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23 Feb 2017 05:50:12
Detroit gets Danny Green, Dejonte Murray, and 2017 1st

San Antonio gets Reggie Jackson

22 Feb 2017 14:55:02

sas-t jones
nop- anderson

sas get athletic pf/ c that spurs need most special gasol got injured.

nop get a young talented point forward that can replace evans position.

14 Feb 2017 09:26:34

sas- batum/ ibaka
cha- aldrigde/ hezonja/ sas 2017 1st rd pick
orl- green/ williams.

14 Feb 2017 10:15:14
Great trade for San Antonio if they are confident they can resign Ibaka.

14 Feb 2017 10:56:45
Rubbish for Magic they need to build with youth not add two vets to take more mins.

13 Feb 2017 18:30:28
Portland: LM Aldridge

Spurs: B Lopez

Nets: Harkless+ Leonard+ 1rnd pick Portland 17+ 1rnd pick spurs 17

14 Feb 2017 01:12:20
I don't think the Spurs accept this. Lopez can't rebound and can't play at the 4 spot.

12 Feb 2017 04:47:55
Thunder just can't score withour russ on the floor THEY NEED SCORERS
Lakers have a solid group of scorers


and lakers receive
Andre Roberson
2017 first round pick

Russell westbrook/williams

The defense that robinson gives okc is incredible and young has had a solid defending season and his shooting is incredible rn now the weight of offense is balanced throughout the bench and starters and this team can easily go 7 games with spurs maybe win a couple against GSW

Lakers recieve a young elite defender
In the draft Hart and Isaac are chosen
we trade deng
and play huertas as backup for playmaking


12 Feb 2017 05:05:09
how is that unbelievable wtf lmaoooo.

12 Feb 2017 15:04:26
Idk teehee kk lol. Maybe. Ecause the salary going to the thunder is like 40 millions or more and the salary going to layers is what, 5? Heh lol omg. Also. Thunder give one player. Gain four. And keep all of them. Lol teehee.

So I'd prob say it's a terrible trade according to league rules.

And a terrible trade because they Lakers get ripped.

Perhaps that's why lol rofl omg hehehehe.

30 Jan 2017 22:47:17

Spurs get Ricky Rubio and Jordan Hill

Twolves get Tony Parker, Bryn Forbes, and 2017 lottery protected 1st

31 Jan 2017 00:33:22
While it's not a bad trade value wise, I just don't see the Spurs dealing Parker.

31 Jan 2017 00:59:34
Basketball wise I think it makes sense although Spurs pick is basically a 2nd rounder without the non-guaranteed contract benefits so Twolves may hold out for a better return. I don't think Spurs would deal Parker tho for all he has mean't for that franchise especially when Rubio isn't going to elevate them to another level.

13 Feb 2017 01:41:50
Parker should leave Spurs, he's awful. Mills as well. there D is really pathetic performance by both player at the two end of the floor.
Spurs should pursue Ibaka and a point guard if want to compete.

30 Jan 2017 15:59:45
NY: D Green+ t Allen+ B Wright+ D Davis+ 1rnd pick Spurs 17 and 19+2rnd pick Memphis 17 and 19

Spurs: O'Quin+ C Anthony

Memphis: P Gasol

30 Jan 2017 16:30:30
OMG! Poppovich would strangle Melo within 5 minutes of his flight landing in San Antonio. If there ever was a team not suited for Isoanthony, it's the Spurs.

27 Jan 2017 13:36:08

sas- sefolosha

atl- anderson

sas get a solid vet back for leonard that can play 3 and D and i think can fit w/ the spurs system

atl get a young point forward that can be fit with howard millsap bazemore and schroeder at the starting5.

26 Jan 2017 19:53:49
Kings trade: Cousins and Collison.

Spurs Trade: Aldridge, Anderson, and Murray.

Spurs new lineup:
1) Parker, Collison, Mills
2) Green, Ginobili, Forbes
3) Leonard, Simmons, Bertans
4) Gasol, Lee
5) Cousins, Dedmon, Anthony

(trade might need some adjustments, but Kawhi and Boogie would be scary)

26 Jan 2017 22:57:35
No, Boogie and Pop would end up coming to blows.

25 Jan 2017 01:17:28
8 weeks without Gasol is bad for team positioning for best record.

Wolves get Rose Gasol
Spurs get Noah
Knicks get Rubio Pekovic Brewer
Rockets get Aldrich

Draft day
Rubio Melo 9th-Harry Giles
Rondo Butler

Knicks sign K. Lowry 4yr 64 mil
Noel 4yr 75 mil

Lowry/ Rondo/ Trimble-2nd
Lee/ Holiday/ Baker
Butler/ Brewer/ Kuzminskas
Noel/ O'Quinn/ Hicks-2nd
Porzingis/ Hernangomez/ Plumlee

25 Jan 2017 04:18:04
Why would Wolves do this. They gain nothing of value for the future.

25 Jan 2017 05:24:11
Lmao at getting Lowry for 16m a year

23 Jan 2017 13:33:22
76ers/ Spurs

Sixers get:D. Murry, Bertans

Spurs get:Okafor, Rodriguez

Sixers get young pg with upside and sf who could be a decent role player

Spurs get Okafor ( could be the best spot for him to develop) to help inside scoring now that gasol is hurt, and rodriguez gives them vet pg off the bench.

23 Jan 2017 14:17:26
Nope. Not interested at all in that deal. Junk players. I'd take Sergio over both those guys you mentioned let alone okafor.

23 Jan 2017 16:11:18
It would be great for Okafor's career if he landed with the Spurs but that offer isn't interesting to the 76ers. Not sure if Spurs have enough but they'd have to give some draft picks or Kyle Anderson or something more.

23 Jan 2017 19:05:52
I do agree with jaw. Okafor on the Spurs would be a great for his career. He loves Duncan too.

21 Jan 2017 18:20:09
Knicks get Reddick Whiteside Dragic B. Johnson
Heat get Rose Evans LA 17 19 NY 19
Clippers get Melo Vujacic Holiday
Pelicans get Crawford

Spurs get Noah Lee Watson
Knicks get J. Green Ginoboli Murray
Magic get Gasol Thomas

24-14 = 43-39
Dragic/ Jennings/ Murray
Reddick/ Baker/ Randle
Green/ Kuzminskas/ Ndour
Porzingis/ O'Quinn/ B. Johnson
Whiteside/ Plumlee/ Hernangomez

21 Jan 2017 18:41:25
Heat would be foolish to give up Whiteside and Dragic for so little and Clippers have traded away most of their firsts already so I don't see that particular trade happening.

The second part I don't see Knicks dropping Noah's contract so easily. Gasol is injured so he can't be traded and I don't imagine Spurs dealing Ginobli.

21 Jan 2017 18:41:25
Heat would be foolish to give up Whiteside and Dragic for so little and Clippers have traded away most of their firsts already so I don't see that particular trade happening.

The second part I don't see Knicks dropping Noah's contract so easily. Gasol is injured so he can't be traded and I don't imagine Spurs dealing Ginobli.

21 Jan 2017 12:30:32
Spurs: D Howard

Atl: C Parsons+ 2nd pick Memphis

Memphis: P Gasol+ D Green

21 Jan 2017 14:34:48
Personality wise I can't picture Howard in San Antonio but x's and o's wise he would be a great pairing with Aldridge. Other than Parsons being 3 years younger not sure why Hawks would do this deal especially when their wing depth is probably better than big man. Parsons is also frequently injured and signed to a big contract. With Pau Gasol hurt I'm not sure Memphis does this trade.

San Antonio would likely have to give up more to make this trade work.

21 Jan 2017 15:06:32
I would rather have Gasol than Howard if I'm the Spurs, much less give up Green in the deal too.

21 Jan 2017 01:12:47

Wolves send : Ricky Rubio, Shabbaz Muhammad, Adriean Payne, future 1st round pick
acquire : Jusuf Nurkic, Will Barton


Nuggets send : Jusuf Nurkic, Will Barton
acquire : Shabbaz Muhammad, Adriean Payne, future 1st Wolves, 2017 1st Spurs + salary filler from Spurs


Spurs send : 1st round pick, some salary fillers
acquire : Ricky Rubio


21 Jan 2017 15:30:43
Don't like the return for Nuggets. I think the value is off and Nuggets don't need more assets they need to consolidate and do a trade where they turn two good guys into 1 great guy.

21 Jan 2017 23:20:04
Would love that haul for the wolves scraps. Oh but Barton would be bench bound. here they like another guy their averaging over 20. (zach lavine)

17 Jan 2017 19:22:50
Spurs: C Anthony+ Rubio+ O Quin

Wolves: D Green

Memphis: P Gasol+ D Rose

NY: T Parker+ C Parsons+ B Wright+1rnd pick Spurs 2017 and 19

17 Jan 2017 19:30:04
Can't picture Melo in a spurs uniform. I don't think they'd want him nor would he (his wife) want him to play in San Antonio.

17 Jan 2017 20:02:23
Spurs ain't giving that many players up

18 Jan 2017 00:55:35
Why give up melo for parsons contract. Just as bad a contract. But at least melo stays relatively healthy.

10 Jan 2017 05:24:43

sas- muhammad/ sefolosha
alt- jones/ anderson/ right for spurs intl draft
min- mills/ sas 2017 1st rd pck

sas in post season
pg- parker/ ginobili/ murray
sg- green/ muhammad/ simmons
sf- leonard/ sefolosha
pf- aldrige/ lee/ bertans
c- gasol/ dedmon

06 Jan 2017 23:28:10
Philly/ San Antonio/ Atlanta

Philly gets Millsap

San Antonio gets Okafor

Atlanta gets Green and Saric

07 Jan 2017 00:01:43
Philly not doing that.

07 Jan 2017 00:45:32
Okafor and saric for an old millsap. Nope.

07 Jan 2017 02:37:07
That would basically be 76ers giving away Okafor and Saric for nothing. Millsap is a n upcoming FA and at 31 I don't think he wants to spend his last few years playing at a high level on a young rebuilding team. Trading for Millsap does zero for 76ers since they aren't trying to be good this season if anything it hurts them since they'd likely win more games with him and lower value of their pick.

I like idea of Okafor going to SA since he could play off the bench and learn from Aldridge, Gasol and Pop. SA could send some combo of Dejounte Murray, Kyle Anderson, draft pick or some of talent they have overseas.

07 Jan 2017 04:52:16
Ilyasova saris Noel embiid Holmes, Philly says no thank you to bigs. Werected only accepting applications for 3pt shooting guards and forwards atm.

04 Jan 2017 13:49:39
Clippers- Spurs

Clippers: LMA+ D Green+ 1rnd pick 18 and 20
Spurs: B Griffin+ Reddick

Clippers can sign Gallinari and resign CP3

C: D Jordan/ Speights
PF: LMA/ Mbah La Moute
SF:Gallinari/ W Johnson
SG: D Green/ Crawford
PG: CP3/ Rivers.

04 Jan 2017 15:44:31
Spurs do not want someone who chokes in the playoffs.

04 Jan 2017 17:08:15
Value is not bad, but I don't think the Spurs would have an interest in giving up two firsts for a PF who could leave in the offseason.

28 Dec 2016 20:09:59

Spurs get Okafor n luwawu

Sixers get Murray n Anderson.

28 Dec 2016 21:34:47
I think Spurs would take that in a second. Okafor could be a solid option off the bench and would learn a lot in SA from Aldridge, Gasol and Pop. It would be a great career move for him.

Don't think the return is too enticing for the Sixers to do this deal. I can understand dealing Noel at a discount since otherwise they have to commit big bucks to keep him but I see no reason for sixers to sell this low on Okafor. Although Murray plays pg don't think he is a good fit with his poor shooting ability.

28 Dec 2016 23:49:32
I think this works out for both teams Murray just hasn't been given the time to showcase his talents, I see him as a mudiay type in that he's 6'5 n plays going to the paint. The knock on mudiay coming in was that he couldn't shoot but he's improved that part of his game. As for Okafor moving to the spurs, how the spurs play with minutes he would probably get 25 n be in the conversation for 6th man every year.

29 Dec 2016 15:00:55
I'd pass for sixers. Nothing of value there.

21 Dec 2016 17:44:35
Okc - Spurs

Spurs get Adams, Kanter Roberson and 1st rnd

Okc get LA and Green.

21 Dec 2016 18:37:36
Why would either team want to go in this direction?

22 Dec 2016 20:59:39
So i just been seeing LA on the trading block which i don't believe its true but if he was i'm thinking it would good for both teams Spurs get younger without an 31 yr old LA and with Pau only have a yr or 2 left. And now OKC might need to do this to help Russ stay for another couple years.

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