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28 Jul 2015 06:40:02
Wizards get Kevin Durant and Steven Adams

Dallas gets Marcin Gortat and Otto Porter

Thunder gets Bradley Beal, Chandler Parsons, Dejuan Blair, and 2016 wizards 1st round pick

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ S. Novak
SF. C. Parsons/ K. Singler/ A. Roberson
C. E. Kanter/ D. Blair/ N. Collison
SG. B. Beal/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne

Can OKC turn down such a package for someone that could leave after next season

Dallas addresses their desperate need at center and get a young defensive and cheap SF

Washington gets the 2nd best player in the NBA to pair with Wall and also a very solid starting caliber center

28 Jul 2015 13:15:46
If it is guaranteed that KD would leave, they'll definitely take that.

28 Jul 2015 14:45:03
No clue why Dallas would do that though

28 Jul 2015 17:36:36
Who is Dallas center right now?

28 Jul 2015 19:09:54
so Dallas gives up Chandler Parsons to get Marcin Gortat and Otto Porter?


28 Jul 2015 06:36:15
Mavs get Calderon
Heat get knicks and mavs exception Galloway and Ledo non guarenteed contract (7.4 mil in saving)
Knicks get Chalmers McRoberts Felton

Heat avoid luxury tax. Have exceptions for any players they need from a team looking dump salary later at deadline. Bring cole back cheap.


Mavs no bringer with guy they had success with for Felton. No player would be better than Calderon for exception at cost of loosing exception bc your moving Felton. Parsons for Splitter Sefolosha


Knicks need starting stretch 4 PF that sense next melo
and Lopez in post without loosing defense and rebounder in post. McRoberts is good transition to Porzingis. Chalmers better opt than Calderon defensively. Felton best yrs was in ny. Early and Thanasis for Bayless


27 Jul 2015 23:33:14

Mavs get Jamaal Crawford

Clippers get 2nd from Memphis & 2nd from Dallas

Memphis get Devin Harris

25 Jul 2015 23:20:46
Bulls get Chandler Parsons

Dallas gets Joakim Noah

26 Jul 2015 13:22:24
Bulls say no.

26 Jul 2015 16:15:45
I am a bulls fan and I would say yes to this trade

25 Jul 2015 20:41:20
Deal for halfway thru season when new free agents can be traded

Thunder get Wesley Mathews and Samuel Dalembert (just signed today)

Dallas gets Steven Adams and Dion Waiters

26 Jul 2015 15:51:53
Salarys don't match at all

25 Jul 2015 15:06:40

Bulls Get - Andre Igoudala, Devin Harris
Bulls Give - Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, Kirk Hinrich, 2018 Non Protected First Round Pick

Mavs Get - Andrew Bogut, Kirk Hinrich, 8 Million Trade Exception
Mavs Give - Devin Harris, Dwight Powell, 2018 Top 5 Protected First Round Pick

Warriors Get -Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, Dwight Powell, Mavs 2018 Top 5 Protected Pick
Warriora Give - Andre Igoudala, Andrew Bogut

76ers Get - Raymond Felton, Mavs 2016 2nd Round, Mavs 2017 2nd Round Pick
76ers Give - 8 Million Trade Exception

Note - The Mavs and 76ers Trade for the trade exception before the big trade.

25 Jul 2015 15:35:53
Take Out the Bulls 2018 Pick. Forgot about that.

25 Jul 2015 15:44:47
Warriors say no. If it ain't broke don't fix it

25 Jul 2015 15:55:32
This does nothing to improve the Warriors

25 Jul 2015 18:04:12
No more second round picks for the Sixers.

25 Jul 2015 18:44:52
The warriors have to sign Harrison Barnes next year which they will need cap space for, and they free up cap for more and get more flexible contracts of Taj Gibson and Tony Snell plus a first round pick

25 Jul 2015 19:39:58
So warriors trade their starting center and the NBA finals MVP for a decent power forward and a bunch of trash? Doesn't make much sense. And the comment above about how they need money to extend Barnes makes no sense. They have his bird rights, so they can go over the cap to keep him, but they probably won't need to because Wallaces contract expires plus the cap is going way up.

25 Jul 2015 20:44:50
Sixers will start to pass on second rounders now. We haut don't need anymore at this point.

26 Jul 2015 08:00:48
They have his bird rights and he's a RFA so they can go over the cap to sign him. Plus the cap is going up by another $20M next year.

19 Jul 2015 21:37:16
Cleveland Cavaliers And Dallas Maverick

Matthew Delly For Raymond Felton

20 Jul 2015 00:33:22
Really interesting cavs fan lol

20 Jul 2015 09:10:09
No this is how you use felt on
Felton 4m. 2017 1rst rd
Puchulia 6m
Satnum sing 1m non g

Kenneth varied 4y 50m 11y
Dallas needs a center just traded lawson to rockets there rebuilding this will put us on the map strong
Dallas has 5 spots after faried
Sign mcgee 1+1 team option 3.5m
Sign d league pg Wayne's 1+1 team option 1m
Sign boozer mle 2.9
D will JJ Wayne's
Matthews Harris Justin
Parsons Jefferson?
Dirk boozer villanovan
Faried McGee?
Dallas would be pretty good very balanced hell sign
D league center an Jordan Crawford

20 Jul 2015 15:37:00
Sorry 1 spot go's to Powell go mavs great way to stay competitive

22 Jul 2015 01:35:12
What is my mavs doing signing d leaguers Jr smith is available so is j terry boozer mcgee we lost r Jefferson to cavs they signed Jenkins an famous
At least try instead of giving up
Not to many fa left trade felton
Dwill jj
Matthews Harris jenkins
Parsons Justin
Dirk villanovan Powell
Puchulia famous
Were getting younger but there's at least 3spots
Sign terry to Finnish career at home
Sign mcgee to start at center
Sign boozer to help dirk
Possibly cut villanova bring back Marion to Finnish career

19 Jul 2015 12:27:37
With Melo and Afflalo in NY, Lawson will play for min. If Nuggets use stretch on him before or after august 31, determines how they would pay him.

NY to trade Calderon for Felton mavs exception

Early Galloway Ledo Calderon for Lawson save nuggets 8mil over 2 yrs Ledo and Galloway are non guarenteed contracts. Early is expiring. Calderon make 15mil over 2yrs. Trade makes more sense.

Signing Javale McGee and Carlos Boozermid level exception.
Knicks bring former knicks and lawson mentor Felton who dealt with his own issues last yr and he is now ok.

Finally Thanasis Early Ledo for Bayless


19 Jul 2015 19:09:54
Nobody on the planet currently wants Calderon's contract. The triangle doesn't do him any favors but he needs to show something for somebody to take him with 2 years remaining.

19 Jul 2015 20:19:11
Calderon could be mentor along with Nelson for Mudiay. If they Nugs are going buyout Lawson, why not save money still get solid vet pg. Calderon 1yr removed from being quality pg. Facilitator and 50% career 3point shooting before last yr. Calderon was bad fit.

19 Jul 2015 23:49:19
Lawson won't play for min a top point guard smoking good huh he's a beast when his mind is right

20 Jul 2015 02:55:25
Lawson is being traded to the Rockets

17 Jul 2015 23:33:46
If Detriot does believe grant for Jennings is worth it.

Mavs get Calderon
Heat get Felton 2.8 mavs exception Ledo Galloway
Knicks get Chalmers McRoberts

Heat save 5 mil in trade. Ledo Galloway are not guarenteed contracts.

Thanasis Early for Bayless
Boozer sign for ny exception
Willie Green and John Jenkins for vet


18 Jul 2015 16:07:03
Jennings is not going anywhere at this point until he proves he is healthy and then you might as well wait until trade deadline to move him for a better deal.

18 Jul 2015 19:00:38
If the Knicks offered Grant for Jennings (which they won't) Detroit would make that deal in a heartbeat.

18 Jul 2015 20:41:29
Xxx just mocking previous poster about stating forgetting how bad of an injury Achilles heal is. How little value Jennings has.

Ledo Galloway non guarenteed contract
and 2.mil exception for Chalmers

Early Thanasis 800k exception for Bayless

Felton exception for Calderon

Sign Boozer for exception


19 Jul 2015 23:52:26
D will an felt on boy that's crazy do you know basketball felton maybe

20 Jul 2015 14:57:45
Jennings is coming off an injury that ends most careers so I doubt he will be traded or that someone will take a shot with him until he proves he is healthy and by then you might as well wait until the trade deadline. Nobody wants Felton in any scenario.

17 Jul 2015 19:46:43
1) Boston-Kings

Boston gets Rudy Gay
Kings get Avery Bradley, future pick

2) Boston-Denver

Boston gets Gallo, Foye
Denver gets Isaiah Thomas, Evyn Turner

3) Boston-Dallas

Boston gets Raymond Felton
Dallas gets future 2nd round pick


17 Jul 2015 23:41:58
All 3 trades are totally ridiculous.

18 Jul 2015 09:51:21
this is funny , why would they even trade isaiah thomas for gallinari assuming they already get rudy gay? then go for felton as a back up PG?

17 Jul 2015 10:18:28
Mavs get Calderon
Knicks get Jennings mavs exception
Detriot get Grant Felton-buyout Galloway & Ledo -Released

Thanasis (s&t) Early 500k exception for Bayless

Sign Boozer Dal exception 2yr 5mil
Sign McGee NY exception 2yr 5mil
vet min John Lucas, Willie Green John Jenkins


17 Jul 2015 15:10:18
Keep your knick garbage and Felton. Detroit doesn't want or need any of them. Sit with Jennings and wait until trade deadline to move him will get more then taht weak package.

17 Jul 2015 16:55:21
How is that Garbage. The only player you need to look at is grant. Felton is a filler and the other 2 players are You are getting a top 20 for an expiring contract of a player coming off of one most serious injury to comeback from Achilles heal tear. If he was great why bring Reggie jackson and sing long term. Jennings dream was to be a knicks.
Knicks make the trade bc they need another scorer. Trading calderon grant ledo galloway could land us lawson. But getting mavs exception allows to get Boozer and McGee

18 Jul 2015 16:15:53
First of all Grant hasn't proved anything yet and Felton is garbage nobody wants him he is a cancer as well. We have a young team and need true leadership and Felton ain't it and we just got rid of a cancer. Second They don't need the money so the buy out isn't that important to them. IF these players are so good then keep them and good luck to you. Detroit is going to wait on Jennings SVG the decision maker said as much.

18 Jul 2015 19:12:49
I doubt the Mavs take on two years of Calderon while only dumping a year of Felton.

19 Jul 2015 23:55:16
Lay off the drugs pimp d will ain't going no where we just want a center

17 Jul 2015 01:13:00
Realistic moves
Mavs get Calderon
Knicks get Jennings mavs exception
Pistons get Felton(Released) Grant also non guarenteed contracts of Ledo Galloway to make work

Piston happy grant for Jennings
Mavs happy felton for Calderon

Thanasis Early for Bayless

Knicks offerJavale McGee 2yr 12mil using mavs and knicks exception
sign John Lucas Willie Green John Jenkins vet min

At some time if knicks trade Lopez D-Will for Hibbert-exp Kelly-exp when Porzingis is ready to get minutes its. W. Lakers would want play faster than Hibbert can and D-Will will split Sf duties with young.


At worst 40 wins, could win division if they gel. Should keep Melo quiet while Porzingis develops.

17 Jul 2015 15:11:20
The Pistons say no thank you and wait until the trade deadline to move Jennings. If he proves he is healthy they will get more from a contender.

17 Jul 2015 19:25:21
hibbert went to the lakers

20 Jul 2015 00:00:27
No felt on for Calderon a center plus some cap space or only if we use our cap to sign a center Calderon would be great Harris at shooting guard

20 Jul 2015 00:01:34
Rather get center an boozer

16 Jul 2015 21:11:29
Unless the C's add Babb to the Lee trade is don't see who else the C's would add to make the trade work (that doesn't have talent)


Den- Wallace, Smart, Bradley, 1st from Dallas
- remove Lawson and start having young core


Bos: Noah and Lawson
-start building a high potential


Chi- Danilo
-with so many PF/C chi needs an upgrade at the wing


17 Jul 2015 00:09:10
Lol this isn't like free agency. You can't agree to a trade and then back out of it. And Babb probably will be included in the Lee trade so this post is pointless

17 Jul 2015 02:37:04
I'm pretty Babb will be included but I have a feeling a third team will be included to make a bigger deal for Boston

16 Jul 2015 13:07:36

Knicks gets: Parsons, Russell, Felton (cut), future 1st (Lakers)

Lakers gets: Anthony

Mavericks gets: Hibbert, Young, 2nd rd pick (Knicks)

Knicks move on from the "Melo-era" and get younger. Cut Felton and use Russell as their franchise PG.


Lakers gets a much needed big name in Melo and still keep Randle and Clarkson. When they pursed Cousins they were forced to move two or three of Clarkson, Randle and Russell.

Anthony/Nance Jr

Mavs get a starting Center that they previously had interest in and sixth man in Young. Nick will provide the scoring of the bench like Crawford for the Clippers.


16 Jul 2015 15:06:18
Lakers pass. I don't think mavs will get rid of parsons either even if they get a center

15 Jul 2015 18:49:17
Porzingis has shown he worth receiving minutes in regular season next to O'Quinn off the bench.

Still feel knicks need to . move a starter pg

Mavs get Calderon C.Johnson
Heat . get Felton ny dal 5.6 exception Galloway Ledo
knicks get Chalmers McRoberts Ennis C.Andersen

Any time you can trade felton for calderon at the cost of exception you do it. Positions mavs to trade Parsons for Splitter Sefolosha. Parson perfect replacement for Carroll
Galloway Ledo salary is partial. So heat save 10 mil in trade.

The trade give ny a better all around pg, pressure off of
management to develop Porzingis



Thanasis Ennis for Bayless


17 Jul 2015 03:10:35
Mavs say hell no Matthews Parsons williams the key core add a superstar to this group healthy it's something special say dewight Howard prefer cousins then find a power forward

15 Jul 2015 07:26:57
Another try for a Center:


-1st pick (Mavs, fix 2016, without top 7`th constrains)


15 Jul 2015 11:44:14
A Gallo rental isn't worth that pick, which should be low lotto.

15 Jul 2015 06:38:08
Maybe, maybe we should have kept T.Chandler.

Not in the circle and Mavs are not listen to much to the Dirk crowd. But we would have proposed to keep Chandler. I never though Jordan would really consider Mavs.

And I explain all the time, not to Lure big fishes and then build around. Instead to build a successful Team, step by step and then add a big fish with Cap and the good possibility to win the Thing.

If we would have consider to sign in addition to Dirk, Parsons:
-T.Chandler. Matthew, DWil
we would have a great offseason and a condender for the upcoming year.

How to go there elsewhere, because I we have one of the best backcourts and wings now also the bench with Barea, Anderson, Evans!

Parsons, Jefferson
DWil, Harris

Sign McGee and and maybe Dalembert as well. Take the risk, if McGee stay health he can become the similar Player like Jordon! But he has better Hands, is a better scorer at layups, short distance and he has the hook!

If it doesn't work with McGee Mavs can try to trade in the winter:

A) Mavs:
-Koufos or Cousins
-future pick (2nd for Koufus or 1st for Cousins)

or B) Mavs:
Bucks (they have two good Centers):

15 Jul 2015 10:03:45
Dwill is terrible. You absolutely don't have a top backcourt. Mathews is coming off an Achilles injury and way overpaid. And the fact that you think Felton and a bad first would get cousins is laughable. I think with Jordan the Mavs had a nice offseason. Without him, horrible. I really see you guys struggling hard to make the playoffs. Dirk is almost done. Mathews unproven. D will is way past his prime and let's not forget, he's a diva and not a great leader. Basically, you got parsons. And he's best at recruiting. Sorry man. Your trades are all absurd. And without some major change, you're a fringe playoff team with no center

15 Jul 2015 14:49:35
So dwill and Wes Matthews are better than curry and Thompson? Wall and beal? That won't get you cousins. You guys have no assets at all to make a trade so stop.

15 Jul 2015 16:12:04
Williams and Felton actually has the potential to be the worst duo of point guards in the entire nba. Williams is a diva and washed up. Felton is fat and a locker room cancer. Matthews and parsons are both coming off two of the worst injuries an nba player can have. Dirk is ~65 years old. And McGee literally inspired a TV segment focused on being a fool. This team with McGee has the potential to compete with the Kings as the first team to IMPLODE this year.

15 Jul 2015 17:10:26
That was gold ben miller real gold

15 Jul 2015 18:20:20
There is no way in Hell the Mavs get Cousins for that garbage.

16 Jul 2015 06:55:41
When have you explained not to go after big fish, before when Jordan was undecided you were all about Jordan coming to Dallas and before that Aldridge. Don't be an idiot and contradict yourself.

17 Jul 2015 03:49:33
Why people don't get it look at the big picture deron came back strong after 2014-15 after his surgery's he'll be straight after rehab he has a lot to prove chandlers new surgery went well he's coming back strong an Matthews look at Kobe before he got hurt again after the Achilles's tear he was proving everyone wrong putting up good numbers Matthews is a fighter all three will come back strong as of dirk has at least 3 years left he's already working out with a strong showing we could get a top player hard to ask Jordan to play with just parsons an a retiring dirk but there young cousins would be great but you are right it's going to cost to get him 2first 17-18 2seconds17-18 felt on Harris puchulia will do in a heart beat post dirk should have signed josh smith
D will jj
Matthew's justin
Parsons Jefferson
Durant Dirk
With that line up dirk to the bench sign for 3y 15m convince Kevin Durant to sign an everyone will play with us for the minimum

12 Jul 2015 00:10:44
Cavs get young Kelly boozer (s&t vet min)
Lakers get Haywood

Cavs get Felton (waive) 2 second round picks
Mavs get varejao

Cavs get prince and a second round pick
Pistons get young

Cavs sign sanders

Irving Williams dellevedova
Smith shumpert miller
James prince jones
Love Thompson kelly
Mozgov boozer sanders

12 Jul 2015 13:17:14
Can't sign and trade minimum salaries, must be in 3 million range.

12 Jul 2015 16:45:30
Prince is a FA unrestricted so you can't trade him and Young is a cancer and not a team player.Detroit says No thanks.

14 Jul 2015 07:04:34
We need to trade felton get McGee sign Williams that leaves 2 spots Jordan Crawford an josh smith

Deron jj harris
Matthews Crawford justin
Parsons Jefferson evans
Dirk josh charlie
McGhee seraphine puchulia

Not bad get rid of satnam strong first an second unit or third Jordan Crawford's a must he can bring what we lost in Ellis great offense no defense the team is pretty balanced if not josh smith boozer is a must but smiths defense 2,3,4 would be great

11 Jul 2015 23:05:54
Upgrade Mavs offseason:

1. Sign FA McGee. He is a better offensive player than Jordan and can be also a rim protector, maybe he is opting in at Dallas.

2. Trade for Bennett.

-2nd pick


McGee, Pachulia
Nowitzki, Bennett, Villa
Parsons, Jefferson, Evans
Matthews, Anderson
DWil, Harris, Barea

Sign in 2016

1. Drummond (much better center than Jordan on both sides)
2. Durant

DRUMMOND, McGee, Pachulia
DURANT, Nowitzki, Bennett
Parsons, Jefferson, Evans
Matthews, Anderson
DWil, Harris, Barea


12 Jul 2015 10:43:29
Sry, it is


If they wanna trade Bennett to give him another chance in Dallas.

12 Jul 2015 16:47:14
Drummond isn't going anywhere they are negotiating a max deal right now with him.

12 Jul 2015 23:27:32
Durant playing power LOL

13 Jul 2015 04:24:50
How did 6 people put believable on this. And btw McGee is not better offensively than DJ, plus there is no way you'll be able to sign both Drummond, and KD, for financial reasons and getting them to sign.

13 Jul 2015 07:57:08
Next year the CAP is 90m the year after (2017) ~109m so it will be possible to sign two big fishes like Drummond and Durant.
Honest, one of them would be also ok : )

11 Jul 2015 20:20:54

Twolves get Felton and rights to overseas players or a 2nd rd pick

Mavs get Bennett

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