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26 Nov 2014 21:34:02
Bones of a trade. should any pieces be added

Mavericks get Kyrie Irving

Suns get Monta Ellis

Cavs get Goran Dragic




26 Nov 2014 14:22:11
Dallas Okc

Dallas get Reggie Jackson and Andre Roberson

Okc get Devin Harris , Brandan Wright and Jae Crowder + a pick




Not enough for jackson




25 Nov 2014 12:11:46
Nice Trade:



-Monroe (via sign and trade at 14m 4y)
-1st from Dallas


Why do u want to trade parsons?


They are not going to trade Parsons they just signed him this year and he is playing well. Boston would want Smith and Detroit would want Green. But anyway this is not going to happen




24 Nov 2014 21:06:16

DET get Chandler Parsons and Brandan Wright

B. Jennings / D. Augustine
K. Caldwell-Pope / J. Meeks
C. Parsons / C. Butler / L. Datome
J. Smith / B. Wright / J. Jerebko
A. Drummond / J. Anthony

DAL get Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green

R. Rondo / J. Barea
M. Ellis / D. Harris / R. Ledo
J. Green / R. Jefferson / J. Crowder
D. Nowitzki / A. Aminu / C. Villanueva
T. Chandler / G. Smith

BOS get Greg Monroe , Dallas 1st round pick , Kyle Singler , Jameer Nelson , 2nd from DET

M. Smart / Nelson / Pressey
A. Bradley / J. Young
E. Turner / K. Singler / G. Wallace
J. Sullinger / B. Bass / T. Zeller
G. Monroe / K. Olynyk / V. Faverani


Very good ideal! Pistons get More as they can expect with Monroe expireing. Wright as a complement and Parsons would fit very well.

Boston geht their young big man and more future picks.

Mavs geht another playmaker ans good defender, Green is a bit oder gut complements Parsons. Moving Wright and a 1st I think it is fair to ask for Faverani or Zeller as a C backup in addition.

But really all involved teams receive an upgrade - well done. Why did I not that proposal : )


BTW it works only on a sign and trade deal for Monroe at Pistons.


Why are they trading Parsons?Dont see mavs doing this deal at this point.


Parsons is not doing that well with Nowitzki on his side, Parsons really want half of a superstar and he can do it in Detroit with Drummond, not in Dallas with Ellis and Dirk and Dallas would get a pretty good SF and a superstar PG in return so why not.


Parsons is over paid and Detroit still has smith. But still solid trade since Monroe is going to walk anyway. I don't see Monroe resigning in Boston.


Send Nelson to Detroit and Augustin to Detroit and we have a deal. Nelson is the perfect backup pg for Detroit as he already know SVG's system.




24 Nov 2014 14:43:59


That's the very fair Trade!


No it isnt

Celtics 4 life



21 Nov 2014 07:57:04
NY rumors to trade Shumpert!



-Felton + 4Mio for a buy out
-2x1st from Dallas


This is d drainer's rumors and theory not NY's

- you will never get Rondo unless you give up Parsons or Ellis c'mon


Take Harris, Parsons in exchange for Rondo, Green if you want. But not think it make sense or Aigne will shop Green - but Rondo.




17 Nov 2014 11:11:53
Add Rondo and Aldridge to the Mavs roster - best ever! Rondo and Aldridge move also the defense to it's best

Smart Trade in February:


-2x2nd from Celtics

-1st from Wolfes
-2x1st from Dallas

Smart moves next Summer:

-Chandler, Rondo expires, Ellis have to opt out.

Sign FA Aldridge at max (approx. starting 17m 4y). Sign/Resign the bench. Resign Rondo (starting 15m 4y), Ellis (starting 12m, 1+1y), Chandler (starting 8m 4y)

Chandler, (Aldridge)Smith, Faverani
Aldridge, Nowitzki, Villaneuva
Parsons, Aminu, Jefferson
Ellis, Mohammed, Ledo
Rondo, Harris, Barea

Frontcourt with Chandler, Aldridge, Nowitzki would be the best ever.

Wings with Parsons, Aminu, Mohammed a very strong.

Guards with Rondo, Ellis, Harris would be the beste as wall!

Contenter for years also if Nowitzki will retire!

Money and Championships are what Players want - hope in the wet dreams Rondo ans Aldridge as well!

Your Drain ; )


17 Nov 2014 21:37:10
Wolves pass they don't want Felton (who does) and they won't give away a first without getting a good player in return


1. The wolves wouldn't trade their first for three bench warmers
2. Rondo so far is almost averaging a triple double so the celtics could probably get more than that offer
3. How many times are you going to post this UNBELIEVABLENESS!

Celtics 4 life

Ok, I tought, Wolves geht another Bit-Man in Wright and could be willing to spend a first round pick fort Wright, look at rookie number 5 to 20, ofter you have Players with less skills and productivity! Felten is only a backup, because two PG are hurt. Next year he can buy him out.

I do not think, many teams will pay much for Rondo. Because he is FA next Summer and a pretty good Flor General gut not the high digit scorer. Rondo is only a value add for a contender that have already productivity. So it is only Houston or Dallas.


^ A lot of teams would want rondo he's a champion, great defender, great passer, and can score if he has to plus he can pull down boards

Celtics 4 life



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07 Nov 2014 16:12:28
Nice drainrs Trade:

-Wright, Crowder, 2x 1st from Dallas

-Rondo, Zeller (+ sign Allen, Lewis)

-Nelson, McGee

Cavs or Kings:
-Felten (via Trade exception)


I can't tell if you're joking or not


DENVER (waive A. Gee)
PG: T. Lawson - N. Robinson - E. Green
SG: A. Afflalo - R. Foye - G. Harris
SF: D. Gallinari - W. Chandler - J. Crowder
PF: K. Faried - J.J. Hickson - D. Arthur
C: T. Mozgov - B. Wright - J. Nurkic
PG: R. Rondo - D. Harris - J.J. Barea
SG: M. Ellis - R. Allen - R. Ledo
SF: C. Parsons - A. Aminu - R. Jefferson
PF: D. Nowitzki - R. Lewis - C. Villanueva
C: T. Chandler - T. Zeller - G. Smith
PG: J. Nelson - M. Smart - P. Pressey
SG: A. Bradley - M. Thornton - J. Young
SF: J. Green - E. Turner - G. Wallace
PF: J. Sullinger - B. Bass - D. Powell
C: J. McGee - K. Olynyk - V. Faverani
CLEVELAND (waive W. Cherry)
PG: K. Irving - R. Felton - M. Dellavedova
SG: D. Waiters - M. Miller - J. Harris
SF: L. James - S. Marion - J. Jones
PF: K. Love - T. Thompson - L. Amundson
C: A. Varejao - A. Kirk - B. Haywood


I can see the Mavs going after Rondo but this deal is just dumb




06 Nov 2014 22:36:31
Mavs get Kyrie Irving

Celtics get Monta Ellis

Cavs get Rajon Rondo and Devin Harris and 2015 Dallas 1st


-Rondo, Thornton, Wright

-Irving, Young, Zeller

-Nelson, Waiters, Thompson

To help is a pleasure : )


So you're saying Cavs trade Irving, Waiters, and Thompson for Rondo, Thornton, and Wright?? Yeah no




06 Nov 2014 14:44:34
Celtics get Kyrie Irving and Monta Ellis

Cavs get Rajon Rondo (with extension), James Young, top 5 protected 2015 pick

Mavs get Marcus Smart and Marcus Thornton

PF. J. Sullenger
Sf. J. Green
C. K. Olynick
SG. M. Ellis
Pg. K. Irving
B. Bass
G. Wallace
A. Bradley

PF. K. Love
Sf. L. James
C. A. Varejao
SG. D. Waiters
Pg. R. Rondo
S. Marion
T. Thompson
M. Miller

PF. D. Nowitski
Sf. C. Parsons
C. T. Chandler
SG. M. Thornton
Pg. M. Smart
J. Nelson
J. Crowder
B. Wright




05 Nov 2014 01:52:08
Los Angeles Clippers

Needs: starting SF and backup PG

Matt Barnes sucks as a starter they need an athletic or defensive wing. If they could get Iggy without giving up Paul, Griffin and Jordan. Its a downgrade of Backup point, Bledsoe, Collison were starters quality type, Farmar is a 10th man or reserve type of player. Suggestion, make a trade with Mavs or Suns fir backup point.

My starters:

Rotational players:
Pg: Farmar
Pg-Sg-Sf: Crawford
Pf: Davis
C: Hawes


Warriors would not trade Iggy to the clippers




04 Nov 2014 06:51:04
L Stephenson having some trouble without the floor spacing he had with the Pacers. If troubles continue, team with spacing should want him

Mavs - Hornets

Mavs get
L Stephenson

Hornets get
R Felton (sadly not exp)
G Smith (exp)
J Crowder (exp)
R Ledo (rookie deal)
2015 & 2017 1st round picks

Stephen can play the 1-3 in Dallas with much better floor spacing.
Not to mention what he can add on D. (Just for the record, i'm not d drainer, just stealing his trade idea for a more likely option)


Ddrainr 2.0


COOL! I am epic! : )

Don't sorry I will support you with my New Rondo trade idea later.


So epic bro




03 Nov 2014 22:50:25
Dallas gets Kobe Bryant and Ed Davis

Lakers get Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler


Aweful move for Dallas, take away Chandler and who plays center and better yet who plays and D.

Dallas would have to outshoot to win every game and LAL does not get any help for their team going forward.

succeed and proceed



03 Nov 2014 10:19:18
Hornets rebuild

Trade Vonleh , 2 1st and Kemba to Lac for Chris Paul

Trade Al Jefferson , Gerald Henderson , MKG , 2nd and PJ Hairston 3 way with Mavs and Ind

CHA get West and Chandler and Parsons
DAL get Hibbert , Henderson , MKG
IND get Al Jefferson , Brandan Wright , 2nd , Hairston

Paul / Roberts
Stephenson / Neal
Parsons / Williams
West / Zeller
Chandler / Biyombo


Think hornets are built already


Think it's a troll, look paul west and chandler are former hornets in new orleans then chandler play the peja role




02 Nov 2014 09:47:24
Correction. : )

Smart doing by the Wolves to keep Rubio as their floor General to run with that young talent crowd.

Mavs have to focus on Rondo.

My Februar assumptions:

Mavs: Meyers.Leonard
Portland: Smith, Crowder

Cavs: Felton
Mavs: Rondo, 1x2nd from Cavs, 1x2nd from Celtics
Celtics: Wright, 3 x Future 1st from Mavs

Mavs sign R.Allen and Lewis and take that ring again ; )

Still money enough to sing Aldridge in 2015 and resign the complete rostet to be contender for years!


None of this will happen


^^ they might sign R Lewis again




27 Oct 2014 01:27:27
JJ barea getting buyout

Mavs and Lakers are interested.

Mavs with Nelson, Felton, Harris and Mekel. How will Barea gains more playing time.

Lakers need a PG backing up Lin with Nash probably retires after his season ending injury.

for teams who needs PG:
Will Bynum (will be waived by Celtics)
John Lucas
Seth Curry
Darius Morris
Casper Ware




25 Oct 2014 11:05:44
Hi Mavs Fans ans others :)

I like to see Nelson playing. He is a good PG and he shots wall behind the arc.

But I am confident we will see another trade in Februar when Mavs will trade for a very good pass first PG and defender on the "One"!

-Wright, Mekel, Nelson and 2x 1st pick

-Wright, Ledo, Mekel, Nelson and 2x 1st pick
-Rubio, Martin, Turiaf

Case 1 or 2 with the very good defender and passer on the PG Position the Mavs are a strong contender - I am happy - and my friends here in will silent listen ; )


He strikes again, never going to happen.


We will see. See you then. in Februar.


He responded!

Celtics 4 life



18 Oct 2014 04:05:59

Ersan, Marshall/ Merkel, Wright, 2015 1st.

Bucks get expiring deals and a pick which opens more time for Henson at the 4 with Ersan gone.

Dallas hopes Marshall is a good PG so Felton can stay off the court and they take a risk on Ersan, but if he returns to 12/13 form Dallas gets a major steal

succeed and proceed



14 Oct 2014 21:28:56
dallas and spurs

joseph and daye
for dallas
Harris and Crowder




06 Oct 2014 20:52:58
Boston gets Monta Ellis

Dallas gets Marcus Smart and Marcus Thornton

Pf. J. Sullenger/ B. Bass/ V. Faveroni
Sf. J. Green/ E. Turner/ G. Wallace
C. K. Olynick/ T. Zeller/ J. Anthony
Sg. M. Ellis/ J. Young/ R. Mcgruder
Pg. R. Rondo/ A. Bradley/ P. Pressey


Celtics are building for the future and it starts with Smart. Ellis doesn't put them over the top now nor the future


It's not so much whether Boston would want Ellis or not, it's that Dallas is in a win now mode and Ellis gives them a better chance to do so than Smart and Thornton do.

SAS Champs 2014

Ellis > Smart

Ellis will be an all-star this year.




01 Oct 2014 15:03:19
mavs has all it takes to make this happen


-2x 1st from mavs

d drainr

U didn't learn the 1st time u posted this AND u added Bass this time


Boston needs a young with already a very good potential where they can build up around him and felton is already out of his prime, and age factor mavs will stay with felton until his contract is finish and rondo is one of their top trade bait so they will not making a move without a good thing in return


This won't happen as Rondo is out injured again for at least a month. Also the Celtics don't want Felton no one does. and jbbaby you have no room to talk since all you post is the same trade with one change.




30 Sep 2014 23:41:23
mavs another move to complete the perfect turn around


-2nd from celtics

-2x 1st from mavs





-1x 1st from mavs
-r.felton (+8mil cash)


d drainr

Why would the Warriors take back Ellis, they traded him to give klay the time he needed

succeed and proceed

Warriors say hell no. They wouldn't trade Klay for Love so why would we trade him for Ellis? And Speights will be key off the bench for them this year.


I think its not a good move for mavs to do this since dirk and monta have a good combination last season and the pick should also have boston get a pick since they are rebuilding, warroirs they will not trade klay as of right now since he's a threat at 3pt in warriors opponents in next summer maybe if he wants max contract and in suns they will not trade dragic for felton since their focus is on bledsoe




28 Sep 2014 14:06:46
Trade to be completed as soon as possible due to restrictions from signing contracts a short time ago.

3 Teams -> Mavs, Clippers, Celtics

Mavs Get: Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, James Young

Clippers Get: Jeff Green

Celtics Get: Raymond Felton, Devin Harris, Ivan Johnson, Brandan Wright, Ricky Ledo, Charles Villenuava, '15, '17, '19 Round 1 Picks from Mavs, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joe Ingles, '17 Round 2 Pick from Clippers


PG: R.Rondo - J.Nelson - G.Makal
SG: M.Ellis - J.Young - D.Lamb
SF: C.Parsons - R.Jefferson - J.Crowder
PF: D.Nowitzki - A.Aminu - G.Smith
C: T.Chandler - J.Sullinger - B.James

PG: C.Paul - J.Farmar
SG: J.Redick - J.Crawford - C.Wilcox
SF: J.Green - M.Barnes - R.Bullock
PF: B.Griffin - G.Davis - E.Udoh
C: D.Jordan - S.Hawes

Celtics: (Waive - Turkoglu, Johnson, Villenuava, Ledo, Ingles)
PG: M.Smart - R.Felton - P.Pressey
SG: A.Bradley - D.Harris - Marcus Thornton
SF: E.Turner - G.Wallace - C.Douglas-Roberts
PF: B.Bass - K.Olynyk - B.Wright
C: T.Zeller - V.Faverani


Is this d drainr or what?


Maybe his twin @sunset


Impossible to happen they will not approve on a trade that is unequal to be fair and maintain the balance in each team involve in the trade and this became one sided trade


Celtics trade their future for bench warmers and last first rounders

Celtics 4 life



25 Sep 2014 11:15:00
Los Angeles Clippers Get: Dorell Wright, Thomas Robinson, 2019 Round 2 Pick

Portland Trailblazers Get: Glen Davis, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Tyson Chandler, Jae Crowder, 2015 Round 1 Pick

Dallas Mavericks Get: Robin Lopez, Victor Claver, Joel Freeland, Allen Crabbe


Clippers: (Waive - Jared Cunningham)
PG: Chris Paul - Jordan Farmar
SG: JJ Redick - Jamal Crawford - CJ Wilcox
SF: Matt Barnes - Dorell Wright - Reggie Bullock
PF: Blake Griffin - Thomas Robinson - Ekpe Udoh
C: DeAndre Jordan - Spencer Hawes

PG: Damian Lillard - Steve Blake - Darius Morris
SG: Wesley Matthews - CJ McCollum - Will Barton
SF: Nicolus Batum - Chris Douglas-Roberts - Jae Crowder - Hedo Turkoglu
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge - Glen Davis
C: Tyson Chandler - Chris Kaman - Meyers Leonard

Mavericks: (Waive - Joel Freeland, Allen Crabbe, Victor Claver)
PG: Jameer Nelson - Raymond Felton - Gal Mekel
SG: Monte Ellis - Devin Harris - Ricky Ledo
SF: Chandler Parsons - Richard Jefferson - Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Ivan Johnson
C: Robin Lopez - Brandon Wright - Greg Smith - Bernard James


Dallas say no they need tyson Chandler for defense


To Ca: lopez is as good or better than Chandler at this stage of their careers.

Portland passes. I'd rather have Lopez, he fits the team and is younger and cheaper. Also, the city of Portland HATES turkoglu, they'd never take him.


Hell yeah benjamin66 tyson chandler would have been in the cards two years ago, but then again robin lopez wouldn't have been in the cards two years ago. See what I mean? Nice call.

T.B. Fan all the way



24 Sep 2014 23:17:53
Dallas gets Goran Dragic with extension

Suns get Monta Ellis


No deal ellis and dirk together is a beast plus dirk like playing wit ellis I say no deal but that's just me




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