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23 Apr 2014 13:22:09
Pistons trade Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Smith, Jerebko
Pistons get Deng, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Bucks pick 2015 (top6 protected)

Cavs trade Deng (s&t, 3y 36m)
Cavs get Sanders, Jerebbko (expiring)

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36), own pick 2016 (top5 protected)
Bucks get Rondo, Smith

Celtics trade Rondo
Celtics get Monroe, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36)

- in draft go after PF Randle/Vonleh or after SG Exum/Smart
- add Bucks 2015 pick in deep 2015 draft
- in 2016 let Jennings, Mayo and Pachulia walk and sign major FA at PG and resign Drummond

- trade Hawes in s&t for future 2nd round pick
- get have enough cap space for FA 2015
- have a couple of picks for 2014 and 2015 draft

- draft Embiid with own pick
- have enough cap space to sign another FA at SF (or SG, Giannis can play both)
- Knight and Henson 6th man

- draft Smart or Exum at PG
- resign Bradley (4y 24m) and Bayless (2y 8m)

Bucks say no.

Smith is future Amare contract. Probably cost a second round pick to get just so Det has the money to keep Monroe

Boston says. um no



19 Apr 2014 17:52:37
Simple Magic plans

Orlando gets Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins, and #29 pick

Okc gets Aaron Afflalo and Etwuan Moore

Orlando gets #9 pick
Cleveland gets #12 pick and Moe Harkless (cle needs a sf)

Orlando drafts
#3- Andrew Wiggins
#9- Aaron Gordon
#29- CJ Wilcox

Pf. A. Gordon/ A. Nicholson/ J. Maxiell
Sf. A. Wiggins/ T. Harris
C. N. Vucevic/ K. Perkins/ K. Oquinn
Sg. V. Oladipo/ D. Lamb/ C. Wilcox
Pg. R. Jackson/ J. Nelson/ R. Price

This team will go to Eastern Conference finals within 2 or 3 years tops

Wiggins won't be at 3

Ok then if not Wiggins then Parker

Wiggins and parker will probably be 1 & 2

I made this post. In all actuality the Magic would probably not pick up the team option on Nelson and draft a pg with the 29 pick. Then maybe go after a free agent wing like Sefalosha ironically

Forget Gordon draft Payne who will be a better pro. Gordon will suffer like fared


Pf. S. Ibaka/ P. Jones/ C. Capela #22
Sf. K. Durant/ C. Butler
C. S. Adams/ N. Collison/ H. Thabeet
Sg. A. Afflalo/ J. Lamb/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ E. Moore/ A. Abrines

( might wanna spend a little free agent money on a better back up pg)



19 Apr 2014 12:40:18
Cavs and magic

Cavs get affalo, Nicholson and magic pick vis Denver
Draft hood

Magic get Bennett and cavs pick
Draft exum and vonleah

Cavs do it to partner Irving with a two way sg and give up on the Bennett project and take Nicholson who is cheaper, bigger and has a post up game. Draft hood to replace deng as he will no dout leave.

Magic take on Bennett who would have less pressure in orlando and a change of scene might help. Moving up the draft to get vonleah who has shown done prowess on defense which could help vucevic in the paint and an outside stroke wouldn't go a miss from an nba big.

As a magic fan I like that trade

What about Waiters?



18 Apr 2014 10:59:00
If the magic get lotto luck and go number 1 in the draft.

Magic get both sixers picks
Sixers get number 1 pick

Magic trade sixers pick via pelicans 10th pick, affalo
To either
Cavs, kings or pistons for their pick

Then magic draft
Via sixers pick- exum
Via cavs, kings or pistons pick- Vonleah or Gordon
Via Nuggets pick- saric

Pg Exum, Nelson
Sg Oladipo, Moore
Sf Saric, Harkless
Pf Vonleah/Gordon, Harris, Nicholson
C Vucevic, O'quinn

Magic do it for a great lineup of mismatches and add defense in the paint and a pg and fill most of their needs. It would depend on which out of the cavs, kings and pistons would be willing to trade as to which they would get out of Vonleah and Gordon.

Sixers do it to land wiggins.

Cavs, kings or pistons all need to upgrade at sg as all have young sg's so either one could be interested in this trade for affalo and they still get a good pick at 10 so can fill their other needs so theyed draft
Cavs- hood
Kings- Ennis
Pistons- Ennis



17 Apr 2014 18:42:06
Cavs offseason

Trade Waiters for Tony Allen and #21

9-Gary Harris
21-Rodney Hood
33-Big man

Re-sign Spencer Hawes 4yr 26m

Trade Luol Deng (3yr 33m) for Greg Monroe (4yr 58m)

Sign Evan Turner 3yr 24m

Waive Varejao, Gee, (non-guaranteed)

6th man: Hawes

Good young team with tons of potential and good bench. Maybe trade young assets or future picks for better veteran players

7-8 seed in East

Waiters has come on big at the end of this season and Allen is too old for that deal to make sense. Deng is an unrestricted free agent and Detroit wouldn't make that deal even in a hypothetical double sign and trade scenario. And I don't thiink the Cavs have any interest in Turner. According to the metrics, he is actually a slightly below average player who put up high volume numbers on a terrible team. Not starting material. They had a chance to get him at the trade deadline and showed no real interest, and going after Deng and Hawes instead.



17 Apr 2014 10:14:16
Cavs get Randolph

Grizzlies get Gasol (s&t 1y 14m), 2nd round pick Cavs

Lakers get Deng (s&t, 3y 40m)

- Cavs get needed froncourt presence, will have plenty of cap space 2015 to sign another major FA and resign Randolph

- Grizzlies brings in P. Gasol in order to keep M. Gasol in 2015 FA, will have plenty of cap space 2015 to sign another major FA and resign both Gasol's

- Lakers add needed SF upgrade and better defense with Deng to pair with Kobe. in draft go after Randle, Vonleh or if possible Embiid.

Randolph's getting old. Not a good move for the Cavs to commit to him.
-Cavs fan-

Good in it would be kobe, deng, bledsoe if they sign him and they smart/exum/randles



16 Apr 2014 17:17:01
Cleveland get Suns pick, Lakers pick (protected) 2015, Channing Frye

Phoenix get Tristan Thompson and 32nd pick

Cleveland on sign and trade deal with Detroit sending Luol Deng and Alonzo Gee for Greg Monroe

draft day
-Cleveland select Rodney Hood (#9)
-then select Zach Lavine (#17)

K. Irving / J. Jack / M. Dellavedova
D. Waiters / Z. Lavine
R. Hood / S. Karasev
C. Frye / A. Bennett
G. Monroe / A. Varejao / T. Zeller

- they get Tristan Thompson to play PF which is their weakness, he is young and can gel with the Suns system

draft picks
#14 Jerami Grant (SF)
#27 Cleanthony Early (PF)-if available

resign Emeka Okafor for cheaper value
-they will need him to defend the interior while Len and Plumlee are still on development stage

E. Bledsoe / A. Goodwin / I. Smith
G. Dragic / G. Green
J. Grant / P. Tucker / M. Morris
T. Thompson / M. Morris / C. Early
E. Okafor / M. Plumlee / A. Len

Too much for Thompson. He was a former top 5 pick but he hasn't played like it. And the Lakers 2015 pick is looking really good. Unless they bring in a couple superstars, I don't seem them making the playoffs in the stacked West. So yeah, no thanks. You can keep Thompson and we'll just draft a big man or 2 with our picks

What a joke! Let's loot the Suns!

Suns LOL and hang up!

The laker pick will get a better player then Thompson. Are you crazy or just want to screw the Suns! LOL!


Laker's 2015 with Ryan Suns GM picking could be the best pick in 2015.

The 29th pick in 2013 Arche Goodwin just scored 29 in 31 minutes.

Goodwin is only 19.

Loot the Suns? Suns fans need to get past that some of their players are not that good. None of their assets are worth a Durant or LeBron.

Are you insane! No Sun fan said their players were worth Durant or James, but the Suns future is as bright as any team in the league. That is why every other teams fan wants to loot the Suns.

You are wasting your time because Ryan is not going to let you steal the Suns draft picks. That is why you are jealous!

Suns fans don't want Durant or James, because their salaries are too high, so get over it. Stop your jealous rage and insane comments.

Lol, umm LBJ and KD are by far the 2 best players in the league. Hardly any teams have the assets to get them including all the big time markets like LAL, CHI, NYK, BOS. And for the record, the suns have more assets than all those teams I just named

You must be the same nut that said Goodwin was second coming of MJ.

NBA basketball is a team sport. It does not matter how good the individual is, but only how good the team becomes. Yes the Suns do not have a Durant or a LeBron, but it has a very good team. It is good enough that you are always trying to LOOT it. Stop trying to loot it!

The Suns fans and Suns management likes it's team and so do you. That why you want to loot it!

It interest no negative comments about the 29 point Goodwin dropped on Kings!



14 Apr 2014 12:00:51

Cavaliers get Monroe s&t, affalo magic pick via Denver
Draft hood

Pistons get deng s&t, waiters
Draft smart

Magic get Caldwell-pope, cavaliers picks
Draft exum, Gordon

Why does orlando trade away afflalo to move two spots higher iin draft

Pistons say no way they can sign Deng if they want him.

To land a better player isn't that obvious



11 Apr 2014 18:41:37
Oklahoma City - Memphis - Cleveland

Oklahoma City trade Kendrick Perkins (exp), Mavs 1st round pick, Jeremy Lamb
Oklahoma City receives Dion Waiters, Tony Allen, Spencer Hawes (sign and trade)

Memphis trade Tony Allen
Memphis get Jarrett Jack

Cleveland trade Dion Waiters, Spencer Hawes, Jarrett Jack
Cleveland get Jeremy Lamb, Kendrick Perkins, Mavs 1st from OKC

Good for OKC, unless they are not over tax line.



11 Apr 2014 04:02:52
Next NBA super team

2014 draft day trade
Bulls - Knicks
Bulls get C Anthony (s&t with 4 year max)
Knicks get C Boozer, R Brewer, J Butler, 2014 #16 & #19 draft picks

2014-2015 season - Timberwolves still suck, Love demands trade
Bulls get K Love
Timberwolves get T Gibson, M Dunleavy, T Snell, 2015 1st round pick (via Kings), Bulls 2015 1st round pick (with rights to swap with Cavs), Bulls 2017 1st round pick

Knicks say no, wolves say no, and the CBA salary cap says hell no

Minnesota passes.

As a bulls fan I don't want to be the Lakers. Sorry not trading everyone but Noah and rose for 2 players



10 Apr 2014 16:10:12

Cleveland get Carlos Boozer, 19th pick

Chicago get Dion Waiters, Andrea Barnagni and 32nd pick

New York get Anderson Varejao

*cavs say no



09 Apr 2014 20:35:27
Golden State is lacking of pieces to be better, yes they are a very good squad but there is a thing that is needed to be filled in their roster to make a better position especially that they are on the Western side.
It seems like they are not a legit contender

Try Knicks - Warriors deal

Andrew Bogut and Jordan Crawford for Tyson Chandler and Jr Smith
-look how Jr Smith is shooting the lights out, that will be a good fit to back-up the Splash brothers specially when they are struggling, yes he has downsides but I think he can bring a new spice on this roster
-Bogut is a good defender but I think chandler is a better fit, he will get plenty of offensive rebound for the shooters, Chandler also is an experienced finalist and that's what the most important thing he can bring to the table

Heat - Warriors - Pistons - Cavaliers

Heat get Greg Monroe (s&t)
Warriors get Chris Bosh and Jarret Jack
Pistons get Luol Deng (s&t)
Cavaliers get David Lee and Harrison Barnes
Heat get Lee, Hawes
Warriors get Bosh, Jack
Pistons get Deng
Cavs get Monroe and Barnes
- I will not explain how it will work for Heat, Pistons and Cavs, it will be up to you

for the Warriors
-I will put up another big man who is a well-experienced championship player, a star who will fit on that team
-Then I bring Jarrett back, he played very well for them last season and I think he is the best back-up for Steph Curry, he has the ability to take big shots and also can defend
-I let Harrison Barnes out, he is good player but come a lot of time that he is struggling, its hard to let him go but the thing is I want the Warriors to win.
Think i'm going to replace him with Shawn Marion or Mike Miller

2014-15 Golden State Warriors

S. Curry / J. Jack / S. Blake
K. Thompson / J. Smith / N. Nedovic
A. Igoudala / S. Marion or M. Miller / D. Green
C. Bosh / D. Green / M. Speights
T. Chandler / J. Oneal / F. Ezeli
-at first glance people may say this can be a bad team, but I think this team will make a lot of noise from the start of the season until deep into the playoffs
-this is a energetic squad, combination of youth firepower and veteran leadership together with role players and some sort of hard-nosed players which comprises championship teams

-no matter what you say, it will be fine :))

Forget Jrsmitt. chandler and bogut is wash. Bogut more injury
prone than Chandler, Chandler will be more succesful closer to home in LA. but better fit in triangle offense. forget the 2nd trade Bosh is not going anywhere as long Wade and Lebron are there. Need a younger more realiable backup than Oneal. trade Lee Iggy for Z. Randolph Prince Allen -need post scorer to go with all them shooters. or else its hit or miss with no open looks. Barnes > Iggy 9 yrs younger. Prince and Allen bring toughness to replace iggy. blatche for MLE


Pelicans get Bargnani Hardaway
Pacers get E. Gordon Withey
Knicks get G. Hill Copeland

JrSmith/Shumpert/S. Brown

^ that isn't going to compete, original trade is better

↑ true, but realistic? Bosh not being traded.



09 Apr 2014 19:34:08
Cavs trade Irving, Deng (s&t, 3y 40m)
Cavs get Holiday, Monroe (s&t), Singler, 2nd round pick Pelicans

Pistons trade Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Singler
Pistons get Deng (s&t), Rivers, Whitey

Pelicans trade Holiday, Gordon, Rivers, Whitey, 2nd round pick
Pelicans get Irving, Randolph, Prince

Grizzlies trade Randolph, Prince
Grizzlies get Gordon

- enough cap for 2015 FA to sign a major FA (SF or PF)
- add multiple 2014 + 2015 draft picks

- draft best PG/SG (if possible Smart or Ennis) in draft or backup PF/C

- Prince, Randolph and Irving's contract end 2015
- in 2015 able to sign another major FA at SF, PF or C and resign Irving (near max) and Randolph (2y 10m). Irving-Evans-FA-Randolph-Davis, 6th: Anderson
- Irving/Davis duo = contender for years to come, with Evans and Anderson as 3rd option = very promising

P. Gasol/Davis/Leuer
M. Gasol/Koufos
- safe 10m cap space (+taxes) because Randolph's and Prince's huge contracts are off the books
- sign P. Gasol (1y what possbile = resign i'm 2015 with his brother)
- resign Davis (3y 20m)
- very balanced and deep roster with much assetts to make moves before 2015 trade deadline (Allen, Pondexter, Lee, Davis, Koufos + picks)



09 Apr 2014 11:39:23

Rockets get rondo

Celtics get Irving-Asik
Draft lavine

Cavaliers get Lin-Celtics pick 4th- rockets pick 25th
Draft embiid, vonleah or Gordon and warren

Rockets have a legitimate big 3 of rondo, harden and Howard

Celtics get a younger jus as talented pg and a center which had been one of their biggest needs. I chose lavine due to his upside and Bradley is expiring.

Cavaliers give up their former number one pick who isn't happy, Lin may play better in this lineup where he can drive and dish more. This is all about those picks that could change this team embiid has been compared to Olajuwon and with hawes and deng no dout leaving having a star center to build around wins you championships, then I have them drafting vonleah to build a dynamic front court but if he's gone drafting Gordon could work. Lastly I have them draft warren he's a flat out scorer which gives them loads of options and who knows this might be a better fit for waiters and Bennett.

Tell me what you guys think I know it made some tweaking



09 Apr 2014 03:24:41

Cavs get #3 pick

Magic get Irving

Then cavs draft embiid and smart
Magic draft Gordon

If the cavaliers want to make a run at lebron to bring him back they need kyrie on the team



09 Apr 2014 03:23:30

Lakers get Irving

Cavs get #5 pick and Marshall



08 Apr 2014 16:02:25
Wolves trade Love, Brewer
Wolves get Smith, Barnes, KCP, 2015 first round pick Cavs via Heat

Pistons trade Smith, Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), KCP
Pistons get Deng (s&t, 3y 40m), Thompson, Lee

Warriors trade Thompson, Lee, Barnes, future 2nd round pick
Warriors get Love, Brewer, Miles (s&t)

Cavs Deng (s&t), 2015 first round pick via Heat, Miles (s&t, 2y 5m)
Cavs get Monroe (s&t), future 2nd round pick Warriors

- get 2 young talents (Barnes, KCP) and veteran PF/SF Smith
- add 2015 first round pick Cavs via Heat

- draft best avaible PF/C (Randle, Vonleh, WCS)
- at least playoff contender
- in 2016 Jennings and Lee will be off the book, sign major PG in FA an resign Drummond

- championship contender

- let Hawes walk or do s&t for expiring contract + pick
- draft McDermott SF/PF, give them needed shooting and floor spacing
- give Bennett starting job to develop best
- in 2015 go after major FA

Like that Heat 1st round pick is so valuable.



08 Apr 2014 15:29:04
Ok the lakers get the #1 pick it is not like the lottery has not been fixed before and david (laker hater) stern is gone

Draft Wiggins and trade his right to Cle for Kyrie and the their pick number 8 (a gordon should be there

Sign Deng to a 3 year deal

Let Nash sit and collect his money at home.

Hire Byron Scott or Kurt Rambis as the Head Coach

I don't think the cavs would trade irving and their 1st round pick for this years #1 pick.



08 Apr 2014 15:22:54
Bulls - Cavaliers

Bulls get Dion Waiters and Spencer Hawes

Cavaliers get 16th pick, Carlos Boozer expiring, future 1st round pick

Bulls select M Harrel with the 19th pick
sign Nikola Mirotic
Resign DJ Augustine and Kirk Hinrich

D Rose / D Augustine / K Hinrich
D Waiters / M Dunleavy
J Butler / T Snell / M Harrel
T Gibson / N Mirotic / M Harrel
J Noah / S Hawes

Waiters isn't worth the 16th pick in my opinion



08 Apr 2014 14:39:40
Cleveland get Etwann Moore, Aaron Afflalo and Greg Monroe (s&t)

Pistons get Luol Deng (s&t)

Magic get 9th pick from Cavs, Jarrett Jack

I don't Mind this as a magic fan they could draft
Exum, Gordon, Cauley-stein
Embiid, smart, hood

Cavs when this deal



08 Apr 2014 12:50:12
Lakers- Cle- Orl

Lakers get Irving
Sign gasol (cheap) and melo

Cle get vucevic, affalo and lakers pick
Draft exum

Orl get Marshall, Cle 1st and their own 2nd rounder back
Draft embiid, smart, Gordon and nurkic

Lakers get a big of Kobe, melo and Irving

Magic decline.

MAYBE the Cleveland pick gets you Affalo. Just because "they could" draft Embild, doesn't mean that the magic are giving Vucevic away for #33ish pick and K Marshall.

Hah the lakers get Irving, who needs a max extension. Get melo for a max contract. Have Kobe for a more than max contract. And all this for a single draft pick and a mediocre pg? Learn the salary cap rules and trading common sense lakers fans.



08 Apr 2014 07:55:08
Greg Monroe and Brandon Jennings to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving and Jarrett Jack.

How do this help the pistons?

Umm you can never have too many pgs?

Jennings, Monroe, 8th pick for Irving and Deng





06 Apr 2014 22:37:32
CHICAGO BULLS get Dion Waiters

CLEVELAND get 19th pick, Jeff Green

CELTICS get Spencer Hawes

Why don't Cs sign hawes. For that package thru could get waiters!



06 Apr 2014 20:08:59
Minnesota's " minny plan " for offseason

trade with Boston and Cavaliers

they get A Bradley L Deng (defense)
celtics get D Waiters and future 1st from Minnesota
cavs get J Green and K Martin

Then draft the right guy - it will be up to the fans but for me, I select

Zach Lavine

Let Gorgui Dieng to be better and better by staying with him, let him and Pek work together on the position

Then don't need to trade Pekovic to land a defensive big man.

try to sign Dejuan Blair or Elton Brand
- Brand can help them, he can be the veteran who can show them some leadership

I want Minnesota to be in the playoffs, they suck all the year that Love has spent with them, time to give the guy a little sunshine

R. Rubio / J. Barea / Z. Lavine
A. Bradley / Z. Lavine / S. Muhammad
L. Deng / C. Brewer / C. Budinger
K. Love / E. Brand / L. Mbah Moute
N. Pekovic / G. Dieng / R. Turiaf

Minnesota does not have enough cap space for both Deng and Bradley.

^ How can you disagree with that. They are over the cap right now, and getting rid of a guy making 7 million and bringing in a 2 guys who will probably make a combined 15-20 million will not work. Remember, Deng turned down a deal for around 30 million for 3 years.

Minn. would have to include Shved and Budinger and take out the pick and it would work

I think the mini plan is simpler! It is give Love to Lakers and sell team for a little cash? It could be give team away an sell Love.



06 Apr 2014 19:48:23
Detroit Pistons
Draft Marcus Smart
trade him together with L. Datome to Orlando for Aaron Afflalo and Mo Harkless

do a 3-team deal with Boston and Cleveland

C's get Josh Smith
Cavs get Jeff Green and future 1st from Detroit
Det get Luol Deng and Vitor Faverani

Maybe trade Jennings to anywhere to sign Kyle Lowry

Lowry or Jennings / Siva / Bynum
Afflalo / Caldwell-Pope
Deng / Singler
Monroe / Mitchell / Jerebko
Drummond / Faverani / Harrelson

Orlando wants harkless you can have Nicholson tho



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