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21 Oct 2018 15:56:39
December 15

Lakers Trade Brandon Ingram KCP 2019 first round pick (protected)

Wolves Trade Jimmy Butler

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20 Oct 2018 12:18:10
What is everyone's biggest overreaction to the 1st week?

Mine has to be Osman. I've been on his band wagon since probably last December, but he looks light years ahead of where he was then. I've went from 3 and d hustle guy on him to something like Nic Batum to who knows what this guys ceiling is.

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20 Oct 2018 12:37:36
Utah has an offense finally and they might be the second best team in the NBA.

A preview of both conference finals was last night in GS/ Utah and Boston/ Toronto.

Homer overreaction: Zach Collins might overtake Nurkic as the starting center for Portland and could get some all nba defensive votes if he plays defense like he did against the Lakers.

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20 Oct 2018 14:58:19
I agree about Osman. I knew he could play and watching his overseas highlights on YouTube. I knew before coming over here. He could make an impact but the speed at which this man is developing is a huge promise for Cavs fans.

My overreaction though is unless the Lakers figure out a way to win by Christmas time. I honestly believe they will miss the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong I know Lebron is Lebron but if they can’t win 45 games this year there’s a chance they don’t make it and if they are let’s say 15-15 a time break. They still have to win about 60% of the rest of the games to get to the 45 win mark so I’m saying it’s possible Lakers miss all together.

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20 Oct 2018 17:49:34
Elfrid payton will have triple doubles every night and mirotic will score 30. The Lakers can score 119 pts regularly.

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20 Oct 2018 18:17:59
Btec l as kes will score 120 a night. The problem is they will give up 125m.

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20 Oct 2018 22:21:22
No kidding, I've noticed a handful of scores under 100. High scoring, no defense, new and improved NBA.

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21 Oct 2018 01:39:23
Faster pace, smarter shots, defenses having to
cover more space, rule changes and not being able to keep a big man waiting in the middle has pushed scores up. It has nothing to do with effort or all that much to do with scheme on defense.

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21 Oct 2018 04:25:41
Part of the high scoring is due to the rule changes. Specifically the clock resetting to 14 instead of 24 when the offense retains possession. That forces a lot more action. The more generalized clear path also forces teams to allow more fast breaks (this isn’t nearly as big, but is a factor) .

Obviously defense isn’t great, it never is this early. But rules are increasing scoring.

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19 Oct 2018 20:40:51
I'm just amazed how poorly the lakers are structured around LeBron. Every successful team has proven elite shooters. This team is going to struggle. I know it's just one game, but seriously, who is even considered an above average floor spacing shooter?

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19 Oct 2018 20:53:35
Hart and Kuzma, maybe? The offseason moves they made were all head scratchers after Lebron. They didn’t even get people that made sense next to their young guys. There 2nd best signing was probably McGee and they could have had Lopez back and he made more sense. Rondo is just older Lonzo and the rest of the players were guys no one else wanted to touch.

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20 Oct 2018 01:11:49
I don't know what was worse the Lakers running out of gas and terrible defense or the fact the blazers allowed a team shooting that poorly to put up 119 pts on their defense? Both teams should walk away with their heads held low except nik stauskas, nah his D was terrible too. Blazers will take the W, but they should be concerned about a few things as should the lakeshow. Lillard looked really crisp and sharp.

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17 Oct 2018 05:03:19
3 teams who can dethrone GSW..

1. Houston Rockets
-better offensive or rather better 3 point shooting team..
-they maybe have Melo(could ruin their chemistry) but same with Cousins in Warriors, just kidding..
-could have beaten them last playoffs if Chris Paul wasnt injured..

2. Boston Celtics
-Brad Stevens has overtake the long time best coach Greg Pop..
-they are now healthy and completed
-Tatum, Rozier and Brown are keep getting better and better
-we all know Kyrie owns Curry..

3. Los Angeles Lakers
-every LeBron's team is a title contender and a big threat to them
-they will outsmart them in every play rather than beating them in shooting 3s like the Rockets..
-Lets not forget, Walton was the coach of Warriors 73-9 team when Kerr was injured/sick..

Additional.. Wizards(battle of the starters) and Jazz(best defensive team)..

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17 Oct 2018 11:42:30
The Lakers don’t have the offensive to beat the Warriors and there defense will probably only be above average.

The Wizards are more likely to fight each other than get to the second round of the plays.

Boston and Houston have an outside shot. Toronto probably does as well. They could be an insanely good defensive team, they have shooting, half court
offensive players, and depth. They could use that Houston style of defense that drove the Warriors crazy, but instead of having Ariza and Tucker playing it, you have Kawhi, Danny Green, Anunoby, Siakam and etc.

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17 Oct 2018 16:38:52
How are the Wizards mentioned before Toronto or Phili? The Wizards have a better chance of missing the playoffs than winning it all. Heck, Portland and Denver have a much better chance to knock off GS (because they'll meet them in the first round of the playoffs potentially) .

If Fultz plays like a #1 pick, Phili could be really dangerous. It's a young Lebron/ Wade/ Bosh type of lineup with Simmons/ Fultz/ Embiid.

The Lakers have a chance to knock of GS, but I don't think they would win it all even if they did. If they meet GS in the second round, and Lebron has one of the best series of his career, anything could happen. But I don't think that team is good enough to win 4 playoff series. They'd go on to lose to Houston/ Boston/ Toronto.

Really, the biggest threats are Houston, Boston, and Toronto. Those teams are true contenders if 100% healthy. The rest of the league is either too young (Phili) or not talented enough.

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18 Oct 2018 05:21:14
Certainly not the wizards. For sure add the Raptors and OKC.

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18 Oct 2018 12:43:55
OKC can defeat the warriors?

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18 Oct 2018 14:01:00
Im doubting OKC because of Westbrook. there's a little difference between Russ and LeBron. Both can carry the team single handedly but LeBron makes teammates better or be more productive.

Aside from Kawhi Leonard, who else could go one on one with the Warriors starters. Lowry probably be outplayed by Curry.

Philly are too young/ inexperience, Bucks rely too much on Giannis same with Pelicans on Davis, Minny have Jimmy Butler problem, Spurs have no PG and etc.

Wizards can beat Warriors starters. Wall vs Curry, Beal vs Klay, Porter can guard KD, Dwight will stop Cousins and Wizards Bench are better than last year.

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18 Oct 2018 16:12:17
Cousins>anything else the Wizards start
Warriors bench>>>>Wizards bench

Warriors in 4.

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18 Oct 2018 16:16:34
Last year the Raptors beat the Wizards in 6, and Toronto is better than they were last year. The Wizards added Howard, so they're worse.

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18 Oct 2018 16:34:37
The pelicans are going to be good.

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18 Oct 2018 16:52:21
The Pelicans could be pretty good, but if they try to push the pace against the Warriors, they’re going to have a bad time.

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18 Oct 2018 17:47:28
Without Durant the pelicans could defeat the warriors. With Durant its a steep hill to climb. Same for every other team in the league though. Pelicans will finish in top 5 in the west.

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18 Oct 2018 19:45:25
Gmaster, first, no one on the Wizards is better than their counter part or really a better fit for today’s NBA. Plus, the chemistry is a mess their and they added Dwight. That’s like trying to put out a forest fire with Napalm. Plus, the entire team could be injured by December. It’d be a miracle if they’re a top 4 seed in the East.

Sure, player for player Toronto isn’t more talented, but Houston showed that the key to beating the Warriors is slowing down their offense and being a competent half court team. You have to beat them up, be able to switch everything, force them to isolate, have great perimeter defenders, and take advantage of their mistakes. Bringing in Danny Green and Leonard gives the Raptors the players to do that. They’re another allstar away from having a decent chance at winning, but so is everyone else. The only way a team even has a solid shot at beating them is if Ainge can steal Davis for below what most people think will take to get him.

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19 Oct 2018 19:47:26
Rkenne_16, Agreed Toronto is good and I think even better than last season but GSW is still untouchable without an all star going to a handful of teams. Pelicans, celts, Hou, blazers, Lakers, jazz, raptors, Philly, bucks are all teams that would greatly improve their title odds by adding another all star in the mix like a jimmy butler, or Damian lillard. Nuggets might already have it now, it just hasn't matured yet. Give the nuggets Jimmy butler or lillard and look out west the next few seasons.

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20 Oct 2018 02:20:06
Btec, I assumed they were unbeatable until I saw that WCFs last year. It would take some luck and a few ridiculous performances, but late in the playoffs they’re beatable. Once you can start grabbing and bodying players up more, the Warriors can get really thrown out of rhythm. Curry, Durant, and Thompson don’t reason well to it. Plus, Green can become his own worst enemy in those situations. If Cousins can be 90 percent of what he was that might be different, but I doubt he will be that far back anytime this year.

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15 Oct 2018 23:38:59
My NBA 2018-2019 season awards with runner ups (comment yours below)

MVP: Anthony Davis
Runner up: James Harden

ROY: DeAndre Ayton
Runner up: Luka Doncic

DPOY: Anthony Davis
Runner up: Joel Embiid

MIP: Brandon Ingram
Runner up: Myles Turner

6th man: Lou Williams
Runner up: Eric Gordon

COY: Steve Kerr
Runner up: Nate Mcmillian

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18 Oct 2018 16:22:53
MVP- Giannis RU- Davis
ROY- Ayton RU-Doncic
DPOY- Davis RU- Leonard
MIP-Osman RU-Monk
COY- Budenholzer RU-Pop
6th-Gordon RU-Kuzma.

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18 Oct 2018 16:35:51
These are fan awards so you got to make sure the guys that play the worst defense get a few of these awards. It's tradition.

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14 Oct 2018 21:13:28
2019 NBA Draft Top 11

1:Magic-RJ Barrett
2:Boston-Zion Williamson
3:Hawks-Cam Reddish
4:Knicks-Nassir Little
5:Bulls-Romeo LangFord
7:Nets-Quentin Grimes
8:Boston-Nazreon Reid
9:Hawks-Keldon Johnson
10:Hornets-Jontay Porter
11:Clippers-Sekou Doumbouya

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14 Oct 2018 23:01:45
There is a lot of good players. Overseas too. I'm not ready to evaluate who is better just yet. Barrett and Williamson have the hottest names so far for sure. Porter better dominate this season. I think he will.

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15 Oct 2018 16:44:27
Cam Reddish will be way better than Zion.

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15 Oct 2018 19:34:19
I think Zion is soooooo overhyped. He will probably be a top 5 pick but he doesn't belong in top 5.

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15 Oct 2018 23:59:36
What about RJ Barrett will magic draft him.

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16 Oct 2018 15:43:09
RJ will be number #1 with whoever picks if he stays healthy of course. Fits good with all teams at the top.

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17 Oct 2018 17:53:05
Tonch, who knows if Zion can develop into poslished players, but his athleticism is insane and he’s built like an nfl defensive end at 18. He looks like he has a nice handle, but even if he can just catch lobs and offensive rebound on the offensive end and then guard 3 to 5 positions on the other end, he can be high end role player on a playoff team.

His ceiling could be a bigger and more athletic Draymond Green and his floor is a bigger Tristan Thompson with a little less motor.

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19 Oct 2018 22:30:36
If the NCAA looks into the exact context of the FBI investigation wiretaps, Williamson isn't going to play. They have been waiting to nail someone with the cam newton rule and here's their chance. I really wanted to see him suit up. He's a bigger, better shooting, passing, dribbling Charles Barkley. Pretty rare.

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12 Oct 2018 14:05:37
What team would y'all like to see Butler on. Not what team do u think he will be traded to, even if there is no chance he goes there where would y'all like to see him?

I think Thunder would be a scary team with him and would compete with warriors.

Bucks could also be interesting with Middleton Butler and Giannis at the 2,3,4 positions.

I know there are others do u agree with mine? What do u think?

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12 Oct 2018 15:20:59
I don't think the thunder would be contenders with butler. Durant and harden didn't matter, butler and George play the same position and westbrick isn't going to let butler have the reins of the team. Heat would go from fringe playoff team to top 2 east contender. Rockets would go from? To being almost a sure fire anecdote to the warriors championship streak. Westbrick is a show, talented player, works hard. Lousy mental player so far in his career and doesn't involve his teammates. I don't think you can have those issues as a PG and win a championship without more help than just butler.

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12 Oct 2018 15:43:00
The Thunder would be interesting, but I think Houston would be the best for the league. It definitely makes the Warriors a lot more vulnerable.

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12 Oct 2018 16:26:38
There’s quite a few teams that would be interesting with him. Pretty much all of the second tier west teams (Utah, Portland, OKC, NO, LA) could jump to competing with Houston with him.

That said, I complete disagree that OKC would compete with GS with him. GS would still be considerably better at every level. Curry>Westbrook Durant>George Klay=Butler Green>Adams. I think GS wins that series in 5.

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13 Oct 2018 16:28:58
Nuggets or jazz with Butler could be scary.

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11 Oct 2018 05:29:43
Who should the HEAT go after once we acquire Jimmy? I would say Kyrie or Kawhi.

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11 Oct 2018 11:26:12
Assuming they do get him, they won’t have the assets or cap space to get either of them. Plus, Irving has said he’s staying and the Heat didn’t make Kawhi’s list.

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12 Oct 2018 00:23:31
The Heat are a good place. I guess butlers worth 4 yrs 135 million. Not sure why the wolves chose to pay Wiggins or KAT over butler after trading Lavine, dunn, and Markannen for him. This one is going to sting. Thibs is getting fired probably. I know butler said it's not about the money but look at their cap, it's about the money and not just a little bit.

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12 Oct 2018 10:23:33
I would say 1st round picks if possible because jimmy will leave after one season and a rebuild is necessary that roster just doesn’t look appealing a lot of over paid decent players. and I live in Miami!

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09 Oct 2018 16:59:48
PGs Suns could get for Bender straight up

1. Emmanuel Mudiay - Knicks
- Both need a new place to receive more minutes, Bender can help fill in the shooting from KP

2. Ish Smith - Pistons
- Pistons have Jackson and can have Galloway as backup. Griffin is declining every year so Bender offers upside next to Drummond.

3. Jalen Brunson - Mavs
- Mavs don't really need a PG with Smith and Barea. Dirk can take Bender under his wing and mentor him.

4. MCW - Rockets
- Bender could replace Ryan Anderson. May need to add a 2nd as well

5. Tyus Jones - Twolves
- With Gibson on a expring contract it may be wise to get a prospect as his backup

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09 Oct 2018 17:29:31
Sign mario Chalmers or Crawford if they have to have a different PG. It's for one season that the suns probably want to be a lottery team during anyway. Spurs are definitely going to be looking for a PG. They may even trade an asset. They were planning on being in the west mix for the postseason.

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09 Oct 2018 18:04:31
With little expectations, I think Phoenix would be smart to hold their resources and play Booker at point. They have so many wings, it'll be hard to get them all minutes with playing Booker 35-40 minutes at SG. I think Booker would be a better option than most of those guys (who aren't NBA caliber starting PGs) .

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09 Oct 2018 18:53:11
I agree bmiller66. Harrison, okobo, Canaan can hold it down behind booker as the primary ball handler for one season. There are some terrific PG prospects for the '19 draft too.

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09 Oct 2018 22:47:53
What about a Ryan Anderson/ Nic Batum swap? I've always thought Batum's natural position was PG. He's still reasonably young at 29. Phoenix could possibly squeeze another asset for taking on the extra year as well.

I realize Batum's contract is terrible, but realistically, Phoenix isn't getting any free agents any time soon unless it's overpaying Ariza. By the time Batum's deal expires, the young guys (Jackson, Ayton, Bridges) will all be extending or a year away.

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09 Oct 2018 23:46:39
Batum could fit play-wise on almost any team but yeah his salary is an albatross.

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11 Oct 2018 23:05:07
Beverly from clippers.

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16 Oct 2018 01:35:56
They sign Crawford.

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09 Oct 2018 15:37:09
Which player would get another chance to play this season in the NBA
A Bogut
Monte Ellis
Joakim Noah
Chris Bosh

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09 Oct 2018 17:47:26
If noah is waived, I can see him signing with a team. Knicks may want to waive Noah next season? going to lose K. Allen or Vonleh if they don't. Can't figure the play here? More knicks front office fumbles? Bosh doesn't have the medical or league support to come back. I think by putting an all star break deadline on the comeback says a lot about the odds of him returning. Ellis should just play foreign ball, collect some remaining years paychecks, he's getting older, his quickness is diminishing, never was a great 3 ball shooter, small, poor defender. Bogut probably makes enough in aussie ball to justify staying there as opposed to playing for vet min. For a couple months.

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09 Oct 2018 18:07:02
Noah probably has the best outlook at a contributor. He can play some backup center minutes. He's still a good passer, he can play some defense (just not at his elite level when he was younger) .

I'd love to see Bosh make a comeback, but I also reeeeeeally don't want to see him die on the court.

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10 Oct 2018 12:09:08
If everything is medically right with Bosh, he’s a no brainer. That said, he’s probably not going to be able to prove that he won’t have complications and I’m not sure anyone will take that risk.

I think someone definitely takes a chance on Noah, if he’s bought out. Bogut and Ellis both seem done.

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