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09 Feb 2016 05:01:12
Kings trade Cousins, Gay

Celtics trade Lee, Sullinger, Turner, Rozier, Nets 2016 first round pick, Mavericks 2016 first round pick, right to swap 2017 first round picks (remember Celtics can swap with Nets in 2017), Grizzlies 2018 first round pick

I don't think the Kings will trade Cousins because he won't demand a trade but hypothetically let's say he had had his fill with the horrible Kings front office and ownership and wants out. The Kings would send a lot of long term salary while adding expiring contracts, a potential future starting PG (Rozier) and 3 future first round picks.

The Celtics have all these assests and if Cousins or Clippers PF Griffin become available the Celtics should make a push to get one of them. They lack a legit superstar and adding Cousins would give them that plus Gay and his shot creating ability on a team friendly dealing going forward with the cap going up.

Again I don't see this happening but with news the HC Karl will be fired by the Kings right before the All Star break might be the tipping point for Cousins and him wanting out.

09 Feb 2016 10:19:58
Bad trade, and now not only Cousins, but also Gay is included. Right.

09 Feb 2016 04:38:54
Hornets trade Jefferson, Hansbrough

Mavericks trade Pachulia, Felton, 2016 and 2017 second round picks

Hornets are moving on from Jefferson and he won't be given. New contract this summer when his current deal expires. So why not get something for him since when he is healthy he is still a good low post scorer. Swapping him out for Pachulia (who's have a good year) while taking back no long term salary plus a couple of second round picks is a solid return.

Mavericks are looking to make a push and stay in the 5th spot in the west to avoid having to play the Warriors, Spurs, or Thunder in the first round. They lack a low post scorer and adding Jefferson at a low cost might net them a good return for a player who likely just needs a change of scenery.

09 Feb 2016 03:12:32

Dal gets Teague, Thabo, Martin
- Dal makes a push for the playoffs

ATL gets Mathews, Evans and Dal 2018 1st
- ATL makes Dennis their head PG and Matthews will be under a team friendly contract for another 3 years at SG

Min gets Felton and Dallas 2017 2nd.
- Min gets a second and doesn't have to worry about Martin taking 7 mil in his option.

09 Feb 2016 04:26:57
Only part of the trade that makes sense is swapping Felton and 2nd round pick for Martin.

07 Feb 2016 14:36:03
Celtics are a great team now, but this trade can make us a contendor:

Celtics get: Whiteside and Anderson

Heat get: Sullinger, Zeller and Rozier + 2016 amavs Pick and 2016 Celtics Pick.

pg: Thomas
sg: Bradley
sf: crowder
pf: johnson
c: whiteside

This team is a defensive monster and a contendor in the east.

07 Feb 2016 15:47:16
I disagree with your premise.

07 Feb 2016 23:17:32
There's no guarantee that Whiteside will re-sign with Celtics. And with this line up, Thomas will probably take 40 shots a game.

08 Feb 2016 17:19:04
Celtics are already a contender in the East and a defensive juggernaut.

07 Feb 2016 11:27:18
Blockbuster trade between Clippers, Nuggets, Mavericks, Hawks:

Mavs get:

Wes Johnson

Nuggets get:

Mike Scott
Justin Anderson

Clippers get:


Hawks get:


07 Feb 2016 12:16:24
edit and change:

Mavs get:

Wes Johnson

Nuggets get:

J Anderson

Clippers get:


Hawks get:



Korver/Hardaway Jr./Holiday

Faried/Mbah a Moute/Ayres


07 Feb 2016 12:20:59
edit and change. Maybe these teams can play around.

Nuggets get:
J Anderson

Mavs get:
Wes Johnson

Clipers get:

Hawks get:

07 Feb 2016 13:41:35
Seriously, stop the edits.

And on top of it, how in the world does the mavs get Teague, Crawford, Gallo and johnsons for what? A complete bust of a draft pick in Anderson, parsons who will opt out and Williams who will opt out. Seriously?

06 Feb 2016 03:54:52
Celtics trade Lee, Sullinger, better of Mavs and own 2016 first round pick

Bucks trade Monroe

The Celtics lack a legit starting center. Monroe is one a short term deal but Boston has to start taking chances with all these young players and million draft pics and make a swing move.

Bucks aren't going anywhere, their season has been a joke. Monroe doesn't fit well next to the Greak Freak and Parker and they aren't getting traded so Monroe is the odd man out. Plus Monroe has only one more year after this on his contract before he can leave as a FA. So swapping him out for a young floor spacing big and a first round pick isn't a bad move to make for the long term.

06 Feb 2016 04:22:11
Not enough for Monroe.

06 Feb 2016 01:47:16
Celtics trade Lee, Hunter, better of Mavs and own 2016 first round pick, Wolves 2016 first round pick (likely to be two 2nd round picks)
Celtics get Gallinari, Wilcox, Clippers 2016 second round pick

Nuggets trade Gallinari, Nelson, Arthur, Miller
Nuggets get Lee, Stephenson, Hunter, better of Mavs and Celtics 2016 first round pick (from Celtics), Wolves 2016 first round pick (from Celtics)

Clippers trade Stephenson, Wilcox, 2016 second round pick
Clippers get Nelson, Arthur, Miller

Celtics add a closer and scorer to go along with IT plus a young sharpshooter. Gallinari will give the Celtics a scoring punch off the bench if they choose and a good player on a great contract with the cap going up this summer.

Nuggets are in fire sale mode to swapping out Gallinari for two expiring contracts and three draft picks plus Hunter who is a bright young sharpshooter is a great return.

Clippers are rumored to be looking to trade Griffin but instead they show swap out Stephenson and never used Wilcox for three veteran players to add depth and experience to the bench.

06 Feb 2016 04:24:49
Decent but Denver would likely need slightly more.

05 Feb 2016 21:24:06
If it is possible to get Fournier from Orlando, that Mavs should go for Fournier over Turner:



05 Feb 2016 22:02:04
And Orlando does this why?

05 Feb 2016 23:19:41
Orlando does it because drainer wants it to happen.

06 Feb 2016 01:22:34
Because they have Oladipo and Hezonja and they do not Play Nicholson much. So they might not invest much money to resign Fournier. But may in Powell as the good PF/ C bench and Felton could provide some veteran ship for Payton - if Orlando would consider that.

05 Feb 2016 21:16:42
Funny the knick'rbockrguys.

The Player that would have been able to move Mavs over the top, can not be traded anymore. Noah was possible moneywise and his athletic and energy is was Mavs need. He is hurt and that trade will not happen.

Whiteside would be a Piece for the future but he Needs time to develop so it doesn't improve immediatelly.

I think it the good idea to go after Howard in the summer. He Dominates the paint and propably Mavs would be able to add Howard and Ryan Anderson in the summer. If not Noah, Whiteside and Mozgov are also FA.

Having Howard as an idea for the summer Mavs should add some size on the wings. Evan Turner would be the good backup for Parsons and could also backup SG. He is fast, can make plays and drive and shoot - good fit.

Boston goes after Gallinari, maybe Mozgov and need 1st round picks. Unprotected Celtics can trade the Mavs 1st 2016.

-1st 2016 unprotected (Mavs remove top 7 protection)

-Evan Turner

Summmer 2016:
-FA Howard 24m 4y
-FA Ryan Anderson 16m 4y

Howard, McGee, Mejri
Anderson, Nowitzki, Powell
Parsons, Turner, Evans
Matthews, Anderson, Jenkins
DWil, Barea, Harris

Contender. : ) and 3:0 Nicks defeater. ; )

05 Feb 2016 21:38:32
why would lifting the top 7 protection make that enticing for the Celtics? the mavs are making a very definitive case for making the playoffs this year making this trade absolutely pointless for the Celtics especially since we are fighting for home court in the first round in the east and Turner is a key component to this team. we don't need another pg either.

stupid stupid move for the Celtics.

05 Feb 2016 21:54:54
Im assuming that you are trying to pay howard 96 million over 4 years? You are a great fantasy gm. dude is done.

05 Feb 2016 21:58:31
Also, to be fair larrylegend. if the mavs lose the rest of the games, there is a slight chance the pick would then fall into the top 7. So really you are only breaking up a key rotational player for a worthless player for a .35% chance of that restriction removal having value.

No chance in convincing drainer that you need 2 teams to agree to a trade. He still thinks its just what the mavs want ;)

05 Feb 2016 22:10:12
well yeah I never said that they were guaranteed making the playoffs just said they were making a great case. but yeah I've been a reader on this site for a while and just started getting fed up with some of the posts so I decided to make an account and start commenting, so I've noticed that he's done that haha.

05 Feb 2016 22:29:55
Howard and Anderson worth way more.

05 Feb 2016 22:38:10
dwight is going to be paid more than that because of the salary cap rise.

05 Feb 2016 22:38:29
Yeah I wasn't knocking you. Drainer is a joke. Been claiming the mavs would get whiteside for Felton for months. Just keeps saying believe me in broken English. Most post what they consider reasonable trades. He just posts trades that center around the mavs getting a star for Felton and says believe me. He knows game flow. It'll get done. Crazy crazy guy. Oh and if you disagree he'll probably call you unemployed.

06 Feb 2016 01:29:18
Funny the knick'rbockrguys, no idea to talk about knicks or your dreams . are you behind your ideas and dreams? ; )

Why Boston would do that? Mavs may not fall to lottery, but Boston cannot trade the 1st Mavs if there is 1% chance left. So Boston would get to possibility to trade e. g. Bostons and Mavs 1st 2016 and Lee for Gallinari and Keep the Nets 1st 2016 if they obtain the Mavs pick without any protection!

06 Feb 2016 13:30:56
Yeah drainer. Can you write that all in some type of better program than google translate? Legitimately no clue what you are saying.

No idea to talk about your Knicks or dreams are you behind your dreams or ideas.

Um, what?

05 Feb 2016 17:39:32

LAL get #1 pick

PHI get D'Angelo Russell, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, 32nd pick via LAL and DAL pick via BOS

BOS get Nerlens Noel and Lou Williams

LAL sign Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside
draft Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram

oh hell yes I'm a Laker fan. This cause for a long conversation?

Pg Conley/ FA
Sg Clarkson/ Young
Sf Ingram/ Nance
Pf Simmons/ Bass
Ce Whiteside/ Black.

05 Feb 2016 17:49:50
No, it just does not make sense for 76-ers.

05 Feb 2016 17:55:02
Sixers get ripped. Hard.

05 Feb 2016 17:55:06
i like this.

05 Feb 2016 18:55:06
Good thought. Don't think Sixers do this because they're probably closer to using multiple assets to improve player quality instead of using two assets and getting back volume.

Plus, as noted, Randle and OK4 together might be a problem. Plus, as noted before, Smart's not even a starter on the Sixers (before they acquire Russell) . Plus adding two more late 1s round picks doesn't really help.

Essentially they're trading Simmons and Noel for Russell and Randle.

05 Feb 2016 19:19:21
Nobody is giving up the chance to draft Ben Simmons.

05 Feb 2016 20:13:23
Terrible trade for Sixers.

05 Feb 2016 17:23:14

DAL get Dwight Howard, Corey Brewer and Lance Stephenson

Pg Williams/ Felton/ Harris
Sg Matthews/ Stephenson
Sf Brewer/ Anderson
Pf Nowitzki/ Evans/ Villanueva
Ce Howard/ Mejri

LAC get Terrence Jones, Montrezl Harrell, Chandler Parsons, Zaza Pachulia 1st round pick from DAL and 1st round picks from HOU

Pg Paul/ Rivers/ Prigioni
Sg Reddick/ Crawford
Sf Parsons/ Johnson/ Pierce
Pf Jones/ Harrell
Ce Jordan/ Pachulia/ Aldrich

HOU get Blake Griffin, JJ Barea and Luc Mbah Moute

Pg Beverley/ Lawson/ Barea
Sg Harden/ McDaniels/ Terry
Sf Ariza/ Dekker
Pf Griffin/ Mbah Moute
Ce Capela/ Motiejunas.

05 Feb 2016 17:55:29
Dallas fan obviously.

05 Feb 2016 18:16:44
No. I'm a Lakers fan.

05 Feb 2016 13:14:13

DAL get Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza

HOU get Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon and Robin Lopez

NYK get Ty Lawson, Sam Dekker, Chandler Parsons, DAL future 1st, DAL 2nd round pick and Zaza Pachulia

DAL get their star defensive center and will fit perfectly. They also get a hustling SF to complete their starting 5

Pg Williams/ Barea/ Felton
Sg Matthews/ Harris
Sf Ariza/ Anderson
Pf Nowitzki/ Evans/ Villanueva
Ce Howard/ Mejri

HOU get a star SF to tandem with James Harden. A matured version of Melo could fit next to Harden and hopefully build a partnership that can seriously contend. Also having a defensive center around them would be nice.

Pg Beverley/ Calderon
Sg Harden/ McDaniels/ Terry
Sf Anthony/ Brewer
Pf Jones/ Harrell
Ce Lopez/ Capela/ Moteijunas

NYK get a bunch of return for their star. It's hard to move Carmelo as he is playing very good basketball now but moving the team to a Porzingis team is not a bad idea. They would have plenty of cap next season if the 3 players they get doesn't resign

Pg Lawson/ Grant
Sg Afflalo/ Galloway/ Vujacic
Sf Parsons/ Thomas/ Dekker
Pf Porzingis/ Williams/ Oquinn
Ce Pachulia/ Seraphin.

05 Feb 2016 13:39:29
Very bad for knicks.

05 Feb 2016 14:58:14
Don't want either Lawson or Dekker, so basically the Knicks are losing Melo and Lopez for Parsons and a future 1st. No thanks.

05 Feb 2016 07:11:36
Milwaukee-Boston-New Orleans

In- Boston first round via Dallas, N. O. First round, Sullinger, Douglas
Out-Greg Monroe, MCW, Oj mayo, Plumlee, Vasquez

In-Ryan Anderson, Plumlee, Vasquez, Gee
Out- First round pick Via Dallas, Sullinger, Lee

New Orleans
In- Greg Monroe, MCW, Lee, Oj Mayo
Out- Ryan Anderson, First Round pick, Douglas, Gee.

04 Feb 2016 23:41:18
I know there are bigger, better and more interesting trade ideas with all of the trade rumors swirling around today. But as a Timberwolves fan, I've got to try to make some deal happen.
Here are a variety of Kevin Martin trade ideas. All of the trades are with teams that have either been mentioned in rumors as having interest in Kevin Martin or that could use extra scoring punch of the bench. All of the trades work as far as the salary cap is concerned (confirmed with ESPN NBA Trade Machine) . Tell me which one you think is most likely and most realistic.

Minnesota and Cleveland:
- Kevin Martin to Cleveland using their 10 million dollar trade exception (Acquired in Brendan Haywood trade) and Minnesota's 2019 second round pick (Traded to Cleveland in Tyus Jones deal) .

Minnesota and Memphis:
- Kevin Martin to Memphis for Courtney Lee and Bostons 2016 2nd round pick.

Minnesota and Dallas:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to Dallas for Raymond Felton, Dwight Powell and Dallas' 2017 2nd round pick.

Minnesota and Oklahoma City
- Send Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to the Thunder for Steve Novak, Josh Huestis, either the Ish Smith or the Perry Jones trade exceptions and 1 or more of the Thunders 3 2016 2nd round picks: (Their own, The Hornets' and The Kings') . Also, the rights to recently drafted Kentuvky big man Dakari Johnson could be sent instead of a second round pick.

Minnesota and Los Angeles Clippers:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshuan Prince to the Clippers for Jamal Crawford, CJ Wilcox and the Brooklyn Net's 2016 second round pick.

Minnesota and Miami:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to Miami for Chris Andersen, Jarnell Stokes and Miami's 2018 second round pick.

Finally, if none of the above trades, or any other trade is possible, the Wolves could trade Martin to Philidelphia in a pure salary dump.
- Kevin Martin and the Houston Rockets 2016 2nd round pick (top-45 protected) to Philly for a player.

Other teams that have been rumored to have been interested, or could use Martin: Sacramento, Milwaukee, Toronto, Detroit, New York Knicks, Washington, Houston, Portland and Utah.

Obviously as you can see, I think that Kevin Martin can be a valuable piece for a team competing for a playoff spot and that needs three point shooting and scoring off the bench. I put Martins trade value as an expiring contract (simply to make the numbers work) and another young prospect and/ or second round pick. I also think that Tayshaun Prince could be a valuable piece for a playoff team as a wing defender. He has playoff experience and is still a viable defensive small forward two couples together makes sense. What Martin lacks in defense, Prince provides.

I put a lot of time into making this. So please take the time to read it and give me feedback as to which trade you think is most realistic, most likely and most logical. If you have another possible trade or a counteroffer, please comment that as well. If you think Martins value is less or more than I stated, let me know.

Finally, here's another possible trade just for fun:

Kevin Martin, Adreian Payne, the Houston Rockets 2016 second round pick (top-45 protected) and the Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 second round pick
Markieff Morris.

This might be a stretch, as the Suns seem to think Morris has more trade value than he really does. However, I think Morris would fit nicely into the 'Wolves' core. Also, if the Suns are ready to blow up their roster, why would t they trade that headache for a power forward with potential: Adreian Payne and 2 second round picks.

04 Feb 2016 21:29:01

Celtics get Whiteside, Anderson, and Udrih

Heat get Smart, Zeller, and Mavs 2016 1st rd pick.

04 Feb 2016 22:23:23
the Celtics have great chemistry right now and bringing in whiteside would straight up kill that. he's an immature player on and off the court. plus he will demand max money which I personally don't think he deserves one bit but will definitely get else where.

so no thank you from boston. i'd rather take what we have go as far as we can and try and get some guy in free agency or hope and pray for #1.

04 Feb 2016 15:09:05
I think that boston should try to pick up joe Johnson if he winds up getting bought out this year. He will become a very important piece come playoff time. He will be the second player on the team to be able to create his own shot if the set breaks down.

As for d12,
hou: jerebko, lee, rozier, young, minny pick, Dallas pick and boston pick
bos: d12 and one of Houston picks
This is presumed if he agrees to resign.

03 Feb 2016 16:10:53
Newest Rumor Boston looking for D. Howard
Boston won't give up too much for a rental of an old declining Center.
Here are 3 Deals that could work.


Boston-Lee (Salary purposes) Sullinger-Young Dallas 1st-Minny 1st (2 2nds) Celtics Lottery protected 2018 1st


Dallas 1st-Boston 1st-Minny 1st (2 2nds)


Dallas 1st-Boston 2016 1st (top 20 protected) Minny 2016 1st (2 2nds)

All 3 deals are similar with small changes. Let me know what you gentlemen think.

03 Feb 2016 16:33:50
i feel like the first one boston doesn't give enough, but the third boston gives too much, there fore number 2 is the one that works the best.

03 Feb 2016 17:16:42
All are trade machine approved.

03 Feb 2016 13:35:02
Celtics / Nets trade

Celtics get Brook Lopez

Nets get David Lee (Exp), Tyler Zeller, Terry Rozier, James Young, better 1st rd between Mavs and Celtics, 76ers 2nd rd and Mavs 2nd rd picks.

03 Feb 2016 14:13:56
Build the deal around Brooklyn pick.

03 Feb 2016 15:04:46
Lopez isn't worth the BKN pick.

03 Feb 2016 15:42:36
Celtics would only give up Nets pick for a top player. They might give up both their own pick and Mavs pick if needed. Nets need to rebuild and 2 1st rd picks even in the late teens early 20s is better than no picks in the 1st rd at all.

03 Feb 2016 17:07:00
Without one Nets pick, any year, no point in discussing; they get no proven talent, so this pick is must. Or rather keep lopez, try to overpay
player or two, and make those picks as bas as possible (spread 35 mils between bazemore and ish smith - 20+15/ 3yrs) - bit of a grotesque strech, but still.

03 Feb 2016 05:45:55
Lakers trade Lou Williams

Celtics trade Turner, Rozier, Mavericks 2016 first round pick

I don't know what is wrong with Lakers HC Byron Scott but he should be playing Rusell and Clarkson as many minutes together as possible as the backcourt of the future. Moving Williams opens up more playing time for those two players. And adding Rozier (nice scoring combo guard for the bench) and the Mavericks first round pick add more youth to the rebuilding project.

Celtics have a million picks and a million young players glued to the bench not playing. While Rozier has upside long time Williams will give the Celtics the quick hit scoring punch they lack coming off the bench now with Thomas in the starting lineup. It's a good value buy for the Celtics as Williams is in year 1 of a 3yr/ $21M deal.

03 Feb 2016 08:08:01
Seems like a lot to give for Williams. Celtics pass.

03 Feb 2016 18:30:21
yeah that's way to much for Williams. we aren't trading a first round pick, our best distributor and our highest most recent draft pick. yes we need scoring but I believe we can get it at a lower cost or better talent.

02 Feb 2016 21:40:26
The Nuggets may be looking to rebuild here is a few deals that the Celtics could swing.
(Both trade machine approved)

Deal #1

Den-K. Faried- 2017 2nd rounder (top 50 protected)

Bos-J. Sullinger-J. Jerebko-T. Rozier-Better of Dallas/ Boston 1st 2016-Minnesota 2016 1st (2 2nds 2016 and 2017 Memphis 2019 1st


-Younger and more flexible. They add a 1st round pick (yes not high but has value 18-25) also a future 1st from Memphis, along with future 2nds. The drop from Faried to Sullinger is not too steep and they can decide at seasons end to keep or let go. Jerebko is another player they can keep or cut (2017 none guaranteed $5 mil) and Rozier a young point guard prospect. Cuts $2 million immediately and with Sully and Jerebko not guaranteed next year that's $7.5 Million in spending money.

-Cash in some assets but lose some financial flexibility. Faried is an upgrade who can start or be a great big off the bench. Able to keep the Nets pick.

Deal #2


Boston-Sullinger-Jerebko-Lee-Rozier- (Young or Hunter) -Better of Dallas/ Boston 2016 pick-Minnesota 2016 (2 2nds) -2018 Nets pick

(you could remove both Jerebko and Hickson if you think its too much)

-Similar to the first deal Denver adds youth picks and financial flexibility. Lee/ Sullinger/ Jerebko all can come off the books next year (Jerebko none-Guaranteed $5mill) equaling $23 million in savings (Max contract) Also bring in a 1st this year (18-25) and a 2018 Nets pick (unprotected) along with a few 2nds. Denver gets 2 prospects (Rozier then Choice of Young/ Hunter to replace Gallinari) Both on rookie contracts.

-Able to use assets to upgrade team while losing the 2018 Nets pick hurts its worth it for Gallinari who would be the first off the bench or possibly start at PF in small ball rotations.

Both trades go through trade machine, money works. Benefits both teams. Let me hear your thoughts too much from Boston or Not enough? Am i wrong thinking Denver wants to rebuild? Am i right with my reasons?

02 Feb 2016 22:00:25
Both trade ideas uproot and gut the celtics for trades that do not make them any better. If you want a realistic trade try gallinari for lee, sullinger and celtics pick. Neither team guts the roster.

02 Feb 2016 22:23:24
I don't really see the need for Fareid. we have a bigger version of him in Amir Johnson in my eyes and he not guaranteed after this season and frankly I believe he's more valuable then Faried and I think that he's way too overpaid.

i don't see the Celtics trading the nets pick, granted its 2 years down the road, but I still don't see them trading it for unless its a proven star. Gallinari is good but he's no star. he's never made an all star and has been injured quite often. so I would say that the Celtics are giving up too much for him in that deal. but I definitely think that Gallinari to the Celtics would be a great fit as we need shooting.

02 Feb 2016 22:44:28
Celtics wouldn't bite. Not great trades for them.

02 Feb 2016 21:58:58
Faried is not worth nearly that much.

02 Feb 2016 23:05:11
First one is def overpay for Faried, he could be had for less. Second one I would say also, especially including nets pick.

02 Feb 2016 23:33:42
If I'm Boston, I say no to both trades.

03 Feb 2016 00:02:46
I think you are spot on! I would very much appreciate either of these deals. Good work.

03 Feb 2016 01:13:11
So if I were to remove the Nets pick for the Gallo deal and then remove the 2016 1st from the Faried deal better?

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