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26 Mar 2015 01:27:40
76ers / Twolves

I feel a backcourt of the future, two combo guards who are 6'5" and athletic. One who is an elite passer and shooter, one who is a gifted slasher, and both excellent ball handlers. That combination is DeAngelo Russell and Zach LaVine. LaVine has been coming on real strong as of late, and is only 20. Brett Brown would do wonders with this kid. Russell is a floor leader that has the rare quality of being able to score AND making his teammates better. Hinkie is all about upside and youth, and I don't think you could ask for a better young combo to develop into stars. I am willing to overpay for LaVine, based on potential alone.

Sixers trade Lakers protected #1 for LaVine.

Backcourt Russell and LaVine. Frontcourt Embiid and Noel. Wings Covington, Grant(draft winslow, Oubre, Hezonja, or Johnson with a combination of Miamis and OKC;s #1's this year). Still have Saric coming over(like another lottery pick just sitting there).
Minnisota gets ultra value for LaVine. Win/Win.
Im sick of picks, its time for players. All we gave up for the LA pick is MCW.

26 Mar 2015 06:00:20
This is just plain stupid, even I know Lavine isn't worth that pick, and while I know he isn't worth that pick, I'm not sure the Wolves would even want to give up Lavine with, as you said, his amazing potential. Lavine is learning how to play the game, and I'm not sure the Wolves would want to restart by getting another rookie, who they might not even see until next year when no one know where that pick will land.

26 Mar 2015 12:17:09
Thats a good trade. I like it. Sixers get a shooting guard and the wolves can get a big.

26 Mar 2015 13:18:02
Highly overvaluing Lavine. Yes I like the kids game but he's not a roy candidate for a reason. Now if you say lakers pick for wiggins then I can see, even if you'll need more to get wiggins. Lavine just is an average player who can dunk right now. Yes he has upside but I can find ten lavine at the fifth spot In a Draft. So no way. Our other idea of trading Miami and okc I like. Good call on all those potential guys too. Winslows I think my favorite with the euro close behind.

26 Mar 2015 14:16:10
Plus this trade would basically be Mcw( trade for lakers pick) for lavine. That's ridiculously bad.

26 Mar 2015 14:25:00

The Wolves don't need a the Lakers pick to get a big, they have their own pick to get a good prospect. if anything they would end up taking Russell with their pick, which would be higher than the Sixers and a big with the Lakers pick if they got it

26 Mar 2015 14:41:46
Wolvesfan, you cannot seriously be suggesting the Wolves wouldn't trade LaVine for the Laker pick?

26 Mar 2015 15:18:50
Lakers r most likely going to have their pick this year so timerwolves might draft a big with their own pick and if they get lucky next year and get lakers pick in draft then they could go guard.

26 Mar 2015 15:48:08
I'm saying that for the same reasons that jvoug wants Lavine, the Timberwolves would want him too. And there is the likelihood that they won't see the pick for 2 years, and when they do see the pick, knowing that the Lakers like to spend money, it might be a late 1st round pick they get instead of the a lottery pick that they used on Lavine. Plus it would be giving up on a player after 1 year. I know it sounds crazy but looking at it from that angle makes me hesitate. Personally, I think I would rather have guy who has already been in the league and could be the steal of the draft, instead of hoping there is a player similar to him in future drafts.

26 Mar 2015 15:49:30

The Wolves never get lucky when it comes to the draft

26 Mar 2015 18:29:36
U guys did get KG and love though. And what do u mean wolves didn't get any luck in previous drafts. Do u mean wolves didn't pick the right players or higher picks from the lotto.

26 Mar 2015 18:51:57
I'm completely with you on the big back court. I'm looking for Thomas-Dumars in 6'5" long frames. But Zach Lavine isn't my guy. He's shooting 41% from the floor. That's MCW. I'd rather use my two later picks and move up if necessary to get Grant from ND to go along with Russell.

26 Mar 2015 19:14:03
We don't pick the right players and we never get lucky in the lottery, as bad as the Wolves have been, they have never had the #1 pick

26 Mar 2015 20:17:11
Both teams say no. Lavine has been playing out of his mind while starting (19ppg) and he has a ton of potential. And I don't think susers would do it either

23 Mar 2015 18:39:56

NYK get: Kevin Durant & Steven Adams
Free Agents: Pat Beverely, Jimmy Butler, & Greg Monroe

pg. beverly
sg. butler
sf. durant
pf. melo
c. monroe/adams

OKC get: NYK 1st DP 2015 (draft & trade), MIA 1st DP 2015 (via MIA), & NYK 1st DP 2016

Draft: D'Angelo Russell (2nd), Kelly Oubre (11th), & Frank Kaminsky (18th)

pg. westbrook
sg. russell/waiters
sf. oubre/lamb
pf. ibaka/mcgary
c. kanter/kaminsky

PHI get: THJ, Jose Calderon, & 2015 2nd DP NYK

Draft: Emanuel Mudiay (3rd)

pg. mudiay/calderon
sg. thj/wroten
sf. saric/covington
pf. noel
c. embiid

23 Mar 2015 19:01:26
sixers say no deal they just rather keep their picks.

23 Mar 2015 19:50:38
Why do these knick fans keep trying to give the Sixers calderon. The guy has negative value for us. You'd have to give us something to take him. So no deal. Again!!

23 Mar 2015 22:16:02
why would hinkie trade Miamis #1(11-16) for THJ(a backup sg) and calderon(an overpaid old pg). neither one is a good 2-way player with high upside. horrible trade for philly. makes no sense from sixers perspective

25 Mar 2015 12:34:33
And whay about your precious melo. don't melo and kd play the same position.

23 Mar 2015 14:51:34
sixers draft

1st- deangelo Russell to play at point
I doubt we will get lakers 1st
heat 1st- rj hunter because that kid can shoot and has madd range
I doubt sixers will get thunder pick so forget about that
2nd round
draft marshall plumlee from duke, Christmas from Syracuse, and aaron harrison

23 Mar 2015 17:15:58
Plumlee is going to the army, right?

23 Mar 2015 18:14:35
I never heard anything bout plumlee. I just watch his games.

23 Mar 2015 18:22:01
yea he enlisted

23 Mar 2015 19:02:59
that sucks. He could be a starter in the nba.

23 Mar 2015 21:53:20
You just watch games. he could be a starter in the nba. he's averaging 2 pts and 2 boards a game, and this is by FAR his best year of the 3 he's played. And in his last game against a decent opponent. 0 pts and 0 assists. i'm assuming when you claim he's a starter and you 'watch games' you meant when he played a horrible team in robert morris, the 16 seed, got garbage time and got 10 pts and 10 boards, hands down his best game of his career. How about you watch more than just a game against a team outside the top 80 in the nation before you start claiming hell be drafted and an nba starter.

23 Mar 2015 22:03:15
Rj hunter. 1st rd pick because that kid can shoot and has maddddd range.

great shooter. In COLLEGE, where its significantly easier. he's shooting 39% from the field and 30% from 3

awww yeah gosixers, madddddddd range. just because he can physically reach the basket doesn't mean he should be shooting. especially with those horrific numbers.

21 Mar 2015 01:56:42
76ers / Spurs

76ers trade Lakers #1 next year(more valuable in 2017, only 1-3 protected), OKC;s #1 and Covington to spurs for Kawhi Leonard.

Nerlens Noel(23pts/14rb/3 blks/5 stls vs knicks tonight) is playing like a beast!! Noel and Embiid will be something special for years to come. Hinkie, PLEASE don't mess with this frontcourt. if possible, Sixers draft DeAngelo Russell. The more expert analysis I read, Russell looks like the guy for philly. I think only Miami;s #1(11-16)will come into play this year. That means a possibility of 2 number ones next year(OKC's and our own). Draft Grant or Kaminsky with Miami's pick. Find a way to get Dario Saric over here, #1 NBA prospect in entire European league. Leonard would be the rising star on a team full of young studs.
Spurs do it to gain a top(4-8)pick in nexts years lottery, another #1with OKC;s pick, and add a quality young scorer like Covington. Possibly 3 valuable pieces to the rebuild once Duncan and Ginobili call it a career. I know 2 number ones sounds like a lot to give for leonard, but even hinkie said "you can't hit on all your picks". Leonard is only 23 and is an awesome 2-way, high-energy wing.
I think this is fair value and makes sense for both teams.

21 Mar 2015 07:26:39
Sixers say no. I really don't think he would be a good fit in philly. And in this trade the sixers r giving up too much. I think its better to just have mcrae and covington to play small forward.

21 Mar 2015 13:01:15
gosixers26. what makes you think leonard wouldn't be a good fit in philly? he fills a position of need, he's young, he scores and defends, has an NBA championship mvp award, and was brought up in the same system s brett brown. I couldn't think of a BETTER fit. Were's the downside?

21 Mar 2015 13:44:31
The Spurs say know. Leonard is proven and basically untradable. Especially for a couple picks. That's the difference between the Spurs and sixers. They don't gamble. Thus they win. Noel is doing great. Against the Knicks and with NO ONE ELSE on the team. Embiid hasn't done a thing. More I hear about him, more I think he's going to be a waste of potential. Lazy. Injury prone. Cares more about fame than winning. I think at some point the sixers will need to have an environment where free agents want to come. Until then, they won't win. Heinke wants full credit for building the team through the draft but has done nothing to prove he will do that except have a few project prospects and trade away the rookie of the year. Sadly, sixers will likely be awful for a couple more years and then move on without heinke.

21 Mar 2015 14:16:36
Jvoug. While I definately see the interest in Leonard it's giving up a ton to get a guy who's going to be making a ton next year. I just don't know if he's a star player. I do see why the Spurs would do it. They need to restock the team due to age. Duncan and parker can play for a few more years maybe. But three more?? Seems like a stretch. This would give them assets to rebuild ASAP.

21 Mar 2015 14:18:47
Actually stretch what I said earlier. I thought the Sixers where including their own pick this year. If it's only the lakers pick okc pick and covington then I'd definately do that. Fills a hole we need and still let's us draft a Russell or mudiay. Hopefully.

21 Mar 2015 14:43:12
He's a good fit. I think you're completely over paying.

I looked at his stats. He's really a 13ppg and 6rpg player. He boosted his scoring by shooting more, and reducing his field goal efficiency from 52% to 46%.

The Lakers pick could be the #1 pick in the draft. I don't trade that unless I'm getting a real game changing stud. I mean someone that you know for certain is getting you 20 every night. I want the guy Leonard is trying to stop.

21 Mar 2015 15:49:42
phillyrich1. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the Lakers pick to be #1 overall next year, it is 1-3 protected. Best case scenario is between #4-8. And everybody boosts their scoring by shooting more, really? He's 23, a lockdown defender, a scoring wing that we need, an NBA champion MVP, and essentially we would be getting him for MCW(the laker pick), eating one year of javale McGee contract(the OKC pick), and a nice role player in Covington. I do it in a second.

21 Mar 2015 17:48:01
No point for sixers to make this trade

21 Mar 2015 21:01:01
No point for sixers to get players in which they can win. And he averaged those stats with Duncan. Manu. Parker. Yes it's less than say mcw. But then again sixers fans are used to bloated stats due to no good teammates. Ergo they think they have the best players in the league yet somehow the worst record in the league. Mmmmk

22 Mar 2015 03:51:59
Actually have to agree with part of "personal pans" post. Leonard is someone philly could win with. A proven winner and would bring great young leadership to the sixers. Don't think it actually would ever happen, but if it does philly lands a great piece to the rebuild.

22 Mar 2015 12:10:21
jvoug: I completely understand that this year the Lakers pick is top 5 protected and that next year its top 3 protected. But after that its UNPROTECTED. (In my above post I never referenced next year. I was looking an additional year down the road.)

The Lakers very easily could be in the top 3 next year, leaving the Sixers with a rare unprotected pick from a bad team. With Kobe on the way out and breaking down, its not a crazy idea that the Sixers get a shot at the first pick in the summer of 2017.

As for Leonard, I think he's a good player. I just think you're offering too much. To me he's the last piece of the puzzle. But the Sixers don't yet know what pieces they have.

I say we shake hands and go our separate ways. I like your guy. I just am not ready for the price tag you're suggesting.

22 Mar 2015 14:44:57
I think a fair trade makes both teams think hard, and measure the pros and cons. This is a fair trade IMO. can't wait to see the sixers next year with a healthy embiid and noel upfront. should be a fun year!

22 Mar 2015 15:56:00
Jvoug: Agreed. They have the toughest pieces in place- the bigs- (assuming Embiid is healthy, and awesome).
They also have a what I think will be a deep bench in place and at reasonable cap numbers.
If they get two of the PG, SG or SF in this draft, they'll be ready to go.
And don't forget that Saric is stashed overseas and they have the Lakers pick in the bank, maybe the OKC pick in the bank and cap space.
Just think of where they were two years ago: a young talent at PG, average talent after that, no cap space, no picks, middle of the pack.

16 Mar 2015 09:50:24
Pelicans - Heat - Clippers

Pelicans get Chris Paul and Matt Barnes

Heat get Tyreke Evans

Clippers get Jrue Holiday and Luol Deng + 1st round pick from NOLA and 2nd from heat

Paul-Davis connection will be awesome

Paul-Gordon-Barnes-Davis-Asik = playoffs

Heat get Tyreke, he can play the 3 and the 2 also if DWade is injured


Clippers become a complete team


16 Mar 2015 13:47:18
Clips say no. Holiday can't stay healthy, and even when he is, he is nowhere close to Paul talent wise. Yes, the Clips need a wing player, but not at the expense of dealing Chris Paul for Holiday.

23 Mar 2015 16:22:42
no way, clippers would need to get more to trade paul who turned around the franchise.

16 Mar 2015 09:45:59
Heat get Paul George

Pacers get Rudy Gay and Goran Dragic

Kings get Luol Deng and 1st from Miami

18 Mar 2015 16:47:15
Not going to happen Two starters potential all stars for an over paid SF

15 Mar 2015 00:25:07
Cavs Get: Chris Bosh, Tyreke Evans

Pelicans Get: JR Smith, Shawn Marion, Miami 1st

Heat Get: Kevin Love, Quincy Pondexter, Brendan Haywood

15 Mar 2015 14:45:36
I really don't think Bosh wants to reunite with James and JR has picked up his game since being traded to the Cavs

14 Mar 2015 15:42:36

GS get Anthony Davis and Tony Wroten


NOLA get Joel Embiid and Draymond Green + Heat pick


PHI get Klay Thompson and David Lee


14 Mar 2015 17:02:23
Sixers pass. And it'll never happen anyway. So why post it at all.

14 Mar 2015 20:06:31
If anyone passes it is NOLA @TreGib. Phi would be the last to say no! They trade Embiid(who yes I think could be good) and they trade wroten and pick(ok scorer and a project) for Lee (who was a all star a little while ago) and KLAY who is the second best SG in the league and is still very young buddy

14 Mar 2015 20:42:40
sixers potential before this trade is higher then after this trade. although Thompson is very good, sixers are all about 2 years from now. that was the plan from the start. sixers say NO.

14 Mar 2015 21:00:06
That was the plan from the start with rookie of the year mcw. Now it gets pushed back. Until heinke decides he wants more. And pushes back again. Because guess what, no sixers have shown greatness on the court besides Noel and his defensive potential. That is literally all the sixers have so far. A good defensive player. One. Nothing else proven on the court.

14 Mar 2015 22:18:40
hey stuffed crust. are you stalking my replies. kinda creepy. Anyway, the sixers have already exceeded the over/under win total for the entire season, and have performed better since the mcw trade. the hinkie/brown plan is all about player development and building through the draft. seems like the mcw trade has got your panties in a bunch. it may not work out, but hinkie felt a potential pick #6-7 this year or #4-8 next year was worth the gamble. I liked mcw as well, but I guess he wasn't the type of pg(one that can atleast shoot a little bit) to keep. Embiid, noel, a top pick this year, LA's pick next year. future is bright in philly.

15 Mar 2015 03:27:54
Tmoney. Klay is very overrated. Yes he's a member of the splash brothers but he's by far the lesser of the two. Am I right?? Curry or klay?? Curry is an elite talent.

Embiid has the potential to be elite. where as klay will never be better then curry. Sixers need elite talent.

Lee on the other hand is extremely overrated. Is he even starting anymore??

Sixers will stay the course that there on unless blown away.

15 Mar 2015 14:11:40
@tregib so you're saying that because Stephen Curry is playing like the MVP, Klay is overrated. Lol that logic makes no sense

15 Mar 2015 14:35:26
tmoney. I'm saying that of the two who is a ton better. Klay need curry to be good. With klay he's just a shooter. A Kyle Korver. He needs a superstar to make him worth anything.

Joel Embiid might be a superstar. Klay I know isn't. That's my point. I didn't even get into the money klay is making or will be making due to his inflated stats. Too much to risk Embiid for. And lee isn't a player anymore. Just a bench piece.

16 Mar 2015 14:17:31
Klay is Kyle Korver with a better PG? Are you freakin' kidding me??

Fact, Embiid has foot issues already. Fact, he's played exactly three years of basketball. Fact, you have no guarantee that he'll be anything more than a more athletic Greg Oden.

Klay is an All-Star in any situation. Not a Superstar, but if you would rather have Greg Oden over Klay, you go right ahead Sixers fan.

How about you see Embiid play a game before anointing him Wilt Chamberlain.

14 Mar 2015 00:31:20
76ers offseason(slight change from last week)

1. Sign Rodney Stuckey. Stuckey, under the radar, is 28, gives some veteran leadership to the young backcourt. putting up 13 pts a night for indy off the bench. he is a unrestricted FA not making much(current salary is 1.3 mill per). good shooter, decent defender, and good size at 6'5".

2. Draft DeAngelo Russell with own pick(currently#2). great scorer, amazing court vision, excellent lefty jump shooter, and gets teammates involved in the offense

3. Get lucky and get the lakers pick this year(currently only a 17% chance of that happening) and pick Mario hezonja(6'8" with an amazing shot and great athleticism) at #6 or #7. If that doesn't happen, trade some package of miamis #1(#11-15) and OKC's #1(19-20) for pick #7 or #8 to get hezonja.

Bring the rookies along and have vets to spot start and learn from.

PG: Wroten/Russell/Canaan
SG: Stuckey/Hezonja/McCrae
SF: Covington/LBMAM/Grant
PF: Noel/TRobinson/Saric
C: Embiid/Sims

Eventually, starting 5 will be Russell, Hezonja, Covington, Noel, Embiid. Bench of Saric, Stuckey, Wroten, Grant, TRobinson, Sims, Canaan, McCrae, lbmam.


14 Mar 2015 13:52:22
Hezinja isn't avle to play the 2 in America. Sorrrrry. Also, would take probably 3-5 years and about .0001% that everyone teaches their potential before the sixers are competitive. Heinke will trade away if it's more than a year of bad. As always.

14 Mar 2015 14:46:09
Rodney Stuckey is a year or two older than I would like but I like his game, his size. Yesterday he announced that he wants to stay in Indiana.

As for the draft, I see no need to rush around. The Sixers will draft a top 5 player. I wouldn't mind if only the OCK pick conveyed this season. They'll be adding Top 5 pick, Embiid and McRae into the mix next season. Why not just let the young guys mesh and hold onto the picks- which actually become more valuable- except for OKC maybe- the longer they last?

Miami pick: Top 10 protected this year and next then unprotected as Wade and Bosh get older.
Lakers pick: Top 5 protected this year, top 3 next, then unprotected as they try to transition that roster. Kobe has one more year and there's nothing on that roster besides him.
OKC pick: That one probably gets worse. They had a down year but they have a really good roster so that pick could turn into 2 second rounders in a couple years.

14 Mar 2015 15:10:13
phillyrich. I agree with some of your points. we do need a few vets though, and I also like stuckeys game(maybe we can entice him to come to philly, future may be brighter here then indy). either way, I like the direction the sixers are heading. I think next year with a seasoned noel, embiid, a top 5 pick, and depending on other teams, possibly a couple more #1's along with a promising young coach(gotta love brett brown) sixers will be a team on the rise.

Read many highly respected scouting reports on hezonja. I have. couldn't find any that suggest he couldn't play the 2 in America. in fact, they all rave about his quickness, surprisingly good defender, high and quick release, and range beyond the 3pt arc, making HIM the matchup problem for other 2's. more then one unbiased report has stated he would be in the talk for a top 3 pick if he played college ball instead of the top-rated European league(which has MUCH better players then college). sixers have a very bright future, unlike some other teams in the tri-state area.

14 Mar 2015 17:08:22
Only reason I hate this is that I'm picking guys way to early. Russel is at best a fourth overall pick. I do see him as top five but not too two. And super Mario is a top ten but not a top 6 or 7. However if the Sixers pick fell to four and they could only get the tenth pick. The. If pick those two guy no problem. If not I need guys with the best chances of being elite players. so you have to go best player available. Russell is not the best guard in this draft. And super Mario isn't good enough to go that high given how he has only played overseas. I can't take a risk he's going to stay over there another year either. I

I'd got mudiay and the best player available.

15 Mar 2015 03:52:17
I think Mudiay will be a bust. Think Adam Morrison.

15 Mar 2015 13:08:35
TreGib: You're right. Players have to be selected at the right spot. If the Sixers are at #2, don't be surprised to hear some buzz about how much they love Okafor or Towns. That will create a trade market for the #2 pick, hopefully from whoever is at 3, 4, or 5. Then the Sixers can pick up an extra asset for dropping down a spot or two and still get their guy. (Sixers give up 2 and OKC pick to Lakers. Lakres give up 4 and Julius Randle?)

Since many love Mudiay, and assuming the Sixers are equally enthralled with him and Russell, they can drop to 4 and still have one of them drop into their laps.

However, I'm more of a Russell fan than Mudiay. I could definitely be wrong but Mudiay has the same buzz about him that Dante Exum did last year. Again, I've never seen him play and I know he was very highly regarded coming out of HS.

G: Russell, Wroten, J. Grant (ND), Canaan, McRae
SF: Covington, J. Grant (older)
F/C: Embiid, Noel, Sims, T. Robinson, Luc Mam
Other: Saric overseas, J. Richardson

I want two 6'5" in my back court that can handle the ball, shoot, etc. Let's see the other teams defend that.

Also note that there are 4 rookies on that roster.

15 Mar 2015 14:30:17
Why do you think he'll be a bust?

I think Russell will be a average player. He uses his height advantage a lot in college. In the NBA most of his shoots won't be availbke to more athletic guards and talkers guards that are in the NBA. Another problem with Russell is he's at best an a serge dribbler. I've seen what mcw did with an average dribbling ability. Turnovers aplenty. I need an explosive fast guard who can run a good pick and roll. Russle is really slow. Surprisingly slow for his production.

Mudiay has a higher upside. Speed can dribble. His shot isn't beoken but it's far from complete. And as for creating your own shot. Mudiay far exceeds Russell. Now we can't be sure either way but I go upside with a high pick.

12 Mar 2015 21:46:42
Miami Heat next season
- resign Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside
- sign LeBron James and Ray Allen
trade Deng


13 Mar 2015 01:09:11
Can't image how much people would hate Lebron if he went back AGAIN

13 Mar 2015 14:07:30
There's a better chance I play for the Heat next season.

11 Mar 2015 20:08:29
Realistic Knicks moves

- draft Emmanuel Mudiay with the 1st pick (if the Sixers want him, demand either Noel, Embiid or 3rd pick + Miami pick)
- sign Ce/Pf Greg Monroe to Max
- sign Omer Asik for a good contract
- sign Danny Green

simple moves makes sense

Pg : Emmanuel Mudiay / Jose Calderon / Langston Galloway
Sg : Danny Green / Tim Hardaway Jr
Sf : Carmelo Anthony / Cleanthony Early / Thanasis Antetokounmpo
Pf : Greg Monroe / Jason Smith
Ce : Omer Asik / Cole Aldrich

11 Mar 2015 20:45:04
That's so dumb for the knick. We did that same game last year with Cleveland and andrew wiggins remember. If the knick wanna draft a guy that could go fourth with the number one pick then they can go right ahead. Sixers will take Russell and not be heart broken. Remember Sixers need the best talent availble. So do the Knicks!

10 Mar 2015 17:25:17
Idea for sixers

Trade lakers and heat pick to Denver for ty lawson

Draft russel

Just an idea but if lawson can help faried to be as productive as he has he could probably do even more for Noel's development

11 Mar 2015 03:38:07
Sixers need more fresh young talent . And it wouldn't happen.

11 Mar 2015 16:59:50
The Sixers will not trade that Lakers pick. Its top 5 protected this year. Top 3 next year. Then completely unprotected the year after.

Also, Ty Lawson is 27. He will not even by a significant NBA player at the time the Sixers are peaking. I doubt he's even on their radar.

11 Mar 2015 18:44:42
Yeah I hear you and I'm not saying it definitely have to be those picks just using them as an example but every team needs veterans to be successful and Philly has a ton of unknowns still more or less thinking of a way to turn some picks into someone who can has proven he can contribute immediately and help the players develop faster ty is third in the league in assists used to playing in a fast paced athletic system and could be great for noel, embiid and Covington as a catch and shoot guy

11 Mar 2015 20:48:24
Lawson is too small. Not a guy to build with or around. So no from Sixers

10 Mar 2015 13:25:36
Sixers swap their pick at #2 to the Lakers for the #4 pick. Lakers add Julius Randall as a sweetener. Sixers balance the trade with the Miami pick at #14. Lakers can have a 2nd rounder if they want it.

Lakers draft big man Towns and PG J. Grant at #14.

Sixers get J. Randall and one of Russell/Mudiay/Stanley Johnson

10 Mar 2015 16:05:08
Something could be there. But we don't need randel unfortunately. We have noel and Embiid already. Do the lakers have any other young high upside players?? If not we can't throw in the 14 th pick. It would be randel and the fourth for the second pick. Assuming records and ping pong balls stay the same. ( a big if).

10 Mar 2015 16:30:42
Randel is still a good move for the Sixers, neither Noel or Embiid are truly Power Forwards.

Sixers could potentially make this deal one of two to move Noel for a good package of assets (ie. good young wing players) to balance out their starting five.

10 Mar 2015 17:32:10
TreGib: Lakers don't any other assets I'd be interested in. I like Randall because he's a space eater on the inside. Would give Sixers front court of: Randall (returning from IR), Embiid (returning from IR), Robinson, Noel, Simms, (with Saric overseas). Its a long season. Sixers are young and have to play with full energy every night. There's plenty of minutes in a full season for those 5 guys.

Triangle O: Not sure why you'd want to move Noel for a wing. He's the anchor on D and he just is getting ready to complete the hard part, his first full year. Why give up on him now?

But Sixers do need wings and they're easier to come by than big men. Add Russell from the draft, keep Grant, McRae, Covington, Wroten.

10 Mar 2015 21:04:02
Randle is too much to move from 4 to 2.

11 Mar 2015 01:39:01
Bogus offer. The Sixers own this pick already, although it is 1-4 protected. So if the pick stays with LA and they make this deal, do they get to keep next year's #1 as well? If not, it makes no sense. It would be like trading one of their picks for another of their picks.

11 Mar 2015 03:40:33
Its not a good move for us.

11 Mar 2015 03:41:26
We would be better off with our own draft picks.

11 Mar 2015 17:09:17
The Lakers pick that the Sixers currently possess is protected 1-5 this year, 1-3 next year, and unprotected the following year.

IF the Sixers wind up at 2 and the Lakers wind up at 4, then the pick for this draft still belongs to the Lakers. It does not convey to the Sixers.

With that being said, with the Lakers keeping their pick this year at #4, I'm suggesting they may want to move up and get a real big man to build their front court around. Julius Randall, while a good prospect, is a little undersized for his style of play. He's not a stretch 4 but a 6'9" banger. Towns is a full 6'11". I'd rather start building my future front court around Towns than Randall.

For the Lakers to move up to #2, the price would be Julius Randall. Actually, that's too much. So the Sixers will balance the trade with the Miami or OKC #1 back to LA. LA can probably come out with J. Grant, PG from ND.

At #4, the Sixers still get one of the guys they want: Russell, Mudiay or Stanley Johnson.

And the Sixers still retain the rights to the Lakers pick next year 1-3 protected, or the following year unprotected.

11 Mar 2015 17:13:27
go 76ers:

You might be right. The question is, how do you get the most value for the #2 pick in the draft when there are 3 guys that fit what you need: Mudiay, Russell, Johnson.

Moving down is the right move since you're still guaranteed one of those guys all the way down to 5. But you need to find the right partner.

I can see the Lakers wanting Towns. Someone will trade up to get him. And the Sixers don't need him while having other glaring weaknesses to fill.

11 Mar 2015 20:50:17
I don't need randel. I need a great guard or small forward. They have neither so I would pass.

12 Mar 2015 02:22:45
This trade just won't happen. Like I said before the rumor is that sixers aren't interested in any big men but r very interested in mudiay to replace mcw. I really think russell will drop to like the 6th or 7th pick. I c sixers being interested in drafting either mudiay, grant, harrison twins, and portis. I really think that sixers r going to trade noel and replace him with portis. Portis is very underrated and he looks like a great nba caliber player to me.

12 Mar 2015 14:26:40
go 76ers
I think they keep it simple now. Sixers really only need a PG and SG. I'd like to get both this draft. If they can squeeze another asset out of someone, why not? But we don't know for sure if they have an absolute preference of Mudiay or Russell. So I"m assuming Sixers are willing to have either.

Personally, I want two guys that are 6'5" that can shoot and handle the ball at those positions. So I want 2 MCWs but can shoot.

So for me, that's Russell over Mudiay (this year's Exum) and maybe J. Grant from ND.

Guards: Wroten, Russell, Younger Grant, Jordan McRae
SF: Covington, Older Grant
Front Court: Embiid, Noel, T. Robinson, Simms, Luc MaM
I have 1 roster spot left. Canaan? Free agent? Saric?

09 Mar 2015 03:29:18
76ers offseason plan:

1. 76ers trade orlandos 2nd rd pick(#35)back to Orlando for mo harkless. sixers traded him in the "Bynam Disaster". He is a 6'9" sf who is only 21 with a ton of upside, just needs a chance.

2. cut hollis Thompson, jakarr Sampson, furkan aldimer, ish smith, jason Richardson. enough of the revolving d-league players and guys who just don't fit any longer.

3. Draft Russell with own pick, #2 or #3.

4. trade miamis #1(11-15) and OKC's pick(#19) for #8 and pick Hezonja with that pick.

pg: russell, wroten, canaan or p.jackson
sg: hezonja, Russell, wroten, McCrae
sf: Covington, sari(maybe), harkless, grant, GRIII
pf: Noel, Trobinson, saric(maybe), Lmbah
C: Embiid, sims, noel

I know people are thinking we want mudiay, but hinkie never does what you think. if we get two shooters like Russell and hezonja, that would do wonders for embiid and noel underneath.
**and we still have 4 #2's this year, lakers #1 next year, our own #1. HINKIE is a genius!! 35-40 wins next year, and we still get a high lottery pick cause lakers are going to suck. Future is bright in philly. Finally!!

09 Mar 2015 13:55:54
while I still like mudiay over Russell. I wouldn't be upset if we did Russell and traded for the euro. That's actually a decent lineup. Just hope Russell or the euro pans out if that's the case. We need one of them to be a superstar at least. I'm talking elite.

09 Mar 2015 17:38:42
To claim Heinke is a genius or that you will win 35-40 games is insane. Your lineup is different from this years in that instead of MCW (reining rookie of the year) you will be adding a rookie. Then embiid at center. I fail to see how embiid is considered a 20 game improvement while never playing a single minute in the NBA. That lineup has potential. in 3-5 years. But for now, Ill take most any team where the most experienced vet is more than 1 year experience.

Youre basically making the argument that the best college team can compete in the nba if you really feel that the 76ers, with all rookies or 1 year vets will be in the playoffs. Sorry, just the reality of the situation.

Besides, i'm sure heinke will trade some of the young assets because he thinks he can get better in a few years. after he's fired.

09 Mar 2015 18:54:44
No reason for Harkless. I like the front court of:
(4) Noel, Embiid, Sims, Robinson with Saric coming along in a year.

(1) If J-Rich wants to stay here for the right price, I'm ok with that too.

(2) I"m ok for now with Covington and Grant splitting time at SF.

(5) The back court is a mess. Keep Wroten, Canaan, McRae. Add Russell and J. Grant

That's 12 guys. Full roster. If Furkan A. winds up with a high ankle sprain for most of the year, I'm fine with that. He can bang the boards in case one of my 4 in the front court gets injured.

09 Mar 2015 20:12:38
Im going to say no to this if I was making the shots but hinkie might do it.

09 Mar 2015 20:35:22
Pizza. I knew putting the "genius" tag next to hinkie would upset all the poor NY fans(not saying all NY fans are, but a few unrealistic ones here on this sight). Especially after posting the combined records over the last decade, which the sixers have actually won more games then the knicks . the point is, the sixers have a very bright future. the knicks are a depleted franchise with an aging ball hog star that will never win. Good luck with that. and we don't have a bunch of rookies, we have guys that will be in their 2nd and third years of player development under brett brown, a few rookies, and guys developing in the euro league. 2017-2018 contenders. Your Phladelphia 76ers!!!

08 Mar 2015 17:01:25
If philly get the 3rd pick and NYK get 1st
PHI get: 1rd pick

NYK get: 3rd pick, Heat's pick (14) or a future first rounder

08 Mar 2015 17:51:10
Sixers want mudiay and so if knicks do get the 1st pick and get mudiay then sixers will make a move

08 Mar 2015 23:15:53
if sixers want mudiay, just take him at #3. knicks aren't tking him at #1, and twolves aren't taking him, magic have payton so they won't take him, LA might take mudiay, but would probably take towns at #2.Just giving a pick away, doesn't add up too me? why???

09 Mar 2015 13:59:11
While I can see the reason for the trade for the sixers. I just don't know if Russell is such a let down from mudiay that I'd give up the Miami pick to get him. If the knicks pick mudiay then that's their stupidity. Okafor is clearly the best prospect so for them to pick mudiay would be a mis hit especially since they have holes everywhere.

Now if the Sixers get number one. we might do a mudiay over okafor due to our needs. We have to bigs already.

12 Mar 2015 17:01:14
Mudiay will be this year's mystery player like Dante Exum.
Mudiay's shooting is suspect. Would rather have Russell. No reason to trade up. Okafor is #1 and Towns is #2. Sixers sitting at 3 or 4 can wait for either Mudiay or Russell.

08 Mar 2015 14:25:00
Update on JaVale McGee sweepstakes:

Its down to six teams

Golden State Warriors
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks
Toronto Raptors
San Antonio Spurs

08 Mar 2015 15:41:56
Who cares? McGee isn't a game changer. He's a role player that was paid way too much.

07 Mar 2015 16:17:23

Phi get Ty Lawson and Jared Sullinger + Pick from Boston (1st 2015)

- own pick (DÁngelo Russell)
- Miami pick (Bobby Portis)

T. Lawson / I. Canaan / I. Smith
D. Russell / T. Wroten
D. Saric / R. Covington / J. Grant
J. Sullinger / B. Portis / F. Aldemir
N. Noel / H. Sims / T. Robinson

Bos get Joel Embiid and Danilo Gallinari

I. Thomas / D. Wright (draft) / P. Pressey
A. Bradley / J. Young
E. Turner / D. Gallinari / J. Crowder
Free Agent / K. Olynyk
J. Embiid / T. Zeller

Den get Marcus Smart and Gerald Wallace + 2nd from Philadelphia and Jason Richardson

- draft Stanley Johnson

M. Smart / J. Nelson
G. Harris / R. Foye / J. Richardson
S. Johnson / G. Wallace
K. Faried / J. Hickson
J. Nurkic / J. Lauvergne

07 Mar 2015 16:46:50
sullinger is nice player, as is Lawson, but neither has superstar potential. that's what sixers are banking on, embiid being a superstar. don't know if it will happen, but this trade doesn't help philly. sixers say no.

07 Mar 2015 17:04:47
The Nuggets have no reason to give up Lawson & Gallo for Smart & Wallace.

07 Mar 2015 20:43:04
Sixers pass

08 Mar 2015 02:54:43
Sixers rather have Embiid.

07 Mar 2015 00:53:36

Draft Day Trade
(Assuming Sac keeps their pick)

Noel / Sac 1st and Staukas

Phi drafts: Russel (PG) (own pick) / Looney (SF) ( sac picks) / Portis (PF) (Miami pick)

Sac has their two big men with GK to work with

Phi finally gets their core team togeather


07 Mar 2015 13:55:22
not a bad trade, but I think sixers pass. not ready to give up on noel for that package, but fair trade.

07 Mar 2015 15:45:27
i think the trade is a fair one but I don't like the people that they draft except for portis he's really something.

06 Mar 2015 16:51:10
JaVale Mcgee sweepstakes:
Which team will fit him most?

Warriors, Bulls, Raptors, Spurs, Clippers, Mavs, Nets and Heat.

My pick would be Bulls (doesnt have a backup center)
2nd place Clippers (he'll fit well in the LOB city)
3rd place Heat (they're catching up and could snag Whiteside starting position)
4th place Spurs (could learn from one of the best bigman Tim Ducan and starts)
5th place Nets (need a backup big so they could start Plumlee and Lopez)

Spurs would be my choice. no big backup behind splitter

He wouldn't start over Whiteside

06 Mar 2015 12:09:55

SAC get: Joel Embiid & Ty Lawson
Draft: Myles Turner (7th)

DEN get: Ben McLemore & 2015 1st DP MIA (via PHI)
Draft: Justice Winslow (6th) & Isiah Taylor (16th)

PHI get: Demarcus Cousins & Darren Collison
Draft: D'Angelo Russell (2nd)

Sixers hang up laughing.

Sixers take a risk and say no deal.

@ sixers hang up laughing. that is why the 76ers will remain the laughing stock of the league. you're going to be "rebuilding" for the next 10 years.

Yeahhh, got to agree with knickerbocker. So you think the sixers hang up the phone laughing because a mid 1st rounder and a player with a history of injuries, little basketball experience and zero professional experience is FAR superior to Cousins, who 24, averages 23.4pts, 12rb, 3.3 asst, 1.7blocks, 1.5steals and has a PER of 24.27.well, apparently embiid is guarenteed to be the next wilt chamberlain. or at worst an olajuwon because otherwise laughing at that proposition makes no sense.

Cousins is a cancer. Want no part of him in our clubhouse.

I think its the other way, he probably wants no part of your "clubhouse" and your horrible ownership.

Wow knick.

Really critical of the teams ownership that's ahead of yours in the standings. tankers

The knicks wouldn't turn down a chance at cousins.

1. Knicks have nothing to offer for cousins except their pick. They are talentless and depleted.
2. Sixers suck, but have a future. Knicks suck worse, and all they have are scrubs and an aging star on the wrong side of 30 with bad knees and a huge contract. hen was the last time just being in "NY" was enough to get talent and when a championship. 46 years ago. good luck. I'd rather be a sixer fan with a bright future ahead.

The Knicks have one bad year. The sixers haven't been relevant in years. The route heinke is taking the sixers will never be successful. Don't kid yourself thinking anything different.

The knicks will be relevant way before the 76ers. the knicks are in win now mode and NYC is a destination. The city of Philly is trash compared to NYC. next season the knicks will have at least 3 star players on their team while 76ers will have nothing but unproven rookies.

Assuming the Knicks are going to have three stars is a little premature although we can only hope, I don't think a solid rebuild plan definitely has to be all around stars. and the sixers have enough picks to trade for a star who is no longer happy on their team, the carter Williams trade was flat out bad IMO but they definitely have some assets, to the original post if sixers could trade embiid and some amount of picks for cousins they would be stupid not too.

Sixers keep trading away their future. When your motto for over 5 years is maybe next year, your team is a failing one.

This is such a joke. Pizza. knicks had one bad year??lmao! in the last decade, that's 10 years for the knick fans who live in a fantasy world, knicks have won a combined 321 games. In that same 10 year span, sixers have won 323. both bad, but numbers don't lie. your knicks have SUCKED for the better part of 10 years. atleast I can admit it as a sixer fan, WAKE UP! Your administration is even worse then ours.

08 Mar 2015 03:03:05
Just so I weigh in. Knick will be bad unless they get a free agent to complement melo which is fairly impossible as melo is past his prime and still a ball hog. Sixers have a much better coach who has turn a bunch of d leaguers and noel into a team that can beat you on any given night. Can't say that about the Knicks who lost even with melo healthy.

Knick are in full tank mode now as they should be. They need a future which currently they have none. Phil Jackson so far is a disaster. Hinkie so far is a definately not good on wins and losses but this team aslctually has a future thanks to him. Which is more then they had after the Bynum disaster. So as of now. Sixers are the better not just in win and losses but in future as well.

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