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20 Jul 2014 17:33:47

back to this blazers and spurs trade

spurs trade splitter, green, bonner and joseph
blazers trade lopez, Matthews and meyers leonard

portland gets the depth they need with 3point scoring floor spacing

spurs get defense in lopez at 7foot and a guy that can't handle the ball, shoot and play some defense in Matthews he is also from texas

since green is gone sign ray allen

sign deshaun thomas

pelicans will waive rivers pick him up

inseason targets should be jason smith picked by clippers
mitch mcgary draft by okc


The clippers portion could work. if jason smith wasnt being signed already by the knicks.




18 Jul 2014 15:14:40
spurs roster shake up

joseph out and pelicans austin rivers in when he gets waive

bonner and jeff ayres out and okc mitch McGary in by trade would send a 2nd pick to make it happen

splitter and joseph for robin lopez by trade


Portland passes on that. Lopez is better, cheaper, and fits really well with the team.


MGary looks great, it would take a quality first to get him, if he's available.




Okc could use a floor spacer in bonner ayres is another body down low and 2nd round pick that's a deal. mcgary is ok but okc took him really early that's why he is a first rounder




18 Jul 2014 05:40:48

ORLANDO get 2 2nd round picks , Corey Joseph

SAN ANTONIO get Mo Harkless


I would rather have Joseph than Harkless.

SAS Champs 2014



17 Jul 2014 21:42:28
spurs, Portland

spurs trade splitter, green and joseph 2round pick

portland trade lopez, Matthews

yes or no?


As a Spurs fan, yes. Don't think that Portland would bite though.

SAS Champs 2014



13 Jul 2014 12:57:39
gasol hasn't told spurs he choose bulls because the bulls deal could fall apart with a sign and trade and bulls are reluctant to amnesty boozer

but if it happens
new Orleans and san Antonio

spurs sign and trade joseph and jeff ayres
nola Jason Smith (sign) and austin rivers

it isn't a savings now for nola but long term ot helps with there financial problems

spurs get a 7foot c that can shoot and more height at the pg position

and resign Bonners cheap if possible




08 Jul 2014 23:15:30
spurs final offseason moves
swing gasol into signing this year for mle
sign him for 2year give him a option second year
he will opt out and that year we go after Aldridge texas guy
because tim and manu will retire
upgrade the 2 and 5 spot by trades




06 Jul 2014 23:54:03
spurs and kings
kings want more defense
spurs trade splitter
kings trade landry and j thompson


No one wants the Kings' bad contracts.


Agreed not going to happen




05 Jul 2014 22:35:29
Final Spurs signings

With Mills being brought back into the fold, Spurs now have 11 on the roster accounting for approximately $58M. I believe Boris will resign at somewhere near $3M/yr, which would leave the Spurs $2M below the cap, and $3M of MLE left.

I like these two signings to fill out the roster.

1) Brian Roberts (PG) - with Mills out for a good piece of the season, the Spurs add a poor man's version for depth. Roberts shoots well and plays a smart game. Spurs would most likely be able to get him for a vet exception, which doesn't mess with their cap space.

2) Al-Farouk Aminu - the Spurs like versatile players and hustlers, and Aminu fits that to a tee. He can't play offense, but he can guard multiple positions and rebounds well. Either a $3yr/$7.5M deal (release Daye), or the balance of the MLE should get him.

Start of 2014-15 roster

PG - Parker, Ginobili, Joseph, Roberts
SG - Green, Ginobili, Belinelli, Anderson
SF - Leonard, Anderson, Aminu
PF - Duncan, Aminu, Diaw
C - Diaw, Splitter

SAS Champs 2014

Diaw will get way better contract


Diaw at the 5spot? splitter needs to get traded


So about that Diaw for about 3mil. Yikes




03 Jul 2014 22:29:09
Spurs next season roster:

Resign Diaw, Mills, Bonner
Draft pick: Anderson, Thomas



Try sing Monroe


Bonner and ayres has to go sign and trade with the thunder for mcgary
gasol would be a better fit at the 4 or 5




03 Jul 2014 19:40:42
spurs trade
anyone want to trade for splitter




01 Jul 2014 09:30:07
San Antonio to sign Pau Gasol


I don't think that Gasol would be a bad fit, I just don't see it happening.

SAS Champs 2014



30 Jun 2014 05:47:53
Nets trade Kevin Garnett to Spurs for Tiago Splitter and Marco Belinelli.

Nets get good role players for future

Spurs win the NBA again Next year




27 Jun 2014 13:48:30
Rockets Spurs trade

Rockets get the draft rights to Davis Bertans and a future 1st round draft pick

Spurs get Clint Capela

Rockets do this to free up some more cap space to make a run at LeBron or Melo or even both

Spurs do this to get a solid pf to come off the bench and who knows maybe even replace Duncan in the future

The spurs lineup in a couple of years could possibly be:
PG-Kyle Anderson
SG-Danny Green
SF-Kawhi Leonard
PF-Clint Capela
C-Tiago Splitter


How would this save the Rockets cap space Capela will not be in the NBA for 2/3 years at best




24 Jun 2014 16:25:08
Bulls trade blazers

Blazers get noah

Bulls get lopez,cj mccullom,and will barton

Bulls trade spurs

Spurs get dunleavy and #16 pick

Bulls get #30 pick and 2nd round pick 2015

Bulls sign lebron and bring over mirotic
#19 tj warren,#30 w.tavares,#49 corey jefferson
Bulls roster




23 Jun 2014 17:00:57
Knicks trade rumors
Knicks do a sign and trade with carmello Anthony to bulls for taj Gibson, jimmy butler, their first round rookie bulls draft this year, 2016 first round unprotected draft pick

Knicks trade Tyson chandler to warriors for David lee and Harrison Barnes

Knicks can build their big 3 in 2015 by signing Kevin love and kyre Irving with David lee
Starting line up in 2015 nba season
Pg irving
Sg jimmy butler
Sf Harrison Barnes
Pf Kevin love
C david lee

This is a reason championship lineup that has no weakness at any position just like the spurs when they won all their championship


Lee-love would not work


The offer from chicago is that "c.boozer, m.dunleavy, g.smith, 16th pick, 19th pick and rights of n.mirotic for c.anthony (5-year, 118m)". You knicks fan stop overvaluing your free agent


Irving would be a RFA and Cleveland can match any offer for him.


No weakness? What about rim protection? Any team with a decent interior presence would butcher Love and Lee on the low block.


No way Knicks get Butler and Gibson in a Melo trade. Boozer, Dunleavy, one of Butler or Gibson (likely Butler) and either a single 1st with Mitroic or 2 1st without.

SAS Champs 2014



23 Jun 2014 15:54:57

Boring one here, but a small trade that helps both teams:

To SAS - Tony Snell, 2nd Rd Pick
To CHI - Cory Joseph

Spurs get depth at the SF spot behind Kawai. Bulls get the PG depth they need, and gives them the ability to trade both picks 16 and 19 in a bigger trade while still getting the young PG they need.

SAS Champs 2014



22 Jun 2014 04:19:58

Cavs get Splitter and #30 pick

Spurs get Bennett and #33 pick


The most unrealistic trade i've seen on this site




22 Jun 2014 03:53:42
Cavaliers - Spurs - Nets

Cavaliers get Marcus Thornton , Jeff Ayres , 2 2nd round picks from Spurs

Spurs get Kevin Garnett , Sergey Karasev

Nets get Jarrett Jack , Tiago Splitter




21 Jun 2014 04:06:06

Thunder get Green and #30 pick

Spurs get Lamb and #29 pick



20 Jun 2014 20:48:19
Phoenix trades pick 27 for Thaddeus young

Suns trade pick 18 to to NY Knicks for 2016 unprotected 1st round pick.

Suns draft Stauskas, Harris, or Young at 14

Suns sign Pau Gasol to play center

Frye opts in

Tucker signs mid level contract

Bledsoe signs mini-max (and becomes an all star)

Pau Gasol/Plumlee/Len
Thad Young/Morris/Frye
PJ Tucker/Marcus/rookie

None of these moves may be "blockbuster" in nature, however I believe a healthy Bledsoe alone is at least 7 more wins. Adding Thad and Gasol gives veteran presence and additional scoring depth. Add 5 mores wins with those guys joining the team. Expect growth from Archie Goodwin. He becomes a difference maker. 1 more win. We're now at 61 wins. However, injuries happen, somebody is bound to have an off year after over achieving this season. So minus 5 games. We land at 56 wins. And a top 4 seed. There's no reason to trade the farm to get Kevin Love. There's also no way Lebron comes here either. That's ok. we don't need him or Love. Just ask the Spurs. Long term player development and player loyalty is what builds dynasties. Sustained success is coming to Phoenix.

Pau doesn't want to play with a bunch of young run and gun players in Phoenix. If he leaves La, he will go to an established championship team. Spurs, Bulls (possibly) or back to Memphis

Phoenix trades pick 27 for Thaddeus young - he is not worth a 1st round pick. Sixers tried this before. Maybe a 2nd round or perhaps if Suns take him it will be a salary dump for free.

Suns trade pick 27 to to NY Knicks for 2016 top 5 1st round pick.

Staying at 14 will not get Stauskas to PHX. Suns will need to do something to move up to say. 8th in the Draft to get him. and they do like Nik Stauskas.

New York has nothing the Suns want. Hell not to this trade!

Would love to see Stauskas in purple and orange. I think your right. He's gone by 14. I think your wrong about Gasol. He could fit in the suns rotation just fine.

Gasol wants to win! Suns are winners and the Lakers are losers for years to come!

In addition the Lakers have spent the last two years trying to trade Gasol! He is gone! Bye bye Lakers!



20 Jun 2014 16:40:38
Spurs offseason

Draft Mitch McGary

Duncan opts out, re-signed 1yr 5m

Ginobli opts out, re-signed 1yr 3m

Sign LeBron 4yr 66m

Re-sign Boris Diaw 1yr 2m

Re-sign Patty Mills 2yr 6m

Extend Leonard

Res: Joseph
Res: Daye

Much improved team, title favorite, some people might get traded during season bc of playing time (Bellinelli, Mills, Maybe Green)

Go understand the rules for opting out and re-signing and what his minimum salary has to be.

This cut in salary will not work per the new CBA rules.

Mcgary won't last that late + spurs wouldn't take him (injury concerns) also why do LeBron go to an aging team for so long

Let me just paraphrase some of the things you are basically saying:
-Lebron joins the team that just beat him
-Leonard, who just had his career high in points at 29 points, play small forward
-Patty Mills stays for 3m to be the 8th man off the roster when he can be the 6th on another team or start
-Ginobli becomes the 9th man after Green?

C'mon. The Spurs just beat Lebron, they don't need him. He would ruin their perfect rotation


I'm a big Spurs guy, but to suggest not picking up LBJ because he would ruin their rotation is ridiculous. The guy is either the number one or two player in the league. And don't forget, our perfect rotation doesn't exist past next season anyways.

As Kawai's shot continues to improve, he could play the 2, 3 or 4 depending on matchups. His and LeBron's versatility would make for an awesome pairing in the new Spurs era.

Spurs dnt want lebron get it in your head best player in the world and we still don't want him



20 Jun 2014 14:39:04
LeBron leaving Miami, joining Rockets. Lin and 1st pick traded for future 2nd rd picks. Parsons, Asik and future 2 1st rd picks for LeBron.

Carmelo joining Bulls, amnestized Boozer, trading Dunleavy.

Rondo-Westbrook trade, Rondo and 1st rd pick for Westbrook.

Love to Warriors for Lee, Barnes and 1st pick.

Pierce going back to celtics.

Lowry sign with Heat. Wade and Bosh resign with HEAT.

Deng sign with Lakers and Gasol and Nash -Chandler and Felton swap.

Gortat to Mavs. Ray Allen to Rockets as he follows LeBron. Gordon and Hinrich to Bulls. Chalmers to Spurs.

3 team trade Hibbert to pelicans, gordon and monroe to pacers, stephenson to pistons.

Wiggins goes no. 1
Parker no. 2
Embiid no. 3
Smart no. 4
Exum no. 5

LeBron ain't leaving miami let's get real
your right with the melo move
if thompson is not in the love deal wolves ain't down but I think warriors need to get rid of iggy paid way to much for his production
lowry sign with miami sounds good if they take that massive pay cut
deng to lakers sounds good
gasol is a free agent
ray will retire
chalmers where? now that's funny
I don't see hibbert getting trade
monroe to spurs just a dream
stephenson to orlando

LeBron will not go to the Rockets.
Smart is not going 4th overall

Lebron wouldn't last in the Western Conference

The Bulls won't get Melo without giving up Gibson too, unless Melo takes a big pay cut

Love would only go to Warriors if Thompson is in the deal

Heat wouldn't have enough to sign Lowry cause the big 3 are all re-signing and he can go somewhere else and be a franchise face (i. e Lakers, Raptors)

Deng wants to go to an established veteran team and no way Lakers want Felton on their Roster, Gasol doesn't want to go to the Knicks (Bulls, Grizzlies, Spurs, Lakers are his options) Knicks still have terrible cap space

Stephenson wants to re-sign and could not agree to a s&t to go to Detroit

Smart over Exum? It's possible

Stephenson to the mavs



20 Jun 2014 14:23:50
San Antonio Spurs moves
duncan and ginobili won't retire
duncan might opt out and resign to match manu salary for a year chase 6ring

resign diaw 3. 5 2 years and mills3. 2 3years priority. if u ain't offering mills like 4. 5 or 5 he ain't risking his career by moving
try and get rid of jeff ayres and the 2 second round picks
splitter is a perfect fit for SA but if they some how got monroe that would be awesome
sign jason smith
draft mitch mcgary he was injured and his draft status allows him to fall in the spurs lap

parker, mills, joseph
green, ginobili, belinelli
leonard, belinelli, daye
duncan, diaw, Mcgary
splitter, smith, Mcgary
(monroe) if they could get him

Ya I love Monroe on the Spurs. Duncan mentoring him is great for him and IMO can be an all star in the future along with Kwahi. A great system for him.



19 Jun 2014 13:44:37
blazers & spurs
blazers sign bonner cheap and trade lopez
spurs trade splitter and joseph

it help blazers with bench scoring and they get a champion center with great court vision and finishing skills

for the spurs it just tying to save money and looking to get younger making another trade for monroe



18 Jun 2014 23:32:42

Thunder get Green and #30 pick

Spurs get Lamb and #29 pick



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