be a number one or two option on a real contender, and I don't think he's enjoying being a number three.

Millsap has proven he can be option one, two or three on any given night for a winning team, as has Gasol.

29 Apr 2016 17:45:24
So here's a hypothetical situation.
Let's say the cavs lose in the finals, which I have no doubt in mind they'll make it they're but sure enough they will lose. Whether it be the spurs or the Warriors who they will play, they'll lose, They're just not ready.

So with that in mind let's put together a 3 team deal between the cavs/ suns/ 76ers.

Cavs trade:Kyrie Irving
Cavs recieve: Eric Bledsoe maybe Tyson chandler maybe not, and Robert covington and the 2016 Miami pick from philly.

Suns trade: Eric Bledsoe, Archie goodwin, and if eitherteam agrees to take on his ridiculous contract TYSON CHANDLER.
Suns recieve: nerlens noel, Nik stauskas, and and Hollis thompson. Maybe a future first to sweeten the deal.

76ers trade:nerlens noel, Robert covington, Hollister thompson, Nik stauskas Miami 2016 pick, future first round pick.
76ers recieve: kyrie irving, archie goodwin.

Just an idea here, I'm trying to find sensible ways to revive my sixers, in sense they'd trade for kyrie, draft Brandon ingram, and they already have big jah, on top of a possible healthy Joel embiid and dario saris joint the team, that'd be several building blocks in place to secure a bright future for the team, also giving kyrie keys to lead the team which I think he can handle and what he wants and won't get sitting behind lebron.

29 Apr 2016 18:21:45
They Cavs are in win now mode and I don't think that the Sixers or the Suns have any pieces that are better than what the Cavs already have.

29 Apr 2016 18:25:34
They wouldn't be losing much at all, Bledsoe is more than capable and he and lebron are close friends, I think he'd actually fit better. He's defensive minded, he's a more willing passers than kyrie and they'd be getting a sharp shooter in covington, I think they'd be gaining more in this deal than they'd lose.

29 Apr 2016 18:35:15
Bledsoe has gone down with a season ending injury each of the last 3 seasons, so to me that's a big red flag. Also Irving is capable of taking over games if/ when Lebron doesn't, and no one that is coming in or who is left on the team will be able to do that. Yeah I agree it definitely gives them more depth but it takes away a lot more offense that they need.

29 Apr 2016 18:44:44
This is delusional, cavs don't dump Irving.

29 Apr 2016 18:45:11
True but gaining more offense is where free agency would come into play, they could very well more love as well. and kyrie is an injury prone player also.

29 Apr 2016 18:58:00
Lakers fan didn't you try and get the Cavs to "dump" Irving for Russell and Randle?

29 Apr 2016 21:28:34
Never said that, nice try.

29 Apr 2016 21:37:17
Cavs only trade Irving for Paul. I said sign and trade clarkson plus pick to clippers, Irving to Lakers, and Paul to cavs

Then said love to Boston

Three nets pick and smart to Knicks

Melo to cavs.

29 Apr 2016 23:18:13
It would have to be Noel and the sixers first, maybe add Covington or keep him and add okc pick or heat pick.

29 Apr 2016 16:19:53

Cavs get Teague, Korver, #1 pick
Give: Irving

76ers get Irving, #21 pick
Give: Okafor, McConnell #1 and #26 pick

Hawks get Okafor, McConnell, #26 pick
Give: Teague, Korver, #21 pick.

29 Apr 2016 16:42:47
The only way the Cavs would do this is if they have another deal in place to send that number 1 pick along with someone else to get a better player. They are not in the mind set to be getting younger or not ready players.

29 Apr 2016 17:00:40
Irving for Okafor and #1? Philly is getting killed here.

29 Apr 2016 17:15:46
What if Cavs then trade #1 and Shumpert to Bucks for Middleton and #10.

29 Apr 2016 19:12:17
Cavs wouldn't want the number one pick. They are in win now mode.

29 Apr 2016 19:12:59
Also Teague korver and 21 do not get you close to okafor let alone McConnell or 26.

29 Apr 2016 19:35:57
Teague is underrated.

29 Apr 2016 07:50:59

Cavs gets: Anthony

Knicks gets: Russell, Lakers pick

Lakers gets: Love, 2nd Knicks

Salary cap don't need to match in offseason when all teams have cap space.

Cavs play small ball with Melo at the 4. In a separate deal they trade for CP3 and build a super team in Cleveland.

Knicks gets cap space this summer and can build around Russell, KP and the top 3 pick in this years draft.

Lakers gets Love as their first big piece this summer and hope to recruit big name free agents again.
Hope to sign Whiteside and Batum.

Any adjustments?

Melo, Love and Russell is the main pieces I would like to see in a deal.

29 Apr 2016 16:33:29
Not sure could be wrong. But I think the Lakers need to know if they get this pick before they can trade it because if they don't get this pick then they can't trade next years pick. And if they do get it and let's say that its the 3rd pick then I don't know if that would be enough to land Love due to how weak the players seem to be after the first two in the draft.

29 Apr 2016 17:17:50
I don't think the Lakers will give up Russell and their first for Love.

28 Apr 2016 19:52:36
Clippers ideal offseason.

Cavs and clippers

Clipper: Chris Paul and j j redick

Cavs trade Kyrie Irving and Shumpert

Cavs save money by moving Thompson and still get back a much more reliable shooter in redick. Paul is a better fit for the short term then Irving as well

Trade 2

Clippers and Sixers

Clippers trade Blake Griffin

Sixers trade first overall pick and Noel.

Sixers get their star to build around while still keeping okafor at center at least until Embiid is ready.

Clippers draft Ingram or Simmons to play sf

Irving, shumpert, Simmons, Noel, Jordan.

Nasty defense with a lot of youth and potential scoring. Shumpert will need to be upgraded at some point but is a nice stop gap until they find the right guy.


28 Apr 2016 20:12:03
There isn't much scoring on this team. You will rely too heavily on Irving and I don't know if his health will allow him to stay the whole year. If I can remember correctly he has missed a bunch of games each season since he's been at Duke.

28 Apr 2016 20:22:18
That Clippers team would be the worst shooting team in the league.

Instead of Noel, trade Grant and Embiid

FA/ Shumpert
Jordan/ Embiid

Simmons and Jordan would be similar to Griffin and Jordan minus Blake's shooting, but I think Simmons will develop a mid-range shot with time.

28 Apr 2016 20:36:39
Can't trade Embiid right now. No one would even give up a 2nd round pick for him. Let alone anything else.

28 Apr 2016 22:40:01
I would love to see my team give up a 2nd rounder for embid. Even if he never plays a game. Most 2nd rounders never amount to a thing.

29 Apr 2016 04:40:44
Neither will Embiid.

29 Apr 2016 12:19:07
Magic is such a troll, every magic trse on gere he flips out about.

29 Apr 2016 14:02:12
New lakers

Wait. So your worst shooting team is solved by adding Embiid and grant?

29 Apr 2016 15:46:35
What if you exchanged the Griffin trade to the Celtics for Crowder and a future pick?

28 Apr 2016 14:56:39
For Boston to become champions, the front court needs to be gutted IMO

#16 sabonis, if gone (probs) stash Korkmaz or Lawawu
#31 Tyler Ullis
35-58 picks draft n stash
-Draft day trades
Bos gives: #3 (Dragan bender) and Isaiah Thomas
Gets: Kevin Love, Cleanthony early, Cle and NYK first's 2018
NYK gives: Melo, Lopez, Early and 2018 first
Gets: Dragan Bender, Isaiah Tomas and Iman shumpert
Cle gives: Love, Shumpert and first 2018
Gets melo and Lopez

BOS gives: Olynyk rj hunter and Bostons own first 16 (23) to TOR
Bos gets: Terrance Ross

-Free agency
Let sully go
Decline Johnsons 12 mil TO and resign him for 4 yrs 40mil, TO for year 4 (will take paycut of only 2 mil for another 2-3 yrs of financial security)
Excersise Jerebkos 5 mil TO
resign Evan turner 5 yrs 60 mil
Give zeller the QO
Sign Hassan Whiteside 4 years max (I think that is like 92 mil for him)

-2016/ 17 roster
Smart/ Rozier/ Ullis
Bradley/ Ross/ young
Crowder/ turner/ early
Love/ Jerebko/ Mickey
Whiteside/ Johnson

Team is well under cap, will dominate defensively and has 2 top 5 (hopefully) bound BK picks.

28 Apr 2016 16:14:50
I will not give up Thomas. He is a beast. Stay put sign Horford or Whiteside and draft wisely.

28 Apr 2016 16:19:25
That's still not a championship contending team. Love has proven before that he can't carry a team to the playoffs. We need a go to scorer, on the wing especially. And getting rid of Thomas loses the Celtics all of the appeal we have to offer a free agent.

For me the person I think we need to trade is Smart. Rozier has proven to be a very similar player to him and has a better looking jump shot. And after these playoffs I think that Smart's value might be the highest it will ever be and I think Danny needs to jump on that. Send him along with a late first or two for a shot blocking, defensive big man. (Henson, Noel, WCS)

I just don't think that trading our best assets for an often injured stretch four is going to get us over the top.

28 Apr 2016 16:25:22
You're not getting that much for Bender. Maybe the players, but not the picks.

28 Apr 2016 17:02:58
Yeah, seriously, the Knicks aren't giving up Melo, Lopez AND a 1st. to get Shumperts awful contract, Thomas and Dragen Bender.

Shumpert is not a positive. Essentially, the positives are:

Thomas and a pick for Lopez, Melo and a pick. This is just foolish.

28 Apr 2016 18:17:13
Mrw, just hush when you make your own trades you can talk. Your the biggest hater on here but never make your own. Your like a grumpy old man. You hate on all laker trades because you hate the fact the Lakers get all the attention on this site. World mossy popular basketball team.

28 Apr 2016 18:58:25
good one lakersfan. I actually just hate on your posts, because all they say is that stars are flocking to LA this offseason. You keep all your assets. You then end up the second worst team again next year. Which then again all stars flock to LA. And you have a line up, I kid you not, you just wrote this.

Ingram, Wade, James, Durant, Whiteside, Noel. because they will take pay cuts to play for the team no one has a connection with.

Dont be salty because many people base their discussions in reality.

28 Apr 2016 20:57:21
James owns a house in LA and would love the attention in LA. Durant want a Ring. Wade wants to play with James. Clarkson is a great trade for Noel. Clarkson is young, can build around, better then any pg in draft and Philly going to draft another big in Simmons. This great for them. Lakers keep all there other assets is the reason those players would wanna sign in la and build a new team with new starters so there previous record mean nothing. The record would only mean something if the Lakers keeping same team and only adding durant then that could be a factor. You don't give up assets to sign free agents. point is Lakers don't need to make a good good trade they can keep all there assets and use cap and sign free agents. Just like when Mia had cap they signed three max contracts. Because they had right idea for those players. Just like this would be. Since Wade and james can't team up with Paul and melo they could team up with durant and the young potential in LA.

I never said second worse team. I said get second pick and you can be ninth seed and get that pick. Plus Whiteside would sign Max in LA to think about his future instead being on aging Mia. Plus knowing this the Lakers someone else going to join. i'm great, plus we got young rising stars and cap space. Plus no over paid players that are signed for significant amounts of money.

Plus you talk bad about everyone's trade not just mine. Wish I could screen shot.

28 Apr 2016 21:13:57
I never said those players would take pay cuts to play together. I said trade clarkson for noel. Trade Nance Williams, pick 32 for a future second round pick. Stretch young and have an enormous amount of cap to sign James and durant plus squeeze Wade in. draft Simmons. That's about 75 in cap without wade and giving durant 25 and James 30. Wade would have plenty.

I said trade for noel giving up Clarkson. signing Barnes and bazemore plus add other players.

Said trade for noel giving up clarkson. Sign durant and derozan

Also said they draft Ingram and sign Whiteside. Get number two pick in 2017 draft Giles and sign harden and Durant. Plus keep all other assets.

28 Apr 2016 21:15:18
You say you only hate on my post but your hating on this one and not even mine. Just make your own then talk about someone else's.

28 Apr 2016 23:22:02
Why wouldn't you take a top five pick and pair bender with porzingas? And you get Isaiah Thomas? Dude is a stud and younger than Melo with a much smaller contract. Knicks should jump all over this.

28 Apr 2016 06:02:45

Cavs get Teague, Splitter, #1 pick
Give: Irving

76ers get Irving, #21 pick
Give: Okafor, #1 and #26 pick

Hawks get Okafor, McConnell, #26 pick
Give: Teague, Splitter, #21 pick.

28 Apr 2016 07:20:15
Teague and Korver and 1st and you got a deal. Kyrie is a shooter and spreads the floor and the Cavs need a shooter in return I would think. Not splitter we don't want him. Teague Korver and Simmons would be awesome.

28 Apr 2016 07:25:04
Cavs draft Ingram, they don't need Simmons and have 3 pf, actually four. Trade love and shumpert for cousins.
Teague/ delly/ mo
Smith/ delly/
Ingram/ Richardson/ james
James/ frye
Cousins/ tt
Hawks keep splitter and give up something with value to get okafor along with a one year rental in teague.

28 Apr 2016 12:41:47
Not getting Cousins for Love and Shump. Why would you want Ingram with LBJ in tow? You take Simmons and try to move Love for backcourt and Center help ie. To the C's for Bradley, Sully (S&T) and either a couple of picks or another asset. Leaves the Cavs with a nice blend of youth and veteran presence.

28 Apr 2016 14:08:24
Sixers pass. Irving isn't worth a number one and okafor. Max would be number one and Noel.

28 Apr 2016 17:10:19
Tre, if Embiid is actually able to play, I really think Okafor and Embiid won't work together. Noel is versatile enough to guard a 4. Embiid will be able to handle the offensive load. I think Okafor provides the greatest return and is expendable. IF Embiid is healthy and can have an NBA career.

28 Apr 2016 17:23:44
Irving is a beast and worth any two assets the sixers got because he already a proven star but had flaws but can get better. Cavs wouldn't wanna help Boston get better. I think love is better then cousins in some ways. Cousins is doing better but number one option and can't take kings to playoffs. He got help and not hurt. Love take way less shots but is having more success as a team player.

28 Apr 2016 19:07:12
50 year old lakersfan with massive knowledge. have you already forgotten about Kevin Love from 2 years ago? Similar stats as Cousins, not as good defense. And his teams were never even close to accomplishing a thing. Guess you only remember the NBA from 50 years ago and this year. That whole 3-7 years ago span, well that must be missing. Uh oh.

28 Apr 2016 21:34:09
Thing was love always got hurt, you remember now. They were doing great one year and love and rubio got hurt.

28 Apr 2016 23:00:42
He played for seasons at least 60 games. 3 over 70 and did nothing.

29 Apr 2016 04:39:13
If love wasn't hurt someone was hurt plus barely had talent on wolves Derrick Williams bust. Cousins got rondo and gay better then anyone love played with on wolves no reason not to make playoffs. They all were healthy.

28 Apr 2016 01:41:04
Cavs get Chris Paul and brown

Clips get Ingram and Clarkson sign and trade

Lakers get Irving.

Bulls get cousins and bulls keep same team but Noah

Stretch young to 2.4 over 4 years. Then if young is bought out and signs at 1.2 does that deduct from the 2.4 on the Lakers cap?
Lakers get butler at 16.5. Irving about the same. sign Bazemore 14, not going to over pay for batum. sign Marvin Williams 10. sign Whiteside 20. sign Chalmers 4. sign Martin mle. sign Dudley mini exemption. sign Mozgov 5. Plus other veterans (2)
Irving/ Chalmers
Butler/ Martin
Bazemore/ dudley/ young
Williams/ Nance
Whiteside/ mozgov

Kings get Russell, randle, Williams, pick 5,2020 lakers unprotected, asik. kings lose gay and cousin but have a great future. I figured they have so many young rookies they could afford asik contract while they develop.
Plus have there own pick and other veterans.

Pelicans get gay and get better plus sign horford. Lol that sounded funny!

28 Apr 2016 13:22:42
Just ignore this trade everyone. It's an illegal sign and trade. And ridiculous.

27 Apr 2016 21:47:17
CLE: Paul, OKC '16 1st

PHI: Redick

LAC: Irving.

28 Apr 2016 00:06:39
Why doesn't JJ just go to Cavs?

28 Apr 2016 00:23:14
Naaa. No need for philly in this deal.

28 Apr 2016 04:25:43
JJ to the Cavs doesn't work salary wise.

Redick isn't worth the 26th pick to you guys? He's ready to plug into the lineup and is a really good 3pt shooter. Worse case scenario, he's on an expiring deal and you can deal him at the deadline to a contender for more pick (s) . He can teach the young guys how to be a professional and add a veteran presence on that young team. More than likely, the 26th won't pan out to anything.

CLE needs more in return for Irving than just CP3.

28 Apr 2016 04:48:51
Add Jerami grant or Hollis Thompson to the clippers.

28 Apr 2016 05:52:44
Irving >CP3 because of his age and contract.

Clippers don't need anything in return if they're getting Irving. Redick is on an expiring deal next season, doesn't hold that much value because he can walk. But a late 1st rounder is more than fair for him in my opinion.

28 Apr 2016 06:07:48
Smith to Philly.

28 Apr 2016 16:49:20
I like JJ. If the Sixers traded for him he'd be there probably until the trade deadline and a playoff bound team comes a calling for a shooter.

Not sure if the Sixers have a better use of that pick but the Reddick thing isn't a terrible idea. Maybe he can teach Stauskas how to not dribble and just find a spot on the floor and launch.

27 Apr 2016 22:27:05
Lakers-Cavs-Hawks-76ers idea revised

LAL: K Irving, N Noel

CLE: J Teague, 2016 LAL 1st (#2-3)

ATL: L Williams, Jerami Grant, 2016 OKC 1st rd (#26) via PHI,

PHI: D Russell, 2016 LAL 2nd rd (#32)

27 Apr 2016 23:26:53
Terrible for Atlanta.

28 Apr 2016 00:11:36
Philly take Williams and Covington to atl.

28 Apr 2016 00:24:20
So wait. Sixers give up Noel and okc pick and Jeremy grant. and they get Russel?! Doesn't seem likely to me.

28 Apr 2016 01:11:34
This is better than the other trade for Atlanta and Philly
Atlanta gave Teague and got Lou Williams, Ant Brown, and #32 pick in other trade
Philly gave Noel, and the LAL 1st rd and got Russell in the other trade.
So what if the 76ers give Okafor instead of Noel then?

28 Apr 2016 04:00:22
It's essentially Russell for Noel and the okc pick which isn't good. Grant has no value. It's about fair value for the sixers, just don't think they want to bring Russell on with the immaturity issues for such a young team.

27 Apr 2016 15:41:40
Clippers rebuild
Clippers trade Paul
Recieve Russell Randle lakers pick

Cavs trade Irving
Get Paul

Lakers trade Russell's randle tho thre pick
Recieve Irving

Clippers trade Griffin

Celtics trade smart, Brooklyn pick this year and 2018

Draft Ingram and bender

PG Smart/ Rivers
SG Russell/ Reddick
SF Ingram/ Pierce/ Johnson
PF Bender/ Randle
C Jordan/ Fa.

27 Apr 2016 18:16:39
Too much for Irving for la to say yes. It should only tkae Russel and the lakers first. Irving isn't that high of value anymore.

26 Apr 2016 21:41:18
Lakers need to hire either Walton or Messina as their new HC.

Saw a rumor online that sent Irving to the Lakers for their top 3 pick and maybe Clarkson. Anybody think Lakers could get Irving?

I don't see Cavs trading him for a pick who'll they'll have to develop when they are in win now mode. Only way I see this happening is if a 3rd team got involved to send a more win-now PG to Cavs.

LAL: K Irving, N Noel, and our own pick back from PHI

CLE: J Teague, 2016 Lakers 1st, 2017 Lakers 2nd rd

ATL: L Williams, A Brown, and Lakers 2nd rd (#32)

PHI: D Russell.

26 Apr 2016 23:00:59
Philly is not trading noel and the Lakers pick for Russell. They'd just take dunn.

26 Apr 2016 23:47:47
I know that deal won't happen. Clarkson is a sign and trade and they can't happen during the draft.

26 Apr 2016 23:51:02
Close but I don't think Hawks or 76ers do it.

27 Apr 2016 00:07:35
Atlanta get something else Nance would be okay.

27 Apr 2016 00:12:07
So the Lakers get Kyrie Irving and Nerlens Noel for russell, a few bench guys and a couple second rounders? Ok. Are pigs flying?

27 Apr 2016 00:20:23
Everyone but LAL say no.

27 Apr 2016 01:17:22
So the Lakers get the 2 best players and what could be a top 5 pick for a pick they might not even have in a month and a rookie who did not live up to expectations.

And this is terrible for Atlanta.

27 Apr 2016 01:29:20
Lots of critics, no other proposals.

Do you think Irving to LAL is possible? If so, give me a scenario that it does.

27 Apr 2016 01:48:09
The expectation for realistic fans were almost the stats for Russell as they ended up. Many people agreed it would take him 2-3 years to make an impact at the least, he was a good college player for 1 season. If he was in any other city that isn't a big market he would not get this much hate.

27 Apr 2016 02:09:52
Only way Lakers get Irving is Russell and the Lakers pick this year if is in the top 2.

27 Apr 2016 12:37:45
I think almost all will say, lakers just get back way way too much here. Also, he is in la. So he gets the criticism. Oh well.

To answer the bigger question, there is no chance the lakers get Irving. First, cavs are win now, and there is nothing on the lakers that would make the cavs better while losing Irving. So additional team/ s will be involved. That makes it far harder and the lakers have to give up a bunch of assets, not merely the a good rookie, and inefficient role player a 1st they cabt trade and a second. I don't even understand what you were talking about with the picks. Lakers get one back. Then trade this year. Then trade next year. It wasn't clear.

But flat out, the return the lakers get here is beyond foolishly optimistic. It's just absurd. Sorry.

27 Apr 2016 13:25:30
I like how Lakers' 2nd round picks are being thrown around as if to balance this out.

27 Apr 2016 13:44:06
Cavs lakers and Knicks

Cavs trade Irving
Cavs get melo

Lakers trade Russel
Lakers get Irving.

Knicks trade melo
Knicks get Russel.

Cavs only do it to make bron happy.

27 Apr 2016 13:44:06
Cavs lakers and Knicks

Cavs trade Irving
Cavs get melo

Lakers trade Russel
Lakers get Irving.

Knicks trade melo
Knicks get Russel.

Cavs only do it to make bron happy.

27 Apr 2016 14:15:51
Tre. the knicks would just do straight up irving for melo. Absolutely no interest in bringing Russell's immaturity into what will be a quasi-rebuild.

27 Apr 2016 14:50:00
Considering I said nothing about the trade being fair or not, which I don't think is fair, just stating my opinion.

26 Apr 2016 16:35:39
Philly: J Harden
Hou: Cousins+ 1rnd pick philly (Ingram or simmons)

Cle: D Howard+ 1rnd pic OKC+ 1rnd pic Miami

Sac: K Love+ 1rnd pick Sac 2017 (back from philly)

Philly receives a star
Houston can rebuilt and receives a young star for an aging center
D12 would be a better defender than Love in cleveland
And Love and Stein would be more compatible than stein and cousins.

26 Apr 2016 16:41:47
Sixers not getting Harden for that and Cavs say no.

26 Apr 2016 16:53:57
Not enough from philly. Howard's leaving as a free agent so no signs bad trade needed.

26 Apr 2016 10:56:57
Three way trade

Mem trades- Allen, Randolph, Stevenson, Wright

Mem receives- P. Gasol, Gibson, Frye, Smith, Williams

Cle trades- Williams, Shumpert, Smith, Frye, Thompson

Cle receives- Rose, Randolph, Allen

Chi trades- Gasol, Rose, Gibson

Chi receives- Thompson, Wright, Shumpert, Stevenson

Why Mem does this? They know it and we know it its rebuild time and keeping their star Center is #1 priority. Add Pau of course would make Marc happy and the chemistry between both brothers may actually boost their skills and even Pau at his age. Also I don't believe Mem has any other legitimate big men besides Martin who played D league I believe so Frye and Gibson gives them a solid back up insurance will adding a sharpshooter and scorer with Smith and Williams for depth.

Why Cle does this- To be honest I a Cleveland fan and I don't even know if they do this because they give up their and youth in this trade but my theory was with everyone's cap raising next year. More money will be spent so even the better teams will have some room to work with thus elite team will improve as well. Cleveland makes the tough decision to give up the depth for a higher risk high reward scenerio. Adding Pandolph who still at his age can post close to triple double numbers is key because his production will go down but we are looking at him being able to play more one on one basketball which will keep him healthier even though he's tough now. Allen is still the best defensive perimeter player in the NBA so adding that is huge and Rose is the wildcard because nobody really wants this guy be sure of the risk but I believe the Cavs could use him as a sixth man to reduce his playing time and work load on his body thus hopefully keeping him healthy all season long. I believe the Cavs will resign Delly and Mcrae as well and a 5 guard rotation of Irving, Allen, Delly, Rose, McRae will help everyone stay around 20-30 minutes a game. (Also maybe Cleveland can convince the Bulls to add a future 2nd for the risk)

Why Chicago does this? Although is would be tough to trade Rose to the Cavs considering they are a division rival. It is an opportunity I would believe to finally be able to trade Rose and move on from him and start fresh with a good guard rotation. Resign Brooks and start him with Butler have Shumpert and Stevenson for good depth. Gasol is hard to replace but adding the Hustle and toughness of Thompson and the overall ability of Wright gives the Bulls a trio of Big men in Thompson, Wright, and Mirotic that is tough and will only get better.

25 Apr 2016 15:27:07
Boston: M Gasol
Memphis: 1rnd pic Nets 2017+ +1rnd pic Cleveland+ Olynyk+ 2017 Nets or Boston pick.

Only if Conley won't stay.
Memphis can start rebuilding, Gasol go's to a young playoffs team.
Boston receives an All star.

25 Apr 2016 16:21:38
I approve Boston is a good Gasol destination but i don't think Memphis will approve to that return.

25 Apr 2016 12:57:42
Cleveland: C Anthony
Sacramento: K Love
Knicks: D Cousins.

25 Apr 2016 14:07:51
Knicks fan?

25 Apr 2016 15:17:02
No :-)

Just looking for a C Anthony to Cleveland deal that Knicks fans would accept.

25 Apr 2016 18:06:32
Well Knicks would definately accept that! Lol. For me I'd trade Kyrie Irving for Carmelo.

Lebrons friend goes to Cleveland. Kyrie who doesn't seem to like his role on Cleveland goes to the Knicks to run with prozingus.

25 Apr 2016 18:06:56
My point I hear nothing about love wanting to leave. He got a great contract.

24 Apr 2016 17:48:36
Cleveland: C Anthony
LA Lakers: K Love
New York Knicks: Russel+ Randle

Sign rondo
1) Try to sign K Durant in a sign and trade for Simmons or Ingram
2) or sign Derozian.

24 Apr 2016 18:31:44
Russell and Randle are garbage.

24 Apr 2016 18:41:18
Garbage? That's too much.

24 Apr 2016 20:31:26
Russel and Randle is a lot for K Love, but they can't bring Durant to LA. K Love and Rondo could give it a shot.

24 Apr 2016 21:18:53
Knicks rather have love.

24 Apr 2016 21:37:38
I think Russell more valuable then Melo. Melo should be able to carry the Knicks to the playoffs. He do got some help he just not performing and playing defense.

25 Apr 2016 02:42:04
Yet Russel lead his team to the second worst record in the league and his teammates hate him.

25 Apr 2016 04:43:54
Russell is a rookie, Carmelo has been in the league for how many years? And how many times has he won a championship? Or even made it to the Finals? Or even to the conference finals? FOH.

25 Apr 2016 04:45:04
Btw all everybody saying his teammates hate him looks dumb af. Nick Young might hate him but he's gone this offseason. And even if his other teammates did hate him they're probably gone as well.

25 Apr 2016 05:17:00
To small to defend SG and too slow to defend Pg. Why does everybody think of offense when judging talent. Russell = Lin, can't defend. Melo finally learned to play unselfish with worst starting pg and SG who can't create floor spacing in offense that requires spacing.

25 Apr 2016 12:19:47
That's great leadership- when the front office has to trade the entire team because they all hate and don't trust Russell.

Question- who would you trade Russell for straight up?

25 Apr 2016 13:34:39
Would you trade Russel for Wiggins?

25 Apr 2016 14:11:19
Nobody has to get traded as they're all free agents which is why it wouldn't matter if they did hate him, but they don't.

I would trade him for Wiggins cause he is already proven while Russell is still an unknown.

25 Apr 2016 14:38:08
He apologized to his teammates and they were fine and cool after so they don't "hate" him like the media is sucking everyone into. If young didn't CHEAT on Iggy, this wouldn't have been a problem. Both should've have learned their lesson by now.

24 Apr 2016 15:05:02
Knicks offseason rebuild

-4 team trade with Cavs, Celtics, 76ers
Knicks give: Melo, 2018 top 7 protected 1st rd pick
Knicks get: Okafor, Jerami Grant, #26 pick, 2018 2nd rd pick

-3 team trade with Spurs and Kings
Knicks get Collison and McLemore
Spurs get Lopez and Jerian Grant
Kings get Danny Green

26- Malik Beasley

-Stretch Jose Calderon if no trade is found

Free agency:
-Sign Evan Turner 3yr 40m
-Sign Miles Plumlee 3yr 23m
-Re-sign Langston Galloway 4yr 33m
-Re-sign Derrick Williams 3yr 22m
-Re-sign Lance Thomas 2yr 15m
-Bring over Willy Hernangomez (draft rights)
-Re-sign Sasha Vujacic 1yr minimum

Collison/ Galloway/ Wroten
McLemore/ Beasley/ Vujacic
Turner/ Thomas/ Grant
Porzingis/ Williams/ Hernangomez
Okafor/ Plumlee/ O'Quinn.

24 Apr 2016 17:49:11
Most or the signings are below what they'll get on the market, and I would have liked to have seen the balance of the four team trade.

24 Apr 2016 18:43:55
Thanks for making ny softener and slower.
Over value Okafor and McLemore or under value Melo and Lopez.

24 Apr 2016 19:10:30
Okafor is 20 years old. He has tons of room and time to improve and is already a decent player. He could be an excellent fit in New York beside Porzingis.
McLemore is 23 years old. He needs a change of scenery as Sacramento hasn't worked out for him. New York could be that place.
Melo is about to be 32 years old and he has already started to decline and it will be all downhill from here. He isn't on a good contract and has never won an NBA championship.
Lopez is 28 years old so he could maybe improve some but he could also decline some. He isn't on a good contract either and is just an average NBA starter.

24 Apr 2016 21:23:16
Okafor. True

Mcclemore, bust

Melo improved as a team player. Especially with no team around him.

Lopez is a solid starter. And with the cap boom, very team friendly.

Knicks pass.

24 Apr 2016 23:02:29
Okay then what if the Knicks give a 2018 top 10 protected 1st rd pick.

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