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24 Aug 2016 15:57:21
Around trade deadline the Bulls should trade if not working out.
Butler to Philly (Bulls could add a little more)
Bulls get 2017 philly pick, lakers pick and maybe one of bigs.

Wade to Cleveland for some picks and young talent.

Then Bulls can tank and get maybe 3 top 10 picks in a loaded draft and have a very quick rebuild already having Portis and Valentine.

24 Aug 2016 16:36:37
If the Sixers pick is 2018 instead of 2017, then I'd trade 2018 phi, Lakers and a big for Butler.

I wouldn't think twice about it.

24 Aug 2016 17:33:53
I agree and it would work out for philly as well. They are a good guard away from becoming a playoff team. I just don't think the offseason the Bulls had this summer is really setting them up for success for years to come. I think they put a bandaid on the organization that will work for one year max possibly.

24 Aug 2016 17:37:22
Bulls are trying to win now so this is mid season deal of that project fails. Value wise. I like the deal for both teams. It would be Okafor lakers pick and 2018 Sixers pick. The 2017 pick is a swap with the Kings and the Sixers are going to include that.

24 Aug 2016 18:00:34
The Sixers could very easily be worse then the kings this year making the swap irrelevant.

I'm moreso thinking 2018 because then the Sixers would still have thier pick in 2017 and still the kings in 2018. Just being selfish I guess. If they had to do 2017, I'd prolly still pull the trigger.

It would be a good haul for Chicago either way.

25 Aug 2016 06:19:07
The thing you guys have to understand about the bulls is their ownership is trash, maybe even worse than the Kings. Jerry Reinsdorf only wants to sell tickets on this mediocre team so that they still make a profit. Thibadeau wanted to draft Draymond Green and was very adamant on getting him, but the owners wanted Marquis Teague, as they already had a decent front court. There's no way Butler gets traded because the owners want another star to lean on like they did Rose.

21 Aug 2016 02:40:14
Hard to see the Cavs trade Love this offseason with a championship this past year. But an ideal scenario that is not being discussed is a move to OKC to team with his old teammate Westbrook who needs a new running mate.

OKC has Kanter to offer in a potential Love deal, but I don't see Cleveland wanting him. Buuuuut, a three team deal could work out for everyone. Two teams that could fit in a 3 team trade where Love goes to OKC is Boston and Portland.

Boston has lots of assets plus Al Horford. Putting Kanter next to Horford could work well bc of Horford's defense and range. They could possibly offer up Johnson's contract to make money work plus multiple nice pieces to help Cleveland. With KD going to the Warriors, maybe Cleveland likes the idea of adding a Jae Crowder to help with defense.

Portland wanted Kanter when they signed him to an offer sheet before OKC matched. Portland has tons of high priced wings entering the season. They'll need to fix the logjam when they become trade eligible. A player like Allen Crabbe could fit great on a Cavs team. It would also allow them to officially rule out a JR Smith reunion.

Any chance either of these deals happen?

21 Aug 2016 16:31:19
Absurd ideas.

21 Aug 2016 19:14:06
Portland already has too many bigs. The "tons" of wings Portland has is 4. That's not a ton, that's how many you need. Portland already has 4 guys that can play center (ezeli, plumlee, Davis, Leonard), and a ton of PFs.

As for Boston, crowder>>>>>Kanter. Maybe they consider a future non-nets first and one of their mid firsts from this draft, but not much more.

25 Aug 2016 05:59:59
Yeah the blazers don't need to get involved in something like that.

20 Aug 2016 23:04:30
Sixers/ Cavs

Sixers get: Love

Cavs get: Noel, Covington

Noel went for 11 and 8 last year, and Covington went for 13 and 6. Each playing 28 min per game. Noel playing game changing defense and Covington playing very good D at 3 positions. Covington is 25, Noel 22. Cavs can use some youth and still have championship team. I do not believe Love is part of Cavs future. And sixers can easily take on his $21 million salary. Noel only make $5 million, Covington $1 million. Gives the Cavs $15 million less in salary, making other moves more obtainable if necessary.
Embiid and Love would be a great fit, and Okafor and Saric off the bench is a nice rotation. Philly fans might not want to get did of 2 key players, but it's still a bargain for Love.

21 Aug 2016 01:18:16
I think Covington will work great on the Sixers this year. If pass on giving home up if we can help it. Cavs need to resign jr smith anyway so they won't be interested in Covington. Take him out of it and I like the deal.

21 Aug 2016 01:23:30
The problem is that Noel makes less than love for 1 year, then he's restricted and gets a 4 year 100+ million deal, so the idea that Cleveland can save money here isn't really true.

I don't think Cleveland would want to move love for Noel. They already have a very similar guy in Thompson. Those two couldn't really be on the court at the same time. And I'm not sure Covington plays much behind the other bench wings Cleveland has, he's pretty redundant. He's a small upgrade over shumpert, but not much.

21 Aug 2016 02:12:05
Tristan Thompson is very similar to noel, and is the most durable player in the league. The cavs have no need for noel.

21 Aug 2016 03:50:45
I don't think it's a bad deal quality wise, but after winning a title, I don't see the Cavs as big a piece as Love is unless it was to get another star back.

21 Aug 2016 04:38:42
No way! That is not enough for Love. If the cavs want Noel then they would ask for a 1st round pick as well.

21 Aug 2016 13:35:25
Game changing defense and amazing 3 and d skills eh? Then why did the team in which they were 40% of the major role players, and another 20% in the greatest big man prospect ever in okafor turnout the worst record in the league and one of the worst ever? Guess not so game changing.

Oh. Covington can't shoot. So he's basically shumpert at best. No need for him at all. Sixers aren't giving anywhere near enough. Just stop. It isn't a revision when you post the exact same trade.

21 Aug 2016 14:11:50
Of course Love is a great player but he makes zero sense for Philly. Adding him supposes Simmons can play the 1 and Saric the 3 full time right now. Too many bigs, even with Noel gone.

21 Aug 2016 14:27:45
Wow. The Burger is a bit well done.
Once again, with your temper tantrum of a reply you commented on things that weren't there in the post to bolster you feed your negativity.
1. I NEVER mentioned Covington as having "amazing 3 and D" skills. Please find that quote from me, please.

2. I NEVER mentioned Okafor as "the greatest big man prospect ever". In fact, I said he would make a good bench rotation up front with Saric.

3. Closed vs Growth mindset. Please do yourself a favor and Google this concept. It may make the Burger a pleasant dining experience instead of the grizzled well done version.


21 Aug 2016 21:38:32
1) sorry, I said amazing instead of your term very good. Big difference. Dude is a deep bench player on any other team.

2) All sixers love love love okafor as the greatest center since. well. no ones been as good as him!

3) what are you talking about

4) game changing defense. i'm still cracking up about that.

5) still love that you are literally the only one on here that tries to go after peoples names. Again, I will repeat. My name was my lunch that day. So if you would like to pun it up in some middle school attempt at insulting, have at it.

Just makes the arguments sound more valid.

Very good 3 and d. game changing defense. If the game changing defense led to 10 wins. curious what the win total would be without his game changing defense? Above or below zero?

20 Aug 2016 14:26:15
receive: WC-Stein+ Gay
trade: C Anthony

receive: Payn+ Kanter
trade: WCS+ Gay

receive: C Anthony
trade: K Love

trade: Payn+ Kanter
receive: K Love.

20 Aug 2016 14:52:59
Horrific for the Knicks.

20 Aug 2016 15:30:29
Knicks say hell no.

20 Aug 2016 15:44:33
WCS/ Porzingis would dominate. Maybe NY needs a 1st?

20 Aug 2016 16:11:46
I think OKC loses the most.

20 Aug 2016 16:53:56
comme on
the Knicks trade an aging star for a young talent
WCS+ Porzingis would be a great combo in a few years and Gay is a good replacement.

The Thunder give up a lot, but they should gamble.
K Love is a great shooter, so he could become a good offensive combo with Westbrook.

20 Aug 2016 17:03:15
wait. first off gay is a horrible downgrade from anthony. WCS has proven nothing thus far. Prospect. absolutely. Young talent, or as thunderfan said. domination? Get out of here.

I think people can appreciate that anthony has a couple very good years left at least. This is a terrible TERRIBLE trade for the knicks.

20 Aug 2016 17:40:04
Kanter and Love have about the same value, both of them are good rebounders and offensive players but terrible at defense. Kanter is also on a better contract and he is younger so he has potential to be better than Love. Adding Payne just makes it worse for OKC.

20 Aug 2016 21:51:22
Kanter has no where near the value of love. Love is a considerably better scorer, a better rebounder, and somehow a better defender. Love can also stretch the floor, which Kanter can't do.

20 Aug 2016 23:51:20
Bad for Kings too

21 Aug 2016 03:58:40
Though I'm a Knicks fan, I live in Toronto (fan before the Raptors joined the L) . Trust me when I say, like hamburger said, Gay is a horrible downgrade from Anthony.

The Knicks wouldn't start WCS either, they did just overspend $72M on Noah. I like WCS, but the add/ subtract of Gay/ Anthony is definitely not worth it.

20 Aug 2016 14:26:15
receive: WC-Stein+ Gay
trade: C Anthony

receive: Payn+ Kanter
trade: WCS+ Gay

receive: C Anthony
trade: K Love

trade: Payn+ Kanter
receive: K Love.

20 Aug 2016 01:30:40
76ers / Cavs

Sixers get: Love

Cavs get: Noel, Landry

KLove got his ring, and he is not a fit in Cleveland. Noel would help Cavs with an athletic defensive stopper to better match up with warriors.

C: Embiid, okafor
Pf: Love, Saric
Sf: Simmons, Covington
SG: Henderson, Stauskas
PG: Bayless, Rodriguez
Deep bench: Holmes, McConnell, Thompson, Luwawa.

20 Aug 2016 05:04:19
It will take more than that to get Love. Cavs could use another defensive big but having Noel and Thompson (especially when Noel is about to get a big pay raise) is redundant. You can't play the two together since neither is much of an offensive threat. Losing Love and not getting a sf/ pf that can stretch the floor is a recipe for disaster for the Cavs. I do think they could use another athletic big but not one quite as good as Noel so they don't have to give up a major asset like Love to get him.

20 Aug 2016 07:44:35
The Sixers just brought in our own "Love", his name is SARIC. so we don't need another BIG that doesn't play DEFENSE and can only shot. (whats sad is Saric Defense is better then LOVES. LOL.

20 Aug 2016 12:32:46
Hhahahahhahahahahha love is a player in the 20-30 range. And you have the gaul to call saric that already, without a minute of nba experience. In fact, you tried to explain how saric is better! Classic. You have zero understanding of basketball if that's your assumption already. Oh, and just an FYI, love is a top 5 rebounder in the league.

20 Aug 2016 12:32:46
Hhahahahhahahahahha love is a player in the 20-30 range. And you have the gaul to call saric that already, without a minute of nba experience. In fact, you tried to explain how saric is better! Classic. You have zero understanding of basketball if that's your assumption already. Oh, and just an FYI, love is a top 5 rebounder in the league.

20 Aug 2016 15:33:04
I Now think Sixer4Life is more biased than TreGib.

20 Aug 2016 17:12:00
Okay here's wat I'll agree too is true

1 Noel would be a Better fit for Cleveland then love. since he won't be relied on to score he can dominate a game on defense and give the Cavs something different. With love having a bench role in the playoffs we can see the Cavs see a whole in his game.

2 love is better then Noel. Sixers could use the credibility of a semi star.

3 Cavs would save enough money to feel more comfortable signing jr smith which would be nice for them

4 Sixers ahve the cap room to acquire love without an issue which is nice for the trade.

So in the end. Even though I think the Sixers get the better player. The Cavs get the player they need to get better in Noel. The Cavs get younger which is good. Originally I hated the deal because it's a big man for big man trsde. But after thinking about it. It makes a lot of sense for both teams.

21 Aug 2016 07:19:03
@----> Hamburger
so you believe your K. Love is a superstar in this league huh? Fact: everywhere he has played he has been OUTPLAYED buy the other teams opposing PF. Fact: he has all scoring and offensive ability in the world, if he stand around and shot jump-shots all game. but you play defense in this league as well and IT SHOWED HE CAN GUARD A PARK BENCH.! and for the Saric comment, he was only overseas playing 17-19mins per game. (remember they don`t play 48mins full games like us in the NBA) so I`m sure once Saric gets clock he will be EQUAL to LOVES STATS. ( ( (Class dismissed) ) )

21 Aug 2016 21:49:11
Fact. Love is a diverse offensive threat and one of the elite rebounders in the league. Not sure where you come up with him being outplayed in Minnesota by every PF in the league. but please, do show.

Fact. He's a big man that thrives primarily down on the blocks or snags the ball on the elbow, thus is why he started to play better when he wasn't just a three point shooter. Have you watched him play? That statement is significantly inaccurate. So yeah, learn that fact.

Fact. You claim defense is huge, yet you talk about okafor being legendary (worst defending big man in the league) and Saric doesn't play defense, that's a huge knock on him.

But even still.

Kevin Love, 13/ 14 stats: 36 minutes, 26.1pts, 12.5 reb, 4.4 assists. those are the numbers you expect from Saric?

Oh wait, let me guess. you are trying to claim Saric will get similar stats as love since he was on the cavs. while love was playing with the best player of this generation, and a top 5 scoring pg. Meanwhile, Saric will be playing with no one near that level. Able to get massive amounts of stats. And if he averages 10pts and 5 boards I will be FLOORED.

Class dismissed?

Seriously. you should read up about the players and watch them. Snappy grade school comebacks aren't really a persuasive way to discuss sports. Fact.

23 Aug 2016 02:32:32
poor Hamburger.
yes I am comparing your boy Loves stats ON the CAVS. he hasn't played in MINNY for years. So why would we (Sixers) need him, for what? We have a YOUNG, Athletic, CHEAPER version of him (without the jumper) . but we can wait for that. So spare us all your Per/ 36mins stat line. because Love hasn't played 36mins in YEARS. (REALITY CHECK) . this ain't a video game.
No one said Okafor will be "Legendary".? i said he will be very good and his DEFENSE will develop. Are you still waiting on LOVES defense to develop or can we agree HE HAS NOW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IN THE LEAGUE.

19 Aug 2016 13:11:05
Cavs Raptors

Cavs receive

Raptors receive

19 Aug 2016 15:16:51
Cleveland loves thompson, they would only trade him for a star.

19 Aug 2016 18:17:27
Don't like the value and especially don't like the fit. Cleveland's only centers would be Birdman and Nogueira. Carroll didn't seem the same in Toronto after his knee injury last year, Patterson is just meh as an undersized stretch 4 which Frye is probably better at and regardless they have Love and I don't know much about Nogueira but he doesn't strike me as starter quality on a team trying to contend for a championship.

17 Aug 2016 09:50:47
Huge 3 team trade
Cleveland Sacramento Houston

Cavs receives

Kings receives

Houston receives

17 Aug 2016 12:46:33
Need an explanation on why the kings would do this.

17 Aug 2016 14:10:45
Kings lack chemistry and have for the past few years. The problem has been a lack of concept and team play. Great thing about coach Joeger is his ability to develop young talent and develop a team system around the ability to play defense and play well. Before Joeger took over the defensive ranks in Memphis the team was ranked 24th in overall team defense, since then they were ranked 9th 8th and 2nd or 3rd I believe. So what does this trade bring. First off a veteran presence and a team leader in Ariza who is great with defensive. Who is the oldest in this trade at 31 and can help develop the young talent while contributing on the court and set Joegers system up. Second thing the kings receive is youth. Shumpert 26 Mcdaniels is 22 and Dekker is 23 and all have their strengths and weaknesses but all have a chance to earn their place and have a spot in rotation. Shumpert of course is a defensive type to add to the system. Mcdaniels replaces Mclemores offensive skill set and is younger and Dekker is a shooter who helps their offense spread which is their teams best offensive identity. Beverley is an experienced guard which can share time with Collison so they have two decent point guards who can run the offense. Overall after this trade they gain depth and youth while creating a new offensive identity while fitting players who Coach Joeger would love in his system of team defensive first that leads to offense.

17 Aug 2016 15:09:48
As a Sixers fan I'm obviously all for this with us having the kings swap. They may not win 20 games with the roster they'd be putting on the floor.

I also like to think I like/ value ariza more then most people on here, but besides him and Beverly the other three guys are marginal bench players at best and not enough to get cousins and mclemore.

17 Aug 2016 15:15:56
We are talking about a top 10 player.

17 Aug 2016 15:37:40
I don't understand why Houston is in this. Sacramento would rather have Love than Beverly and ariza.

17 Aug 2016 16:16:16
Ritequick thinks the Kings do this. Because his team, the cavs, want them to. Any other reasoning is false.

17 Aug 2016 19:10:45
No it was a stretch I get it and not every trade I put on here is logical. Some trades I see a concept and run with it and sometimes does just become fantasy. Sure I favor the Cavs but of course I would that'd be point of a deal to come out a winner so sometimes I match value well enough and sometime it's a total hit and miss but I do understand if the kings wouldn't want this package. My point is it just seems to fit Joegers style of play and type of players he likes.

17 Aug 2016 19:35:09
If you are an awful team trading away a superstar you will want a guy that has potential to become a superstar and/ or some draft picks so you can select the guys you want who fit your system. Kings get neither of this. That is an awful return for Cousins. Think of what Twolves were able to do with Love and how that turned out. That is what Kings should be aiming for getting a top prospect or some lottery picks not a few decent role players and two young dudes who don't have that much upside and can't even crack the rotation. This will just guarantee their only chance at becoming relevant is to tank and hope they get a good player through the draft.

18 Aug 2016 05:29:49
This a joke? Kings laugh

17 Aug 2016 09:35:31
3 team trade

Cavs Lakers Sacramento

Cavs receive

Lakers receive

Kings receive
Nance jr.

17 Aug 2016 12:47:02
Horrible return for the kings.

17 Aug 2016 19:36:05
This is a joke right? Why are people posting these trades where they are giving up bench fodder and a few young guys for Cousins?

18 Aug 2016 05:30:11
WTF lol

16 Aug 2016 07:27:19
portland and 76ers

POR gives
Allen Crabbe (assuming he plays well)
2 2nd round picks
2018 Cavs pick

76ers give
Sergio Rodriguez

Trade could use a little tweaking, but it would help the blazer get a good D guy, and would give the 76ers a good 3 and D guy to play at the 2 with potential . Plus the 76ers have cash to blow.

16 Aug 2016 12:30:28
I believe you can get better return for nerlens without having to pay that much cash out to crabbe. And the 3 2nd rounders (clevelands basically a 2nd since it will be in high 20s) does nothing to really change the value.

16 Aug 2016 14:30:15
I'm not really interested in crabbe. I looked at him a lot during free agency. Doesn't really impress me much. And Noel and Sergio is too high a price.

16 Aug 2016 18:33:19
I somewhat agree with that I'm just no sure what else could make it more even for the 76ers.

16 Aug 2016 20:26:50
The value is decent, crabbe and Noel will make about the same in a year. They're both (at best) third options and above average defenders.

But, Portland has as many (or more) bigs than Phili. Portland has plumlee, ezeli, Leonard, Davis, vonleh, Harkless, and aminu all to play the 4 and 5. And they are short on decent wings. This doesn't really make sense for Portland.

17 Aug 2016 06:50:58
yeah but also don't have a great defensive post. If they did this it would defendantly have to make other moves which with so much money on the books next year I could see them doing.

17 Aug 2016 15:55:36
I don't think that Noel is much (if any) better than plumlee, ezeli, and Davis defensively right now. He's flashier with a higher ceiling, but not very consistent. He ranked 19th in defensive efficiency among centers last year, that doesn't make me think he's the next great defensive center. He's also a worse rebounder than the guys Portland has.

It scares me that he could turn into another Ibaka that never takes that next step. Also, he's going to get paid a max deal by someone, which would 100% scare me away from Noel.

18 Aug 2016 01:26:56
Yeah the money I defiantly agree with but, besides that fact I believe he is a better deffensive center than we have. I like your opinion though Bmiller.

16 Aug 2016 05:43:36

CLE get Corey Brewer

HOU get Channing Frye

Cavs get depth on James' position and can play more small ball with James at 4

HOU get a stretch 4/ 5 who can play in D' Antoni's system.

16 Aug 2016 06:10:26
Rockets better off just re-signing Motiejunas.

16 Aug 2016 05:14:38
3 team trade

Cavs Houston Denver

Denver receives
Mo Williams

Houston receives

Cavs receive

15 Aug 2016 00:44:02
Lakers-sixers-cavaliers trade

Lakers gets love and mcconell
Cavaliers gets noel and randle
Sixers gets d angelo russell.

15 Aug 2016 03:17:18
Just horrible.

15 Aug 2016 03:33:43
Cavs get too much and only give up Love.
Sixer will need all protection removed from the Lakers pick and Shumpert for this deal to go through. and would be Okafor and NOT NOEL.

15 Aug 2016 04:09:22
Russell and Randle for Love essentially. The Lakers wouldn't and shouldn't do this.

15 Aug 2016 04:52:35
LOL. Protection removal? Haha.

15 Aug 2016 05:00:10
I'll do that as a Laker fan. Love will be great in LA.

15 Aug 2016 13:09:59
Take out Randel I think. Works a little better.

15 Aug 2016 20:43:22
I don't think Lakers give up Russell and Randle (2 of their 3 really good prospects) for Love. Maybe they would do it if it was Clarkson instead, but then things would have to change to give PHI more. Also still don't see Cavs trading Love for young players.

14 Aug 2016 19:23:54
Deal eligible as of December 14th

Lakers Get: Kevin Love

Cavs Get: Luol Deng, Julius Randle

Having struck out in free agency the past 2 summers, the Lakers get the closest thing they can get to a superstar. Having Love, a proven scorer when utilized correctly, would take substantial pressure off of D'Angelo and Ingram to lead the team. On the other hand, the Cavs get the ability to go small and run LeBron and Deng at the 3 and 4. Randle would also offer a legitimate bench piece that the Cavs sorely lack.

14 Aug 2016 19:55:50
Makes some sense but Cavs need a rim protector, I almost think they'd rather have Larry Nance Jr.

14 Aug 2016 19:55:58
Idk how that helps the Cavs?

14 Aug 2016 16:38:35
Lakers - Love, Lopez

Sixers - Clarkson, Bogdanovic.

Cavs - Noel, Deng

Nets - Randle, McRae, Cavs 1st.

For the Lakers they land 2 Great big man and a Frontcourt of Lopez/ Love/ Ingram would be unstoppable on offense.

Noel will get max offers, and the sixers won't want to pay him 20+ million a year. They add 2 great shooters and can play Simmons at PF, this isn't a great return but both players fit well.

Cavs grab an incredible young rim protector, and Deng is still a quality player. Lebron moves to the 4 which is where the Cavs want him anyway.

Nets get great return for Lopez/ Bogdanovic they get Randle who would be a 16/ 9 guy for them McRae provides instant offenseoff the bench similar to Jamal Crawford. And the "Net"
another 1st.

Who says no?

14 Aug 2016 17:18:27
Lakers aren't giving enough.

14 Aug 2016 18:03:54
Thunderfan02 lmao is Lakers fan posing. Might as well add Westbrook and your true colors.

14 Aug 2016 18:25:05
Lakers would have the potential to be historically bad on defense, a lineup of D'Angelo, Lou, Ingram, Love and Lopez would let up 105ppg. I'm pretty sure that the Cavs want an athletic stretch four to put next to Tristan Thompson. Deng hypothetically fits that bill better than Love. Noel would probably come off the bench in Cleveland and the Cavs would want to limit the time where both him and TT are on the floor at the same time. Brooklyn would take this deal in a heartbeat. Randle is a high energy player that averages a double double, McRae is also very talented and could potentially play the role they were envisioning for Tyler Johnson.

14 Aug 2016 23:07:55
Not to mention that the rationale for the sixers is stupid.

No guarantee Noel gets a max. Likely won't. But guarantee the sixers get clarkson and his what, 20 mill a year for the last two? So they give up Noel and his 20 million. To take on a less talented clarkson and his 20 million.

As many have said, clearly a lakers fan.

15 Aug 2016 00:31:12
Clarksons deal actually isn't the 20 mill deal. It's spread out almost evenly.

15 Aug 2016 03:19:05
Wait Mozgov just got 16/ 4 and Noel won't get 90/ 4.

15 Aug 2016 13:30:16
Good call King. So instead of the final two years being the only ones that are bad. The entire contract is bad. Just foolish. Homer trade and a half.

15 Aug 2016 15:07:28
You might be the only one to call clarksons deal bad.

15 Aug 2016 17:16:47
you are taking about the savings compared to Noel. Not there. I'd rather have Noel.

Clarkson isn't a starter on most teams. 12/ 13 mill a year for a backup quality guard. I'll pass.

Not awful. But the trade is premised on savings while sacrificing abilities. I'd still with Noel. Far more worthwhile.

15 Aug 2016 23:27:28
12-13 mill for a sixth man isn't bad. Look at what Turner got from the Blazers.

14 Aug 2016 16:01:38
Sixers / Cavs

Noel on Cleveland and love on philly makes a lot of sense .

Sixers get: Love

Cavs get: Noel, Covington,

Noel, Thompson, LBJ, Smith, Irving is a balanced starting 5 that can represent the east easily. Covington adds a quality player on both sides of the ball that can play minutes at the 2,3,or 4. And he is signed to an amazingly team friendly contract. I think he barely makes the league minimum. And Cleveland owes us a small favor for the sasha kaun deal we helped them out with. Love is a poor fit 8n Cleveland, Noel is a poor fit in philly.
Embiid, Love, Simmons, Henderson, Bayless is a competitive starting 5. And Okafor, Saric, Grant, Rodriguez, Landry and Holmes should provide a solid bench.
I still think value wise sixers come out a bit ahead, but factor in getting rid of loves salary and getting a quality, not star but decent, cheap guy in Covington and a young tremendous defensive talent in Norl, it could be doable. Comments?

14 Aug 2016 17:14:06
I just can't figure out why the Sixers would want love. He's a big which we have a lot of already.

He's a talented big for sure but I don't see a reason to do a big for big trade.

14 Aug 2016 20:14:34
he can shoot and open up the middle. he's the perfect pf alongside embiid.

14 Aug 2016 23:40:51
Why is Noel a good fit for Cavs? He and Thompson can't be played together. I think Cavs can find a older and worse energy guy/ rim protector at a cheaper price which will justify the few minutes he'll play just to give Thompson a breather every now and then. Noel is also a free agent next year and will command a hefty sum so it makes no sense to invest that much money in Thompson and Noel two guys who can play virtually no offense and are just energy guys.

I don't think they trade Love for any single player. If they're dealing him it would like be for a starting quality sf/ pf that is more versatile defensively and can still shoot and then another solid player who can give valuable minutes off the bench.

15 Aug 2016 13:12:17
Love would be nice but we already have saric a stretch pf. Simmons a potnetial starting pf at least in the beginning and Okafor who I think people underestimate his ability to stretch the floor. He certainly has amid range jumper thAt looks solid.

14 Aug 2016 03:51:00
Sixers Cavs lakers
Based on trade ideas of seen.

Cavs trade love
Cavs get Noel

Sixers trade Noel
Sixers get Ingram

Lakers trade Ingram
Lakers get love.

14 Aug 2016 04:32:34
Ingram is worth way more.

14 Aug 2016 04:32:49
Sixers fan lol.

14 Aug 2016 05:03:20
LOL. Noel for Ingram? HA! No way Lakers trade Ingram for Ingram and Love. Absurd.

14 Aug 2016 05:16:12
Come on... This is a terrible trade

14 Aug 2016 05:43:31
Meant to say trade Ingram for love not Ingram and love.

14 Aug 2016 05:50:11
Let's settle this, Lakers are not trading Ingram anytime soon.

14 Aug 2016 13:19:02
I love the preface of based on ideas he's seen.

I would love for you to point to where anyone posted Ingram for Noel. I must have missed that nonsense.

14 Aug 2016 13:40:12
The fact that the sixers trade Ingram and receive Noel.

14 Aug 2016 13:55:26
I would do this trade.

14 Aug 2016 14:34:16
Please explain why anybody but the 76ers would do this trade?

I understand overvaluing your own players but you 76ers fans are something special. Even if your values are off at least consider the fit of the players to the other teams in the trade.

14 Aug 2016 15:24:10
I feel the same way. Ingram seems valuable to me. However this wasn't my idea. I saw it on a few bs rumor sites. It's just funny that so many runors sites had this trade or a part of this trade.

I do see the lakers getting better. They get a former star in Kevin love for Ingram. That makes sense to me a bit. So la might agree.

Sixers of course agree. No brainier there.

Cavs I don't know why but they hate Kevin love. If they read ekevin love and get Noel I think they get slightly better. They will have more cap room. Resign jr. Plus Noel on the Cavs I still say would be a much more complete team. His defense would be awesome on a great team where he doesn't have to score.

So in a way. The trade makes sense. But it all depends on if la still wants Kevin love.

14 Aug 2016 15:30:54
Maybe LA does want Love, but not giving up Ingram for him.

14 Aug 2016 16:02:04
Btw I heard it on a bunch of bs trade site. Yabida, inquister, and then christiantoday or something. Then there's three other who names I can't remember.

Those sites only said Noel of Ingram straight up.

I thought that made no sense. But with the Cavs rumor Noel for love out there I combine the rumors to make sense for all teams. Ingram for love makes sense for la.

Noel for Ingram clearly makes sense for Philly.

Cavs trading love for Noel makes some sense if they want to clear cap space


14 Aug 2016 16:13:44
Clarkson/ Randle would be a better package.

14 Aug 2016 16:15:33
No one cares about the bs the websites which are ALWAYS WRONG posts about. They have no credibility. Just because the lakers get Love for Ingram, it doesn't mean the Sixers could just run away with just trading Noel for Ingram. No team was willing to give a top five pick for Okafor or Noel. Now you want the second pick in the draft straight up?

14 Aug 2016 17:46:07
The king

I mixed two trades as I said

The one rumor was love for Noel

The other was Noel for Ingram.

This way lakers get a star in love.
Cavs get Noel
And Sixers get Ingram.

All based on the trsde sites just mixed a bit. I would assume la would want love over Noel.

14 Aug 2016 20:31:56
The trade I saw was Ingram for Noel and our 2017 1st back.

14 Aug 2016 23:15:04
You are so full of it. I read all those articles. They then go on to say the sixers need to add substantially for the lakers to even listen. There is no way in hell this is a decent trade. Every article you read says it's a terrible trade for the lakers.

So how do you laugh that they mention this? You go, oh this trade was posed on a couple sites, and it wasn't. It was Noel and a hell of a lot more, either big men or picks. but you don't want to include that because again, you feel Noel is a top 5 big man in the league. Or at least should have that value. Ridiculous as always. Just a heads up, it's junk like this as to why few actually respect your valuations. It is just beyond laughable. You couldn't come close to getting the 3 this year for Noel. But wait! Now you want the two. A pick which was worlds more valuable in a two person draft.

It's tiring reading your crap.

14 Aug 2016 23:28:29
What I don't understand is why everyone thinks Ingram is going to be way better then Noel/ Okafor. Ingram has only played in summer league games. Who knows he could be a bust. i'm not saying Noel is going to be better then Ingram or the other way around. People are over valuing Ingram just as much Noel or Okafor. that's all i'm saying.

Im not a fan of either of these teams by the way.

15 Aug 2016 13:15:08
Hamburger. So you read one of the six. One of the six article I read had a version saying that. The rest were Noel for Ingram. Period. You need to relax dude.

The king

If those are bs trade site wat do you call this site where in informed people post unlikely trades that never happen?

15 Aug 2016 13:35:05
No. No they aren't. I know it's odd but I heard a rumor that summer league wasn't the first minute of Ingram playing basketball.

He was a equality second pick overall. Neither Noel nor okafor are worth a second pick overall. Ergo. Ingram is more valuable.

If you need help I can draw a diagram as well?

15 Aug 2016 16:51:38

For me if the draft is crap then the second pick is not as valuable as another higher talent drafts second pick. So not all draft are the same.

Second, once a guy I drafted his value changes. For instance, jaylen brown. Most had him going out of the top five this year. However just because Boston chose him third doesn't change his value.

Thirdly, I love Ingram. He was definately the second best player in this draft. That being said I think Okafor was clearly the second best player last year. Again value of a player isn't based on draft position. It's based on talented the long haul.

In other word Ingram for Okafor makes sense to me talent wise. I don't agree with Ingram for Noel talent wise. Ingram has more upside.

15 Aug 2016 17:20:04
Draft is crap from 3 on. Noel wasn't worth the 3rd in that crap.

But you want one of the two elite. Again, we get it. You took only the portion of the trade you liked. Eliminated the other part. And then claimed sources said it.

I read an article that said porzingis for curry and durant.

The second portion said it was the dumbest trade idea ever. But using your classic tactics. I'll ignore that. And just claim sources told me. Seriously. Stop trying to explain it. We get it. You adjusted a trade. And now trying to actually rationalize how an average starter in now is worth a max player in love or a top candidate in Ingram. Just stop.

16 Aug 2016 02:09:50
Ingram and mozgov for love a better trade.

11 Aug 2016 19:55:37

Cavs get Rudy Gay and Willie Cauley-Stein

Twolves get Kevin Love and Ben McLemore

Kings get Ricky Rubio and Nemanja Bjelica.

12 Aug 2016 00:11:44
If I'm Minnesota I cut out the middle man. Rubio and Bjelica for gay and WCS. After watching Spain in the Olympics I'm officially off the rubio bandwagon. Trade him, start Dunn or trade gay for any place holder PG who could start the first 41 games playing 20 to 24 minutes, then be a capable backup. We'd still make the playoffs and have an actual Point guard starting when we got there.

12 Aug 2016 02:38:13
Really you're off Rubio after 2 games?

And if Dunn starts the Wolves won't make the playoffs, unless he is better than every top PG when they were rookies, because none of them made the playoffs their rookie year.

12 Aug 2016 04:20:23
Finally someone who agrees Rubio is not good. He's an average PG, good at certain things, but awful at others. However, there is no way the Kings would take a Rubio and Bjelica for WCS and Gay trade. I think with that package you would either get, Gay or WCS, not both

12 Aug 2016 05:11:35
Kings say no.

12 Aug 2016 05:41:30
So what your saying is the cavs get Rudy gay and wcs, the two wolves get Kevin love back and the kings get graped right in the mouth.

12 Aug 2016 12:42:21
I've watched rubio for five years, so no, not after two games. The hope was that given a full off season of health Ricky would actually work on his shooting. every other wolf is spending the off season putting in serious work. A. Wiggins skipped the Olympics to work on his ball handling and shooting with the teams head development trainer, KAT is currently in Seattle with Zach Lavine Whare hes, in his own words, " learning how a dude obsessed with being great works on his game". where's Ricky? In Spain bricking so badly that teams play 4 on 5 defense against the S. N. T. ever time Ricky's on the court. His shot looks like he hasn't spent an afternoon looking at a rim he didn't have to, since the season ended. He is now what he always will be a great facilitator and above average defender but isn't ever going to be an offensive threat. Personally I like old school point guards, but its not 1993. In todays game you need a 1that can keep the defense honest. What happens in the playoffs when teams start playing the Same 4 on 5 defense spain is seeing now? That's not hyperbole, that is a real possibility that could totally sink this team.

12 Aug 2016 13:05:55
I`m sure everyone knows by now that R. Rubio isn`t a star or NBA Starting PG (UNLESS HE IS IN A PICK N ROLL SYSTEM) and even then, he wouldn't be effective, because we would make him shoot, so the Wolves lose. To include, they drafted Z. Lavine (PG) and Dunn (PG), so what does that tell you? CORRECT the staff has no faith in him and are only trying to move him on in his career to another team for whatever they can get for him. ( ( (basic basketball business) ) )

12 Aug 2016 13:08:48
Rubio doesn't give the twolves a better shot at the playoffs. Rubio is what he is. Theyd be making the playoffs because of growth from other guys on the team. Now that they have Dunn Rubio being there is irrelevant.

12 Aug 2016 14:11:10
@wolves fan, I believe derrick rose made the playoffs his first year, Agent 0 put an extra 20 wins in golden state his first year. There are multiple examples of point guards who had immediate success, but were on terrible teams. To say that because other top point guards couldn't turn twenty win teams into playoff contenders their first year means Kris Dunn would keep a team on which he'd be, at best, the 4th option from making the playoffs is IMHO faulty.

12 Aug 2016 14:16:58
Okay a few things here,

1) Zach LaVine is not a PG, should never play PG, and his presence on the team does not affect Rubio at all

2)I agree that Rubio needs to improve his shot in order for the Wolves to make/ do well in the playoffs. He showed that he could become an average shooter in the second half of last year, and I'm willing to give it a year to see if that improvement was real

3) Unless you expect KAT and Wiggins to be easily be All-Stars and be in discussion for the All-NBA teams, the Wolves will not make the playoffs with Dunn starting. None of the top PGs made the playoffs as rookies, Lilliard had a much better team then than the Wolves do now and he still couldn't do it. So unless Dunn is a top PG right away, I have no reason to expect the Wolves can make the playoffs with him being the starting PG for a majority of the year.

12 Aug 2016 14:51:26
See watching games aren`t the only thing you need to do to figure out your teams system. i listen to your coaches and they have been trying to make YOUR GUY a point guard since he`s only effective if he is slashing to the basket at the SG spot. (he is inconsistent with his jumper. but i do like his game at the SG but if you can't SHOOT where does that leave you? that's correct Wolvesfan, on the bench. that's why he will be coming off the bench until he truly gets in the gym and gets his SHOT down. but he is TRULY TALENTED.

12 Aug 2016 14:52:52
Trade him now. If he's exposed during the playoffs his value plummets. I'd put together a package for WCS, or noel, and a backup/ placeholder point guard now, cause I doubt you can get either next off season.

12 Aug 2016 14:52:56
@-----> Winston The Wolf.
Your right about D. Rose and D. Wade also made it his rookie year as well.

12 Aug 2016 15:18:16
@ sixer4life: dwade that was the other one I was looking for.
However your all twisted on lavine. Mitchell tried to make him a point even tho it was obvious he wasn't a PG. He got a lot better once they stopped that crap and handed him the starting 2. And anyone who's watched Zach lavine knows that the kid has a very good, tho at times inconsistent jumper 41%3pt, 48% fg,92%ft in the 2nd half last year, but needs serious work on his handles. He's not a penetrator, he's a shooter. And a talented one at that.

12 Aug 2016 16:43:11
I think, the point is moreso that Rubio/ Dunn aren't going to be the reason that they do/ do not make the playoffs.

It seems like your saying Rubios presence has an effect on how the wolves do this year. With Dunn there now, it doesn't.

12 Aug 2016 19:02:15
Okay I think the biggest difference here is not on how we think of Rubio, but more on what we think of Dunn.

I think Rubio is a good PG ( I know some will disagree) but but not someone who can't be moved.

I'm not sold on Dunn at all though, and expect him to be a backup PG at best THIS season. He struggled with shooting and turnovers in college and I'm guessing that will only get worse in his 1st year in the NBA. Having somone who can actually run the offense smoothly is paramount (this was obvious when Ricky wasn't in the game) and while I don't expect him to be as bad as LaVine at PG, I don't expect him to be better than Rubio at running an NBA offense. Meaning having Rubio (or really any other decent starting PG) will absolutely influence whether or not they make the playoffs.

13 Aug 2016 00:37:08
Kings say hell no

13 Aug 2016 03:32:48
Agree with most of that. I'm very high on Dunn.

The shooting concerns are actually overblown if you go back and look at the college stats, and he would be worlds better then Rubio if he shot only around what he shot in college. He actually has a really good shot at being better then Rubio defensively as early as this year, and that seems to be one of the main plus's in Rubio game per people who re fans of him on here.

The turnovers are an issue as you said, but I watch a good amount of his college games, and he got caught a lot of the time trying to do to much with inferior talent around him (really only bentil) . His competiveness is off the charts.

11 Aug 2016 13:52:52
No trades are coming for Cavs.
I thought they want Perkins being their enforcer.
Sign him for vet minimum.
Resign JR Smith.
Chalmers or Cole for backup PG.

11 Aug 2016 08:25:28
I'm Bon Jovi living on a prayer lol
Cavs take advantage of possible deadline deals. Big ifs but if Clippers aren't happy or think Blake may leave and decide to trade Blake and if the Kings aren't happy or Cousins isn't happy and they decide to trade Cousins (Cavs super team)

Clippers Cavs

Cavs receive
W. Johnson

Clippers receive

Kings Cavs

Kings receive
Future 1st
Future 2nd

Cavs receive
Temple or Toliver or Kofous
(All three are around the same value so whoever they want to trade the most)

11 Aug 2016 13:04:36
Neither deal is ridiculous, but I think the Clips and Kings say no.

11 Aug 2016 13:22:20
Thompson for Griffin? Really.

14 Aug 2016 04:10:55
Kings and Clips both say no

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