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11 Dec 2017 02:05:38
Ball,deng and Randle for pg13

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11 Dec 2017 04:04:55
I like it, might require Clarkson, or Kuzma to make it happen, which Lakers would think about. Dengs contract is tough too. Deng is a good all around player, defends, dribbles, shoots, passes. Ball would get rid of Lavar pretty quickly, and OKC would block him.

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10 Dec 2017 23:00:24
Cavs: Kris Dunn, Bobby Portis

Bulls: Thristian Thompson, Iman Shumpert

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10 Dec 2017 22:18:44
Mavericks Trade- Wesley Mathews and Salah Mejri

Mavericks Recieve- Solomon Hill, Alexis Ajinca, and a 2019 First Round pick

Pelicans Trade- Solomon Hill, Alexis Ajinca, and a 2019 First Round pick

Pelicans Recieve- Wesley Mathews and Salah Mejri

The Mavs fight for their status as the worst team in the league definently getting worse to get higher odds at a good pick as well as receiving a future first that should be around 15-20. Solomon Hill isn't an awful player even though he is overpayed and Ajinca is basically a more paid Salah just to make the money work.

The Pelicans makes their guard situation much better and makes them a strong team to push for the playoffs. It also shows Boogie that they mean business and could be the factor that convinces him to stay when he's a free agent. Salah is a good backup center with lots of energy and on a cheap one year deal.

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11 Dec 2017 04:06:43
Mathews is a shell of what he used to be. 18 mil next season is pill to swallow.

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11 Dec 2017 11:50:42
The Mavs aren't getting a first out of Mathews. With his contract I don't think he has any value. I don't think he has negative value, but I could see that being the case before the Mavs end up with a first for him.

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09 Dec 2017 19:54:53
My final standings predictions

1. Celtics
2. Cavs
3. Raptors
4. Bucks
5. Wizards
6. Pacers
7. 76ers
8. Heat

1. Warriors
2. Spurs
3. Rockets
4. Timberwolves
5. Nuggets
6. Thunder
7. Blazers
8. Jazz.

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10 Dec 2017 17:00:51
I have Detroit or Orlando finishing better than Heat. Whiteside playing would change that, and a healthy Waiters. Blazers are going to finish worse than Utah when J. Johnson is healthy. Exum is out of arm sling, and could return this season, and that could help as well.

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11 Dec 2017 03:16:08
Where's the Pistons? They should be included.
Pacers or Heat for last spot in east playoffs.
Pacers ended the Cavs streak and Heat ended the celtics streak.

Pelicans or Jazz for last spot in west playoffs. if Pelicans got in, I want them to face the Warriors.

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09 Dec 2017 06:10:30
If your getting tired of seeing Cavs or Warriors going again to Finals, which teams would you want to clash in NBA Finals??

Spurs vs Celtics..
Great Coaches..
No to three point barrage game..
Defense, Defense and Gooooood Defense..
Has unpredictable supporting cast..

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09 Dec 2017 07:31:03
Lakers vs Sixers.

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09 Dec 2017 11:18:39
Lakers vs sixers would be great :-)
sixers win in 7
Maybe in 2022.

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10 Dec 2017 17:03:53
Realistically, Houston vs Boston wouldn't be bad.

Outside shot: OKC vs Boston would be fun too. If OKC can pull it together.

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09 Dec 2017 02:59:06
Basketball wise, who is better?

Demarcus Cousins or Anthony Davis?

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09 Dec 2017 03:19:13
Right now, I'd give the edge to Cousins. He's been lights out this year, but there isn't a ton of separation. That said, I think Davis still has a ton of potential and Cousins is starting to peak. Also, Davis seems to have the better attitude, leadership skills, is more stable/ dependable and would be the better teammate. I think almost every, if not every team would rather build a team around Davis over Cousins. Combine all that with their current contracts and Davis has significantly more value.

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09 Dec 2017 14:12:46
They're both great.
The player with the bet teammates would win the duel.

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09 Dec 2017 20:33:00
I’d go Davis if healthy.

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08 Dec 2017 23:12:41
Celtics: B Griffin

Clippers: G Hayward+ 1rnd pic Memphis

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09 Dec 2017 05:10:12
I challenge you Gasupo to stop trading big names and try proposing minor deals. Something like this ain't happening.

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09 Dec 2017 11:19:32
This wouls be.

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09 Dec 2017 11:22:04
This would be a good move for both teams.

Te celtics don't need Hayward and they get an extra big man.

This team could beat Cleveland and Goldenstate
C: Horford
PF: Griffin
SF: tatum
SG: Smart
PG: Irving
Sixth: J Brown

It's time for the Clippers to go in a rebuilt.
They don't have capspace and they keep the 2019 and 2020 draft pick if they don't make the playoffs.

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09 Dec 2017 18:12:53
Celtics would add lakers pick too.

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09 Dec 2017 20:38:25
Nah Cs won’t trade Hayward his injury looked a lot worse than it actually was Blake seems to have one injury after another.

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10 Dec 2017 17:08:36
Heard Griffin loves LA. Boston, would be a punishment if you like LA, regardless of playing situation.

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07 Dec 2017 02:34:08
Knicks:Dennis Schroder

Hawks:Frank nilikina,willy hernangomez and 2018 1st rnd pick and 2020 1st rnd pick

Knicks get there franchise point guard and hawks get 2 1st picks to rebuild

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06 Dec 2017 15:15:56
What should the Cavs do with Rose when he comes back. He has honestly looked good af times and is still an NBA level player, but obviously IT is a better player and has a better skill set in the starting line up and the 2nd unit has been lights out with DWade leading it. His skill set doesn't seem like a great match beside Wade. Plus, once Tristan comes back, that throws another nonshooter in the line up. Does Roses talent trump fit? Can he just be a talented in case of emergency guy? Should they find a trade for him?

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06 Dec 2017 20:56:34
probably don't trade him, he is signed for pennies so unless u move him for another expiring role player, it doesn't seem worth it.
he would be a good boost off the bench, maybe stagger him and wade, like rose mid 2nd and late 3rd Q, wade in the early 2nd and 4th.

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06 Dec 2017 23:20:31
Dona, but should they take minutes away from Wade to give to them to Rose with how well he and the team has been playing and you have to remember Thompson and IT are going to get significantly more minutes than their replacements in Calderon and Frye. I'm not sure where all the minutes will come from with how well JR, Wade, and Korver have been playing.

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09 Dec 2017 14:15:17
Wade, Korver and JR are all old players, so i think Rose would get his minutes.

They should only trade him if they could get a pick for him.

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10 Dec 2017 13:32:35
Gasupo, Wade and Korver are both playing less than 25 minutes a night. The Cavs can probably lighten the load on Lebron and Jr after IT and TT get healthy, but still eventually they probably want IT playing 30 minutes a night and TT playing 25, they'll be hard pressed to squeeze those minutes out of the line up, let alone another 15 or 20 for Rose. I'm sure later in the season a lot of these guys will get rest games and there will be minutes then, but with how fragile Rose seems mentally right now, can he handle his minutes and role fluctuating?

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06 Dec 2017 13:31:38
Western Conference:

A team that doesn't care about defense is the number one on the west and also top 10 in defense right now with Paul, Ariza, Tucker and Capela as main players in defense.. can they keep their pace as number one? I hope injury won't bite them..

Curry, Durant, Thompson and Green are current number one starters in NBA, with an upgrade in their bench, how in the world you can stop them if all of their players can score..

The briliant mind of Coach Pop even with injuries and downgrade roster compared last season, they still manage to be elite..

2 non playoff teams are in the top 5 in west, Wolves and Nuggets.. Millsap's injury is a big setback but they have a deep roster who can fill up what is lacking off.. Butler, Crawford, Teague and Gibson are huge additions to the young wolves and very good advantage in playoffs..

Despite of 2 star players joining Russ, OKC are struggling due to team chemistry.. I wish they could fix this on time..

Lillard-McCollum and Davis-Cousins are carrying their teams to playoffs, Blazers who fix their bigmen issues/weakness with too many centers on the team same with Pelicans on the Guards issue..

LA teams are pondering to tank, Lakers want to trade Deng & Clarkson and make a run in free agency same with Clippers in trading Jordan and get some good young assets in return..

Jazz seems playing good despite of losing their number 1 scorer Hayward..

Suns and Grizzlies are having hard time and fired their coaches.. and might find some trade partners to gain 1st rd draftees to help them next year..

Mavs and Kings are the bottom 2 in the west, I don't expect them to be in the playoffs but they need to focus in developing their future franchise players, Smith and Fox..

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06 Dec 2017 20:58:46
pretty solid account of the state of affairs

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07 Dec 2017 05:06:10

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