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20 Oct 2016 20:53:23

Mavericks get Noel
Sixers get Anderson, Harris, 2018 DAL 1st (1-5 and 15-30 protected thru 2019, then unprotected 2020); 2022 DAL 1st (lotto protected thru 2024 then 2024 and 2025 2nds)

16 Oct 2016 09:10:04
Maybe Powell and Anderson raise to NBA starter Niveau. It Looks like both Play very well and constantly. Maybe both can achieve 15PTS a Game or let`s say - hopefully : )

In that case both could be good fit for the Kings to create a young starting grid!

Kings Starters:
Collison, McLemore, Anderson, Powell, WCS

So maybe they would trade in Jan 2017:
Kings: Powell, Anderson, Harris, future 1st
Mavs: Cousins, Richardson

Mavs would loose big part of their future but with Cousins become a top Team the next couple of years.
Especially with DWil, Dirk, Bogut out of the payroll next summer. And they can sign them over the cap again!

Lowry will be a FA and ask for max. Do not think Raptors will improve. They are already very good but will not go for the campionship.

So Mavs could sign in July 2017:
FA Lowry 4y 109m

If it does work Mavs could look at Rose or try to trade Curry and a future 1st for Bledsoe, but I think Suns will keep him.

Resign DWil, Dirk and Bogut and Mavs back on the contenders.

Small and large lines:
Lowry, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins, Cousins
Lowry, Wes, Acy, Barnes, Cousins
Lowry, DWil, Wes, Barnes, Cousins
DWil, Richardson, Acy, Dirk, Bogut

16 Oct 2016 11:16:26
Lowry/ DWil, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins/ Bogut.

16 Oct 2016 11:18:23
Only if anderson play the Al star game :-) :-) :-)

17 Oct 2016 02:58:07
I don't think Mavs have assets to get Cousins even if they moved Barnes too. Anderson showed improvement and was better than is 3.8 ppg last year suggest but his offensive game is still raw and he isn't a great shooter. Powell also isn't quite heavy/ strong enough to play much center but doesn't have the range or quickness you'd like to see in the new age pf. I don't think they're bad but they aren't anything special. If Barnes doesn't become the star Dallas paid him to be they're going to be in a world of hurt in the next few years.

17 Oct 2016 10:35:44
Everything has risks and chances! Anyway, I think the approach is fair! For sure it depends on the numbers Anderson and Powell will achieve. But if they play well they can still improve to a much better level. So you can compare them at least as a 1st round pick!

I think 3 1st round picks for Cousins with only one year left on his contract is really a fair Approach!

17 Oct 2016 18:00:56
This trade is moronic. And for the Knicks. Perhaps cleanthony early averages 25 a game this year and trade for curry.

Get real.

14 Oct 2016 19:45:45
Suns Get: Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, Mavericks 2017 2nd.

Mavericks Get: Brandon Knight, Alan Williams, Thunder 2017 1st.

Kings Get: Wesley Matthews, Ersan Ilyasova, Kyle Singler.

Thunder Get: Rudy Gay, AJ Hammons.

07 Oct 2016 23:02:40
It's crazy how many comments Philly trades get. I could say

Philly gets James Anderson

Mavericks get Brandon Paul

And you guys would comment 32 times on it.

08 Oct 2016 03:54:42
Oh no. Mavs getting way too much for Anderson. Paul could be a star one day.

08 Oct 2016 06:00:05
It was like this when Philly and Jvong still came on this site regularly, now it's just everyone disagreeing with TreGib.

08 Oct 2016 18:19:06
Tre has valid points but everyone disagrees because he is right,

08 Oct 2016 18:37:32
Appreciate it guys.

I'm just trying to be 100 percent honest. My opinion like many others on here is what it is. Everyone's entitled to there own ideas. I can disagree and they can disagree with me.

Really make no difference to me. But I'm still going to be honest.

Like this trade I can tell you is just pointless. Junk for junk.

09 Oct 2016 10:59:12
philly is just an interesting team to talk about.
To many biggs, no shooters, no pointguard.
They have interesting draftpicks

And every trade should make them win more games.

05 Oct 2016 06:58:32
DAL gets Noel and Stauskas
NOP gets Bogut and Thompson
PHI gets J Anderson, Asik, NOP 2017 1st (lotto protected thru 2019, then 2019 and 2020 2nds), and 2018 DAL 1st (protected 1-5 and 15-30 thru 2019, then unprotected 2020).

15 Sep 2016 08:55:35
Dal: K Durant
GS: H Barnes+ Powell+ S Curry.

15 Sep 2016 14:31:27
Uh, no says Warriors brass.

15 Sep 2016 07:15:26
Dallas mavs get
Dalino gallinari

Denver gets
Powell Devin Harris 2018 2nd swap

Money work Denver's youth action Harris leadership

Seth curry Jose barea Jonathan gibson
Matthews Williams Kyle collinsworth
Harrison Barnes Justin Anderson brussino
Dalino gallinari Dirk acey
Andrew bogut salah mejri aj hammonds
Western conference finals.

15 Sep 2016 08:35:49
really? West finals? You add Gallo then West finals? Really? Dirk off the bench?

15 Sep 2016 14:33:02
Denver has no need for either of those players. They're deep with young or average talent at each spot. The move they will make will be for a star, not two more role players.

02 Sep 2016 19:19:39
Dallas mavericks get Rudy gay

Sacramento get Powell an devin Harris
We can rotate barnes an gay at the 4 an finally bring dirk off the bench 6th man of the year the money works

Dwill barea gibson
Matthews curry?
Barnes simba?
Gay dirk?

Bogut mejri hammonds
Enough t get us past first round.

02 Sep 2016 23:36:22
Value isn't awful and with collison legal troubles Harris could start for kings. Only issue is I don't see Kings wanting another big in Powell. Either put Anderson instead or add a third team.

It improves the team but I don't think it's enough to get Mavs past first round since I project them being in lower half of playoff teams and thus an underdog still.

31 Aug 2016 00:32:05

Miami: Maker+ Monroe

Dall: C Bosh+ J Richardson

Milwaukee: W Matthews+ Powell.

31 Aug 2016 02:18:58
Take out maker and Powell.

31 Aug 2016 02:31:52
Bucks say heck no

31 Aug 2016 03:43:45
No team is giving up anything for Bosh until they know he can play.

31 Aug 2016 04:25:12
At this point I don't think anybody will give up anything for Chris Bosh until more is known about how he stands from a health perspective.

Assuming Bosh is healthy and there are no long term effects of his health issues this would be a complete steal for Dallas value wise although the fit of Bosh and Dirk would be a little awkward in the short term (Dirk is nearing retirement) . Although value isn't terrible for Milwaukee and Matthews would be a great wing addition (although he wasn't himself last season I think he'll be better further removed from achilles injury) I wouldn't do it if I was Milwaukee. Powell doesn't strike me as anything special and seems like a guy who can just give you energy off the bench but isn't really great offensively or defensively. I much prefer to have Monroe who may not be a great fit for Bucks but is still young and has adept offensive and rebounding abilities and Maker who is very young and promising. I think he showed enough promise in summer league that it would be foolish for Bucks to trade him without trying him out more cause given his skill set the sky is the limit for him (Bucks obviously feel strongly about him given where they drafted him, well above where many ranked him)

For Miami I don't think Monroe would be a good compliment to Whiteside as he couldn't coexist really with Drummond who is similar in play style to Whiteside. Maker would obviously be an attractive piece as well. I'd much prefer a healthy Bosh however for that team since given the South Beach allure and if they had Whiteside, a healthy Bosh, and Dragic they could attract free agents and quickly become a contender again.

15 Aug 2016 22:27:17
Moose for Matthews

Bucks need help at the 3pt game
Mavs get a better bigman and allow Anderson to have more minutes.

16 Aug 2016 00:58:48
Then Mavs don't have a backup wing.

16 Aug 2016 01:56:42
No from Mavs.

16 Aug 2016 04:12:11
as a bucks fan i love it, but dallas would probably say no unless we include a pick.

16 Aug 2016 04:52:39
Include Vaughn and a 2nd.

16 Aug 2016 06:05:27
I kind of like this deal

Mavs get Monroe, Vaughn, and a 2nd

Bucks get Matthews and Mejri.

16 Aug 2016 12:55:02
Monroe and Dirk can't play together. Terrible defense.

15 Aug 2016 05:36:01
Minor Deal in December

Wayne Ellington for Devin Harris

Heat get a backup point, Mavs get a shooter since Harris won't be playing much.

29 Jul 2016 08:47:47
Couple bucks trade

Bucks trade - MCW

76ers trade - Kurkmaz and a 2nd

Bucks trade - Ennis and Monroe

Mavs trade - Matthews

Giannis - Delly
Matthews - Vaughn - Kurmaz
Middleton - Brogdon
Parker - Teletovic
Henson - Maker - Plumlee.

29 Jul 2016 10:42:38
I don't think Dallas wants Monroe.
They have a good combo with Dirk and Bogut.

29 Jul 2016 13:42:58
I'd pass on mcw for anything but a second rounder.

30 Jul 2016 00:34:32
Plumlee going to start.

24 Jul 2016 10:10:13
OKC Send - Dominic Sabonis, Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, 2017 1st OKC
Recieve - Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford
LAC Send - Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, JJ Redick, Deandre Jordan, Chris Paul
Recieve - Dominic Sabonis, Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, 2017 1st round OKC, Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews, JR Smith (sign and trade)
CLE Send -Kyrie Irving, JR Smith (sign and trade)
Recieve - Chris Paul, JJ Redick, 2017 1st DAL, 2017 2nd DAL
DAL Send - Harrison Barnes, 2017 1st DAL, 2017 2nd DAL
Recieve - DeAndre Jordan

Well this would be a huge trade. It would never happen but I think it makes sense. OKC look to get back in to finals contention and Griffin is a Oklahoma native. LAC go into rebuild mode and look to build around Kyrie Irving. CLE look to strengthen their team even more and Lebron and Chris Paul are good friends and Lebron has influence on the Cavs. Dallas look to turn one of their free agent signings in to a better player and one they targeted last year in Deandre Jordan. However Dallas called him a coward so they would have to make up. I could see him going to Memphis and replacing Barnes with Parsons. What do you think? Who wins and loses and what changes should be made.

24 Jul 2016 12:00:19
It's to complicated.

Clippers shoulnd't trade all their star players. Griffin and De Andere are still young enough to keep.
I like the CP3 for Irving trade, it should make both teams better, but i think Cleveland is going to say no, why should the champion change a winning team for an older player?

No way Dallas want DeAndre :-), Cuban is crazy but not stupid. The Dallas fans wouldn't accept that trade.

If any team should rebuilt, it's OKC, they better trade Westbrook for picks and young talents.

24 Jul 2016 12:24:49
Why in the world would the clippers trade their team? I don't care what they get that is just terrible.

24 Jul 2016 15:12:53
How does the pile of spare me parts that the Thunder are giving up lands them Griffin?

24 Jul 2016 17:00:57
This one's a cluster.

24 Jul 2016 20:18:50
Well if the clippers keep their team it won't win them a championship or finals appearance.

24 Jul 2016 21:21:55
Griffin and CP3 are both free agents next year so they could theoretically lose both for nothing and their core 3 hasn't been able to do much together thus far so I could see breaking them up but they'd have to get an outrageous offer and this doesn't cut it. With them being free agents not sure they get that offer.

CP3 to Cavs would be interesting (I think he'd make them a better team in short term and bring out a lot more in Love) but don't see them trading Irving after this past finals.

25 Jul 2016 08:45:08
The problem is the cavs can't have Kyrie and Paul on the same team. Even if they tried they don't have any valuable assets for paul apart from love or kyrie.

23 Jul 2016 11:41:40

Sixers trade okafor covington
Mavs trade harrison barnes.

21 Jul 2016 15:51:57
A 76ers plan


Wesley Matthews for Joel Embiid

6ers cash in on the amazing potential of Embiid but manage to get out before one more injury makes a return unsalvagable. They get back a way overpaid player, but the 6ers have plenty of cap space to waste. He provides shooting and Perimeter defense, he'll be a positive influence and let Ben Simmons learn about the NBA game with a NBA quality player on the court with him.

Mavs- it's time to mail it in, tank already. Take the huge upside of Embid. Embid Anderson and Barnes is actually an intriguing core, especially with a high draft pick this year.

Jahil Okafor&Nik Stauskas - Buddy Hield&Quincy Pondexter

Okafor really doesn't fit with Simmons, as the 6ers really need hyper athletic cutters that can make the most of Simmons passes on the break. Buddy provides elite shooting and room to build on the other parts of his game that many draft pundits were split on. They also get a young wing with potential.

Pels get a great interior scorer whose potential is being a little over looked, pairing him with AD can cover all of his flaws defensively. Okafor also protects AD from the physicallity of constantly being in the trenches. They get a shooter in Stauskas that provides spacing desperately needed, and as the 5th option puts him in a position to actually Suceed.

6ers line up


Ben Simmons
Buddy Hield
Wes Matthews
Dario Saric
Nerlins Noel


Buddy Hield
Wesley Johnson
Dario Saric
Ben Simmons
Nerlins Noel

Jrue Holiday

21 Jul 2016 16:13:50
Cut it off:
Moore/ Stauskas
Tyreke Evans
Anthony Davis
Jahil Okafor

A roster that has a little more potential, a 6 or 7 seed this year, a top 4 seed the year after.

21 Jul 2016 16:15:55
I hate this.

So now that the Sixers have Simmons, they need to give away two big guys? Colangelo would be crucified for these.

21 Jul 2016 16:17:41
Pelicans can keep Buddy and trade for Monroe.

21 Jul 2016 16:30:16
@Simmonsorbust Seeing that these big men aren't good fits for the team and only have declining value, yes. The 6ers could be a crazy athletic team that just runs and runs its way to wins. Embiid and Okafor just get in the way of that.

@THEKING Between his way superior upside and Monroe's contact, I think Okafor is worth it. All Buddy really is right now is a shooter, Okafor was taken 2nd in a really good draft class, people are sleep on how he good he can be, he has the potential to be ADs second star.

21 Jul 2016 16:51:18
Insane trsde. Weasley for Embiid. We didn't wait two years to give him away.

21 Jul 2016 17:22:43
@Tregib the 2 years is sunk cost. Investment in the team is something that can distract you from the point that no other team cares what kind of investment your team has in him, they only care how he helps them now. This is a good return for a guy with a similar career arch to Greg Oden, the 6ers have their star now, let someone else play chance.

21 Jul 2016 17:31:26
That isn't giving him away, its taking on a solid starting wing.

There are many many problems with this proposal even still.

First, Wesley Johnson is a different human being than Wes Matthews.

Second, Ben Simmons is not a pg. You don't want to have a rookie pg start, but instead, you want a rookie pf to start offensively as pg. you're destined for failure.

Third, how are you trading away Okafor and Embiid, and replacing them with Saric? Saric has never played a minute in NBA style basketball. It is much faster and physical. The 3 point line is deeper. He will need a couple years to adjust.

21 Jul 2016 17:45:33
The idea that the Sixers "Have" to trade anyone is idiotic.

I get the idea that these guys may not fit together, but that is still tbd in the case of Embiid with anyone.

The only guys that have shown an inability to play with each other is Noel and Okafor, but that is moreso because of noels inability to do anything besides Dunk the ball on offense then anything else.

We know very little about Saric and embiid, and even Simmons on how the pieces will fit. It doesn't mean that guys get given away for quarters on the dollar. The Sixers are several seasons away. All they have is time to work these things out.

21 Jul 2016 18:33:29

Too many Wesleys lol, meant Wes Matthews throughout the post.

However, your other 2 points are moot seeing that Colangelo already said he Simmons running point (Google it) and Saric is definitely going to be starting on that roster this year regardless. I just took what they're already doing and cashed in the extras for lots of shooting, and a more balanced mix of defense, experience, and upside.

@Simmonsorbust I mean we don't concretely know that Simmons can't play with Okafor but I think it's a pretty safe predication based on the fact great passers usually thrive off of constant movement and athleticism, something Noel's got (plus better rim protection) than Okafor.

21 Jul 2016 18:55:12

Also I didn't say they "have" to trade the big men, I said they "have" declining values. Just letting the team play out and gelling with time isn't a terrible idea, but the value of every player is just going to drop like a rock when they don't work. Instead of allowing that, the sixers could project forward what's actually going to work and then trade those guys while they are worth something. That decision would be proactive, and I think it'll take some vision from the GM to pull the trigger.

21 Jul 2016 19:45:18
Sixers should pass unless the player they get is better then ones given up or has potential to be better. We're not giving guys away. And Wesley is not a difference maker of any kind. But Embiid might be. I'd rather keep the might be then the never was or will be.

21 Jul 2016 20:13:00
Talent-wise Noel is 3 of 3 of himself Okafor and embiid. I can't consider him a 5 because he's never going to be able to defend true 5's with his slim build. He's not a starter on a championship team which is what the Sixers (and I hope every other team) are looking to build. If I go into the season with Saric Noel and Simmons as my 3 4 and 5 then I have no scorers. I'll go down to the playground in North Philly and find you 2-3 guys that can run the floor, block shots and not be able to shoot like Noel. Okafor and embiid have talents that can't be replicated every year in the draft. Rashaun Holmes can do 80 percent of what Noel can do.

21 Jul 2016 20:20:40
To your second comment I was moreso referencing the idea that "The Sixers have to trade a big guy before the season" that is consistentlyis thrown around on here. Not saying that's what your thinking was, even though that's how it's looks from the above proposals.

Okafor is going to play plenty of minutes getting easy layups from Simmons creating, and embiid's value is obviously already very low if Matthews is the type of guy the Sixers could get. He'll be 33 before the Sixers can do anything.

21 Jul 2016 20:24:58
I like W. Matthews for J. Embiid for both sides especially dallas. Dallas then can sign D. Waiters and waiters is more durable than Matthews.

21 Jul 2016 21:16:15
1nba fan. No way Sixers trade Embiid for a average on his best day player in Wesley matheweis. They waited too long for him.

21 Jul 2016 21:52:21
you must really not know anything about the Sixers or trading philosophy to have proposed this trade. Honestly this could be the most ridiculous trade on this site I've ever seen. A team doesn't trade a player who hasn't played in 2 years and has possibly the highest upside in the league. That's cashing in unbelievably low on an asset that could be unbelievable. Anyone would rather take a risk on an incredibly high upside player like Embiid than get some overpaid scrub who isn't going to help anyone down the road. Maybe Okafor for Mavs 1st rounder and Matthews would be fair but in terms of the value the Sixers give their bigs its Embiid>Noel>Okafor.

21 Jul 2016 22:43:02
I believe for young players to really develop they need to be surrounded by other quality NBA Players. All of the 6ers potential line ups are putrid, and I believe that clearing out the log jam in the front court is the best way to get some quality around Simmons and create a positive atmosphere. I get how high Embiid's ceiling is, but he hasn't played in 2 years and he's a 7 footer with foot problems. Getting a really solid vet back is a tough move that protects the young core of the team from a situation the attitude that has been present in that locker room for years.

Anyway, I get that some of my trades are a little different, but if that's the worst you've seen on here, stay a while, there's so much more for you to see.

21 Jul 2016 23:12:58
76ers were talking to Pels pre-draft about Okafor as they were other top 6 teams in draft . Pels did not want to give up young talent for Okafor then. Don't think that has changed either.

21 Jul 2016 15:15:47

DAL get Greg Monroe

MIL get Andrew Bogut

I don't know if this could work i'm just thinking DAL make this as a youth movement because Monroe is younger although their interior defense would be affected while Bucks look for a rim protector that happened to be in a championship team also going back to the team who drafted him. I know some pieces should be involved i just can't figure it out.

22 Jul 2016 08:05:50
Monroe and Dirk - would be such a bad defensive duo.

17 Jul 2016 14:28:32
Phoenix Trade idea
Bledsoe doesn't fit with the team age wise.
Knight doesn't fit with Booker.

Mavericks/ Suns

Mavs - Knight, Chandler.

Suns - Powell, Willaims, Top 5 protected 2017 1st.

Suns land a potenial lottery pick while Dallas gets a starting point guard and a rotation big.

Suns/ Kings

Suns - WCS, Richardson

Kings - Bledsoe.

Suns grab an excellent rim protector, while the Kings try to win now with Bledsoe at point guard.

Offer Alex Willaims a 3 year 12 million dollar contract.

Ulis/ Goodwin
Booker/ Barbosa
Warren/ Dudley/ Tucker
Bender/ Chriss
WCS/ Len/ Willaims

5th worst team imo and the Mavs are a dirk injury away from missingthe playoffs so with the 5th and 11th picks they select.
De'Arron Fox and Jonathan Issac.

2017/ 18 Roster:
Fox/ Ulis
Booker/ Barbosa
Warren/ Issac/ Dudley
Bender/ Chriss
WCS/ Len/ Willaims

Within 2 years they make the playoffs and contend by 2020/ 21 season.

17 Jul 2016 15:14:02
Macs say noy no 100%.

17 Jul 2016 23:22:13
I don't think the sun's are getting enough in either of these.

17 Jul 2016 11:42:34
Mavs are a good team, there was no better Mavs team before! But now we have others! Like Cavs, Warriors and so on .

But lucky Mavs could have a homerun.

I expect Powell as an improved 6th man! So could be a faktor for the idea to trade for improvements and keep Bogut and DWil as well!

Trade 1 in Dec. :

- Powell
- Barea
- Cousins
- Monroe
- Mavs 1st 2016, 2018

Trade 2:

- McLemore
- Curry
- Mavs 2nd 2016
- Jenkins
- Bledsoe
- Harris
- Mavs 2nd 2018


Cousins, Bogut
Nowitzki, Acy
Harris, Anderson
Wes, young guys
Bledsoe, DWill.

17 Jul 2016 12:40:08
The kings are going to trade D Cousins for less value, than he's worth, but i'm sure they receive better offers.
No way Dallas can get cousins for Powell.

17 Jul 2016 13:16:39
what about bledsoe for harris!

17 Jul 2016 14:10:51
You grossly overstate the value of Mavs players. They don't have any real appealing assets and they'd have to fork over a lot to get Bledsoe and don't think they even have enough to get Cousins.

Personally don't think this Mavs team is all that good; just good enough to escape lottery but not close to contending which is the worst place to be especially when your team is filled with mostly veteran past their prime players. Free agency hasn't been kind to them and they have very few young players for hope to be good in future. Maybe Barnes will step-up in his bigger role but I wouldn't bet on it.

17 Jul 2016 15:14:10
Bascially agree on the asset . but both Bledsoe and Cousins have will have only 1 year left on their contracts and fit not perfect in their Teams.

17 Jul 2016 15:48:33
Cousins has 3 years. Not everyone you trade for is a free agent!

17 Jul 2016 15:48:50
2 years not 3.

17 Jul 2016 17:50:39
Think he forgot to put Barnes in the trade to the kings since he not in line up.

17 Jul 2016 21:21:25
This guy is as big a joke as true.

17 Jul 2016 21:24:37
He is legit going to post this exact post everyday until the trade deadline passes. Also. Who the hell is Powell and how does he get you cousins?!?

18 Jul 2016 02:03:27
How can the Mavs trade a pick they don't have in a draft that has already happened?

16 Jul 2016 22:43:49
2 possible moves for Sacramento to clear their wing logjam and acquire a point guard

1. Trade Ben McLemore to Milwaukee for Michael Carter-Williams


2. Trade Ben McLemore to Dallas for Devin Harris.

17 Jul 2016 08:06:09
I like the Milwaukee trade

Both players need a change of scenery bad.

17 Jul 2016 10:24:56
True, MCW is a good player on the wrong team and McLemore had talent, maybe Kidd can pull it out.

12 Jul 2016 16:39:36
The Mavs are good. Not at the level of GS oder Cavs but I think a better starting 5 than 2011! But other team are better today.
But maybe the Mavs can play some good moves.

I think Powell will play well, but I do not expect the next Dirk. So maybe the Mavs can enable a trade in Februar, send a starting PF to Wolves and reveive their reduant PG, if Dunn are able to become Starting PG:



Rubio would fit well as a facilitator and he can defend.

In 2017 summer, the Mavs should try to sign Griffin or if possible Cousins! Maybe Mavs can Setup a sign and trade max offer:

-1st pick


If they can procede like that, Mavs would be back as a top contender! Flexible to play big or small!

Bogut/ Cousins, Mejri, Hammons
Cousins/ Dirk/ Barnes, .
Barnes/ Anderson
Wes, DWil
Rubio, DWil, Curry.

12 Jul 2016 17:47:59
Rubio is easily worth more than that.

12 Jul 2016 17:48:23
And the Kings would want way more than that.

12 Jul 2016 17:55:43
Wolves aren't trading Rubio for that load of hot garbage.

12 Jul 2016 21:29:43
Wolves will have a pretty good Team in a couple of years. But will not start their play off run this year. So Rubio will be a UFA in the summer, to get something back five month before is better, than loose him for nothing. And Rubio likes Dallas, because he would fit well at Mavs System.

Cousins is more difficult, maybe Kings will as for two 1st picks. But Cousins will have only one year left or opt out of his contract. And I do not see Kings winning this Season better than last, so Cousions will ask to Play elsewhere as well. And their are not so much Teams, he will join and will have the perfect spot for him. And a Team like Lakers will not send Russell away, so Kings can get a very good Play in a Cousins trade, but not a Superstar or a very good rookie. So 1st round picks is the best value and in a sign and trade a 30m trade exception, so the may lure another big contract away.

12 Jul 2016 21:34:28
ignore the rubio trade. he has the mavs getting cousins for a 1st. Literally, that's it. A first. In a sign and trade, when he is still under contract. Get. Out. Of. Here.

12 Jul 2016 22:07:07
Again, Rubio is under contract for three more years at what is now a very decent 12 mill per. He is not
, I repeat NOT, a UFA at the end of the year.

12 Jul 2016 22:08:30
Dude, Rubio isn't a free agent for another 3 years.

13 Jul 2016 12:10:00
Wait. Did he just say the Kings make that move for an 30 million dollar trade exception? Put down the bong drainer. No need to be irrational here.

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