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27 Feb 2015 14:16:55
since everyone is trading Embiid & Cousins


DEN get: Nik Stauskus, OKC 2015 1st DP (via 76ers) & MIA 2015 1st DP (via 76ers)

Draft: Justice Winslow (6th) & Isiah Taylor (16th)

pg. taylor
sg. stauskus/winslow
sf. galonari/winslow
pf. faried
c. nurkic

SAC get: Ty Lawson, Joel Embiid, & Wilson Chandler

Draft: Myles Turner (7th)

pg. lawson
sg. mclemore
sf. chandler
pf. turner
c. embiid

PHI get: Demarcus Cousins & Rudy Gay

Draft: D'Angelo Russell (2nd)

pg. russell
sg. wroten
sf. gay
pf. noel
c. cousins


There is no way the sixers give up 2 1st Round Draft picks with Joel for Cousins and Washed up Ridy Gay this is awful the sixers could of had cousins over Noel two years ago but they turned doen the offer for Jrue


Ok now that's a good trade that involves embiid. But I think kings would want a late 1st round pick OR two 2nd round picks. Then it will be a done deal.

go 76ers

And I do think that something like this will probably happen

go 76ers

LOL you think Gay is washed up? and Cousins is the best center in the game right now. Embiid proved nothing. 76ers fans need to realize your players proved nothing and can't win, if you have the chance to get a super star center and a borderline all star wing, you take it.


No way the kings offered cousins for jrue holiday, show me the source, bc that is BS.


This trade is actually very close at least for Sixers. We're losing a lot. Joel might even be better then cousins all by himself but we're not sure yet. This would certiainly jump start the rebuild.

However, given the money cousins is going to make. Sixers are giving too much. Embiid maybe. But another two first rounders. Seems too costly to take on a high contract. So I think I'd say no at this point.


The current trend of nba salaries keeps increasing, so if embiid becomes nearly as good as Cousins, let's say within the next few years, his contract will be even more expensive. cousins is proven and effective, embiid has literally proven nothing.


I think the main reason is timing. Cousins will be making a ton much sooner then Embiid. That hurt the flexibility of a rebuilding team. if Embiid is as good as cousins is it take four years for him to make the huge salaries. Mean while during that time you can sign a super free agent to compliment him.

However if you get cousins there's no room for free agent additions. That's a similar problem the Kings are facing now. Got a great core in cousins. But can't build around him due to cap and other issues. Rudy gay unfortunately hasn't panned out as hoped. That's compounding this problem. Sixers want three cousins on their rookie deals.

That's what this tanking process is all about. not sure it will work but that's where it is and why I say no to cousins.




26 Feb 2015 20:09:25
Wolves should try to contend next season

Wolves - Miami deal

Wolves get Luol Deng and 2nd rd pick

Heat get Nikola Pekovic and Chase Budinger

Wolves - Nets

Wolves get Joe Johnson

Nets get Anthony Bennett and Kevin Martin

- sign DeAndre Jordan
- sign Kevin Garnett one more year
- draft Karl Towns

R. Rubio / Z. Lavine / veteran
J. Johnson / G. Robinson III / FA
A. Wiggins / S. Muhammad
K. Garnett / K. Towns / A. Payne
D. Jordan / G. Dieng


Where's Deng




25 Feb 2015 17:14:45

Bulls get- Chalmers and Ennis

Heat get- Hinrich, Moore, and a 2nd

Bulls need a point guard with Rose out and chalmers may not be the best point guard but he is a solid one. Hinrich is having by far the worst season of his career.

The heat need to develop Napier so getting Hinrich is good as he can be used as either a mentor or a trade asset to get a backup big with Bosh out. The 2nd is a nice sweetener as well.




23 Feb 2015 14:13:28
Sixers Draft:
Trade Lakers pick in 2016 (Top 3 Protected) for Olidipo

Sixers Draft: Munday (3)
Devon Booker (Heat Pick)
Rondae Hollis Jefferson (Thunder Pick)

Hollis Jefferson/Covvington
Noel/(Sign Veteran)


Magic pass, olapido would be a Top 3 pick this year and next.


We could take a bad contract back from them


Maybe lakers pick and two 2nd rounders

go 76ers

I would trade the lakers pick(only 1-3 protected next year) , and pick #35 and #38 this year fo oidipo and take back fryes contract. I would draft Russell, not mudiay to play in the backcourt with olidipo. Both guys can handle the ball, Russell is an amazing passer, and both can shoot(joel embiid will now be a force). why draft mudaiy and hope in 3 years he develops a jump shot?


Orlando won't part with Oladipo he's a key part of their future and looks like him and Payton could form a nice duo they are more likely to part with Harris who jus doesn't fit their style.

Galaxy Gordon

There's too much uncertainty with the Laker's pick. The protection also takes out a good chance that it will be for a franchise superstar. The Magic aren't giving up a team cornerstone for such a risky proposition.




23 Feb 2015 03:44:30
here's an interesting scenario that I think could happen for the sixers:

assuming this lakers pick does not cash in for the sixers this season:

sixers trade: Lakers pick and robert covington
pistons trade: brandon jennings

i can see this as a possibility because pistons don't really have a small forward currently, and they already have reggie Jackson who could replace jennings

76ers do this because they will be able to bring dario saric to the nba next season and need a replacement for Mcw

obviously, question would be then who would the sixers pick in the draft, I really see De'Angelo russle as a shooting guard, I have seen scouts compate russle to being almost of the caliber of james harden

yes Russle can handle the ball but also he can play off the ball very well, I think he and jennings would be able to co-exist together rather nicely

then with the other 2 possible first round picks, I would like any effective sg and any effective pf:

Sg: Devin Booker: he could be taken earlier but I would like the sixers to draft him with the heat's pick (#11-#30), whenever that might be, he can shoot lights out at times, which is a need of the sixers right now

pf:rakeem christmas: solid player, good post up game, something the sixers also need right now, would be a good fit when embiid is not on the floor since embiid is also a good post up player

starting lineup:

mbah a moute


Ur method will lead the sixers to nowhere. Sixers r rebuilding by draft picks.

go 76ers

Sixers have no interest in winning next year either, why would they give up what will most likely be a top 10 pick in the draft in 2016 for Brandon Jennings?

Triangle O

I don't like it. Not enough elite talent to win. Jenning isn't worth a possible top five pick. Covingtons better then him to be honest.


Terrible trade for sixers. just horrible


I don't like the trade either from both parties involved. Covington is at best a bench player on a good team. His defense to offense stats are not very good and this is his first year of posting anything good on a very bad team. Jennings can get you more then Covington, but not a player and a High first round pick.




22 Feb 2015 02:04:34
76ers / Magic

Draft day trade:

76ers trade lakers 2016 #1 (only 1-3 protected next year, very slim chance it conveys this year to sixers), Covington, and Miami's #1(11-15) for olidipo and frye.

Magic get a high lottery pick next year, another #1(possibly late lottery) in this years draft, and Covington. Plus they rid themselves of fryes horrible contract for 3 years(still owed $23million over the next 3 years).
Sixers get guard to pair with either Russell or Mudiay, whoever they pick. Draft Kaminsky or Portis with OKC's #1 this year.
PG: Russell or Mudiay, Canaan, Wroten
SG: Olidipo, Wroten, McCrae
SF: Saric/Grant
PF: Noel, Saric, Kaminsky, Frye
C: Embiid, Sims, Noel


I love olidipo but your giving magic too much for olidipo amd frye

go 76ers

This is a lot for olidipo. Take on a terrible contract with three full year left. And give up a bunch of picks. Sixers probably would do the lakers pick and Covington. That's enough. Maybe through in a second rounder.


How about lakers #1 in 2016, Covington or Wroten(magic choice), and Magics #2 back(currently #35) for olidipo and fryes bad contract?


No don't trade lakers pick for olidipo. If they choose to trade the lakers pick I would rather have them trade it for a guy who is a veteran who is a leader for his team on the court and who puts up numbers.

go 76ers

With running your offense through Embiid next year, it is an absolute MUST that you have a pg who can run the pick and roll. To do that, your point guard HAS TO be able to knock down jump shots. This is basketball 101. Mudiay cannot do this, Russell(and olidipo) can. Embiid will flourish with a backcourt of Russell and Olidipo.


Sixers need to pass on Oladipo. Why all the love? He's pedestrian. And they cannot trade Covington. He's their best (maybe only) shooter and he's signed through '17-'18 at a total of just over $3M.

Boy Howdie

Its just a tough call to make.

go 76ers

Mudiay has time to work on his jump shot especially with having the help of brett brown.

go 76ers

Mudiay is riding a Chinese bench. He will be a bust.

Boy Howdie

I don't think mudiay is going to be a bust but it's a little concerning that will bynums numbers are better as his replacement rn




22 Feb 2015 00:26:46
Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins to Cavaliers
Nate Robinson and Tayshaun Prince (if bought out) to Clippers
Andray Blatche to Heat


Prince is not getting bought out.


Ray is going to retire

go 76ers



21 Feb 2015 23:03:47
My sixers draft plans:

with our 1st- we draft emmanuel mudiay to replace mcw

I totally doubt sixers will get lakers pick this year but if they do then they draft- stanley johnson

Heat 1st- we get jerian grant. If he gets drafted before heat pick then we will trade the heat pick and two late 2nd rounders to get him.

Okc 1st- we get andrew harrison

Magic 2nd round pick- we get aaron harrison

Denvers 2nd rounder- we get brandon dawson

go 76ers

Why would you draft mudiay and then trade up to get his backup grants going to play pg you know that right


No grant is going to play shooting guard do u know that.

go 76ers


Oh my bad someone should inform the experts that they have him scouted as pure pg but he's playing sg next year


I don't give a sh where they say his position is. He is a shooting guard and if he gets drafted by sixers then he will play shooting guard for us.

go 76ers

So three point guards in the 1st round?




20 Feb 2015 23:43:53
With Bosh out for season the Heat should bring Beasley back and sign Thomas Robinson after he is bought out


I think Beasely got his career ruined he averaged 19 ppg as a starter and never saw those minutes again. Great player


Because he got high because he got high because he got high la di da da da




20 Feb 2015 09:02:49
That's for you guys


Celtics & Suns

Celtics get I.Thomas
Suns get M.Thornton and CLE's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-10)

Pistons & Celtics

Pistons get T.Prince
Celtics get J.Jerebko and L.Datome

Suns & Bucks

Suns get B.Knight and K.Marshall (waived)
Bucks get M.Carter-Williams, M.Plumlee and T.Ennis
76ers LAL's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-5)

Rockets & 76ers

Rockets get K.J.McDaniels
76ers get I.Canaan and DEN's 2015 2nd round pick

Rockets & Knicks

Rockets get P.Prigioni
Knicks get A.Shved, HOU's 2017 and 2019 2nd round picks

Timberwolves & Nets

Timberwolves get K.Garnett
Nets get T.Young

Heat & Suns & Pelicans

Heat gets G.Dragic and Z.Dragic
Suns get D.Granger, J.Salmons and MIA's 2017 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-7), MIA's 2021 1st round pick (unprotected) and cash considerations
Pelicans get N.Cole, J.Hamilton and S.Williams (waived)

Nuggets & 76ers

Nuggets get rights to C.Akyol
76ers get J.McGee, OKC's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-18) and rights to

Thunder & Pelicans

Pelicans get I.Smith, rights to L.Williams, OKC's protected 2015 2nd round pick and cash considerations
Thunder gets NOLA's protected 2016 2nd round pick

Thunder & Jazz & Pistons

Thunder gets E.Kanter, D.J.Augustine, K.Singler, S.Novak and DET's 2019 2nd round pick
Jazz get K.Perkins (buyout), G.Jarrett, rights to T.Pleiss, OKC's protected 2017 1st round pick and DET's 2017 2nd round pick

Kings & Wizards

Kings get A.Miller
Wizards get R.Sessions

Trail Blazers & Nuggets

Trail Blazers get A.Afflalo and A.Gee
Nuggets get T.Robinson (buyout), W.Barton, V.Claver, POR's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-14) and 2nd round pick


I'm still baffled by the return the 76ers got for MCW


Im shocked about the return we got for mcw. But I think its obvious now that sixers r going to draft emmanuel mudiay.

go 76ers

Wish pistons could have traded for Mo Harkless instead of Prince.


^It was a great return, but Mudiay's stock is falling. Expect Russell to be the pick.

Boy Howdie

I don't expect russell to be a sixer and never will. Sixers want mudiay and they will get him period. Its just going to happen.

go 76ers

What is the 76ers actual plan? I am so lost by these moves.




20 Feb 2015 07:43:00
the trade deadline had a lot of head scratchers and moves but the winners had to be the suns





PG KENDALL MARSHALL (MIL) (getting waived)


'15 1ST ROUND PICK (lakers pick) (PHO)


PG JOHN SALMONS (NO) (getting waived)



the suns did good this year at the deadline

they traded singler, jerebko, Augustin, datome and 2 future 2nd round picks to get Jackson and prince which I like both deals for the pistons except trading draft picks


So in all the Suns

Give Up



I don't know about the move of the Bucks well cannot blame them , they secure a long term PG in MCW losing a franchise player type Brandon Knight who is a free agent next season.

Bucks roster now


think can still contend for a playoff spot in the west.

what now Suns fans? how good did your team does?


Brandon Knight was having a heck of a year statistically, but there were still signs that he was not the long term answer. He's better than MCW right now, but I don't know that we'll be saying that 10 years from now.

Keep in mind that MCW is a little similar to their coach JKidd when he came into the league. A triple double threat that didn't shoot well from the perimeter and had a penchant for turnovers. In Kidd's first two years, he put up .272 and .336 numbers from 3, and averaged 3.2 and 4.0 turnovers a game. If anyone is going to be able to make MCW a star, it's Kidd.

As for the Suns, worse today, better off two years from now.

Triangle O

Suns must be banking on signing knight long term right?


Hard to say what the thinking was in Suns Mgt. other than to get what they could when Dragic shocked nealry everyone in the city. Worst thng was moving that Lakers picks to Philly. Yeah, Suns look to add another year or two onto any "playoff contetion" hopes. Wasvgood to get rid of Thomas. someone they shouldn't have signed in the first place.




19 Feb 2015 18:36:03
Nets :

Deal 1.

Nets get: Brandon Jennings, Jodie Meeks, Jonas Jerebko, and Joel Anthony

Pistons get: Joe Johnson, Jerome Jordan, and Markel Brown

Deal 2.

Nets get: Darren Collison, Derrick Williams, Jason Thompson, and 2 second round picks

Kings get: Deron Williams and Cory Jefferson

Deal 3.

Nets get: Thaddeus Young

Wolves get: Kevin Garnett

Deal 4.

Nets get: Reggie Jackson, Perry Jones and Kendrick Perkins

Thunder get: Brook Lopez

Deal 5.

Nets get: Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem

Heat get: Jarrett Jack

Next season :

Jackson / Collison
Meeks / Bogdanovic / Kerasev
Young / Jones / Anderson
Teletovic / Haslem
Plumlee / Thompson




19 Feb 2015 17:52:10
Heat acquiring Dragic

Heat gets Dragic brothers and G.Green
Suns get M.Chalmers, D.Granger, L.Datome (waived), MIA's 2017 1st round pick (unprotected), MIA's 2019 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-5), DET's 2015 2nd round pick and MIA's 2017 2nd round pick
Pistons get N.Cole and J.Hamilton

- sign A.Blatche and N.Robinson (1-year, min.)

Dragic - Robinson - Napier
Wade - Johnson - zDragic
Deng - Green - Ennis
Bosh - Haslem - Williams
Whiteside - Blatche - (McRoberts)


19 Feb 2015 23:26:57
Chalmers was not in the trade




19 Feb 2015 17:38:24
If Miami gets Dragic, and if OKC gets Lopez,

I'd love to see this deal go down:

Thunder get Mario Chalmers and Shawne Williams

Miami gets Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III


Jones is going to the Nets in Lopez deal, and Dragic isn't likely to get moved. However Cole is possibly heading to OKC for either Lamb and second round pick or Smith, Jerrett, and second round pick




19 Feb 2015 15:04:36
Knicks/Suns/Heat mega deal

First post on this site and I thought I would have some fun and go blockbuster. I know this deal never happens, but:

Suns get- Chris Bosh, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Heat get - Carmelo Anthony

Knicks get - Goran and Zoran Dragic, Miles Plumlee, Brendan Wright, Gerald Green

The Suns trade a star and get a star back. The solve their backcourt issue and add to the frontcourt. TJH helps with the loss of depth.

Miami wants to make a 2010 splash in 2016. Just squeezing into the playoffs this year and losing their top 12 protected pick to Philly sets them back. Melo will be a bigger draw for Free Agents, and the top 6-8 pick this year by tanking now adds another attractive piece to the puzzle.

Dragic has picked the Knicks as one of his preferred destinations, which almost assuredly means he re-signs with the club. Plumlee is a good young center with the potential to be a really good rotation piece, and Zoran adds depth at the SG position. Wright and Green are expiring deals and would most likely be bought out. Even with Dragic, Knicks should stil end up bad enough to get a top 3 pick.

Triangle O

Honestly? No the most far fetched deal I've seen on here. Your right it would happen but I've seen much stupider ideas before. Go look at all the 76ers and Suns fans post. Stupid, plan stupid


I like this trade and its all fair value.

go 76ers



19 Feb 2015 12:24:45
trades: Perkins, Reggie Jackson
gets: Wilson Chandler, Norris Cole, Anderson

Thunder needs to trade Jackson and Cole will fill the void at the PG back-up place. Chandler is a good back-up for Durant and Anderson is a shotblocker that can play minimal minutes behind Adams and Ibaka.

trades: Ty Lawson, Wilson Chandler
gets: Reggie Jackson, Perkins, Granger, future first rounder (miami)

Denver will rebuild their core and Reggie Jackson is a good start, in addition they get a 1st round pick. They also lose their bad contract and get some expiring contracts in Perkins and Granger.

trades: Norris Cole, Anderson, Granger, Future 1st round pick
gets: Ty Lawson

Miami is all in on win now with Bosh and Wade in their 30's. They are missing a good point guard to lead the team when Wade is out.




19 Feb 2015 05:43:19

OKC Trades: R. Jackson, K. Perkins, G. Jerrett, P. Jones III

This gives the Thunder a very strong bench and a nice younger guard to develop in Napier. Deng and Granger would give the thunder a very strong second unit going with Waiters.

MIA Trades: Deng, Napier, Granger

This deal gives the Heat a nice young point guard that they have wanted and they can use him as their franchise point guard and they get a nice expiring contract along with a young P. Jones who can still develop more.


Im not sure heat will do this

go 76ers

Heat would be stupid not to do this trade. I'm not sure the Thunder would do this


Wizfan. I think u just to like to disagree with me.

go 76ers



18 Feb 2015 23:49:40
-Lakers get: Goran Dragic and Ian Mahimi

-Suns get: Aaron Afflao and Rodney Stuckey

-Nuggets get: Rights to Indiana 1st round pick top 3 protected, LAC 2nd round pick, Luis Scola, Solomon Hill, Gerald Green, and Jeremy Lin

-Pacers get: Ty Lawson, Alonzo Gee, Erick Green and Ed Davis

Lakers add their PG of the future without giving a 1st round pick they also add a cheap serviceable 1yr contract in Mahinmi for next season.

Suns add a true SG who may resign while Dragic said he wouldn't. I just don't see the Suns getting a 1st from the Lakers. I can see him in Houston but what will they offer him when he said he's joing LA or NY. Miami may be a darkhorse for him tho.

Nuggets unload a few contracts and start over young with possibly 2 top 8 picks. They also get a young future piece in S.Hill.

Pacers get their PG and with George returning next season this team is going to look pretty good. If West retires or leaves Ed Davis is a young nice guy they may want to bring back. Him and Hibbert is deadly defensively.




18 Feb 2015 23:32:27
A couple blockbuster trade ideas:

Wizards: Kris Humphries, 1st Round Pick
Thunder: Reggie Jackson

Suns: Goran Dragic
Heat: James Ennis, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams, 1st Round Pick

Kings: DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson
Celtics: Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass, James Young, Tayshaun Prince, 1st Round Pick, 2nd Round Pick

Nets: Joe Johnson
Pistons: Jonas Jerebko, Kyle Singler + 1st Round Pick


None of those trade make sense. Some don't even having matching salaries. Do your homework first man. Love the username tho




18 Feb 2015 21:36:33
Suns trade dragic bros plumlee
Heat trade Deng and haslem


Ur a suns fan and that's what u rather have to play on the suns. Wow dude way to make your team garbage

go 76ers



18 Feb 2015 19:28:15
Heat get Ty Lawson and Kendrick Perkins

Thunder get Aaron Afflalo and Mario Chalmers

Nuggets get Reggie Jackson, Luel Deng, and Jeremy Lamb




18 Feb 2015 18:50:39
3 Team Deal between

From Sacramento: Demarcus Cousins

To Sacramento:Goran Dragic-Zoran Dragic-Kelly Olynyk Celtics 2015 1st round pick (top 3 protected) Cavs 2016 1st round pick, Boston 2016 1st round pick (top 10 protected), Heat 2016 2nd round pick , Cavs 2017 2nd round pick , and Clippers 2017 2nd round pick.

From Boston :
Kelly Olynyk-Brandon Bass(expiring)-Evan Turner
"Clippers 2015 1st rd pick", "Celtics 2015 1st Rd pick" (top 3 protected) "Timberwolves 2016 1st round pick", Cavs 2016 1st round pick, Boston 2016 1st round pick (top 10 Protected) Heat 2016 2nd round pick, Mavs 2016 2nd round pick, Cavs 2017 2nd round pick, and Clippers 2017 2nd round pick

To Boston: Demarcus Cousins

From Phoenix: Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic

To Phoenix:Brandon Bass(expiring)-Evan Turner-Clippers 2015 1st round pick, Timberwolves 2016 1st round pick, and Mavs 2016 2nd round pick.

Salary Matche.

Phoenix: Gets a all around solid PF they have been looking for along with SF depth and Enough picks to satisfy their demands to build on this team in the future

Boston: Gets Cousins a player they have been needing and using their treasure of picks.

Sacramento: We get the Dragic Bros who could start for years, along with a young up and coming center, and a ton of picks if we needed to rebuild

Works on trade machine. let's get this done


Suns want All-Star potential and a 1st dp


Thats what they want but won't get. Who would give up that (all-star potential and 1 dp) for a possible rental? (never been an all-star) and he is already 28 years old. two solid role players Along with all those picks is the best they could get. What about the rest of the trade?


You want an all star pg. a great center prospect. 3 first rounders. 3-4 second rounders. All for cousins? Stop kidding yourself.




18 Feb 2015 18:37:06
Wizards - Heat

Wizards trade Gooden, 2015 and 2016 second round picks

Heat trade Cole

Wizards get defensive minded point guard to back up Wall.

Heat get two second round picks for a player not likely to resign.


Good deal I think it works. only flaw is the 2015 2nd pick goes to Boston if Wiz finish in top 10


I forgot about that then 2015 and 2016 if out of top 10 or 2016 and 2017 otherwise




18 Feb 2015 18:27:45
3 potential all star point guards have been made available. Lakers, Heat, and Knicks need to capitalize

Trade 1

Lakers get Reggie Jackson and Kendrick Perkins

Thunder get Jordan Hill and Jordan Clarkson

Trade 2

Knicks get Goran Dragic and Brandon Wright

Suns get Tim Hardaway, Cleanthony Early, and Andrea Bargani

Trade 3

Heat get Ty Lawson

Nuggets get Isaiah Thomas, Zoran Gragic, and 2015 heat pick

Suns get Luel Deng and Norris Cole


None of those work




18 Feb 2015 09:51:49

HEAT get G. Dragic

SUNS gets L. Deng + M. Chalmers


"Cole, Andersen and 2017 1st rounder for Dragic brothers" or "Deng, Cole and 2017 1st rounder for Dragic and Tucker" would be better.




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