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20 Dec 2014 13:45:45
Celtics Pistons trade

Celtics get Jennings, Monroe and Jerebko

Pistons get Nelson, Wallace, Bass, a 1st from Brooklyn and a 2nd from Dallas

PG-Jennings or Smart

PG-Nelson. reunited with Stan VG
SG-Meeks or KCP
SF-Wallace or Butler


20 Dec 2014 14:37:17
Detroit doesn't want Wallace and his contract.


Celtics aren't giving up the nets first. In 2016(celtics owned) the nets will have a top ten pick

Celtics 4 life



20 Dec 2014 12:10:51
Bulls trade celtics

Celtics get noah and dunleavy

Bulls get,k.ollynic and mavs 1rst round pick 2015

Bulls roster


20 Dec 2014 14:33:04
Bulls are win now and Celtics are building. The direction of the trade makes no sense.




20 Dec 2014 01:00:18
The Mavs need to adress lack of depth with their big men quickly. It doesn't need to be a major acquisition, but they do need to bring in someone to provide some energy off the bench.

My Suggested Trade:
Mavericks Get: Ed Davis, Jordan Clarkson
Lakers Get: Raymond Felton, Dwight Powell


PG: Felton, Lin, Price, Nash(Retired)
SG: Kobe, Ellington, Henry (INJ)
SF: Johnson, Young
PF: Boozer, Kelly, Powell, Randle (INJ)
C: Hill, Sacre

PG: Rondo, Barea, Clarkson
SG: Ellis, Harris, Ledo
SF: Parsons, Jefferson
PF: Dirk, Aminu, Villenuava
C: Chandler, Davis, Smith


Lakers say hell no.


Wtf lakers.say hell no


Just let ddrainr put up Mavs post




19 Dec 2014 18:40:28
Mavericks & Nuggets

Mavericks get D.Arthur
Nuggets get R.Ledo, G.Smith, D.Powell and 2015 2nd round pick

- sign R.Lewis (1-year, min.)

Rondo - Barea - Felton
Ellis - Harris
Parsons - Jefferson - Lewis
Nowitzki - Aminu - Villanueva
Chandler - Arthur

- waive D.Powell and G.Smith

Lawson - Robinson - Green
Afflalo - Foye - Harris - Ledo
Chandler - Gallinari - Gee
Faried - Hickson
Mozgov - McGee - Nurkic

Mavs get their backup pf/c. Nuggets save $1M and get future pick.





19 Dec 2014 18:31:40

Hornets get Parsons
Get shooting

Mavs get Stephenson, Biyombo, 2 2nd rd picks
Get defense and depth




19 Dec 2014 18:06:53
Mavs Moves

Sign: Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, & Emeka Okafor
Hire: Ddrainr as Assistant Coach

pg. rondo/harris/barea
sg. ellis/allen
sf. parsons/lewis
pf. dirk/villanueva
c. chandler/okafor


Hi, that would be cool! I am here! Call my number. : )

Honest, would have no clue on coaching : )

Yes I am interestes in strategy and management . and in exercises for better english ; )

Think ONeil will sign and Allen would be great. Okafor if he is health in January would be nice, but Mavs do not have the money and Okafor will not play for minimum.

But Mavs have the money to sign a 20m FA next summer - Aldridge!
And Mavs have the bird rights to resign Rondo, Chandler and the Vets.

Guys that is be a very wett dream! But I becomes really realistic now.

Will enjoy Mavs / Spurs on nba live tomorrow - and I am confident that Rondo will be adopted to the team - in this case a contender team.




19 Dec 2014 17:34:47
Simple signing that makes a lot of sense.

Jermaine Oneal to the Dallas Mavs.

They're thin up front after the Rondo trade and he's a guy who could be solid in reserve minutes.




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19 Dec 2014 15:48:47
More Boston moves


Boston get Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko exp

Detroit get Dallas' 2nd rd picks , Jameer Nelson and Jeff Green

Celtics bigs become deep in young talents they must resign Monroe to a 4yr 60mil deal

Detroit get their starting SF and Jameer will be reunited with SVG


Boston-New York

Boston get Shane Larkin and Andrea Bargnani exp

New York get Phil Pressey , Brandon Bass and Vitor Faverani

Boston would want another young piece and Larkin can be a good back-up for Smart

Knicks badly need some defensive effort inside and Bass will fit in


Smart / Larkin
Bradley / Young
Turner / Crowder / Wallace
Monroe / Wright
Sullinger / Olynyk / Zeller
this roster + a lot of picks will give them a good future


Pistons want high energy guys according to SVG in an article today. Nelson doesn't fit that roll and they have three PGS already on the roster. Smith, Singler and Jennings for Green and maybe Sullinger is a deal Detroit can live with.


^@ totellthetruth. Boston won't do that now that rondos gone. Maybe Jennings, singler, future 2nd for green.




18 Dec 2014 23:37:05
My friends.

-1st Lotter 2015 and 2nd pick


as I promissed you .

We will add some bigs like ONeil and Okafor and contenders . have a nice day.


Celtics are so dumb


19 Dec 2014 00:57:12
Danny Ainge needs to be fired Dallas got Rondo for that garbage.
Congrats to Dallas


I salute you. you predicted this EXACT TRADE months ago.


The draft pick is something. It's better than losing Rondo for nothing.


Nelson is not a bad PG but they could've got more out of it


Congrats, you literally posted a different rondo trade 3 times a day, everyday for the past 2 months and one was relatively close. We salute you. Kinda.


Well when you post so often about this trade eventually one of them was going to be right. Hopefully he works out and thank goodness we don't need to hear your trades anymore


Lol Ddrainer you posted this trade but then added like Olynyk and other celtics assets. Personally I'm not a fan of this for Dallas. I know everybody is talking about how unstoppable the Mavs will be, but Ellis plays better with the ball in his hands, and rondo doesn't space the floor as well as Nelson. Also, they have no good backup big man now. Did they get better? Probably but they have some serious questions to answer.


Let's see how this Dallas team work now, they better be a real contender or else they lose Rondo next season


This will look stupid next year when rondo is wearing a Knicks jersey.


We will see if it works. If not Mavs will loose Rondo next summer. And agree Rondo and Ellis need the ball . but I am confident Coach will make it work.

We will see ONeil in Mavs uniform and I think also Allen. Next year Mavs have the money to sign FA Aldrige and using bird rights to bring anthing other back, including Rondo/Chandler and the Vets. Would be a very expensive team - but a very strong contender - and Cuban will pay for a contender.

BTW. My english is that bad, so I try to do a exercise at posting here ; )




18 Dec 2014 23:20:20
Celtics: Jameer Nelson, Brandon Wright, Jae Crowder, 1 first rounder, 2 second rounders

Mavericks: Rajon Rondo

Celtics 4 life

Ainge waited much too long to trade him. Lousy return.




18 Dec 2014 23:10:46
Celtics get:
- Dallas 2015 1st rd
-Dallas 2017 1st rd

Bulls get:
-Jeff green

Mavs get:
-rajon rondo
-taj Gibson




18 Dec 2014 19:20:41

Dallas get Rajon Rondo , Kevin Garnett and Jeff Green

Boston get Brook Lopez and Devin Harris + 2 1st from Mavericks

Brooklyn get Chandler Parsons , Brandan Wright




18 Dec 2014 14:42:44

BOS get: Brandon Wright, Kevin Garnett (exp), 2015 1st DP from Mavs, & 2x Future 2nd DP BKN

BKN get: Kelly Olynyk & Raymond Felton

DAL get: Rondo




18 Dec 2014 13:57:00
if the Celtics are to trade Rondo , they should chase better assets than what the Mavs or Lakers or Rockets can give , Kings really has young talents and some good picks to give up, and as Detroit wants to unload Josh Smith this would be the deal here :

To Boston : Ben McLemore , Greg Monroe , JJ Thompson , 1st round pick from Sacramento

To Detroit : Jeff Green , Darren Collison and Derrick Williams

To Sactown : Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith

possibly add about 2M more salary or cash to Boston from Kings to match salaries

* Celtics get youth here and additional pick in the future
* Pistons unload Smith and Monroe (who probably don't sign back with them) while getting 2 decent SF's and their PG if they can also trade Jennings somewhere
* Kings want to contend , with buddies Rondo and Smith coming to town , with a good coach and system , their core definitely can compete in the west , maybe sign a couple of decent players from free agency

Celtics future
resign Monroe to a 4yr 60mil contract

is not a terrible starter in a rebuilding team with Olynyk , Zeller , James Young and McLemore + their pick in 2015 draft seems like bright future

well rebuild with this , try to unload Jennings for a pick




Very interesting trade. Detroit would get what they want, they would have to try and make a deal with NO for Anderson it might take a three team to get it done because they have to get rid of Jennings or just send Jennings as part of the Boston trade instead of the second round pick




18 Dec 2014 12:55:29
Mavs trade Chandler Parsons, Raymond Felton, & 2 First Round Picks
Celtics trade Rajon Rondo & Jeff Green


The Mavs would say no way to this. That is way to much for a injury prone Rondo and a inconsistent Green.


Green>Parsons or atleast equal c'mon




18 Dec 2014 12:02:04
As I told you in the summer, you will see Rondo in Dallas. But it will not in February it will on Christmas! : )

The discussion is a very easy trade:

-1st 2015 and 2017 lottery pick

-2nd from Cavs


Mavs sign Okafo, ONeil, Allen

Chandler, Okafor
Nowitzki, ONeil
Parsons, Aminu
Ellis, Allen
Rondo, Haris.

Contender! : )


Heart from another idea:

-1st lottery 2015



And a rumors including Monroe:

-Anthony (expiring)
-Jerebko (expiring)

-1st lottery 2015 from Mavs



Learn to listen ; )

BTW, Aldrige will sign in the summer. :)




18 Dec 2014 05:41:27

Bos trades: Rondo/Green/Olynik
Bos gets: Smith Sanders

Bos gets strong 4 & 5 and would not be suprised to see Rondo come back after this season

Det trades: Smith
Gets: Ersan and Green

Better help at 3 and 4. Trade Monroe later if he will not want to return

Mavs trade: Wright, Felton, Crowder 2015 1st
Get: Rondo/O'Bryant/Marshall

Get a PG and win now

Bucks trade: Saunders, Marshall, O'Bryant, Ersan
Get: Olynik, Felton (buy-out) Wright, Crowder, Dal 1st

With Parker hurt, trade away your vets and hope to be back in the lottery again so if parker is not the same guy he was projected to be, the team does not fall to only Giannis.

succeed and proceed



17 Dec 2014 06:21:38
Nets blow up:

Trading Joe Johnson and Mason Plumlee to Mavs for Monta Ellis.

Trading Deron Williams, Sergey Karasev and Mirza Teletovic to Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Iman Shumpert.

Trading Kevin Garnett to Warriors for Marreese Speights

New Look Nets:
Brook, Speights, Melo, Ellis, Jack + Bogdanovic, Shumpert

Knicks get D-Will and Teletovic for building a better team overall. Mavs get johnson and Plumlee, two great pieces.

Garnett will be more at home in the west, and with the chance of a championship with Warriors, he is more than likely to pursude such a deal.


Mavs not trading ellis


Yeah. Apparently for some reason Monta Ellis is the most Untradeable player in the NBA. No matter what kind of trade I have him in whether it brings in a better player or young players and draft picks it gets like 2 believabes and 25 unbelievables


Trading ellis are you crazy johnson,plumlee,Garnett, two first an they don't have.or ellis going to get max,wright 10.5 nether injury prone very efficient,felton is getting up to par ready for come back year so lopez,Johnson, Garnett, two 1st 16-17 ellis is in his prime on fire,wright too

true mavs 41

Lee for Garnett instead of speights to make the salary work, and then the Nets would have to add a little


Ellis is a beast and on a good contract, why would the mavs trade him?




16 Dec 2014 08:35:13
Try it, try it, try it! : )


-1st lottery 2017 Dallas

-1st lottery 2015 Dallas

-Cody Zeller
-2nd from Kings 2015
-2nd from Cavs 2017




The fact that you pulled out 6 team trade is so unbelievable

1 why would the kings want felton?
2 celtics will not trade rondo without a 1st in return
3 all of these stuffs for the mavs garbage are just so terrible




15 Dec 2014 00:06:46
Brooklyn makes it happen! : )

Mavs should fire on Rondo:

Nets (Get a good big and picks back for their future rebuild):
-1st lottery 2015 snd 2017 from Mavs

Celtics (Lopez could work fine with Sullinger):

Cavs (Get good scorer and PG Backup):
-Felton (using trade exception)

Mavs (Get their PG):

Mavs can sign Allen and ONeil to become contender! Et voila!


What is mffl

true mavs 41

Mavs fan for life I guess mffl parsons,nelson,charlie two 1st 15-16,wright for melo,jr smith,stadamire

true mavs 41



10 Dec 2014 14:40:48

Pistons trade Brandon Jennings , Greg Monroe
Pistons get Jameer Nelson , Joe Johnson

Nets trade Joe Johnson , Deron Williams
Nets get Greg Monroe , Brandan Wright , Brandon Jennings and Mavs 1st round pick

Mavs trade Jameer Nelson , 1st round pick , Brandan Wright
Mavs get Deron Williams


Pistons say yes, Joe Smith to Pelicans for Anderson and call it a day.


I say no unless we get plumlee too we'll give up Felton,Williams ankles are shot average point at best superstar 1/5nights

true mavs 41



09 Dec 2014 00:05:51
Could work!

-Joel Anthony
-1st lottery 2015 and 2017 (Dallas)


-2nd 2015 from Boston
-2nd 2017 from Feltons trade

Trade Felton +6 mio (buyout) for a 2nd 2017 to another team.


If the Celtics trade rondo they will make someone take Wallace with him, or get a 3rd team to take him. Wallace and rondo together about $22 million dollars.


Nobody wants Wallace stop it 2x first r add green yall can have nelson, felton,

true mavs 41



08 Dec 2014 10:15:30
Give Charlotte more firepower, Detroit value for Monroe, perform Celtics rebuild. Make Cleveland and Dallas contenders!

-Felton (and 6m money from Mavs for by out)

-1st lottery 2015

-Tyler Zeller


-Cody Zeller


Move on Detroit Says no. Smith and Jennings are the major issure first. Monroe does need to be traded and u can get more then a late first round pick and a bench player.




06 Dec 2014 22:35:46
OKC gets Greg Monroe (with ext engreement), Brandan Wright, Jameer Nelson, and Gigi Datome

Detroit gets Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins exp, and Perry Jones

Dallas gets Brandon Jennings and Grant Jarrett

pf. S. Ibaka/ B. Wright/ N. Collison
sf. K. Durant/ A. Roberson/ L. Thomas
c. G. Monroe/ S. Adams/ M. McGary
sg. J. Lamb/ A. Morrow/ G. Datome
pg. R. Westrook/ J. Nelson/ I. Smith

pf. J. Smith/ J. Jerebko/ T. Mitchell
sf. P. Jones/ K. Singler/ C. Butler
c. A. Drummond/ K. Perkins/ A. Grey
sg. KCP/ J. Meeks/ C. Martin
pg. R. Jackson/ D. Augustine/ S. Dinwiddie

pf. D. Nowitski/ C. Villanueva/ G. Jarrett
sf. C. Parsons/ J. Crowder/ A. Aminu
c. T. Chandler/ G. Smith/ B. James
sg. M. Ellis/ D. Harris/ R. Jefferson
pg. B. Jennings/ J. Barea/ R. Felton


Bad for the Mavs. No defense and not to mention that backcourt dou did not pan out when they were on the bucks.

succeed and proceed

Trade works better without dallas


Keep Perkins. Send Smith to NO for Anderson. Get rid of two headaches Jennings and Smith.




30 Nov 2014 04:04:41

Marshall & Dudley
Crowder, 2015 1st, Felton (buyout)

bucks get a pick and crowder who is a RFA
Dallas is rid of Felton and Dudley and Marshall are two good off the bench players

succeed and proceed

Felten, 2nd fort Dudler would be ok.




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