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15 Sep 2014 18:49:19
Hawks get - Bargnani Shumpert
Knicks get - Harford

Hawks shown from their playoff run last yr. that the more 3 point shooters they have surrounding Teague and Milsap, the more dangerous they are. Outside of Teague they did not enough perimeter defenders. Bargnani exp over contract over Harford injury prone could be a an and vantage

Could win division w/ 50 win season

Knicks are the risk takers of the NBA, How many times could Al Harford tear his Pectoral Muscle is the risk. Early Hardaway JrSMith for
Can't for another month

Knicks get D.Green Joseph
Spurs get Hardaway Prigioni Outlaw
Pacers get Calderon

While Danny Green game is slightly diminished from few years ago and Hardaway game is getter better. Green still a better all around player. Hardaway pairs up with Leonard as the Spurs future. Pacers need more perimeter scoring than Perimeter defense.

Green/JrSmith/Dayntay Jones


Its Horford


^^ did u really had to correct him?


Hawks would not give up Horford for that. They could easily get a better offer from another team even if he is injury prone. Besides, worst comes to worst they can still use the amnesty clause on him if they are ready to give up on him.


16 Sep 2014 14:56:42
you make it think as if amnesty does not cost the hawks money. For a team who struggles to fill the seats, it is only going to get worse. They are going to take financial hit. they are looking to save money. Nobody can afford the risk of 12 mil sitting on the bench in street close or willing to give up young talent for hOrford-knickbocker is so clever. Knicks would.


I said worst comes to worst they can amnesty him. Like I said, Hawks can easily get a better offer from another team. Shumpert with cap relief is nothing. Hawks would rather take a risk on keeping Horford over that. You have to understand also, good plays stay away from Hawks in FA, that is another reason they would take a risk in keeping Horford, if they don't get a good offer.




03 Sep 2014 14:43:53
spurs and celtics
spurs get zeller and anthony

celtics get splitter and the latest second round pick spurs have




02 Sep 2014 11:19:28
Hawks / Suns -

Sign and trade Eric Bledsoe for 10m trade exception, Dennis Schroder, and a 1st round pick

- At this point idk what Bledsoes value is. Seems like not many teams are going after him due to injuries, idk what the deal is but the Hawks are another player away from making noise.

Hawks / Spurs -

Sign and trade Gustavo Ayon for 1.4 trade exception from Nando de Colo

- Spurs seem to be interested in Ayon.

Teague / Mack
Bledsoe / Sefolosha / Bazemore / Jenkins
Carroll / Korver
Milsap / Payne / Scott
Horford / Antic / Muscala

A Teague-Bledsoe duo plus a Milsap-Horford duo! They will be tough to beat, plus a very good bench mob.


Nando was traded to the Raptors last year, may be hard to Trade him to Atlanta!

SAS Champs 2014

^he said trade exception not Nando deColo


"Nando was traded to the Raptors last year, may be hard to Trade him to Atlanta!"

He is talking about using Trade Exceptions they have, not about trading Nando himself.


Sorry, just noticed that.

SAS Champs 2014



01 Sep 2014 03:04:03

Pistons get Danny Green, Bass, Faverani
3&D player, depth

Spurs get Monroe, Datome
2 young players
Sign Ray Allen

Celtics get Splitter
True Center


What 2 young players?
Joseph, ayres,?


WHois the 3D guy? Its not Green who is a bench player on a good team, or Bass since he is a bench player as well, and Faverani is a bench player. Detroit says no thank you unless you want to make this trade with Smith. Monroe stays put and Boston has to give up more.




31 Aug 2014 20:14:49
spurs and thunder
spurs get perry Jones

okc gets ayres and a second round pick


Ayers is unsigned and gets the vet minimum at best. Why wouldn't OKC just sign him themselves and not give up Jones?

SAS Champs 2014



30 Aug 2014 07:10:07

Spurs trade t.splitter, b.cotton (unguaranteed) and 2015 1st&2nd round picks
Spurs get g.monroe

Pistons trade g.monroe (5-year, 60m) and l.datome
Pistons get, b.cotton, c.johnson and 2015 1st round pick from SAS

Celtics trade and c.johnson (unguaranteed)
Celtics get t.splitter, l.datome and 2015 2nd round pick from SAS


Parker - mills - joseph
Ginobili - bellinelli - daye
Leonard - green - anderson
Duncan - diaw - bonner
Monroe - baynes - ayres

- waive b.cotton and c.johnson
- sign a.blatche (1-year, 3m) via MLE

Jennings - augustin - bynum
Meeks - KCP - dinwindie
Green - butler - singler
Smith - blatche - jerebko
Drummond - gray - mitchell

- waive k.bogans, j.anthony and c.babb

Rondo - smart - pressey
Bradley - young - thornton
Turner - wallece - datome
Sullinger - bass - zeller
Splitter - olynyk - faverani



Detroit trades a legit double double machine for a average starting SF, two NBDL players and the last pick or near the last pick in the draft. This is a garbage trade. Spurs get the best of this and the other two get garbage. Green is not a starter on a good team, period.




30 Aug 2014 00:23:12

SPURS get Courtney Lee , Kosta Koufos

GRIZZLIES get Danny Green , Jeff Ayres




28 Aug 2014 14:27:41
spurs moves
spurs get austin rivers

pelicans get cory joseph

pelicans need cap space

pelicans need the cap plus they still get a productive pg plus they still have jimmer

spurs need rivers height and athletic abilities and with mills out he fits plus cotton could take joseph bench role




23 Aug 2014 12:51:16

Lakers get Tiago Splitter , Ersan Ilyasova

Spurs get Larry Sanders , Wesley Johnson

Bucks get Steve Nash , Lakers' 1st round pick , Jordan Hill , Spurs 1st round pick




20 Aug 2014 03:24:57

Hornets get Danny Green
Good 3&D player

Spurs get Hairiston, Zeller
2 young players who should develop playing with these good veterans



Hornets get Scola
Veteran big man, expiring contract

Pacers get Henderson and 2nd rd pick
Young player, fills hole on wing


Could be a top 4 team in East




14 Aug 2014 21:15:40
ok how about this
spurs and hawks

spurs trade splitter, green and bonner

hawks trade millsap and carroll

good trade?


No, not a good trade for the Hawks, and I'm a Spurs fan.

SAS Champs 2014



11 Aug 2014 19:25:37
spurs future
spurs get Monroe 60mil 5years

hawks get splitter and bonner

pistons get millsap, and 2late picks

spurs 2015
sign Wesley Matthews 18mill 3years

Aldridge wants to come back to texas 5 year 90mil
duncan 1year 5mil off bench
ginobili 1year 3mil
belinelli 2years 5mil
mason plumlee 2yr 3.5mil
rivers 2yr 3mil
mirza teletovic 2yr 3.5 mill

parker, mills, rivers
Matthews, ginobili, belinelli or fournier
leonard, anderson, daye
Aldridge, diaw, teletovic
monroe, duncan, plumlee


Who said Aldridge wanna go to Texas?? U his close fam or something?? Clearly he already stated he ( Aldridge) wanna be the best Blazers ever.


No from detroit


Detroit needs a SF not another PF. Take Monroe out and Add Smith then we are good to go.




08 Aug 2014 10:40:08
maybe impossible but could be interesting when Spurs - Grizzlies make a trade like this

Spurs receive Marc Gasol , Tony Allen
- get a prime center to go along with Duncan on his final year and a defensive guard that fits well

T. Parker / P. Mills / C. Joseph
T. Allen / M. Ginobili / M. Bellineli
K. Leonard / K. Anderson / A. Daye
T. Duncan / B. Diaw / M. Bonner
M. Gasol / A. Baynes

Grizzlies receive Tiago Splitter , Danny Green and 1st round pick
- Gasol might walk come 2015 so they trade him to get a replacement in Splitter and Green who is a shooter and a good defender too

M. Conley / B. Udrih / N. Calathes
D. Green / C. Lee / J. Adams
T. Prince / V. Carter / Q. Pondexter
Z. Randolph / J. Leuer / J. Stokes
T. Splitter / K. Koufos


It sounds good but it won't happen grizzlies would have to blow the team up get young players and picks


WHyw ould the Grizzlies trade an all star center for nothing.




07 Aug 2014 21:24:21
spurs final moves
spurs, pelicans, magic

spurs get e.fournier, austin river
magic get joseph, ayres
pelicans get cap space and probably swap late picks with spurs saves them from having to waive rivers

parker, rivers, mills while injured
green, ginobili, belinelli, fournier
leonard, anderson, daye
duncan, diaw, bonner,
splitter, baynes,


Doubt magic would do that. They overvalue Fournier because they traded Afflalo for him




03 Aug 2014 10:21:34
Pacers - Spurs

tell me about your opinion

Pacers receive Danny Green , Tiago Splitter and a 2nd round pick in 2015

Spurs receive Roy Hibbert and Luis Scola

sign Shawn Marion and Jordan Crawford

George Hill / Rodney Stuckey / CJ Watson
Danny Green / Jordan Crawford
CJ Miles / Shawn Marion / Solomon Hill(Paul George)
David West / Chris Copeland / Damjan Rudez
Tiago Splitter / Ian Mahinmi


Tony Parker / Patty Mills / Corey Joseph
Marco Bellineli / Manu Ginobili
Kawhi Leonard / Kyle Anderson
Tim Duncan / Luis Scola / Matt Bonner
Roy Hibbert / Boris Diaw / Jeff Ayres




03 Aug 2014 03:31:20
Clippers Trade: Deandre Jordan, C.J. Wilcox, JJ Redick, Reggie Bullock, 2016, 2017 First Round Pick.

Timberwolves Trade: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin.

The Timberwolves would acquire arguably the most athletic big man in the league, who is going to continue to improve year in and year out. His defense is phenomenal. They also acquire sharpshooter JJ Redick, and youngsters Reggie Bullock. The first round picks allow the the Timberwolves to continue to build.

The Clippers acquire Kevin Love machine who would be awesome to watch with CP3 and Blake Griffin. This instantly could make them the favorite in the west, possibly ahead of the Spurs.

Clips: CP3, Martin, Barnes, Grif, Love
Wolves: Rubio, Redick, Brewer, Pekovic, Jordan.

This deal would probably never happen, especially since Love is bound to go the Cavs, but the trade would help out both teams.


03 Aug 2014 08:42:32
I like the picture of CP3, Blake and Love, but this team would be very weak defensively.




03 Aug 2014 03:05:32
Spurs get Anthony Bennett

Cavs get Kyle Anderson, Jeff Ayres, and 2014 1st rd pick

Anthony Bennett needs to spend a year playing behind the greatest power forward to ever play and in Pops system. It's his only chance to be successful. Not to mention the Spurs will need a replacement at PF after next year and why not an overall #1

The Cavs have no need for Bennett. Kyle Anderson is a promising young guy that can play from SF to PG. Jeff Ayres is another big that they lack right now. and the 1st round pick is always nice.


Anthony Bennett is part of the deal going to the Timberwolves.




02 Aug 2014 01:02:33
Spurs and Pistons

Spurs get Smith

Pistons get Splitter and Belinelli

Spurs get Smith who can start or come off the bench. He can also replace Duncan and Popivich can masks Smith unselfish and into an allstar

Pistons get a great backup center and a 3pt shooter

Diaw or Smith/Diaw or Smith/Daye
Duncan/FA(Blatche maybe)



No deal keep smith


Lol the spurs just won the finals by great passing why would they want a top 5 ball hog?


Smith is a decent passer don't get it twisted by his poor shooting at SF.


Why this trade doesn't make sense its not Smith going to the Spurs its Detroit getting a backup C and another SG when they have three already under contract and KCP and Meeks are better then Belinelli. So they get nothing out of it.




01 Aug 2014 05:37:31
Early Prediction for East and West



I think Mavs will make it


Mavs will make it and so will the nuggets. pelicans and suns most likely not.




27 Jul 2014 23:13:55

Bucks get Splitter, Bellinelli

Spurs get Sanders, Middleton
Spurs veterans can straighten Sanders up




27 Jul 2014 14:15:03
Knicks need shooters. This would be a great trade for all teams involved:

Amare Stoudamire and J.R. Smith to Wolves for Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio. The Wolves trade J.R. Smith the Spurs for Manu Ginobli and send Ginoli to the Knicks for Torry Murry and Thansis Antekumpnopo. Tony Parker gets mad and now wants to play for the Knicks so they send Jose Calderon to the Spurs for Matt Bonner, Parker Tony, and Boris Diow. Knicks send Bonner, Hardway Junior, Shumpert to Clippers for Chis Paul since he's best friend's with Carmelo.

Chris Paul
Tony Parker
Manu Ginobli
Ricky Rubio

They start three point guard which make them fast and the all give the ball to Carmelo. I think that Carmelo can average 50 with a good passers.

Diaw is good passer
Bonner is good shooter


Jackie chan wtf face on this


Parker Tony?


Tyleek, this is a joke right?. right?

Every bit of this is ridiculous.

SAS Champs 2014

Oh so the clippers give up the best point guard in the nba for a 2nd year player, a guy the knicks wanted to trade for a draft pick, and matt bonner. ok




26 Jul 2014 09:32:13
Spurs hardly do crazy trades but I like this idea

---- Spurs get: Ricky Rubio, Ronny Turiaf, Kevin Martin, Wolves 2nd and Knicks 2nd----

Sign Shawn Marion

Tony Parker / Ricky Rubio / Cory Joesph
Kevin Martin / Manu Ginobli
Kwahi Leonard / Marco Bellini / Kyle Anderson
Boris Diaw / Shawn Marion / Matt Bonner
Tim Duncan / Ronny Turiaf / Jeff Ayres

- Rubio to be entered by Parker, he fits this team do much better. He was born to play in thus system. Extend him to learn and play behind Parker. Martin brings scoring and legit 3pt shooting, he also is a great fit and last Turiaf who fits good, he hustles, defends, and rebounds do liar to Splitter.

---- Wolves get: Patty Mills, Danny Green, Iman Shumpert, and Andreai Bargarni ----

Patty Mills / Zach LaVine / JJ Barea
Danny Green / Iman Shumpert / Robbie Hummel
Corey Brewer / Glenn Robinson III / Luc Mbah Moute
Kevin Love / Andreai Bargarni / Dante Cunningham
Nikola Pekovic / Gorgui Dieng

Wolves may lose Love so I'd trade the large contracts like Budinger and Martin. Mills IMO is a starting pg he just needs a coach confident in him. He has a super cheap contract. Then expiring contracts in Green and excellent shooter and defender and Shumpert who has his ups n downs but he's still productive on a 2m contravt.

---- Knicks get: Tiago Splitter and Chase Budinger -----

Jose Calderon / Shane Larkin / Pablo Prigioni
Tim Hardaway Jr. / JR Smith / Wayne Ellington
Carmelo Anthony / Chase Budinger / Cleanthony Early
Amare Stoudimire / Jason Smith / Jeremy Tyler
Tiago Splitter / Sam Dalembart / Cole Aldrich

Splitter brings hustle, defense, and rebounding. He's a champion and Phil would love him. And Budinger us a solid bench guy. This team ain't that bad. I expect the playoffs


Spurs get garbage while giving up some valuable contributors, no thanks.

SAS Champs 2014



26 Jul 2014 04:38:22
Pelicans get: Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb and future 1st

( save money, get a young prospect and solid backup, and get a late 1st)

Thunder get: Eric Gordon and Alexis Anjica
- Sign Shawn Marion

( get a legit 3rd scorer and a lengthy backup center who could be solid playing alongside vets)

Holiday / Roberts / Freddette
Evans / Lamb / Rivers
Miller / Babbitt / Southerland
Davis / Anderson / Young
Asik / Perkins / Withey

Westbrook / Jackson / Telfair
Gordon / Morrow / Roberson
Durant / Heutis / Jones III
Marion / Collison / McGary / Jerrett
Ibaka / Adams / Anjica

I really like this Thunder team. I think they matchup good with San Antonio. Gordon adds that consistent 14-20 points a night. I actually think Ibaka is more a center, he's a great shot blocker and great athletism. Marion is an undersized PF but he's a veteran and gets the job done.




25 Jul 2014 20:20:55
spurs would trade green and joseph to the blazers matthews clear cap space for them to ungrade the bench

but spurs would have to trade splitter and bonner plus a pick to orlando for nikola vucevic and evan fournier


No way Magic make that trade.

SAS Champs 2014



23 Jul 2014 03:52:22

Spurs Get: Sullinger, Kelly Olynk and Jeff Green


Pistons Get: Rondo and Danny Green


Celtics Get: Jennings, Splitter and Greg Monroe



I'm confused the spurs give up an 8th man and get at least 1 or 2 starters and youth? Well jeez that surely seems reasonable. Perhaps the spurs should get Marcus smart as well thrown in. I mean, what they want they get duh!


The reason I don't like the trade is duncan about to retire we need a young center




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