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27 May 2016 07:47:03
Spurs Signing UFA and Trade 2016

PG: M. Conley MEM @ 4-Years $72M
C: B. Biyomba TOR @ 4-Years $52M
2G: D. Green and 1st Round #29 to Denver
for 2016 1st Round #15

PG: M. Conley/ T. Parker/ Mills
2G: M. Beasley@ #15 Pick/ K. Martin
C: B. Biyomba/ Boban Majon7'3
PF: L. Aldridge/ K. Anderson
SF: K. Leonard/ J. Simmons.

27 May 2016 12:05:15
Can't imagine Biyombo going to Spurs. A young guy like him is probably going to follow the money and I don't see Spurs being his highest bidder although he'd be a good fit. There are rumors of Pau Gasol going to them although him and Aldridge would make a fairly soft frontcourt and they'd need somebody who could be more of banger to compliment them. I also don't think Danny Green moves Spurs up from #29 to #15. Denver's #19 is more realistic imo.

27 May 2016 13:52:57
Conley probably going to get max money.

27 May 2016 14:19:10
I think Noah would be a more reasonable target at the 5, will cost less and would be perfect for the Spurs ball movement game. Would cost less than Biyombo as well, which would allow them to throw more money at Conley.

27 May 2016 02:43:29
True 76ers Fan: Never Help The Celtics!
No Nerlen and No Okafor to Boston . So;

76ers / Suns

C: J. Okafor
SF: R. Covington
**: 2017 LAL Protected #1-#3
**: 2018 2-2nd Round Picks

PG: E. Bledsoe
**: 2016 1-#13 Pick

76ers / Spurs

**: 2016 1-#24 Pick
PF: R. Holmes

SG: D. Green

NOTE:SA looking to Reduce Salary FA
NOTE:SA Draft @ 1-#24: International
NOTE:SA Draft @ 1-#29: PG-G. Payton Jr

PG: E. Bledsoe/ McConnell
2G: D. Green/ 1-#13-M. Beasley
C: J. Embiid/ Noel
PF: N. Noel/ D. Saric/ T. Maker 1-#26
SF: B. Ingram 1-#1/ D. Saric/ J. Grant

PG: B. Knight/ A. Goodwin
2G: D. Booker/ R. Covington/ J. Brown
C: J. Okafor/ Len
PF: A. Len/ Warren
SF: H. Barnes/ J. Brown 1-#5

NOTE: C-Tyson Chandler Traded
NOTE: Sign GSW-H. Barnes @ 4-Years $90M.

27 May 2016 03:25:16
I agree with noyes helping out the celtics, but you are tremendously overpaying for Bledsoe and #13. That's a Butler package, not Bledsoe. I'm a Bledsoe fan, but not at that price.

27 May 2016 03:51:00
Barnes will want waay too much money. and won't be worth it. Suns say no to that part anyway.

27 May 2016 04:00:23
Too much to the suns without getting pick 4 too.

27 May 2016 07:10:52
76ers don't need that LAL Protected #1-#3: They have SacKings future #1 Pick;

Covington is a nice swingman off the bench for a good team; 76ers don't need him; They have Hollis Thompson for his role if he resigns

76ers have 3 2nd Round Picks in 2018; Keep 1, unless they need them for a bigger star player (Sign/ Trade) ;

The trade mainly comes down to Okafor/ LAL Protected 2017 #1-#3 for Bledsoe and 2016 #13 Pick; Suns have 3 picks in the 1st Round this upcoming 2016 draft . 4th or 5th, #13, #28

Suns getting young stud C-Okafor,
and chance for 2 more possible 1st Round Lottery Picks in 2017;Suns already have B. Knight and A. Goodwin, and the #13 Pick won't hurt them giving it up

Barnes, need to be freed from the 4th wheel on GSW offense; His game will expand once he's in a role where he's one of the first options; He's playoff battle tested, now it's time to evolve into potential all star

NBA Free Agency will be like MLB . mid-level players overpaid, but are key assets to an organization . glad there's a salary cap system!

27 May 2016 14:02:47
Sixers pass. Bledsoe is injured and isn't worth all that. Not to mention we don't get the 4th pick to go along with and only get the 13. Plus I lose the lakers pick which looks like it will be again in play next year? That's terrible for an injured Bledsoe.

27 May 2016 14:25:15
I don't see the Lakers pick being top three again next year, too much money to spend this offseason to not be able to get at least one really good player to go with Ingram and balance of young talent. If the Sixers think the same way, I make the trade.

27 May 2016 14:32:57
I like the part about the Sixers not needing the LA pick because we have the Kings' pick.

The Sixers could be on their way toward a playoff spot or in a playoff spot when those picks come in. They literally could get the first pick in the draft (like Boston has set up through BKN pick) while building upwards.

Those LA and SAC picks are extremely rare and valuable. NBA teams do not throw around unprotected 1st round picks. Often protected picks turn into 2 second rounders, not unprotected 1st rounders.

So don't be so willy-nilly with the LA pick.

27 May 2016 14:33:32
You lost me/ I stopped reading at "Sixers have Hollis Thompson". He's not an nba player on any team but the Sixers.

27 May 2016 16:46:38
76ers don't need future multiple lottery picks . Time to use that LAL-Protected Pick; Trade with Okafor, or use for Sign/ Trade with a top tier FA;

76ers have Saric, Grant, Embiid, Noel, Simmons/ Ingram, 2016 #24 and #26 Picks, and SacKings/ 2017 1st Rd Pick . We have enough young boyz, draft pieces the next 2 years

76ers need a PG; Westbrook, Curry, Paul, Lowery are not coming to Philly during the 2017 FA Signing period . so what guard is out there for 76ers to pursue;

Bledsoe/ Knight PHX, D. Schroeder ATL, T. Parker SAS, Teague ATL: Can they trade Okafor straight up for the #4 or #5 Pick and grab Dunn/ Murray . I'm good with that .

What can 76ers R. Covington do that Hollis Thompson can't do? That's why 76ers can include Covington in a trade package . both, deep reserves

76ers need to let the young boyz grow, and add a couple talented veteran players NOW, no need to focus on 2nd Rounders 3-4 years from now (LAL Protected#1-#3): Trade That Pick w/ higher value, and set this team up the next 2 years and GO .

23 May 2016 04:08:36
Hawks/ Spurs

Hawks get: Danny Green, Jonathan Simmons, and Patty Mills

Spurs get: Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Thabo Sefelosha.

21 May 2016 23:23:08

If the spurs want to dump salary for cap

SAS - 26th pick

Philly - D. Green.

22 May 2016 02:04:26
Off hand do you know what his contract look like, I think I would do that.

22 May 2016 02:07:18
3 more years 10m a year.

22 May 2016 06:46:03
He had an off year but he's a great piece and I think his salary is a bargain especially as cap rises. I think it's great value too. Great 3-D player that fills a need.

20 May 2016 06:42:32


UTA get Boris Diaw

SAS get Trey Burke and 2nd round pick

Spurs unload a salary while getting a young nack up PG

Utah get Diaw, a veteran presence to their campaigne and a mentor of Gobert

- draft Denzel Valentine (sf)
- sign Mike Conley to max and the team would be nice and finally make the playoffs

Pg Conley/ Exum/ Neto
Sg Hood/ Burks
Sf Hayward/ Valentine/ Ingles
Pf Favors/ Diaw
Ce Gobert/ Lyles/ Favors.

20 May 2016 18:57:10
Spurs have a backup point better than Burke.

17 May 2016 04:46:54
Spurs / Hawks / UFA- Signing / 76ers

Hawks; Sign/ Trade Horford @ 5-Years/ $85,
Spurs; D. Green/ SG; Parker/ PG,

76ers; J. Okafor/ C; #24/ MIA Pick, R. Covington/ SG
Hawks; D. Schroeder/ PG;Korver/ SW

Spurs; Sign M. Conley/ PG @ 5-Year/ $75M
Spurs; Sign R. Anderson/ F @ 5-Year/ $82M

Spurs: Duncan, Manu, Bonner, Miller- Retired
Spurs: Trade Diaw for 2nd Rd Picks

76ers: Offer Bradley Beal-RFA @ 5-Yrs/ $125M


PG: Conley; Mills
SG: Leonard; Simmons, K. Martin
PF: Aldridge; West
SF: R. Anderson;K. Anderson
C: Horford;Boba7'3


PG: Parker;Teague
SG: D. Green;#21 Pick (Combo Guard)
PF: P. Millsap;T. Maker #24 Pick
SF: K. Bazemore (Resign) ;Covington
C: J. Okafor;T. Splitter


PG: D. Schroeder; O'Connell
SG: B. Beal;K. Korver
PF: N. Noel;Saric;R. Holmes
SF: B. Ingram/ #1 Pick;J. Grant
C: J. Embid; #26 Pick.

17 May 2016 05:02:06
So the Hawks get Okafor, Covington, and a pick for Schroder and Korver. I'm a Hawks fan and I am all for it.

17 May 2016 05:06:39
An absolute horrible trade for the sixers. A huge overpay. Colangelo gets cement shoes if this type of trade goes down.

17 May 2016 06:17:12
Can't do a S&T for a 5 yr contract anymore.
Also can't sign UFA to 5 year deals unless you're retaining your own free agent.

17 May 2016 10:40:24
My bad on the 5-Year UFA signing . ok, make it the years eligible, 4,5,6 or whatever . There's a reason the Hawks is holding tight w/ Schroeder @ PG

Covington is a decent reserve; starter on a bad team . a. k. a 76ers;

76ers need a young PG with future all star potential;Bring Korver back to Philly for key veteran reserve/ 3-pointers;

76ers already had a deal with Atlanta for Schroeder last trade deadline, with Nerlen going to Hawks, but Ish Smith/ PG wouldn't commit to a contract extension with Atlanta, and Atlanta backed out .

Schroeder, Embid, Grant and Noel are young boyz locking down things on Defense;Ingram and Beal creating on offense w/ Embid (Rookie of the Year next season)

76ers already rumored to offer Schroeder the max next summer as a RFA . Okafor is something Atlanta need if Horford leaves; 76ers have much cap room, most in the league . they don't need Okafor, even though he's a stud; but 76ers need a PG, and Westbrook, Curry, Paul, K. Lowry aren't coming to Wells Fargo Arena in Philly next year.

76ers my team, since the Freddy "Mad Dawg"Carter, Steve Mix days, and we have not had a PG since Mo Cheeks;

We might have to give a little more for a NEED, nice defensive PG, who averaged 10 points/ 6 assists off the bench this season . off the bench!

That 76ers #24/ MIA pick, what PG are you getting there that you can't get @ #26/ OKC pick

Remember, 76ers have LAL pick/ protected #1-3 this draft, if not this year, we definitely get it next
year . 2 Top 10 picks again next year for trades to replace Okafor, or use for sign/ trades top UFA in 2017.

17 May 2016 12:13:00
OK. This has to stop. No more Okafor or Noel for Schroder trades. Please stop.

The Sixers DID NOT have a deal with the Hawks for Schroder that included Noel and it was not in place only to fall through because Smith wouldn't commit to a contract extension.

According to reports, the Sixers did offer Stauskus, Smith, Jakarr Sampson and an unspecified 1st rounder for Schroder. And according to reports the Hawks were concerned that Smith was at the end of a contract.

There is no evidence that Smith was contacted about an extension or that he declined. And there's no evidence that the Sixers offered Okafor or Noel.

17 May 2016 13:22:01
Sixers trade is terrible.

18 May 2016 00:34:36
Check 2 articles out. NBA Trade Rumors, by Kris Willis and Atlanta Sun Times/ Peach Tree Hoops from 2/ 18/ 2016; Articles state's;

"The problem is that the Sixers would have to at least offer Okafor or Nerlens Noel to make that deal work. The Sixers don't want to part with either player - at least until they know the health of big man Joel Embiid, who has an injured right foot and has yet play since being drafted third overall out of Kansas in 2014."

* Now, who's names are mentioned for trade bait to Hawks when Embid starts at Center.

My bad, Hawks asked about Nerlen in deal, but like I said, Embid is here to stay, making Okafor/ Noel trade bait; Ish Smith did turn down the extension offered by 76ers in the deal talks with Schroeder;

Okafor is not bringing an veteran all star without trading their 1st pick, or LAL Protected pick with him .

There are articles with 76ers management stating that Smith turn down an extension, and it was the reason it didn't go through (No Nerlen/ Okafor as pieces) . Smith wanted to test market . no biggie, Okafor will be traded, and for a PG; Go to the archives, Philly Daily News, read up on that offer by Hinke-Philadelphia to Atlanta .

76ers: Let's get that #1 or #2 pick along with some Black Mamba Kobe Mist falling over that #4 pick so we can get it. Go Sixers!

15 May 2016 03:46:07

CHI get Danny Green, Darren Collison and Quincy Acy

SAS get Tony Snell and 14th pick

SAC get Taj Gibson and 2nd from SAS

CHI get another wing 3 and D. Green and Butler would be a terrific defensive duo. They also add a reliable PG in case Rose injured again

-resign Joakim Noah
-sign Tim Mozgov

Pg Rose/ Collison/ Moore
Sg Green/ Dunleavy
Sf Butler/ McDermott
Pf Portis/ Mirotic
Ce Noah/ Mozgov/ Bairstow

SAS get some cap relief while getting a pick

Duncan and Manu retire (sad to say it)

trade Patty Mills, Diaw and 29th pick to Pistons for 18th pick and Spencer Dinwiddie

draft #14 Skal Labissiere, #18 Malik Beasley

sign Mike Conley 4yr/ 80mil
sign Festus Ezeli 3yrs/ 42mil

start of new era in San Antonio

Pg Conley/ Parker/ Dinwiddie
Sg Beasley/ Snell
Sf Leonard/ Anderson/ Simmons
Pf Aldridge/ West
Ce Ezeli/ Labissiere

SAC get starting PF to go alongside Cousins or WCS
-draft Jaylen Brown

Pg Rondo/ Curry
Sg Brown/ McLemore/ Bellineli
Sf Gay/ Casspi
Pf Gibson/ WCS
Ce Cousins/ Koufos.

14 May 2016 03:24:15
Spurs Retool

TD/ Manu/ West opts out or retire
Boris D. Not resigned
That clears 20.3 Mil in cap

Sign Mike Conley (4years 80mil)
Draft Malcom Brogdon with the 29th pick

S&t Orlando/ SAS
Evan Fourier (5years 70mil) and 47th pick for Danny Green and Mills

Conley/ parker
Brogdon/ Simmons
Kawhi/ Fourier/ Anderson
LA/ Davis (overseas stashed player)
Boban/ Cady.

14 May 2016 05:16:11
I will not trade Danny Green for Fournier and let him be of the bench.

14 May 2016 05:26:52
This is just yerrible.
1. Boris Diaw is not a free agent
2. West is not retiring so why not re-sign him?
3. Don't see that a magic trade happening, plus why would Fournier not just start at the 2 instead of Brogdon?

14 May 2016 06:01:09
Boris has a team option
West has a player option he can opt out to open cap space and we can resign him if he wants to.
Fournier coming off the bench is to be at offensive leader off the bench. And u need to put another defense Sg out there to play next to Kawhi.

14 May 2016 06:11:41
Diaw has no team option. He is signed until the end of 2017 season.

14 May 2016 13:13:16
West is already at minimum salary, what do you plan on saving by having him opt out and re-sign?

Diaw has no option. I am fine with trading Green, but not for Fournier, and if you're signing Conley, I don't see Parker being happy coming off the bench. I think you're going to try to move him and either keep Mills or find another backup.

14 May 2016 16:47:27
Diaw's salary isn't fully guaranteed this next season. Only $3M is guaranteed, so if the Spurs waive him by the end of June, they only owe him $3M which still counts against the cap, so they would have only $17.3M in cap space.

14 May 2016 17:57:47
Do your homework Boris has a non guaranteed contract for next season. check Basketball insiders.

Tim/ manu/ west/ Boris opting out or retiring will give u the exact amount of money to sign Conley.

And TP would come of the bench with no problem. And Fournier is a great replacement for Manub.

15 May 2016 21:27:41
How does Conley help you if you lose all four of those players? Wouldn't they be better going after a guy like Horford instead. Parker at the one is better than having Boban at the five.

How is Fournier a great replacement for Manu? He's not a facilitator or de facto point guard like Manu, and does not have the winning pedigree that Manu does. Effectively, he replaces Green, which again makes no sense.

12 May 2016 12:01:23
Chi- NO

NO :J Butler+ Mirotic+ 1rnd pic Chi 16 and 18
Chi: A Davis

Chi- Spurs- Tor

Tor: T Gibson
Spurs: T Ross
Chi: D Green

C: Portis
PF: A Davis
SF: McDermott/ T Snell
Sg: D Green
PG: D Rose

Keep Rose if he can stay healty, let him walk if not
sign Westbrook in 2017
sign Hayward in 2017

C: Portis
PF: A Davis
SF: Hayward
SG: Green
PG Westbrook.

12 May 2016 13:14:26
Pelicans not doing that so stop while your ahead.

12 May 2016 16:36:30
Davis is UNtouchable.

12 May 2016 04:09:30
Spurs offseason

-3 team trade Hawks-Spurs-76ers
Hawks get: Danny Green and a future 2nd from 76ers
Spurs get: TJ McConnell, #26 pick, and a future 2nd from 76ers
76ers get: Jeff Teague

-Trade Boris Diaw for a early-mid 2nd rd or some future picks. (Just no guarenteed salary received back)

26-Josh Hart
29-Ivica Zubac

Free agency:
-Sign Kevin Durant to whatever he wants
-Sign Amir Johnson 2yr 10m (MLE)
-Re-sign Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, David West, Kevin Martin to minimum

Parker/ Mills/ McConnell
Leonard/ Ginobli/ Hart
Durant/ Martin/ Simmons
Aldridge/ Anderson/ West
Johnson/ Duncan/ Zubac.

12 May 2016 14:46:38
Still doesn't seem like philly is giving much of anything and getting Teague.

12 May 2016 14:52:10
All contingent on Spurs beating Thunder me thinks.

10 May 2016 23:08:17

Sac: P Mills+ gallinari
Clippers: D Cousins
Spurs: D Jordan
Denver: Green+ Diaw+ 1rnd pic spurs+ 1rnd pic Clippers.

11 May 2016 01:17:35
Kings say hell no.

11 May 2016 01:22:21
Ur not a Kings fan are you.

11 May 2016 03:15:37
What? Mills and Gallinari for Cousins?

10 May 2016 05:57:27
LAL 2016


LAL get Danny Green

SAS get Anthony Brown and 32nd pick

-only if Spurs decide to go for a top tier center and save money (to be clear)

Festus Ezeli (3yrs/ 42mil)
Matthew Dellavedova (2yrs/ 14mil)

assumes they get #1 pick
draft Ben Simmons

stretch Nick Young

throw money to vets for 1 year deals

LAL 2016-17

Pg Russell/ Dellavedova
Sg Clarkson/ Williams
Sf Green/ Nance Jr/ vet
Pf Simmons/ Randle
Ce Ezeli/ Black/ vet.

10 May 2016 13:14:10
Ezeli and Matt will cost you more, but you've got money to spend. Not bad.

10 May 2016 13:16:29
So a nice role player off a championship team for a crap sf and a 2nd rounder. Terrible.

10 May 2016 15:06:43
I think he's operating under the assumption the Spurs are trying to cut salary to sign another premier free agent. Not sure they'd target a center, but maybe Durant. This would cut nearly $10M from their cap. If Ginobili and Duncan retire, and they do this trade (or one similar), they'd have about $24M in cap space, plus their exceptions.

Durant (2 yr $50M with player option 2017)
Noah (MLE $5.6M)

This team would be unreal.

10 May 2016 16:06:54
New lakers.

I still don't see the trade. You can get better return for a lot of other areas then that. A 2nd rounder and a nobody is not even close in my eyes. Even if they are dumping greens salary this return is pathetic.

10 May 2016 18:52:37
What would be a better return without taking on guaranteed contracts? A future 1st is the only other option that would be better if the Spurs goal is to dump salary this offseason. It will likely be a late 1st rounder for Green. I think an argument can be made that the top few picks in the 2nd rd can be just as valuable, if not more than the last few picks in the first. Same caliber of player but their contracts aren't guaranteed.

09 May 2016 04:10:33

Hawks get Danny Green and Knicks 2019 2nd rd pick (via Philly)

Spurs get TJ McConnell, #26 pick, and Philly 2018 2nd rd pick

76ers get Jeff Teague.

09 May 2016 11:25:15
If Spurs have a real shot at a big time FA, I could see this as a good trade for everyone.

09 May 2016 15:30:32
You have the Sixers trading McConnell, 2 2nd round picks and a late 1st for Jeff Teague. That's not terrible. The only scary part with Teague is that he's coming into the last year of his contract. So if this trade does happen, I'd expect the Sixers to bring in another high quality NBA player or two to make the team attractive for Teague to sign an extension.

09 May 2016 16:45:27
I feel like the Sixers give up nothing and get Teague. That doesn't seem right b.

09 May 2016 21:34:55
McConnell is on a bargain cheap contract for the next couple years so that's a plus for a young backup point.

10 May 2016 00:49:49
The trade is about McConnell? Never would have guessed that.

15 May 2016 03:18:30
SAS / Hawks

Tony Parker, Green, Diaw, and RD#1-29th; for D. Schroeder, K. Korver, and Hawks 2nd Rd. #44 and #54

*Duncan/ Manu Retired; If Not, Minimum Salaries

*Pau Gasol @ 3-Year/ 18M (P-Option 3rd)

Schroeder/ PG;Mills
Leonard/ SG;Korver;Simmons
Aldridge/ PF;West
Durrant/ SF (3-Year/ $75M) ;Anderson
P. Gasol/ C;Boba7'3
#44 Pick:Ben Bentil-PF/ Providence
#54 Pick:International Stash.

09 May 2016 00:51:20

Spurs get #37 pick and Portland 2017 2nd rd pick
Dump salary whole picking up some picks

Rockets get Boris Diaw
Veteran who could mentor Capela and other players and provide a good locker room presence.

08 May 2016 19:35:39

MIL get Danny Green

SAS get MCW, Johnny Obryant and 2nd round pick


SAS get 2nd round pick

CHA get Boris Diaw

Spurs sign KD
resign Duncan, Ginobili and Martin for minimum or smaller contracts

Pg Parker/ Mills/ MCW
Sg Leonard/ Ginobili/ Martin
Sf Durant/ Anderson
Pf Aldridge/ West
Ce Duncan/ Obryant/ Marjanovic.

08 May 2016 16:39:09

Spurs get Mike Muscala, #21 pick, and Miami 2017 2nd rd pick
Dump salary to sign Durant or other free agent

Hawks get Danny Green and #29 pick
Get a good 3&d wing.

08 May 2016 04:27:12

Spurs get Tyler Ennis and #36 pick

Bucks get Boris Diaw.

07 May 2016 21:45:49

Spurs get Hardaway jr, Walter Tavares, and right to swap 2017 1st rd picks
Dump salary to sign good free agent (s)

Hawks get Danny Green
Good 3&d wing who would fit well in Atlanta.

07 May 2016 22:32:04
That would be a good trade for Atlanta if they could keep Horford an Bazemore (maybe not Bazemore, he's going to be expensive)

07 May 2016 15:24:26
Spurs plans

Spurs - Lakers

Spurs - 32nd pick

Lakers - 29th pick, Diaw, future 2nd

Spurs sign Festus Ezeli 3yrs/ 42mil
sign Marcelo Huertas 1yr min
resign Kevin Martin

Duncan and Ginobili opts out and sign 1 more year for 1 final run with lower contracts

draft a center


07 May 2016 19:36:36
Spurs don't have to give value to move Diaw.

07 May 2016 14:19:56

Spurs get #32 pick

Lakers get #29 pick, Danny Green, and Boris Diaw.

07 May 2016 15:07:02
I think Spurs can get a lot more if they decide to trade Green.

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