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24 Nov 2016 21:32:52
Cle and Mavs trade

Cle get Dwill

Mavs get Mo William contract,
Jordan McRae
Draft right to Cedi Osman.

25 Nov 2016 04:00:15
I'm not certain what benefit this would be to the Mavs but Cavs could use a upgrade at backup pg which at this stage of his career I think is perfect role for Dwill (it's sad when you look at what Paul is doing and Dwill was arguably better for a little bit there)

25 Nov 2016 11:51:44
Mavs getting Cedi Osman is the deal. A lot of people don't know about Cedi but he's a Turkish prospect that I would compare a lot to Shawn Livingston except he's only 21. Great potential but most potential is defensive.

23 Nov 2016 17:31:40
Thunder-Kings-Mavs (different version)

Thunder get Rudy Gay and Kosta Koufos
Give: Kanter, Singler, 2019 2nd

Kings get Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, Devin Harris, Mavs 2018 1st, and OKC 2019 2nd
Give: Gay, Koufos, Cauley-Stein

Mavs get Willie Cauley-Stein
Give: Harris, 2018 1st.

23 Nov 2016 15:23:22

Dallas receive- Demarcus Cousins
Nik Staukas

Sacramento receive- Robert Convington
Devin Harris
Jahlil Okafor
First round pick
(Dallas top 5 protected)

Sixers receive- Omri Casspi
Wesley Matthews
Darren Collison
( Kings two second rounders)

23 Nov 2016 16:42:10
A big no from Philly. Three mediocre guys who are approaching or at 30 years old who will not be around when the Sixers have matured into contenders. And Matthews is owed over $53M in the next 3 years. Not close.

23 Nov 2016 16:58:20
Dallas doesn't have enough assets to acquire Cousins.

23 Nov 2016 09:26:03
I know it's early in the season but I was thinking of some (somewhat) possible signings to make the league look like more than a two team race. I'm a mavericks fan so if you see any bias let me know. I'll rank the top few and tell where I think they would fit best

1. KD GSW/ Steph GSW if it ain't broke don't fix it
2. Chris Paul. SAS It would take some masterful moves by that front office but it's a move I think CP would be interested in considering his bare fingers.
3. Blake Griffin IF cp3 stays, LAC but going off my last move, OKC that pick and roll would be so much fun to watch.
4. Gordon Hayward- Also OKC gives them a respectable BIG 3 that I think would complement each other nicely.
5. Lowry - I'm not very high on him so I don't see him putting a team over the top. But a desperate team needing help will definitely throw the max at him. Torn between IND, and NOLA

Few others who could make some waves

1. Noel Signs with Dallas or Portland
2. Gallinari to the Raptors

If I didn't name a high end FA (dwade, Milsap) I don't see a possible scenario where they leave. I think because of KDs move last year we will see more and more stars jump ship so let me know what you think about these moves.

23 Nov 2016 08:34:46
Boston-Nets-Golden State

Boston: K Thompson+ B Lopez
GS: Bradley+ A Johnson+ 1rnd pick 17 Nets
Nets:: Zeller+ Jerebko+ 1rnd pick 18 Nets+ 2019 1rnd pick GS+ 2019 2rnd pick GS+2019 2rnd pick Dallas

Boston receives a top two shooting guard. Thompson is good in both ends. And B Lopez is a good center. he can become an all star in that team.

Bradley is a great 3rd option in GS, he can shoot and defend. A Johnson is a sollid rollplayer. And the Nets pick gives them a long term future.

The Nets can start rebuilding in 2018. They could trade the future second round picks for a late 1rnd in the 2017 draft.

23 Nov 2016 16:34:01
If it were the Kings instead of the Nets and Boogie instead of Lopez the C's would pull the trigger.

22 nov 2016 23:58:57
mavericks get
demarcus cousins, kosta koufos, jonas jerebko, ben mclemore

kings get
wesley matthews, justin anderson, dwight powell, marcus smart, 2017 mavs first round pick,2017 min second round pick from celtics

celtics get
andrew bogut, 2017 mavs second round pick.

23 Nov 2016 01:55:59
Bogut is on the decline. Replace Smart with Young and maybe it would work for Boston. As for the Mavs, I don't think they have enough on their roster to get Cousins.

23 Nov 2016 02:46:45
Why on earth would the Celtics do this? Mavs need to give up a whole lot more to get cousins too.

23 Nov 2016 05:37:05
Haha. Joke. right?

22 Nov 2016 00:10:11

Thunder get Rudy Gay, Kosta Koufos, and Mavs 2018 1st (top 5 protected)

Kings get Enes Kanter, Andre Roberson, Devin Harris, and OKC 2019 2nd

Mavs get Willie Cauley-Stein.

23 Nov 2016 08:48:55
Mavs say no unless it's lottery protected.

20 Nov 2016 21:04:10

Thunder get Rudy Gay, Kosta Koufos, Kings 2018 2nd, and rights to Luka Mitrovic (from Kings)

Kings get Enes Kanter, Andre Roberson, Devin Harris, and Mavs 2018 1st (top 5 protected)

Mavs get Willie Cauley-Stein.

21 Nov 2016 03:03:12
as okc fan this is realy bad.

21 Nov 2016 03:20:41
Like the deal but if I'm the Thunder, I would want to keep Andre Roberson for his defense.

19 Nov 2016 16:00:04
Kings Get: Bismack Biyombo, Mario Hezonja, Dwight Powell, Justin Anderson, 2017 Orlando 1st, 2019 Dallas 1st

Magic Get: DeMarcus Cousins

Mavericks Get: Nikola Vucevic

Kings get a very sizable haul for Cousins, whose value is shrinking by the day. Magic get a superstar to build around. Mavericks get a major talent upgrade and a potential building block to put next to Harrison Barnes.

19 Nov 2016 17:40:20
Theirs a deal here I'm jus not sure this is how it would work.

19 Nov 2016 19:22:38
Not bad. But I would add one useless player to Dallas and Orlando from the Kings, bc u can't have so many players in your roster.

20 Nov 2016 15:01:51
The kings get ripped. Hard. They get a supremely over paid role player center. They get Mario who is nothing at this point. 2 more role players. And 2 picks a few years out?

They will need to cut 3 players. So basically for a top 5 center entering his prime. They get 2 undetermined picks in the future and some bench pieces.


17 Nov 2016 00:59:19
Dallas philly GS

Dallas trades Bogut Dwill Wes Mathews Dwight Powell
Dallas receives Nerlens Noel 18 first (PHI) 2 seconds 1from each)

Philly trades Noel 18 first 17 second and Stauskus
Philly receives Pat Mccaw, Dwill Wes Mathews 18 first GSW Dwight Powell

GSW trades Mccaw 18 first 17 second
Receives Bogut Stauskus

Mavs clearly are not contenders so they trade vets for a young rim protector and snag a pick as well.

Philly gives up a very little and receives a couple good young role players a long with some veteran rentals.

GSW gets there guy back, giving them the rim protection they need. Although I like Mccaw he is expendable for rim protection and Stauskus could provide some spot minutes as a shooter. The picks they are trading have very little value so immediate help on D should be very appealing for them.

17 Nov 2016 13:45:45
Sixers say no. 2018 first will still be a high pick and why give that away for junk.

25 Nov 2016 17:33:02
Just awful from the sixers perspective. Noel and a potential lottery pick for role players. Makes no sense. GSW first likely to be 30.

13 Nov 2016 17:00:53
Thunder - Barnes

Complementary scorer next to Russ. Solves the shooting issue while playong stellar defense.

Mavericks - Kanter, Payne, 2 2nds.

If things go south they get a young PG with lots of potential and a solid inside presence.

13 Nov 2016 18:17:41
Barnes would be a great addition for Thunder but I don't think that offer convinces the Mavs to give him up. Mavs are looking bleak with Dirk aging and missing out on big FA a few years in a row. I think Sabonis would have to be involved too (and Mavs give up a filler big man)

13 Nov 2016 22:06:30
That's what i figure, Sabonis is to intriguing for us to deal imo.

13 Nov 2016 23:08:09
Ya I agree. Thunder could really use an upgrade at sf but I don't think realistically they are going to get a game-changer. They'll have to target older sf with not as complete of games as barnes. Rudy Gay's name has been thrown out there a lot but although he puts up good numbers I don't think he is nearly as good as they would suggest and both Grizzlies and Raptors got significantly better once they got rid of him.

08 Nov 2016 15:57:56
Dallas: K Love
Cleveland: D Nowitzki+ 1rnd pick 17 and 19 Dallas.

08 Nov 2016 17:30:49
It sounds fair, but Dirk would never play for another team.

08 Nov 2016 18:51:30
He should play for a contender.

05 Nov 2016 00:16:58
Dallas-sixers trade

Sixers get justin anderson, seth curry and 2017 1st

Dallas gets nerlens noel and nik stauskas.

02 Nov 2016 10:33:33
If LMA wants out

Dallas: LMA
Spurs: D Nowitzki+ 1rnd pick 17 and 19 Dallas.

31 Oct 2016 10:32:18
As soon as the Mavs realize they're missing the Playoffs.

Mavs: Zeller, Jerebko, Celtics 2018 1st rd dp (lottery protected)

Celtics: Andrew Bogut.

20 Oct 2016 20:53:23

Mavericks get Noel
Sixers get Anderson, Harris, 2018 DAL 1st (1-5 and 15-30 protected thru 2019, then unprotected 2020); 2022 DAL 1st (lotto protected thru 2024 then 2024 and 2025 2nds)

16 Oct 2016 09:10:04
Maybe Powell and Anderson raise to NBA starter Niveau. It Looks like both Play very well and constantly. Maybe both can achieve 15PTS a Game or let`s say - hopefully : )

In that case both could be good fit for the Kings to create a young starting grid!

Kings Starters:
Collison, McLemore, Anderson, Powell, WCS

So maybe they would trade in Jan 2017:
Kings: Powell, Anderson, Harris, future 1st
Mavs: Cousins, Richardson

Mavs would loose big part of their future but with Cousins become a top Team the next couple of years.
Especially with DWil, Dirk, Bogut out of the payroll next summer. And they can sign them over the cap again!

Lowry will be a FA and ask for max. Do not think Raptors will improve. They are already very good but will not go for the campionship.

So Mavs could sign in July 2017:
FA Lowry 4y 109m

If it does work Mavs could look at Rose or try to trade Curry and a future 1st for Bledsoe, but I think Suns will keep him.

Resign DWil, Dirk and Bogut and Mavs back on the contenders.

Small and large lines:
Lowry, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins, Cousins
Lowry, Wes, Acy, Barnes, Cousins
Lowry, DWil, Wes, Barnes, Cousins
DWil, Richardson, Acy, Dirk, Bogut

16 Oct 2016 11:16:26
Lowry/ DWil, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins/ Bogut.

16 Oct 2016 11:18:23
Only if anderson play the Al star game :-) :-) :-)

17 Oct 2016 02:58:07
I don't think Mavs have assets to get Cousins even if they moved Barnes too. Anderson showed improvement and was better than is 3.8 ppg last year suggest but his offensive game is still raw and he isn't a great shooter. Powell also isn't quite heavy/ strong enough to play much center but doesn't have the range or quickness you'd like to see in the new age pf. I don't think they're bad but they aren't anything special. If Barnes doesn't become the star Dallas paid him to be they're going to be in a world of hurt in the next few years.

17 Oct 2016 10:35:44
Everything has risks and chances! Anyway, I think the approach is fair! For sure it depends on the numbers Anderson and Powell will achieve. But if they play well they can still improve to a much better level. So you can compare them at least as a 1st round pick!

I think 3 1st round picks for Cousins with only one year left on his contract is really a fair Approach!

17 Oct 2016 18:00:56
This trade is moronic. And for the Knicks. Perhaps cleanthony early averages 25 a game this year and trade for curry.

Get real.

14 Oct 2016 19:45:45
Suns Get: Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, Mavericks 2017 2nd.

Mavericks Get: Brandon Knight, Alan Williams, Thunder 2017 1st.

Kings Get: Wesley Matthews, Ersan Ilyasova, Kyle Singler.

Thunder Get: Rudy Gay, AJ Hammons.

07 Oct 2016 23:02:40
It's crazy how many comments Philly trades get. I could say

Philly gets James Anderson

Mavericks get Brandon Paul

And you guys would comment 32 times on it.

08 Oct 2016 03:54:42
Oh no. Mavs getting way too much for Anderson. Paul could be a star one day.

08 Oct 2016 06:00:05
It was like this when Philly and Jvong still came on this site regularly, now it's just everyone disagreeing with TreGib.

08 Oct 2016 18:19:06
Tre has valid points but everyone disagrees because he is right,

08 Oct 2016 18:37:32
Appreciate it guys.

I'm just trying to be 100 percent honest. My opinion like many others on here is what it is. Everyone's entitled to there own ideas. I can disagree and they can disagree with me.

Really make no difference to me. But I'm still going to be honest.

Like this trade I can tell you is just pointless. Junk for junk.

09 Oct 2016 10:59:12
philly is just an interesting team to talk about.
To many biggs, no shooters, no pointguard.
They have interesting draftpicks

And every trade should make them win more games.

05 Oct 2016 06:58:32
DAL gets Noel and Stauskas
NOP gets Bogut and Thompson
PHI gets J Anderson, Asik, NOP 2017 1st (lotto protected thru 2019, then 2019 and 2020 2nds), and 2018 DAL 1st (protected 1-5 and 15-30 thru 2019, then unprotected 2020).

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