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04 Oct 2015 07:45:04
Bulls trades to contend with cavs for title:

CHI: gay, mohammed
Kings: Gibson, mcdermott, kings 2017 1st back
MIN: portis, 2016 2nd

CHI: snell, 2016 1st
DET: jennings

CHI: Kaman
POR: hinrich, future 2nds

04 Oct 2015 09:52:24


03 Oct 2015 06:49:20
Trist to his hometown Raptors in a sign a trade deal (a much discounted contract, maybe a $13-15 per year) and Crawford plus a 1st rd pick from Cavs

Cavs receive DeMar(maybe he could sign a 80/5 yrs offer which Thompson turn down) and 2nd rd pick from Raptors

Clippers get Patterson (Jordan's backup)


03 Oct 2015 15:37:56
Raptors should go with DeMar not TT.

03 Oct 2015 16:59:30
Why would he take less money to sign & trade with the Raptors? He's holding out for more than that to re-sign with Cleveland.

29 Sep 2015 21:21:38

CLE get Kevin Martin & JJ Hickson

Pg Irving/Williams/Delly
Sg Martin/Smith/Shumpert(out)
Sf James/Jefferson
Pf Love/Hickson
Ce Mozgov/Varejao

MIN get Kenneth Faried & 2nd from CAVS

Pg Rubio/Miller/Jones
Sg LaVine/Muhammad
Sf Wiggins/Prince
Pf Faried/Garnett/Bjelica
Ce Towns/Pekovic/Dieng

DEN get Tristan Thompson (st) & Joe Harris

Pg Mudiay/Nelson
Sg Foye/Barton/Harris
Sf Gallinari/Chandler/Harris
Pf Thompson/Lauvergne
Ce Nurkic/Jokic

29 Sep 2015 06:33:07
How about a 3 team trade between the Nets, Cavs and Nuggets

Cavs trade: Tristan Thompson
Cavs Receive: Kenneth Faried and Randy Foye
Nets trade: Thaddeus Young and 1st pick
Nets Receive: Tristan Thompson
Nuggets Trade: Kenneth Faried and Randy Foye
Nuggets Receive: Thaddeus Young and draft pick

Cavs do it because they get a hustle player of the bench to replace Tristan and the nice combo guard off the bench in Randy Foye

Nets do it because Tristan Thompson is an absolutely perfect fit next to Brook Lopez and brings extra tuffness

Nuggets do it because Thaddeus brings a lot of Versitilty at the Power Forward that they don't have and would fit nice in their quick pace system and they get a draft pick

29 Sep 2015 13:48:06
I really like this trade. Cavs get more depth

04 Oct 2015 03:24:31
I think the Nets say no in the end unless they arel very high on thompson and get a guaranteed extension because they just resigned thad.

Very balanced and realistic trade though!!

don't find those too often on this site

28 Sep 2015 16:35:30

CHA get st Tristan Thompson (3yr/51mil) & CLE 2nd round pick
* Thompson could be the best fit behind Al
* sign Dorrell Wright to vet min

Pg Walker/Lin/Roberts
Sg Batum/Lamb/Hairston
Sf Mkg/Wright/Daniels
Pf Thompson/Kaminsky
Ce Jefferson/Hansbrough

CLE get Markieff Morris & PJ Tucker
* lose Thompson but get 2 players that can come off the bench to provide quality minutes

Pg Irving/Williams/Dellavedova
Sg Shumpert/Smith
Sf James/Tucker/Jefferson
Pf Love/Morris
Ce Mozgov/Varejao

PHX get Marvin Williams (exp), Joe Harris, Spencer Hawes, Cody Zeller & 2016 1st round pick from CHA (protected)
* add front court depth and gain additional pick

Pg Knight/Goodwin/Price
Sg Bledsoe/Booker/Harris
Sf Williams/Warren/Weems
Pf Zeller/Teletovic/Hawes
Ce Chandler/Len/Sims

28 Sep 2015 23:53:42
Charlotte would rather have kaminsky at pf and not give up all those assets imo

28 Sep 2015 15:42:23

Cavaliers get Markieff Morris & Wilson Chandler

Pg Irving
Sg Chandler
Sf James
Pf Love/Markieff
Ce Mozgov

Suns get Kenneth Faried & Cavaliers 2nd round pick

Pg Knight
Sg Bledsoe
Sf Warren
Pf Faried
Ce Chandler

Nuggets get Tristan Thompson (s&t) & PJ Tucker

Pg Mudiay
Sg Tucker
Sf Gallinari
Pf Thompson
Ce Nurkic

28 Sep 2015 01:23:08
Cavs get granger bullock (send to d league)
Pistons get Harris cash

Sign Gerald Wallace (vet min)

Irving Williams dellavedova
Smith shumpert granger
James Jefferson Wallace
Love Thompson jones
Mozgov varejao kaun

26 Sep 2015 04:41:26
76ers / Pacers

Paul George was very clear making it known he is not happy with his role as the power forward in Indys New small ball approach. So.

Sixers get: Paul George

Pacers get: Sixers unprotected 2016 #1, Miami's 2016 #1, Robert Covington

This is a similar type package the Cavs gave the Twolves for Kevin Love( #1 overall pick, Miami #1 pick, and Bennett). And at the time of the trade, I think Loves value was slightly higher then George's current value coming off major surgery. Sixers pick could very well be the top pick, and most likely top 5. The Miami pick is the same pick that was in the love trade, and covington definitely has more value the Bennett. Maybe Sixers need to add another pick, or possibly Saric to the deal?

26 Sep 2015 05:47:58
Not enough for one of the best two players in the leauge. I see a team like the celtics going hard for a star like him or the lakers by trading Russell and Randle and more. I don't think he'll demand a trade unless bird refuses to put him back to SF

26 Sep 2015 05:56:45
You shouldn't compare it to the love trade. Wiggins was the first pick. No guarantee sixers pick is number one. George is different from love. George can play multiple positions while love can't. George is a good three point shooter, athletic, good finisher, great defender, still young to lead him team. Love is a three point shooter and can rebound and his stats looked better on a non playoff team though I still like love as a player

26 Sep 2015 06:24:40
This is nothing like the Love deal.

MIN got #1 pick Wiggins (who has been the best #1 pick since Davis), former #1 pick Benett (even though he's a bust), & Thad Young (who at the time he was traded is better than Covington). So if the Pacers get at least a #1 pick with the talent to back up the hype like Wiggins is and a very good young player (borderline all-star reserve at the time), then 2 teams can start negotiations. If the 76ers get the #1 pick then that's at least the first step. Otherwise, that's completely ridiculous.

26 Sep 2015 07:58:38
I can respect disagreement, but really??"Wiggins s has been the best overall top pick since Davis". C'mon . Bennett is the only other overall #1 since Davis other then Wiggins. KAT hasn't even played yet. That like saying" Tuesday is the next day after Monday and before Wednesday. I realize my trade may not work, but that response?? Thanks captain obvious. How about the trade on draft day if the Sixers pick is #1 overall and Ben Simmons looks awesome.(possibly best pick since Davis).

26 Sep 2015 14:23:22
Math doesn't work on the trade. Sixers will have to send over Gerald Wallace or Carl Landry also.

Anyone know how recovered George (physically and mentally) is from the injury? He played 6 games last year.

26 Sep 2015 14:25:21
it was a valid point. Wiggens is a stud. You are offering a pick around 20. A role player at best. And a pick which will be late lottery at best of the sixers add George. So you can insult commenters all you want. But your post is ridiculous. The value you give to George is so absurd. NO ONE VALUES 1sts like the sixers. So just stop it.

26 Sep 2015 15:01:30
George is doing great philly. I was reading about what Vogel said on him saying he looks like he's fully regained his vertical and is looks great. I'm not worried about George struggling when he gets back, he'll be just fine

26 Sep 2015 15:20:58
Pizza, what point are you arguing is valid that I disagreed with?? I stated the trade may not work, and stated at the end that the Sixers may need to add more. It's just an idea. It was the point of saying "Wiggins is the best overall number one pick since davis" that was laughable. Bennett was the only other pick. You or me could have been picked over Bennett. The comparison by NLD was just a way of twisting words to make his point seem stronger. I was pointing out how ridiculous his " twist" actually is. And yes, I don't think this trade will ever happen. It's just fun and games.

26 Sep 2015 15:37:32
This one has potential with the Sixers have a ton more assets to add to the sea but it's not enough for George so far. This has that blockbuster feel to it that the Sixers might be looking for. George is a great player but the pacers are a bad team this year. George may be looking to get out of there and pacers may need to jump start a rebuild.

George would most likely cost the Sixers. There first rounder this year. The lakers first rounder. And maybe even one of the bigs they drafted like okafor Noel or embidd.

They could throw in one of the late first rounders to sweeten the pot. This trade Paul's most likely be a draft day trade as teams like to be sure what there getting in return when trading a superstar.

26 Sep 2015 18:06:08
This is nothing like the Love trade. And you don't have to be an ass when someone makes a VERY valid point. You don't have the 1st overall pick. You don't have anything except picks which you think are all top 10 but likely only 1 maybe 2 will be. How is this like the love trade? There they got a STUD in Wiggins. They already knew it was wiggins, not jsut a mayyyybe who knows.

You post a trade for your pick which last time I checked, has been ranging between what. 3 last year, 3 the year before, 6 the year before. always at the bottom but never win. let's say you get the 3rd again. Miami is projected around 20, Yeah, their whole starting lineup can get injuried, but realistically around 20. And convington, who is a role player at best on every team not the sixers.

You think the 3rd overall, 20th overall and a bench player gets you a 25 year old player around 10th best in the league? And when someone disagrees you just write a belittling post saying his a moron?

Get real, this is an absurd post. GREAT for the sixers. Nop one values these picks anywhere near what the sixers do. And based on their valuation, how have things turned out? I know, I know. next year. 3 years now of top 10 picks. 1 ROTY, traded. 1 never going to play. 1 no offense. 1 no defense. Not happening, this is why the draft is a crap shoot.

26 Sep 2015 19:31:59
No pizza, I don't think the trade is realistic or will happen. I already stated that very clearly. Also, I believe just yesterday you told somebody " if there post wasn't a joke, it should be." I didn't jump all over your reply . Relax a bit. Maybe stop policing all the sixer posts and have a warm cup of Earl Gray. I hope the Knicks and Sixers have positive seasons this year. Good for the sport.

26 Sep 2015 19:38:16
Pizza. I stated I respected disagreement, I just thought the point about Wiggins and Davis was a bit silly with Bennett being the only other pick in the scenario. But NLD disagreement was absolutely valid. Please read the entire posts. Why can't we all just get along.

27 Sep 2015 00:10:20
Hahah that's like prefacing with no offense, but offense. Your post was ridiculous. Your argument that it's the same as the love trade is ridiculous. And your reactions to disagreement are petty. Knicks, could have a good season and it's good for the nba. Sixers, don't greatly affect the organization because it's not a big market and a good season according to sixers plans is 0 wins. Lovely. Again, that's why no stars have any interest in ever coming here. With Heinke they will attract nothing. Fire him. Progress. Keep him. Keep saying next year is our year.

27 Sep 2015 00:17:00
What I meant about Wiggins being the best #1 since Davis was he and Davis have been the only game changing #1 picks in recent history. I guess you can argue Irving & Wall too. They've been the only ones in recent history who have lived up to the hype of being a #1 pick.

27 Sep 2015 06:39:04
I agree NLD. The hype of being #1 is rarely lived up too. But all the top 10 pi ked superstars picked recently has to say something for value of top lottery picks. Hardens, curry, lillards, cousin's, Westbrook, and George himself to name a few in the past 4 or 5 years. I just wasn't prepared for the pizza slap I guess. My fault.

27 Sep 2015 15:14:29
You can look at the good player drafted in the top ten recently but there have been a lot of busts also. Bennett porter zeller. Derrick Williams jan vessly. There's always a risk. It would depend on bird to see if he would take the risk and if he likes this years draft class

27 Sep 2015 15:24:24
That was exactly my point. You KNOW you have a stud in George. What you are offering is a high pick in the sixers, a pick around 20 in the heat and a player they will likely cut.

You got Davis and Lillard, but you also had Kidd-Gilcrest, Waiters, Robinson, Ross and Rivers.

You have Irving, and then you have. no lie, this is the rest of the top 10. Williams, Kanter, Thompson, Valanciunas, Vesely, Biyombo, Knight, Walker, Fredetter.

Finally, you have Cousins and George, but you have turner and johnson and favors and udoh.

The point by EVERYONE is yeah you can post things you claim you know won't happen. But at least try and make comparable value. You have the pacers taking 2 not so attractive trade pieces in a playher that will be cut and a later 1st round pick. And then expect them to value a top 5 pick so incredibly that they would give away a top 10 player, with the hopes the pick turns out as good as him. The risk is losing a top 10 player, the reward in a perfect world is getting that player back in a hit-it-rich draft choice.

It makes no sense.

24 Sep 2015 19:19:14
Cleveland Cavs And New Orlens Pelcans Iman Shumpert For Tyerke Evans #CavsNation

22 Sep 2015 04:38:04
Heat get Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson

Cavs get Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic

Pf. T. Thompson
Sf. L. Deng
C. C. Bosh
SG. J. Winslow
Pg. K. Irving

Pf. K. Love
Sf. L. James
C. A. Varejoa
Sg. D. Wade
Pg. G. Dragic

13 Sep 2015 04:10:53
Boston last season of rebuilding before creating a team to develop and compete:

BOS: Cousins
SAC: Bradley, Sullinger, Olynyk, 2016 Mavs 1st, 2017 Grizzlies 1st, 2016 Heat 2nd, 2016 76ers 2nd

BOS: Beal, Porter
WAS: Smart, Rozier, Hunter, Young, 2016 Timberwolves 1st, 2017 Nets 1st, 2017 Clippers 2nd, 2017 Cavs 2nd

2016 Offseason FA:

Sign Conley 4 year 80M
Re-sign Beal 5 Year 90M
Sign Gerald Green 3 year 13M
Re-sign Lee 3 year 15M

2016 team:


Will compete for a title 2017-2018

13 Sep 2015 05:23:58
That's almost for beal and porter

13 Sep 2015 05:48:52
A lot*

13 Sep 2015 06:00:06
Yeah it is, but the wolves pick is highly protected, and considering the celtics were willing to give up 4 picks for kaminsky, they can give up 3 of those picks and smart for beal and porter (plus future picks)

13 Sep 2015 13:35:17
Not enough for cousins. Boston should try to hold on to either smart or rozier.

13 Sep 2015 15:27:05
None of those picks will be good lottery picks, so the Kings aren't even interested.

14 Sep 2015 01:03:39
Boston will be a good team this year, much better than last year and who knows, they might be in the top 5 seed and stun a lot of people.

15 Sep 2015 17:32:21
The Celtics are only a playoff team in the east, not a contender, and they wouldn't even make the playoffs in the west. The Kings already know that they want and need Boogie. Keep on dreaming, it's more fun.

12 Sep 2015 13:06:37
Cavs get jones 2nd
Rockets get Thompson

Cavs get granger 2nd
Pistons get Harris pointer cash

Sign boozer

Irving Williams dellevedova
Smith shumpert granger
James Jefferson jones
Love jones boozer
Mozgov varejao kaun

10 Sep 2015 11:07:49
Cavs sign and trade Thompson to Raptors and receive Morris from Suns

Raptors trade DeRozan and Patterson to Suns and receive Booker from Suns and Thompson from Cavs

Suns trade Morris to Cavs and Booker to Raptors for
DeRozan and Patterson from Suns

*cavs gained a huge TPE from max contract of Thompson
*raptors get a canadian PF and a shooter(like Korver) which blends with Carroll
*suns starting backcourt of DeRozan, Bledsoe and Knight

10 Sep 2015 13:58:30
I think the Suns would simply be cut out of this deal.

10 Sep 2015 14:03:13
I also think it's unlikely TOR would trade DeRozan for this. Maybe Terrence Ross is your man here. With Thompson not signed now, TOR may want to hold on to DeRozan and wait until the price drops as CLE loses leverage. Interesting idea though - Raptors could definitely use Thompson.

10 Sep 2015 14:15:52
Thompson for Morris? Maybe LBJ for PJ Tucker?
Suns get way too much.

10 Sep 2015 14:43:55
Another tpe for the cavs lol

10 Sep 2015 14:51:45
All of those teams are over the cap. The salaries have to match

10 Sep 2015 16:05:04
One of the things I like about this trade is the way NBA-gmaster uses the Thompson sign-and-trade to add payroll to the Cavs. When a team wants to be a player in free agency, they move their payroll down below the salary cap, and "spend" the cap space to get back up to the cap. However, the CBA designs the system so that it is difficult for that team to quickly rise to a payroll size competitive with teams that are near the lux.

When the Cavs got LeBron, they obviously became contenders, and their moves to generate a TPE with Haywood, and here with Thompson, correctly show their desire to get back to payroll levels at or above the lux. I don't know if the Cavs will keep Thompson, or sign-and-trade, but I believe they would want to preserve the contract's ability to quickly add $10 mil to their payroll.

06 Sep 2015 22:36:48
Cha - Cle - Tor

Tor maxs out for their Canadian son and an inspiring Raptor

Cha out Batum and
Cle out TThompson
Tor out DeRozan, Ross, Patterson and JJohnson

Cha in DeRozan and JJohnson
Cle in Patterson and Ross
Tor in Batum and Thompson

Why Cha, they get an all-star sg and JJohnson to replace Marvin Williams on the cheap

Why Cle a stretch 4 to replace Thompson and a young backup behind Lebron

Why Tor they get Thompson and bird rights to resign a versitle player that wants to be there Batum. Throw in PJ Hairston if they want him

06 Sep 2015 23:57:26
Raptors say no way. Charlotte gets derozan for batum?!

07 Sep 2015 13:14:11
Thats terrible for the Raps

06 Sep 2015 03:11:44
Beal and Wizards not agreeing on extension

Deadline deal

Cleveland gets Bradley Beal and Nene

Washington gets Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert

Pf. T. Thompson/ A. Varejao
Sf. L. James/ R. Jefferson
C. Nene/ T. Mozgof
SG. B. Beal/ JR Smith
Pg. K. Irving/ M. Deladova

Pf. K. Love/ K. Humphries
Sf. O. Porter/ K. Oubre
C. M. Gortat/ D. Blair
Sg. I. Shumpert/ M. Webster
Pg. J. Wall/ R. Sessions

06 Sep 2015 06:50:23
Actually don't mind this trade at all

07 Sep 2015 15:50:17
I think it's a good trade for both teams. Except they are both going to be near the top in the eastern conference, and I don't to nk they would trade between themselves to make the other one better.

07 Sep 2015 18:59:30
Washington probably wouldn't do this unless they know for sure KD isn't coming.

06 Sep 2015 02:32:51
Cavs get Ross Johnson
Raptors get Thompson 2nd

Cavs get two 2nd
Knicks get Johnson pointer osman

Cavs get granger
Pistons get cash

Mid season
Cavs get bargnani
Nets get kaun

Sign boozer

Irving Williams dellevedova
Smith shumpert granger
James Ross Jefferson
Love boozer jones
Mozgov varejao kaun(bargnani)

09 Sep 2015 19:44:48
you're deadset on those granger and johnson,pointer osman trades.

05 Sep 2015 12:54:33
Cavs get granger 2nd
Pistons get osman Harris pointer

Cavs get Ross Morris
Raptors get Thompson
Suns get kaun Johnson cash (from cle) 2nd

Sign Larry sanders for vet min

Irving Williams dellevedova
Smith shumpert granger
James Ross Jefferson
Love Morris jones
Mozgov varejao sanders

05 Sep 2015 13:17:49
You have consistently the worst trades in here. We get it. Cavs get a lot and never give up much in your eyes. Just doesn't happen.

05 Sep 2015 16:16:08
I think d_drainr became Matt2015

05 Sep 2015 17:37:39
Magic I think he jumped off the mavs and went to the cavs bandwagon lol.

05 Sep 2015 22:06:34
Agreed King.

Matt & Drainr both have the most lopsided trade offers ever.

05 Sep 2015 05:31:16

Toronto gets Bennett

MIN gets Patterson

Pretty simple trade here but I think it can be good for both teams.

Toronto doesn't really have anything else but role players at power forward, and although Bennett has been a huge bust so far, if there is one place that he might actually play well it is Toronto. Toronto has a need for a future power forward unlike Minnesota or Cleveland before that. Bennett can shoot pretty well and is pretty athletic.

Minnesota gets a good floor spacing 4 which is probably more than anything else they could get for Bennett.

05 Sep 2015 07:44:16
With their need at PF and his hometown marketing ability my Bennett has more value in TOR than anywhere else, so I like the idea of trading him there. However, for this swap, I think both sides say no.

For MIN, even if Bennett produced nothing, he's worth more than Patterson's two-year deal since they have so many guy that can play PF.

TOR is win-now, and with their only weakness at PF, Patterson is a vet and a safer bet than Bennett.

05 Sep 2015 13:19:57
After this trade, Toronto would need to bring in a starter at PF.

02 Sep 2015 16:25:03

Lakers get Tim Mozgov & Iman Shumpert

PG Russell/Williams/Huertas
SG Bryant/Clarkson/Brown
SF Shumpert/Brown/Nance
PF Randle/Bass
CE Mozgov/Black/Sacre

Cavaliers get Roy Hibbert, Ryan Kelly & Nick Young

PG Irving/Williams/Delly
SG Smith/Young
SF James/Richardson/Jones
PF Love/Thompson/Kelly
CE Hibbert/Varejao

02 Sep 2015 18:29:53
So the lakers get worthwhile pieces and the cavs take the lakers junk? sounds legit!

02 Sep 2015 20:14:39
Not even close Lakers fan.

02 Sep 2015 13:30:03

LAC get: Demarcus Cousins

CLE get: Blake Griffin

SAC get: Kevin Love & Jamal Crawford

02 Sep 2015 14:03:44
Not going to happen Love just was resigned and Cousins is not going anywhere

02 Sep 2015 15:04:44
Love is no where near worth as much as Griffen. Age, physical abilities. it's true, Love's stats aren't accurate to his potential. But his stats on the wolves isn't either. They NEVER won. The problem is, as a number 2 on a team, its reasonable to expect 20/10 from love. The problem though is he has ZERO defensive abilities. He is not a bruiser. He is not athletic. He is just big and there. He has a decent jump shot. Couysins and Griffin you can potentially build winning teams around. Love doesn't appear to be of that level.

02 Sep 2015 15:38:39
Kevin love is not good enough for cousins. And craw fords not enough to make the up the difference.

02 Sep 2015 15:44:29
What is the difference between having Blake Griffin & Demarcus Cousins? Griffin knows Clippers system and a very well fit behind Deandre. They will not do that.

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