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03 Jul 2015 04:47:06
Cavs get Beverly Harrell
Rockets get Haywood (waive/trade) and Harris

Cavs get gooden
Clippers get Perkins (reunite with Doc)
Wizards get udoh or draft picks

Cavs sign prince

Smith/shumpert /miller

02 Jul 2015 21:16:53
Cavs Spurs wolves
Cavs get Martin mills diaw
Spurs get Haywood (waive)
Wolves ayres Harris

02 Jul 2015 21:26:50
You must be a cavs fan

02 Jul 2015 23:47:23
Ayers went to Pistons

03 Jul 2015 03:49:02
Cavs don't have cap space for this.

02 Jul 2015 20:55:14
Cavs get diaw mills and Martin
Spurs get Haywood
Twolves get ayres Harris

02 Jul 2015 23:35:49
Wolves won't move Martin unless they get a 1st

02 Jul 2015 20:39:52
Cleveland Cavaliers

Tristan Thompson For Lavory Allen #Cavs

02 Jul 2015 17:13:43
Cleveland Cavaliers

JR Smith For Dwyane Wade

02 Jul 2015 19:03:49
oh because Cleveland deff wants to pay 120m in salary and 200m in luxury tax.

02 Jul 2015 19:18:48
hahah. made my day

02 Jul 2015 03:58:30
The big man are going fast
Milwaukee has to do something.
I think Milwaukee Bucks should after Greg Monroe because he is a hell of a basketball player and he fit just right in

Plus I think should trade a couple of people like mayo, Bayless,
Trade Bayless yo cavs for a 2 future 2 round picks

Trade mayo to hornets Marvin Williams and 2016 2 rd pick

02 Jul 2015 00:34:16
Cleveland Cavaliers

Iman Shumpert For Gerald Green

01 Jul 2015 21:57:14
Nuggets Plans


Nuggets get Brendan Haywood *waive*

Cavaliers get Randy Foye


Nuggets get Courtney Lee, Jordan Adams and cash

Grizzlies get Danilo Gallinari


Nuggets get Terrence Ross

Raptors get JJ Hickson and future pick

Nuggets sign Tobias Harris 4yr/60mil


T.Lawson/E. Mudiay/J.Adams

01 Jul 2015 23:40:24
Gallo if healthy is better than Harris.

01 Jul 2015 19:50:56

Spurs get Haywood (waive)

Cavs get Mills

01 Jul 2015 23:36:53
no need to trade mills

01 Jul 2015 17:38:46

Thunder gets: Haywood (Waive)

Cavs gets: Novak, 2nd 2016 (via Hornets)

Thunder save cap space.

Cavs get a veteran shooter and a pick.

01 Jul 2015 05:05:01
Bucks offseason, free agency
Shumpert and Chandler and Jae Crowder
Resign Middleton
Trade Mayo and Bayless to cavs for james jones and a 1st rd of future maybe 2017
Trade Plumlee and Henson to Pelicans for Babbit
Release: Jorge G, Babbit

Mcw, Vasquez, Ennis
Middleton, Shumpert
Greek Freak, Dudley, Vaughn
Parker, Crowder
Chandler, Puchulia

The others
O bryant

01 Jul 2015 14:45:37
Salarys don't work on the cavs deal

01 Jul 2015 15:03:09
crowder is 6'6

01 Jul 2015 15:35:07
Crowder played some PF in boston

01 Jul 2015 02:30:39
Cavs get Serge Ibaka and Nikola Pekovic

Thunder get Kevin Love s&t

Wolves get Tristan Thompson

01 Jul 2015 10:13:27
Ends kanter and love would be horrible defensively.

01 Jul 2015 13:45:21
Cavs fan getting everything and giving up nothing in return. Love is not going to accept a S&T. He can sign anywhere he wants.

01 Jul 2015 16:23:20
um Pek for Tristan????HA

30 Jun 2015 21:58:50
Cavs sign-n-trade Kevin Love to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe.

01 Jul 2015 10:24:03
I'm a suns fan and even I know bledsoe isn't enough for love

30 Jun 2015 19:55:33
Cleveland Cavs

Tristan Thompson For Darrell Arthur

30 Jun 2015 17:42:22
Cleveland Cavaliers

Tristan Thompson For Pau Gasol

30 Jun 2015 21:38:32
This trade doesn't help chicago

29 Jun 2015 22:42:15

Chicago sends Gibson and Hinrich to Boston

Boston sends Smart to Cleveland

Cleveland sends Haywood to Chicago

Boston gets a starting 4 and Hinrich. Cleveland gets Irving's back up. And Chicago declines Haywoods option.

Bulls use Pau to recruit brother Marc.
Max him out.

Let Butler play for his qualifying offer.
Sign one of the many free agent guards who will want an NBA team instead of China or Europe.


29 Jun 2015 23:23:19
No way Noah comes off the bench

29 Jun 2015 23:29:33
Celtics get ripped off gibsons not worth Marcus smart the 6th pick last year

30 Jun 2015 00:46:40
Noah basically played bench minutes this past season already.

You telling me he would not do an "Andre Igoudala" for the Bulls if it meant winning?

30 Jun 2015 04:11:47
And no way Boston sends smart out for a 6th man and a backup at best pg

29 Jun 2015 01:35:34
Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love For Zack Randolph

29 Jun 2015 14:02:02
Love is free agent.

28 Jun 2015 23:27:55

Kevin Love And Brendan Haywood For

LaMarcus Aldridge And Robin Lopez #CavsNation

29 Jun 2015 07:10:15
Cavs don't have enough cap space

29 Jun 2015 15:04:20
Aldridge is better than love and Lopez is way better than haywood

28 Jun 2015 04:12:21
Cleveland Cavs

James Jones For Michael Beasley #CavsNation

28 Jun 2015 14:12:13
Pat Riley would not accommodate the Cavs in getting a piece that they need, especially for James Jones.

29 Jun 2015 01:51:49
The cavs can just sign Beasley, MIA didn't pick up his option.

27 Jun 2015 16:40:23
I'm sorry I made a mistake in the Michael Beasley trade rumor. I said that the cavs would trade a 6th and 7th round pick but I meant to say that there thinking about trading their 2016 and 2017 2nd round picks for Michael Beasley. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes I greatly appreciate that because this is only my second day but I have a lot of information to share with you guys.

28 Jun 2015 01:11:41
This post got weird fast

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