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20 Feb 2015 19:13:53
Disappointed they didn't get to make a trade I though Anderson,ayres,Joseph, were moveable pieces

Thought jae crowder was a target since Boston went SF heavy

Now if prince or Thomas Robinson get buy out they might be a good pick up


T Rob would be a great fit


T-Rob could be there Dejuan Blair replacement




19 Feb 2015 03:44:51
Spurs - 76ers

Spurs trade Joseph, Ayres, 2015 first round pick

76ers trade Kirilenko, Wroten, Sims, Pelicans 2015 second round pick

Spurs add some more defensive versatility in Kirilenko, replaces Ayres with Sims, and replaces Joseph with Wroten.

Sixers add a first round pick (giving them three this year) and a nice young combo guard in Joseph, who if given enough PT could blossom.


Hell no


Sixers say YES. Joseph is a promising 23 year old guard who could take wrotens spot in the rotation. maybe Joseph get you 9-12 ppg instead of wrotens 15-17 ppg, but the rest of his game is much better, a push. Ayers waived. So sims, ak47, and NO #2 for SA #1, Hell yeah. SA pick is currently #21. With 3 #1's on draft day, hinkie is in heaven.


Sixers hang up. I wouldn't even trade wroten straight up for them

go 76ers

Where's the first rounder in your trade?? Also wrotens injured he can't be traded.


Correction. I do see the first rounder. Should be a late first but I think I'd do that trade. Again wroten is injured though.


Wroten can be traded even though he is injured, he just has to pass a medical exam. Like when Shumpert got trade to the Cavs with the same slight MCL tear




19 Feb 2015 02:29:52
Pacers - Spurs - Kings

Pacers trade Hibbert, Stuckey
Pacers get Williams, Stauskas, Ayres, Spurs 2015 first round pick

Spurs trade Ayres, Splitter, 2015 first round pick
Spurs get Hibbert, Stuckey

Kings trade Williams, Stauskas
Kings get Splitter

Pacers get a first round pick and expiring contracts for a player who can leave as a free agent.

Spurs upgrade at center and get an defensive anchor next to Duncan.

Kings add Splitter to allow Cousins to play more at Power Forward, and provide a low post play maker.


Kings say hell no

go 76ers

Really? You think the Kings are the ones to say no?


Stauskas is a one dimensional player who so far can't even shoot(his one dimension) and williams is a bigger bust then beasley they should welcome this trade not say hell no


I think the Kings would say "no" too. They have Jason Thompsons contract of $6mil/3 years that they have been trying to move. Here they would give up Williams expiring $6mil deal and take on a $9mil/3year contract.
Unless George Karl sees something special in Splitter (which I don't think he would), they don't take on his contract.


Kings rather get a 1st round pick than splitter. U guys r dumb to think kings do this. Stauskas can shoot his ass off that's why he got drafted in 1st round. he's a rookie just remember that. It takes time to devolop when shooting from a much farther 3point line than in college.

go 76ers

Go_76ers I know your team sucks but could you watch a game of NBA basketball please? Do you know what Stauskas is shooting on the season? Do you know the Kings are trying to trade him?

Kcku- yes I know the Kings are trying to move Thompson but he has so little value it's going to be damn near impossible to move




19 Feb 2015 00:46:39

Den get Jeff Ayres exp , 1st from Sas

Phx get Wilson Chandler and Spurs 2nd

Sas get Goran and Zoran


Ever heard of a thing called salary cap?


Besides the salary cap why would the Suns need Wilson chandler. Green is pretty much the exact same player


Besides the salary cap why would the Suns need Wilson chandler. Green is pretty much the exact same player


Well Green isn't the exact same as Chandler, but they are similar. Chandler can play some stretch four and is better defensively but on offense, very similar. I agree Suns don't need to add Chandler.




18 Feb 2015 20:59:32

Spurs get Harkless
A backup SF who is young with potential

Magic get Ayres and a 2nd rd pick
Will take a minimal return for Harkless


Ayres and the 2nd rd pick isn't enough for Harkless who has all this potential




18 Feb 2015 18:20:57
Making the Spurs title contenders again this year:

Trade 1

To SAS - Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic, Miles Plumlee

To PHX - Tiago Splitter, Cory Joseph, Kyle Anderson, 2015 1st, 2017 1st

Though Dragic is listed as a PG, he can play off the ball effectively as well. Playing with Tony Parker would be similar to playing with Eric Bledsoe in that both can handle the ball, and play off of it. This makes him a good fit in San Antonio. For this deal to work, Dragic and the Spurs would have to have a wink, wink agreement to resign in the offseason.

Where Goran goes, so does Zoran.

The Suns have been looking to move Plumlee, and he is a good young asset for the Spurs to pick up.

Suns receive assets both for now and the future. Splitter gives Phoenix some additional needed size, and Joseph is an excellent backup to Thomas and Bledsoe as he can both score and run an offense. The key to this deal though is the potential of Anderson, and the two first round picks.

Trade 2

To SAS - Bismack Biyombo, 2nd rd pick

To CHA - Marco Belinelli

Spurs could use another player with size, and the Hornets need a responsible shooter. With the addition of Dragic, the Spurs can afford to make Belinelli available.

Playoff Spurs

PG - Parker, Ginobili, Mills
SG - G Dragic, Ginobili, Z Dragic
SF - Leonard, Green
PF - Duncan, Plumlee, Bonner
C - Diaw, Plumlee, Biyombo

SAS Champs 2014

You just ruined the Spurs future with these trades. Dragic won't resign in S.A. so giving up Splitter, two young prospects and two picks for a guy who won't resign? Horrible trade


True, and as such I point out that this trade only works IF Dragic resigns.

Don't forget that Plumlee comes over in this trade as well, who has more upside than Splitter.

SAS Champs 2014

Stupid trade. spurs rather keep splitter. And u want them to give up 2 first round picks?. sounds like u want SA to be losers


Not much more upside, he's only a few years younger and doesn't have the post passing skills Splitter has


How does plumlee have more upside then splitter, plumlee is an energy guy who can defend in the post, splitter is a back to the basket big who can move to the high post due to his passing, he's just as good on defense as plumlee and he knows the spurs system




17 Feb 2015 21:07:23

Thunder get Bradley, Green, Zeller, and Kirilenko
They fill needs and get veterans to push through playoffs

Spurs get Lamb and a 2nd rd pick from OKC
For more youth

76ers get Perry Jones
Rid of Kirilenko for a young assett

Celtics get Perkins, Jackson, and the Pelicans 2015 2nd rd pick via Philly
Jackson becomes main PG and Perkins returns for rim protection


Sixers might consider that.


Spurs are in win now mode, they are not trading Green for Lamb.

SAS Champs 2014



17 Feb 2015 19:51:51

To TOR - Greg Monroe

To DET - Terrence Ross, Amir Johnson, Kyle Anderson, Jeff Ayers Raptors 1st

To SAS - Caron Butler

Raptors are looking for an impact player at the deadline, and they get their man in Greg Monroe. Not only is he a big upgrade at the 4, but with his size, he can play the 5 with Patterson at the 4 in small ball lineups.

Pistons need to look to the future, as their season effectively ended with the loss of Jennings. Monroe signed a one year pact to allow himself to become a UFA this offseason. Moving him now and getting Ross, who fills the Pistons biggest hole (SF) along with a young Anderson and a pick is a good haul for a team that could be young and exciting next year. Johnson and Ayers are throw ins to make salary work, and both are FA's.

Spurs need a backup SF, as it is their thinnest position. Butler gives them a quality veteran, and his contract is a team option for next year, leaving the Spurs the financial flexibility if they want.

SAS Champs 2014

YOu first have to understand the Pistons and Monroe's status to understand why this post makes no sense. Monroe has Veto power and if he accepts a trade, which he won't, he would give up his bird rights. he is not going to do that.


I agree and understand that, but is Detroit really going to give Monroe the fifth year and max money to keep him?

SAS Champs 2014



16 Feb 2015 21:19:00
San Antonio - Phoenix

San Antonio get Plumlee
Phoenix get Anderson, second draft pick




15 Feb 2015 21:20:00
Kevin Garnett heading back to Western Conference.

Buy-Out from Nets, possible cheap buy-out. Then sign for a contender: Warriors, Rockets, Spurs, Blazers or Mavs.

Hope to win a championship and then either retire or go to T-Wolves or Celtics to play a final year.


If KG gets bought out, I think he should sign with the Warriors.




13 Feb 2015 14:04:17

Spurs get ends kanter

Jazz get Joseph,ayres,Anderson and 2 rnd pick


Is kanter that good for four players?? Honestly haven't heard him being any good maybe I should watch more jazz games idk.




12 Feb 2015 19:02:14

To SAS - Enes Kanter

To UTA - Tiago Splitter, Kyle Anderson, 2nd Rd pick

Spurs need a starting Centre. Both Diaw and Splitter are quality players, but both are suited for backup roles. Kanter IS an RFA this offseason, so the Spurs will have the flexibility to either resign him, or open up even more cap space.

Kanter wants out of Utah, and the Jazz want to start Gobert. With that said, the Jazz would be extremely thin on depth in the frontcourt should they not get a big man back in any Kanter deal. Splitter is the perfect 20-25 minute backup who can play both the 4 and the 5. His contract also declines in value each of the next two seasons, keeping this move cap friendly.

To sweeten the pot and get the Jazz to bite, Anderson and a second are included. Jazz are approximately $8M under the cap right now, so they can afford the extra $4M that they would take on through this deal.

SAS Champs 2014

I think your crazy to want Kanter over Splitter and Anderson




10 Feb 2015 16:44:53
Spurs moves
They need that spark back

Spurs, pacers, hornets

Spurs get Luis scola

Pacers get Gary neal, Jeff ayres(back)

Hornets get Cory Joseph

All teams win each player is on the final year of there contract

Second trade
Spurs, Celtics

Spurs get jae crowder
Celtics get kyle Anderson and second round pick

Spurs would then sign Bryce cotton


I would still try and sign okafor to help the center position


I wouldn't worry about the spurs, come playoff time that spark will be back


I don't think the Spurs need to make either trade. Keep the youth with. Joseph and Anderson.


They need a backup sf Anderson plays to much like diaw need someone aggressive as a backup sf


Agreed they need a stronger backup SF, but you're not getting it in either of these trades.

A Thad Young type, who can play and guard the 3 and 4 positions is what they need.

SAS Champs 2014

Problem with young is that he needs a lot of minutes to be effective he's not a off the bench guy and he cost to much


Neal got traded for Mo williams. but spurs will be ok with no trades




29 Jan 2015 21:55:06

Spurs get bass and crowder

Celtics get Anderson,Joseph,ayres and second round pick

Spurs sign Bryce cotton from d league to replace joseph


Take out Anderson and I like the deal




26 Jan 2015 21:33:46
Possible 2015-16 Golden State Warriors

GS Trades: David Lee
ORL Trades: Ben Gordon, A. Harrington, 2015 2nd Round Draft Pick, 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Lee's Contract and gives ORL a needed solid Power Forward.

GS Trades: Iguodala
SAC Trades: Derrick Williams, Future top ten protected 1st Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Iggy's Contract and gives them a chance at a protected pick in the future.

Off-Season Trade for Cap Issues
GS Trades: Livington, Speights
CHI Trades: 1st Round Pick (Kings)
Reason: Gives Chicago some good rotation players for a playoff run now. Gives GS a good lottery pick.

Off-Season Trade Due to Cap Issues:
GS Trades: Bogut, D. Green
SAS Trades: SAS 2015 First Round Draft Pick, Future Unprotected First Round Draft Pick
Reason: To get rid of Bogut's Contract to sign K. Love and to get rid of Green because of amount of money he will ask for. SAS gets a D anchor and a young energy team player.

Don't pick up these players options:
D. Williams
J. Holliday

11th: Willie Cauley Stein
20th: F. Kaminsky
30th: Andrew Harrison
54th: W. Seldon

Kevin Love
Brandon Wright
Mike Dunleavy

Warriors 2015-16 Roster:
PG- S. Curry/A. Harrison
SG- K. Thompson/Rush/W. Seldon
SF- H. Barnes/M. Dunleavy
PF- K. Love/F. Kaminsky/B. Wright
C- Cauley-Stein/Ezeli


Why change what's already nearly perfect? No way the warriors make any of these moves.


Why in the world would GS blow up their team?

jbbaby 2.0

27 Jan 2015 16:17:19
because they won't have the cap to keep all these guys next year, plus this makes there team better for the future and better now.


So pretty much take the team that is #1 in west and probably the NBA (yes I know the Hawks are good but warriors are +11 and Hawks are only +7 in point differential), and make them 10x worse. And yes, the warriors can bring their entire team back, including Draymond Green for $10 million+, they will just have to go in the tax for a year, before lees contract expires.




24 Jan 2015 23:21:19
Spurs - Lakers

Spurs get Wes Johnson

Lakers get 2015 second round pick

Lakers swap out a veteran player not part of their future for a second round pick. Lakers wanna lose, the pick can help them more with that an Johnson can.

Spurs swap out a pick for a 3-D player, who is a free agent after the year.




24 Jan 2015 23:17:04
Knicks - Spurs

Knicks trade Hardaway Jr

Spurs trade 2015 first and second round picks

Knicks move out THJ for a pair of draft picks and a trade exception.

Spurs (using a trade exception) get another shooter to fit into that great system.


No way Spurs give up a 1st for a streaky shooting no D playing THJ.

SAS Champs 2014



23 Jan 2015 21:11:03
spurs off season

trade splitter and a 2nd to boston for zeller

forget about Aldridge and gasol because Anthony davis will be available soon

sign Monroe play the 5 spot
sign leonard
sign Wesley Matthews let green walk
resign Duncan, ginobili, belinelli, bonner, baynes
sign Bryce cotton let joseph walk
sign jamychal green
draft Christian wood

parker , mills , cotton
Matthews , ginobili , belinelli
leonard , Anderson, green
Duncan, diaw, bonner
Monroe, zeller, baynes


24 Jan 2015 01:45:16
Anthony Davis won't be available for another 6 years. He wouldn't take a QO and pass up a year making 17-25 million.


When will Anthony Davis be available? In the summer of 2016? Bad news buddy Pelicans can match any off he gets and I'm sure they will.


Isn't Davis an unrestricted free Agent after 2016? Team Option 2015 and then unrestricted? Isn't it also that New Orleans has close to 45 Million tied in up in players which (combined) are not really worth that amount, especially Gordon. That will limit NO to improve the team, which will probably result in Davis not being on a playoffteam once he hits free agency.


Davis will be a RESTRICTED free agent


Restricted means the pelicans can and will match whatever offer davis gets plus they can offer him more money than any other team.

he isn't going anywhere so stop trying to trade davis people!!!




22 Jan 2015 18:37:41

pg. Parker = Teague
sg. Green < Korver
sf. Leonard > Carroll
pf. Duncan = Milsap
c. Splitter < Horford

pg. mills = schroeder
sg. ginobli > bazemore
sf. bellinelli > sefolosha
pf. bonner < scott
c. diaw = antic




22 Jan 2015 16:21:22
Spurs/hawks off season

Spurs get hawks 15 pick

Hawks get splitter, diaw

If milsap go horford move to the 4 splitter at center


Spurs say no




22 Jan 2015 06:11:26
Pistons Offseason Target:

Danny Green 4y/$36mm

The way the Spurs organization is run it might be hard to get him from them but he is really the ideal yet realistic candidate at SF.

Assuming we can resign Monroe, call it 4y/$58mm. Knowing we will need to give Drummond max money in 2 years and also have $5.4mm of Josh Smith on the books we won't have the money to go after a Draymond Green or a Tobias Harris.

More importantly he works on the court. We need a guy who can hit the three, play smart and defend. He's the same type of player as Singler only better in every phase. Awhile ago I posted a trade idea for Wilson Chandler but the more I thought about it the more I don't think he fits SVG's style/gameplan. He needs the ball in his hands to score, Green doesn't. Ball movement would remain excellent.

There are a few other minor moves to be had. IE - Do we take team option on Caron Butler. I say no. Do we resign Joel Anthony to vet minimum. I say yes. How much would Jonas cost us? But If Jennings continues to mature and Drummond develops more this primary team would be real dangerous:



Wow, really? What's unbelievable about this? Unless it's just because Green will probably resign with SAS, which I mentioned.


Pistons have Meeks and KCP. Spend money on a three.


Green is 6'6" and a 2/3, he can play 3 in DET.


He put the wrong Green. The right Green is currently in GS.


But as I also said, we can't afford Draymond




21 Jan 2015 21:56:07
Spurs next season

sign Kawhi Leonard 4yr/64mil 2mil annual increase
sign LaMarcus Aldridge 4yr/76mil
sign Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili 1yr/3mil each of them

Tony Parker / Patty Mills / Corey Joseph
Danny Green / Manu Ginobili / Marco Bellineli
Kawhi Leonard / JaMychal Green / Kyle Anderson
LaMarcus Aldridge / Boris Diaw
Tim Duncan / Aaron Baynes


They would also have to resign Green who won't be cheap.


Bellinelli, too.


Let Joseph walk and sign Bryce cotton cheaper with same results
Trade Boris or waive him he's only guaranteed 3 mill out of that 7 mill


Sorry, but LA is staying. He is THE man in Portland. Him, Wes, Dame, and RoLo have too great of chemistry on and off the court. Would be dumb for them to split up.




20 Jan 2015 14:49:30
Does anyone remember what happened with Boris Diaw? He was on the Bobcats and very immature and the Hornets got so fed up with him that they waived him. The Spurs took advantaged and signed him and made him the good person he is today.
Anybody see a similar situation with Stephenson? I think the Spurs should try to get him


Hornets get Splitter, Green, and a top 18 protected 1st rd pick, if not recieved then 2 2nd rd picks

Spurs get Stephenson and Vonleh or Zeller




20 Jan 2015 01:22:15
The Lakers "Plan" (based off of rumors)

[Before the trade deadline]

Rumor: 76ers shopping Michael Carter-Williams, asking price is high
Lakers Receive: Michael Carter-Williams
76ers Receive: Julius Randle, Jeremy Lin, 3M cash (Lakers), 2017 first (Spurs)
Spurs Receive: Andrei Kirilenko

Rumor: Kings are shopping Nik Stauskas for a compliment big man along Demarcus Cousins
Lakers Receive: Nik Stauskas
Kings Receive: Ed Davis, 2015 first (Lakers via Houston)

Lakers WILL NOT lose enough to be a top 5 lottery pick team, thus they will NOT have any first round picks.

[2015 Draft]

via Clippers 2nd Round: Keifer Sykes (point guard)


Pick up options:
-Jordan Clarkson
-Jordan Hill
-Tarik Black
-Robert Sacre
(all contracts total near 11-12M)

-Robin Lopez (approx. 21M, 3Y)
-Tobias Harris (approx. 56M, 4Y)
-Roscoe Smith (approx. 2M, 2Y)
(all contracts total near 23-25M)

PG: Michael Carter-Williams/Jordan Clarkson/Keifer Sykes
SG: Kobe Bryant/Nik Stauskas
SF: Tobias Harris/Nick Young/Roscoe Smith
PF: Tarik Black/Ryan Kelly
C: Robin Lopez/Jordan Hill/Robert Sacre

MCW/Harris future > Randle/non-guaranteed draft pick
Established stars that are young are way better than Randle coming off an injury and waiting for development. That way, when Kobe comes off the books, the Lakers can tie their team together with a Demar Derozan, Terrence Ross, Bradley Beal SG




17 Jan 2015 17:24:49
win now

spurs/ Celtics
spurs get jae crowder

Celtics get Austin daye, kyle Anderson
fair trade

extra space sign Samuel dalembert

trade ayres and baynes for a pick

sign JaMychal green from the d-league Austin toros





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