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02 Dec 2016 22:45:53
Wizards-Kings-Heat Trade

Wizards receive - G. Dragic, Skal Labissiere and a first rounder from the Kings

Kings receive - John Wall

Heat receive - D. Collison, R. Gay.

03 Dec 2016 01:09:22
Horrible for the Wizards.

30 Nov 2016 10:25:32

Indy: D Cousins

Phoe: M Turner+ R Gay

Sac: G Robinson+ M Ellis+ B Knight+ 1rnd pick Indy 17 and 19+ 1rnd pick Phoe 17+ 1rnd pick Miami 18.

29 Nov 2016 19:44:05
Sac- Bost-Phoe-Wash

Trade: 1rnd pick Nets 18+ Jerebko
Receive: Bender

trade: J Wall
Receive: B Knight+ Chriss

Trade:Bender+ Chriss+ T Chandler+B Knight
1rnd pick Miami 18 and 2021+ 1rnd pick Phoenix 17
receive: D Cousins+ J Wall

Trade: D Cousins
Receive: T Chandler+ Jerebko+ 1rnd Pick Phoenix 17+ 1rnd pick Nets 18+ 1rnd pick Miami 18+ 1rnd pick Miami 21.

30 Nov 2016 18:04:59
Wow. Nets 18 for Bender? That's horrible.

27 Nov 2016 17:03:49
Washington-Sacramento- Miami

Wash: Dragic+ Labissiere+ WC Stein+ 1rnd pick Sac 2017+ 1rnd pick Sac 2021

Sac: J Wall+ C Bosh

Miami: D Collison+ R Gay+ Koufos.

26 Nov 2016 00:02:19
Heat get Jabari Parker

Bucks get Goran Dragic and justice Winslow.

26 Nov 2016 00:56:37
Decent, except salary doesn't work and Heat would be lacking at point guard.

26 Nov 2016 02:18:41
Now everyone is on the jabari parker bandwagon sorry people he's not going anywhere and this package ain't going to do it.

26 Nov 2016 04:21:07
I mean on paper it makes sense because Bucks could use a pg and they'd be getting a decent prospect in Winslow in return. Issue is neither are particular great shooters (winslow is real bad compounding Bucks issues) and Parker has looked like a potential star thus far this season. Can't see Bucks accepting this offer. They have something special with Parker, Giannis and once he is healthy Middleton. Although the 3 kind of all play the same position they all have different skill sets and I think that versatility is unique and something that is becoming the Bucks identity.

25 Nov 2016 22:42:12

Heat get Darren Collison, Kosta Koufos, and draft rights to Arturas Gudaitis

Kings get Goran Dragic.

25 Nov 2016 23:55:38
Quite the underwhelming offer for Dragic. If Heat deal him I'm sure they're looking to rebuild and this trade doesn't do that. Dragic is very capable player still.

26 Nov 2016 00:59:04
Dragic is also 30 years old with 4 years remaining on his rather large contract.

25 Nov 2016 19:31:11
heat : wall, morris
wizards : gay, collison, mclemore, pick from the kings
kings : porter, dragic, mcroberts.

25 Nov 2016 23:56:58
How are you going to absolutely rob the Wizards like that?

25 Nov 2016 19:07:28
heat : dunn, hill
twolves : deng, dragic, mcroberts
lakers : muhammad, pekovic.

25 Nov 2016 23:58:48
Can't imagine Twolves rushing things and getting older. Doesn't match their core and even with Dragic they aren't close to contenders.

25 Nov 2016 14:37:34
Minnesota winter moves :

Wolves - Magic - Nuggets

Shabazz Muhammad + 2017 1st pick to Orlando
Aaron Gordon to Denver
Kenneth Faried to Minnesota

Wolves - Heat

Ricky Rubio and Nemanja Bjelica to Miami
Goran Dragic to Minnesota.

25 Nov 2016 18:53:32
That is way to much contract for Minnesota to be taking on when they want to play in free agency the next couple of years.

25 Nov 2016 19:05:01
is Dragic an upgrade over rubio? I think Aaron Gordon will be valued higher by the Magic.

22 Nov 2016 19:07:13
heat : wall, morris
wizards : dragic, mcroberts, johnson or richardson.

23 Nov 2016 13:25:28
Not even close. You might not get Morris alone for that package. Lol.

22 Nov 2016 11:04:32

Phoe: J Butler
Was: Bender+ Knight
Chi: J Wall+ Cousins
Sac: R Lopez+ Mirotic+ Valentine+ return 1rnd pick 17+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018.

22 Nov 2016 15:31:50
as a suns fan i love this. but the suns should probably give more.

23 Nov 2016 01:46:33
This has got to be a joke. the Bulls get Wall AND Cousins for Jimmy Butler and some role players. Kings get screwed.

22 Nov 2016 10:52:10

Boston: B Lopez

Phoe: A Johnson+ Bogdanovic

Nets: Jerebko+ T Chandler+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018+ 1rnd pick Nets 2018

Boston does this:
They receive a good center and this trade would make the Nets worse, so the 2017 pick would be better

They receive two good veterans and capspace in 2017

They can start rebuilding in 2018 (one year earlier), with two good draft picks.

22 Nov 2016 12:00:19
Not sure about the Suns, but value-wise it seems to work for Boston and Brooklyn. Problem is, the Celtics are thinking bigger than Lopez, and giving up that Nets pick now might make a bigger trade impossible.

22 Nov 2016 13:45:18
I agree Boston is lookinf for a better star?
But who can they get? Cousins?
I would rather have B Lopez and the 17 pick.

C: B Lopez
PF: Horford
SF: Crowder
SG: Bradley
PG: I Thomas

They could draft Jackson with that Nets pick
so they would have; J Brown/ Jackson and Smart as a second unit.

22 Nov 2016 18:05:19
Gasupo -- There is no doubt that that deal makes the Celtics better. The problem is that it also creates a ceiling. They would probably be better than Toronto but still not as good as Cleveland. And if you're not the lead dog, the view is the same.

Now, if you can guarantee that there's enough money left and Hayward comes as a free agent this summer, maybe I'd bite on Lopez. Have to think about it.

I like Lopez a lot, but I wouldn't include either Nets pick to get him. Can't read Ainge's mind, but my guess is that he feels the same way.

21 Nov 2016 09:27:31
1) Boston- Miami
Boston: Whiteside
Miami: 1rnd pick 17 (Nets swap) + smart+ A Johnson

2) Miami- Sac
Miami: WC-Stein+ R Gay
Sac: G Dragic+ 2rnd pick

Miami 2017
draft: Giles and Jackson

C: WC Stein
PF: H Giles
SF: Winslow
SG: Jackson
PG: Smart.

21 Nov 2016 11:05:08
GOod trades, but if you want to start Winslow at the 3, then re-sign Gay and play him at the 4 and Gilles at 5. WCS off the bench. Smart and Winslow playing together, even though they would destroy other team's O, they would also have teouble scoring. Enters Gay with 20ppg in heavy minutes and shots.

21 Nov 2016 15:24:56
I believe this type of scenario would be wise for the Heat to seriously consider. To BHCs point it may be better if they got Rozier instead of Smart (Cs probably would prefer that as well) . The nets pick doesn't seem to be the lock for a top 5 pick everybody thought it was so I think that is still fair value. Whiteside would give Celtics a dominant center (locked up longterm) that Warriors and Cavs couldn't match and allow Horford to play pf where I think his combo of size and skills will make him a matchup nightmare.

Personally I believe Kings should deal Cousins but they could make a last ditch effort in trying to retain him by getting Dragic who should play well with him.

Heat get to rebuild and I'm a believer in WCS to develop into a Whiteside-esque player. Their pick becomes more valuable and they should get two high lotto picks to add to core of Winslow and a solid young pg from Cs. Gay is an awkward fit there but he'll likely be gone in a year and can put up numbers to inflate his FA value.

16 Nov 2016 18:20:52
My trade scenario for team

5. Boston Celtics

Boston get Whiteside and Waiters

Miami get Amir Johnson, Zeller, Smart,2018 Boston 1st rounder and either clippers or grizzlies first rounder.

-> I think Whiteside would be a good fit next too Horford, bc he's a great paint protector and rebounder, and he's athletic. Waiters is a backup for the shooting guard position, but he's mainly in it to make it work with the salaries.
Miami on the other hand need a rebuild.
You might say they would rebuild around Whiteside, but he's not a player that takes u into the finals as a first option.
They get a couple of future first rounders and 2 decent big men + a needed backup pg with Smart.
The 2018 first rounder isn't likely to have good value bc boston is likely to challenge for a title with whiteside, but the second one is a wild card. If you think 2 draft picks are too much take the second one out, but I think Whiteside has big value.

16 Nov 2016 20:08:48
So, the C's manage to get Whiteside without giving up a Nets pick and a better player than the three you listed above, good luck with that.

16 Nov 2016 20:15:30
Brook pick.

16 Nov 2016 22:04:02
Ok then insted of the 2 picks put 1 brooklyn pick into it.
But the idea is good, isn't it?

16 Nov 2016 23:38:20
It's not good Prodigy, the players you're dealing don't have much value either, and with Miami looking to rebuild with a young core, why do they give up their best young asset?

17 Nov 2016 00:34:01
no. its a pretty stupid idea. Great, the celtics want whiteside. how is that a good idea if the package you give for him is laughably low in value.

17 Nov 2016 09:35:54
I am a heat fan myself and I think when you include these players plus a brooklyn pick and one or two of Bostons 2019 first round picks its a fair trade.
I just am bad at valueing picks, and I didn't want to overpay my team.
My trade scenarios always tend to have more sense for the team I wrote above.
I try to make it better the next times.

17 Nov 2016 13:58:10
correct. yet you didn't include the brooklyn pick, which is clearly the most valuable asset. so again, that's good you are a heat fan, and that's fine you don't understand pick values. then try at least offering similar value in players.

18 Nov 2016 16:56:39
Brookyln picks will be needed. At least one.

15 Nov 2016 07:54:29
Trade scenario for team

4.Golden State Warriors

Warriors get Whiteside, Richardson and 2nd Rounders

Miami get Thompson, Pachulia and Livingston

-> I think this tradkes sense for both, bc the Warriors t a decent young replacemen for Thompson with Richarn and one of the best paint protectors in our league.
Miamin get a great sg and a replacement dor Whiteside and a backup pg, because I think they need one, and the Warriors have McCaw. They get 2 2 rounders for that.

15 Nov 2016 10:10:44
well my spelling ****ed up.

I think this trade makes sense for both, bc the Warriors get a decent young replacement for Thompson with Richardson and one of the best paint protectors in our league.
Miami get a great sg and a replacement for Whiteside and a backup pg, because I think they need one, and the Warriors have McCaw. They get 2 2nd rounders for that.

15 Nov 2016 13:16:22
If the Warriors were to look to move thompson, this isn't bad.

15 Nov 2016 16:04:01
not going to happen, but this could benefit both teams.

15 Nov 2016 01:43:06
Raptors and heat

Raptors get Hassan whiteside and windslow

Heat get JV, Ross first round, second round draft pick

Heat Starters



15 Nov 2016 13:18:53
Miami hangs up.

21 Nov 2016 02:43:14
Why JV is a much better center then whiteside on the offence and a solid screen and roll center the only reason I suggested this trade is because the way the raptors run there offence they don't need a force down low they need a defensive center and a stretch 4.

12 Nov 2016 21:15:32
Heat Get: Tony Parker, Kyle Anderson, 2017 1st

Spurs Get: Goran Dragić.

12 Nov 2016 23:50:40
Spurs won't trade a leader for a point guard that just as good as him.

12 Nov 2016 03:07:08

Phoenix acquire J. Parker and R. Vaughn

Bucks acquire E. Bledsoe and H. Whiteside

Heat acquire G. Monroe, D. Bender and 1st rd pick Bucks.

13 Nov 2016 00:02:26
miami say no.

13 Nov 2016 00:18:10
Ya, Milwaukee will trade one of their cornerstones.

07 Nov 2016 13:14:36

To NYK - Dragic, Richardson
To CLE - Melo
To MIA - Love

While Dragic is playing PG currently, he has experience playing off the ball. Putting him at SG and letting Rose be a little more selfish with the ball could work. Richardson has the size to play the three, and Lee could slide there to help alleviate the loss of Melo.

Cleveland upgrades offensively and gets a friend of Bron.

Miami has a big hole at the four with Bosh's injury, and Love fills that well. With his ability to play on the perimeter, a partnership with Whiteside would work well.

07 Nov 2016 17:09:28
I don't think Dragic is a good fit in NY
He should be a PG, not a SG.

Ik like this for cleveland. Melo deserve a title.

K Love would be a great fit in Miami, but who would play PG?

07 Nov 2016 17:32:53
Knicks getting hosed. Dragic doesn't have this kind of value.

08 Nov 2016 16:52:32
Knicks say no way. Dragic sucks and we have Rose . Melo is worth much more.

20 Oct 2016 16:01:43
Suns Get: LaMarcus Aldridge

Spurs Get: Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss, 2018 Miami 1st

Spurs can retool and gain some atheticism, Suns acquire a franchise player.

20 Oct 2016 17:01:41
Funky is that you?

20 Oct 2016 17:10:30
Lol I finally had to register because of stupid crap like this post the sun's tried drop sign LA and he chooses the Spurs. the Sun's WILL not trade for him especially a pkg that includes Chris's. who is like a very young Snare, andBender when he gets exp. is the second coming of Dirk, about 98% of fans on here need to realize that the Sun's are sinking or swimming with their roster THEY ARE NOT TRADING ANYONE ESPECIALLY BOOKER.

20 Oct 2016 17:57:36
Welcome big dude, summer up my thoughts.

20 Oct 2016 19:08:27
Big dude, you have bender in the hall of fame and Chriss as a perennial all star before either plays a game. It's good to see your expectations are tempered.

20 Oct 2016 20:35:59
Phoenix would definitely trade Chriss and the Miami pick for LMA. Knight is a filler in a trade, not a headliner.

21 Oct 2016 05:41:10
Sorry, you're incorrect. the LMA ship to PHX sailed last year. Ask yourself. why did Port. improve after he left? Why are there rumors about the Spurs and he not getting along the way they thought they would? PHX made a commitment to go young. knowing they'll stink for the next year or two. so, no need for Aldridge anymore in a Suns uniform. IMO, if the Suns move anyone, it's one of their guards not named Booker.

21 Oct 2016 06:19:34
Agree w/ Big Dude and Phx Fan. Well said!

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