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01 Sep 2014 00:08:42
Dallas - Phoenix - Minnesota

Dallas gets; Ricky Rubio, J.J. Barea, Ronnie Turiaf. Min. 2017 protected 1st
Dallas trades; B. Wright, R. Felton

Phoenix gets; B. Wright, R. Felton, Chase Budinger
Phoenix trades; E. Bledsoe

Minnesota gets; E. Bledsoe
Minnesota trades; Ricky Rubio, J.J. Barea, C. Budinger, R. Turiaf and a protected 2017 1st round pick

i love Disney

01 Sep 2014 04:19:42
You are obviously a Dallas fan


01 Sep 2014 18:06:58
Tmoney, you are obviously a Minnesota fan. Wright was huge for Dallas last season, Rubio was a jump shooting joke. watch some old games from last season, and you'll see what an easy assignment Rubio is for every other point in the league. He can't shoot!

T.B. Fan all the way

The 1st pick have to go to Suns, not to Mavs! Also Barea will stay.

And agree, Rubio is not and will not be a good shooter, he can hit open shoots - that's it. But he can Play defense is a large PG and a pass first playmaker, that is why he would shine in Dallas. Mavs have different other shooters, a good ball handler and a good defending guard would accomplish the Mavs.

The Deal could also Wright, Mekel and two future first for Rubio and Turiaf.




31 Aug 2014 23:07:43
Bledsoe do not wanna resign with Suns, Rondo wants out in Boston, Bucks searching for a young Point guard - Mavs want their contender PG!

-Bledsoe (sign & trade)

-1st from Bucks, 1st from Bucks

-Okafor (2m sign & trade)

-1st from Bucks, 1st from Mavs


If suns give up bledsoe than they want value not crap so rondo henson and at least a 1st Rd pick will need to go to the suns


^I don't think this trade is fair (at all) but PHX fan the thought that Bledsoe is worth Rondo and Henson is ridiculous


D drainer is back


@ usa LOL


01 Sep 2014 18:10:00
Warriorsalltheway rondo is crap, and unless boston tanks completely again, Phx would get nothing but that first round pick. Henson? I don't see him being impactful at all the way bledsoe is.

T.B. Fan all the way



29 Aug 2014 03:24:30
Bucks moves to build for future



Wright, Crowder, Felton(Waive). 2015 + 2017 1st Round Pick


DMo, 1st Rd pick (Powell/Gee as well to make money work, both contracts will be declined.


Zaza/ Knight/Dudley


Bucks keep OJ and with very raw talent on the team he can play and his number will increase to hopefully have a better return by the deadline

Greak Freak/ Mayo/ McLemore
Parker/ Crowder/ Inglis
DMo/Middleton/ Williams/ O'Bryant

3 1st Round Picks in 2015

Don't see the bucks ever doing this, but they really should try to rebuild their team and focus around Greek Freak and Parker.

succeed and proceed

I can see them doing this actually and with PARKER and GREAK FREAK they will be playoff contenders


Plus trade middleton to magic for Nicholson


Hahahaha 2 firsts AND young talent for Saunders? Oook




27 Aug 2014 17:25:48

Crowder, Felton, 2015 First


Dudley is a better backup SF for Parsons on a playoff bound team

Bucks flip Dudley for another pick

succeed and proceed

Crowder is better than Dudley


But better than having Felton on your team for 2 years. Crowder will get a pay raise next offseason and I see the Mavs FA money going to bringing back Ty to a lower cost deal and make a run at Rondo

succeed and proceed

^suceed and proceed. Dudley is making more than Felton so they'd be taking on more future money because of this. Also if you think they won't be able to afford Crowder, they can always trade him for a couple of 2nd rounders or a prospect on his rookie contract for a longer amount of time.




20 Aug 2014 21:53:25
Easy trade.

Suns get Monta Ellis

Mavs get Eric Bledsoe s&t

Pf. M. Morris/ M. Morris/ A. Tolliver
Sf. G. Green/ P. Tucker/ T. Warren
C. M. Plumlee/ A. Len/ S. Randolph
Sg. M. Ellis/ A. Goodwin
Pg. G. Dragic/ I. Thomas/ T. Ennis

Pf. D. Nowitski/ B. Wright/ I. Johnson
Sf. C. Parsons/ A. Aminu/ R. Jefferson
C. T. Chandler/ G. Smith
Sg. J. Crowder/ D. Harris/ G. Mekel
Pg. E. Bledsoe/ J. Nelson/ R. Felton




15 Aug 2014 21:46:05

Felton + 2015 1st Rd Pick for Marshall and Raduljica.

Mavs open 1.4 million to sign another FA and get a better passing PG.

Bucks get a pick and hope Felton does not take his option for 2015

succeed and proceed

If Felton struggles again this year, he'll pick up his option, and this will become a brutal trade for the Bucks.

SAS Champs 2014



13 aug 2014 11:00:10

dallas gets: b.jennings

detroit gets: k.perkins, r.felton

okc gets: b.wright, j.jerebko


Detroit has no desire nor does any team in the NBA to have Felton and they have no need for Perkins. Better to keep Jennings and Jerbreko. Better players at this point in their careers.


Jennings is a dog who makes too much, getting expirings would be fine.


Ewwww spare parts pistons says Hell no Dumars ain't here


Jennings contract is up in two years and exspiring is not going to help the Pistons they can not attract big name free agents so that made no sense.




13 aug 2014 10:55:19

dallas gets: r.anderson

new orleans gets: m.kidd-gilchrist, r.felton

charlotte gets: b.wright, 2nd (dallas), 2nd (new orleans)




12 Aug 2014 06:52:44
Kings/ Mavericks

Felton + 31-45 protected 2nd Rd pick for JET

Kings/ Knicks

Calderon for Williams

Kings/ Bucks

Knight, Middleton & Mayo for McLemore, Thompson & McCallum

6th Man Knight

Finish 7/8 in West

succeed and proceed

Knicks need calderon


And no one needs Williams.




11 Aug 2014 06:25:21

Felton + 2015 1st Round Pick + Cash for Martin

succeed and proceed

11 Aug 2014 14:22:17
Rather see them going for Rubio


Lol Martin is not worth a 1st round pick. Minnesota will probably have to trade some picks to go along with him because no one once him and his contract.






04 Aug 2014 17:33:53
Celtics rumors!



-2 future 1st from Mavs


Ddrainer you are a Mavs fan. We can tell by the way you post bad Rondo and Rubio trades everyday centered around Brandon Wright


The man that tries to land the Mavs a superstar is back




04 Aug 2014 09:03:56
-Suns are afraid of chemisty because of the Bledsoe Saga!

Assumpt Wolfes get Wiggins and Bennett in the Love trade there is a very nice possible trade on the air!

Wolfes get Wiggins and Bennett for Love. Mavs get Terry for Felton. Following an easy three Team trade:

-2x future 1st from Dallas

-2x future 2nd from Suns


Suns get a good, Young PG in LaVine and another scorer in Martin in addition two future 1st to build up!

Mavs get a pass first PG to optimize their roster and in sign & trade a C update if they lose Wright.

Wolfes get another PG and scorer in Bleadsoe and a good, young PF/C in Wright to achive a very good and Young line up:

-Bledsoe, Wiggins, Bennett, PF/Wright, Dieng


No chance the subs basically get 3 first round picks and a starter for Bledsoe. Unreal.


No way PHX will take Martin. plus if they wanted Lavine, they could have just drafted him(made a deal to move to 13). Bledsoe will be in PHX for at least one. likely 4 more years. Oh, yeah. and the Terry for Felton thing? It's hilarious. and I hope that happens.


"Okafor" is an unrestricted free agent.




03 Aug 2014 21:51:39
What Mavs will still do:

Mavs (Get a backup outside/3-point shooter ):
Kings (Get a Veteran PG):

Mavs sign:
-Beasley (He becomes the first backup Forward and the chance to become a starter in a good Team if Nowitzki retires)

In Addition Mavs have the Marion bird-rights. Should sign Marion at 9-11 Mio. for 1 year. If not Rondo Mavs can try a sign and trade with Suns!

-2x 1st pick

-Okafor (sign and trade)
-Bleadsoe (Max deal five years)

Chandler, Okafor, Smith
Nowitzki, Beasley, Johnson
Parsons, Jefferson, Aminu
Ellis, Harris, Terry
Bledsoe, Nelson, Mekel


PHX takes the call. then hangs up laughing. not only about the proposed trade. but also that Dallas (or anyone else) would want Beasely.




03 Aug 2014 09:07:21
MAVS 14/15


Mavs get: PG Ricky Rubio, 2016 2nd rd pick
T-Wolves get: PG Ray Felton, PF/C Brandan Wright, SG Ricky Ledo, unprotected 2015 1st rd pick, 2017 2nd rd pick

Mavs get:

Try and sign Ray Allen 2yr 6m, if he signs elsewhere or retires, sign Chris Douglas Roberts for 1 yr 2m
Sign Kenyon Martin for the vet min


PG Rubio, Nelson, Harris, Mekel
SG Ellis, Allen/CDR
SF Parsons, Jefferson, Crowder
PF Nowitzki, Aminu, I.Johnson
C Chandler, Martin, G. Smith

Solid team, very good starter, Rubio can create so Dirk, Ellis and Parsons can shoot the lights out and the bench - led by Nelson, Harris, Jefferson (and maybe Allen) - is pretty good, too, IMO.


Minnesota says no to that trade.




01 Aug 2014 10:55:08
Pending discussion. If Rubio do not wanna sign with Wolfes, think Mavs could act!


-2 future 1st from Mavs one 1st from Kings



Ddrainer you are not getting Rondo or Rubio for trash. So stop


1. this is not pending
2. its Wolves not Wolfes
3. Kings don't want Martin back, they have Stauskus and McLemore
4. Kings don't want felton they have Collison and McCallum
5. That package wouldn't get you rubio


Kings would not send a future 1st rd pik for K Martin & R Felton




01 Aug 2014 00:52:16
Dallas - Phoenix - Detriot

Mavs get - Jennings and Okafor (s&t)

Suns get - Monroe and Felton

Pistons get - Bledsoe(s&t),Wright, and Marion(s&t)





Take Felton out 7 replace him with someone /something else. maybe send him to Detroit.


Do to the new guidelines, Felton cannot be packaged in a trade with another player.


Take Felton out 7 replace him with someone /something else. maybe send him to Detroit.


Do to the new guidelines, Felton cannot be packaged in a trade with another player.


Detroit doesn't want nor need Felton & Detroit doesn't want Bledsoe who has turned down the same money Detroit is going to pay Monroe & is often injured. Marion is past it and Wright is plain garbage. No thank you. Sub Smith for Monroe and that's a deal.


Nope. we'll just move on. & you can keep Smith in Detroit. just like Felton can stay in Dallas. don't need their kind of drama in PHX. we already have the Eric Bledsoe Show, y'know.




31 Jul 2014 20:55:38
Nets Mavs Grizzlies trade

Nets get Ellis and Prince

Mavs get Dwill, Lee and a future first from the Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Wright, Harris and a 2nd from the Nets


Jack, Ellis, Johnson, KG/Plumlee and Lopez

Williams, Lee, Parsons, Dirk and Chandler

Conley, Allen, Carter, Randolph and Gasol


How did Wright become so valuable. Has he even gotten off the bench for the Mavs in two years? He is garbage.




31 Jul 2014 17:52:40

Dal Trades: B. Wright, 2 Future Unprotected First Rounders, 1 Future 2nd Round Pick

Min Trades: Rubio





31 Jul 2014 07:46:13
The easy trade works fin. If Rubio signs an extention at Wolfs Mavs should target Rondo again. There is no contenter spot for Rondo technical and assetwise.

-2x1st from Mavs

Celtics get a good, young Centers, future 1st and reduce CAP.

-2x2nd from Boston
-2n from Bucks

Mavs get their starting point guard a backup replacement for Wright and some filler picks.

-1st from Mavs

Bucks get a future 1st pick to improve their roster and PG updates for short term.

Chandler, Smith, Faverani
Nowitzki, Aminu, Johnson
Parsons, Jefferson, Griffin
Ellis, Ledo, Crowder
Rondo, Nelson, Harris


Mavs fan stop posting this, the Mavs have no trade assetts




29 Jul 2014 03:30:25

Knicks get Brandon Wright
Decent big man with expiring contract

Mavs get JR Smith
Scorer off bench and backup SG




28 Jul 2014 23:47:49
Why do it the easy way? : ) Honest, technical it would work :: ))

-1st from Mavs



-Okafor (via sign & trade from Suns)
-2nd from Philly
-2nd from Wolfs

-Bledsoe (via sign & trade from Suns)

-Marion (via sign & trade from Mavs)
-1st from Cavs
-1st from Mavs




27 Jul 2014 20:23:12
Mavs - Pelicans - Hawks

Mavs get - Anderson and Antic

Pelicans get - Harris,Carroll,Wright, and Korver

Hawks get - Gordon and Marion(s&t) vet min

Reserves - Fair/Ledo/Smith

Reserves- Withey/Fredette/Smith

Reserves- Muscala/Mack/Patterson




27 Jul 2014 07:03:04
Minnesota is a mess right now and once again we have star drama and this time it's a "Love Story" Love will be a Cav and Wiggins will be in green n black. If I'm a Wolves fan I'm ecstatic.

That's not it though, Ricky Rubio says he wants max money. IMO I think he wants out, no way does he deserve max, I think it's his way of say trade me or literally over pay he haha. So we go to Phoenix where there is trouble in negotiations with Eric Bledsoe.

I drew up a 4 way deal involving the Minnesota Timberwolves , Phoenix Suns , Dallas Mavericks , and the Los Angeles Lakers

A few Sign and Trades are involved and many picks.

Minnesota T'Wolves add:
- Eric Bledsoe
- Brandan Wright
- Robert Sacre
- Dallas 1st unprotected
- Los Angeles Clippers 2nd round pick
- Los Angeles Lakers future 2nd round pick

Phoenix Suns add:
- Gorgui Dieng
- Shawn Marion 2yr 8m
- Minnesota 2015 1st round pick top 8 protected, 2016 top 3 protected, 2017 unprotected

Dallas Mavericks add:
- Ricky Rubio
- Kevin Martin
- Emeka Okafor 3yr 9m player option on 2nd year

Los Angeles Lakers add:
- Jae Crowder
- Gal Mekel


Dallas Mavs:
- sign BJ Mullens 2yr 2m Player option on 2nd year

Ricky Rubio / Jameer Nelson / Devin Harris / Raymond Felton
Monte Ellis / Kevin Martin / Ricky Ledo
Chandler Parsons / Richard Jefferson / Eric Griffin
Dirk Nowitzki / BJ Mullens / Greg Smith
Tyson Chandler / Emeka Okafor

( what I see is a breakout season for Rubio. You put nothing but shooters around him and he will easily lead the league in assist. This team IMO can make the finals. This team reminds me of 2011 chip team. Such a fun team. Their bench is decent and with many veterans. Just look, every player has a role and will know it, Ellis and Martin are a scoring duo with Point guards who are pass first. Parsons will be a corner 3 specialist, he reminds me of Peja a bit. Dirk the leader and closer and you got 2 defensive minded bigs. Honestly I see this team going far and they have great coaching. )

Phoenix Suns:
-sign Jordan Crawford 2yr 8m team option on 2nd year

Goran Dragic / Isiah Thomas / Tyler Ennis
Gerald Green / Jordan Crawford / Archie Goodwin
Shawn Marion / PJ Tucker / TJ Warren
Markieff Morris / Marcus Morris / Anthony Tolliver
Mason Plumlee / Gorgui Dieng / Alex Len

( Boy they're loaded with young players. This team will battle for the playoffs but can make it because of their depth. Beware of Dieng, Warren, And Kieff becoming LEGIT possible all stars. I like Plumlee but I think Dieng will be a top center in this league as his mid range is developing. This team in a few years will be very good. They literally have so many players. Their future looks really good though. )

Minnesota T' Wolves:

Eric Bledsoe / JJ Barea / Alex Shved
Andrew Wiggins / Zach LaVine / Glenn Robinson III
Corey Brewer / Chase Budinger / Robbie Hummell
Brandan Wright / Anthony Bennett / Luc Mbah Moute
Nikola Pekovic / Ronny Turiaf / Robert Sacre

( can you imagine if Bledsoe, Wiggins, LaVine, and Bennett grow to full potential? If they do this team WILL win a championship. I'm for sure jumping on this bandwagon haha. The Wolves would be stupid to not trade Love for Wiggy. The Wolves will be great in the future and as of now they're not bad, they're young but still have talent in each postion. They got a very good defensive starting 5 minus Pekovic lol but he's a good scoring bully. Plus they have decent role bench guys. I love this team. Bledsoe and Wiggins may be the next Westbrook - Durant, who knows! )

Los Angeles Lakers:
- sign Ryan Hollins

Steve Nash / Jeremy Lin / Gal Mekel
Kobe Bryant / Xavier Henry / Jordan Clarkson
Nick Young / Jae Crowder / Wes Johnson
Carlos Boozer / Julius Randle / Ryan Kelly
Jordan Hill / Ed Davis / Ryan Hollins

( I'm confused on how good or bad they will be. I see a very inconsistent team but if Kobe stays healthy they will compete every night. His legacy lives on and he's back to finish the last chapter. I think Nash gets limited minutes and saves himself for the playoffs because like it or not Nash you're done but it's not a negative because he's a great teacher and that's why I added Gal Mekel. Mekel can learn from Nash and possibly be the next Dragic? Scoring is no issue but defense is, that's why I added Crowder who is a decent perimeter defender. This is the predicted lineup from BSPN but I'd start Lin and Crowder. Yes I'm a Lakers fan and excited to see Randle and Clarkson grow into the future. I do believe though if healthy this team will make the playoffs. They have many guys who need and want a new contract. Henry and Hill I believe will improve a lot and may be good trade bait by the deadline to add hmmm a new Kobe sidekick? )

Thanks for reading I'm pretty bored. Be nice ;)


Anyone who thinks a double sign and trade involving four teams is believable really needs another hobby.


Minnesota is not trading Gorgui Dieng.




26 Jul 2014 23:25:33
Think Mavs will try and get Rubio. If love leaves in the summer else in the winter.

Rubio, Martin, Turiaf for Nelson, Felton, Wright + 1st picks.

In the summer the same procedure with Drummond or in the winter of 2016:

Drummond for 1st round picks.

Because both will get free agents instead of.

Drummond, Chandler, Smith
Nowitzki, Aminu, Griffin
Parsons, Jefferson, Crowder
Ellis, Martin, Ledo
Rubio, Harris, Mekel




26 Jul 2014 19:42:31
Wolves trade: Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, and Dante Cunningham
Wolves get: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Otto Porter, Dallas 1st

Wizards trade: Otto Porter and Kevin Sepharin
Wizards get: SnT Shawn Marion, Jae Crowder and Dallas 1st

Mavs trade: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Jae crowder, SnT Shawn Marion, and 2 first rd picks
Mavs get: Ricky Rubio, SnT Dante Cunningham, Kevin Martin, and Kevin Sepharin

LaVine / Barea / Mekel
Martin / Shved / Robinson
Brewer / Porter / Moute
Love / Wright
Pekovic / Dieng / Turiaf

Rebuilding mode. Rubio wants max and I don't see the willing to do so. Mekel and Porter are young prospects.

Wall / Miller
Beal / Rice
Pierce / Crowder / Webster
Nene / Marion / Humphries
Gortat / Blair

Add some depth and veteran Marion for defense on guys like Melo, George and Lebron.

Rubio / Harris / Nelson
Ellis / Martin / Ledo
Parsons / Jefferson / Aminu
Nowitzki / Cunningham / Smith
Chandler / Sepharin / James

I'd put this Mavs team atop the west possibly. You got Rubio with shooters everywhere. Solid depth and great coaching. I would not want to play this team come playoff time. They remind me of that 2011 championship team




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