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24 Jan 2015 23:21:19
Spurs - Lakers

Spurs get Wes Johnson

Lakers get 2015 second round pick

Lakers swap out a veteran player not part of their future for a second round pick. Lakers wanna lose, the pick can help them more with that an Johnson can.

Spurs swap out a pick for a 3-D player, who is a free agent after the year.




24 Jan 2015 23:17:04
Knicks - Spurs

Knicks trade Hardaway Jr

Spurs trade 2015 first and second round picks

Knicks move out THJ for a pair of draft picks and a trade exception.

Spurs (using a trade exception) get another shooter to fit into that great system.




23 Jan 2015 21:11:03
spurs off season

trade splitter and a 2nd to boston for zeller

forget about Aldridge and gasol because Anthony davis will be available soon

sign Monroe play the 5 spot
sign leonard
sign Wesley Matthews let green walk
resign Duncan, ginobili, belinelli, bonner, baynes
sign Bryce cotton let joseph walk
sign jamychal green
draft Christian wood

parker , mills , cotton
Matthews , ginobili , belinelli
leonard , Anderson, green
Duncan, diaw, bonner
Monroe, zeller, baynes


24 Jan 2015 01:45:16
Anthony Davis won't be available for another 6 years. He wouldn't take a QO and pass up a year making 17-25 million.


When will Anthony Davis be available? In the summer of 2016? Bad news buddy Pelicans can match any off he gets and I'm sure they will.


Isn't Davis an unrestricted free Agent after 2016? Team Option 2015 and then unrestricted? Isn't it also that New Orleans has close to 45 Million tied in up in players which (combined) are not really worth that amount, especially Gordon. That will limit NO to improve the team, which will probably result in Davis not being on a playoffteam once he hits free agency.


Davis will be a RESTRICTED free agent


Restricted means the pelicans can and will match whatever offer davis gets plus they can offer him more money than any other team.

he isn't going anywhere so stop trying to trade davis people!!!




22 Jan 2015 18:37:41

pg. Parker = Teague
sg. Green < Korver
sf. Leonard > Carroll
pf. Duncan = Milsap
c. Splitter < Horford

pg. mills = schroeder
sg. ginobli > bazemore
sf. bellinelli > sefolosha
pf. bonner < scott
c. diaw = antic




22 Jan 2015 16:21:22
Spurs/hawks off season

Spurs get hawks 15 pick

Hawks get splitter, diaw

If milsap go horford move to the 4 splitter at center


Spurs say no




22 Jan 2015 06:11:26
Pistons Offseason Target:

Danny Green 4y/$36mm

The way the Spurs organization is run it might be hard to get him from them but he is really the ideal yet realistic candidate at SF.

Assuming we can resign Monroe, call it 4y/$58mm. Knowing we will need to give Drummond max money in 2 years and also have $5.4mm of Josh Smith on the books we won't have the money to go after a Draymond Green or a Tobias Harris.

More importantly he works on the court. We need a guy who can hit the three, play smart and defend. He's the same type of player as Singler only better in every phase. Awhile ago I posted a trade idea for Wilson Chandler but the more I thought about it the more I don't think he fits SVG's style/gameplan. He needs the ball in his hands to score, Green doesn't. Ball movement would remain excellent.

There are a few other minor moves to be had. IE - Do we take team option on Caron Butler. I say no. Do we resign Joel Anthony to vet minimum. I say yes. How much would Jonas cost us? But If Jennings continues to mature and Drummond develops more this primary team would be real dangerous:



Wow, really? What's unbelievable about this? Unless it's just because Green will probably resign with SAS, which I mentioned.


Pistons have Meeks and KCP. Spend money on a three.


Green is 6'6" and a 2/3, he can play 3 in DET.


He put the wrong Green. The right Green is currently in GS.


But as I also said, we can't afford Draymond




21 Jan 2015 21:56:07
Spurs next season

sign Kawhi Leonard 4yr/64mil 2mil annual increase
sign LaMarcus Aldridge 4yr/76mil
sign Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili 1yr/3mil each of them

Tony Parker / Patty Mills / Corey Joseph
Danny Green / Manu Ginobili / Marco Bellineli
Kawhi Leonard / JaMychal Green / Kyle Anderson
LaMarcus Aldridge / Boris Diaw
Tim Duncan / Aaron Baynes


They would also have to resign Green who won't be cheap.


Bellinelli, too.


Let Joseph walk and sign Bryce cotton cheaper with same results
Trade Boris or waive him he's only guaranteed 3 mill out of that 7 mill


Sorry, but LA is staying. He is THE man in Portland. Him, Wes, Dame, and RoLo have too great of chemistry on and off the court. Would be dumb for them to split up.




20 Jan 2015 14:49:30
Does anyone remember what happened with Boris Diaw? He was on the Bobcats and very immature and the Hornets got so fed up with him that they waived him. The Spurs took advantaged and signed him and made him the good person he is today.
Anybody see a similar situation with Stephenson? I think the Spurs should try to get him


Hornets get Splitter, Green, and a top 18 protected 1st rd pick, if not recieved then 2 2nd rd picks

Spurs get Stephenson and Vonleh or Zeller




20 Jan 2015 01:22:15
The Lakers "Plan" (based off of rumors)

[Before the trade deadline]

Rumor: 76ers shopping Michael Carter-Williams, asking price is high
Lakers Receive: Michael Carter-Williams
76ers Receive: Julius Randle, Jeremy Lin, 3M cash (Lakers), 2017 first (Spurs)
Spurs Receive: Andrei Kirilenko

Rumor: Kings are shopping Nik Stauskas for a compliment big man along Demarcus Cousins
Lakers Receive: Nik Stauskas
Kings Receive: Ed Davis, 2015 first (Lakers via Houston)

Lakers WILL NOT lose enough to be a top 5 lottery pick team, thus they will NOT have any first round picks.

[2015 Draft]

via Clippers 2nd Round: Keifer Sykes (point guard)


Pick up options:
-Jordan Clarkson
-Jordan Hill
-Tarik Black
-Robert Sacre
(all contracts total near 11-12M)

-Robin Lopez (approx. 21M, 3Y)
-Tobias Harris (approx. 56M, 4Y)
-Roscoe Smith (approx. 2M, 2Y)
(all contracts total near 23-25M)

PG: Michael Carter-Williams/Jordan Clarkson/Keifer Sykes
SG: Kobe Bryant/Nik Stauskas
SF: Tobias Harris/Nick Young/Roscoe Smith
PF: Tarik Black/Ryan Kelly
C: Robin Lopez/Jordan Hill/Robert Sacre

MCW/Harris future > Randle/non-guaranteed draft pick
Established stars that are young are way better than Randle coming off an injury and waiting for development. That way, when Kobe comes off the books, the Lakers can tie their team together with a Demar Derozan, Terrence Ross, Bradley Beal SG




17 Jan 2015 17:24:49
win now

spurs/ Celtics
spurs get jae crowder

Celtics get Austin daye, kyle Anderson
fair trade

extra space sign Samuel dalembert

trade ayres and baynes for a pick

sign JaMychal green from the d-league Austin toros





17 Jan 2015 03:01:45

Hornets get Splitter and Green
Veterans to win now

Spurs get Stephenson, Vonleh, and a 2nd rd pick
Get youth and a great future while they still can win now


Green would be a nice addition to the Hornets but paying $9mil to Splitter (whose going to be a back up) isn't ideal.


Actually Splitter could start beside Al. And he'd still get plenty of playing time as a backup since Al gets hurt often


Take out vonleh and add Zeller and its a deal


Splitter is 30 years old while Zeller is 22 and Vonleh is 19. Splitter could start next to Jefferson but that's pointless since Zeller has better stats. There is no upgrade at the power forward position with this trade. They might get veteran leadership in Splitter since he has more experience but Splitter is not a player who will get them threw the Eastern Conference in the playoffs; and honestly this isn't a year that they are even close to doing it. Looking into the future they are better off keeping Zeller and Vonleh than wasting the time and money on Splitter.




16 Jan 2015 20:23:53
Spurs/ pacers

Spurs get Luis scola

Pacers get Aron baynes, Jeff ayres, Austin daye


Remove Aron Baynes add maybe 2nd




12 Jan 2015 12:11:59

Thunder get Leonard (3yr 50m) and MCW
Get more depth

76ers get Westbrook
A star to attract free agents

Spurs get #2 pick and Lamb
Still have a good future after Duncan and Ginobli retire


That's a big no from the Spurs.

SAS Champs 2014

Sixers say no too. Don't like west rooks contract and ability to leave after the season.




11 Jan 2015 21:07:39
Nuggets - Spurs

Nuggets trade Afflalo, Gee, Green

Spurs trade Belinelli, Ayres, Daye, 2015 first round pick top 24 protected (if pick isn't conveyed then Spurs will give up 2015 and 2016 second round picks)

Nuggets are looking to unload Afflalo just like they did with Mozgov. Brining back three expiring deals and a likely first round pick is a solid swap for a player who can become a free agent after the year.

Spurs have seen everyone else in the west make moves to get stronger and while the Spurs have there chemistry and system working for them. Swapping out some pieces to add another wing defender (with Leonard hurt) and three point threat in Afflalo might be exactly what the Spurs need to insure they repeat as champs.




10 Jan 2015 17:38:35
spurs / suns

spurs get alex len

suns get kyle Anderson, aron baynes and second round pick


More like danny green kawaii lenord tiago splitter and a first for len


Considering Kwahi is better than Len, San Antonio says no Phoenix fan. Just considering it is funny.

But coming from a fan base that think Archie Goodwin is the 2nd coming of MJ, it is not surprising one of them thinks they can get all that for Len.


Phxfan why do u think every single Sun is so valuable?!?!? You realize you guys aren't going to make the playoffs AGAIN right??




10 Jan 2015 03:35:39

LAL gives up Lin and Sacre
LAL gets Thomas Robinson, Austin Daye and Portlands 1st round pick.
Lakers get expiring contracts and a young prospect that can be signed cheaper in the offseason then what Ed Davis is going to command

PG: Ronnie Price, Jordan Clarkson
SG: Bryant, Ellington
SF: Wesley Johnson, Nick Young, Austin Daye
PF: Ed Davis, Boozer, Thomas Robinson, Ryan Kelley
C: Jordan Hill, Tarik Black

Portland gives up Thomas Robinson, Dorrell Wright and 1st round pick
Portland gets Jeremy Lin and Jeff Ayres and SAS 2nd round pick
Portland gets a legitimate backup point guard and a draft pick

PG: Lillard, Lin, Steve Blake
SG: Matthews, McCollum, Will Barton
SF: Batum, Allen Crabbe
PF:Aldridge, Ayres, Victor Claver
C:Lopez, Kaman, Freeland, Meyers Leonard

San Antonio gives up Jeff Ayres, Austin Daye and 2nd round draft pick
San Antonio gets Dorrell Wright and Robert Sacre
Spurs get a backup center and another sharpshooting wing player to compliment Duncan down low

PG: Parker, Cory Joeseph, Patty Mills
SG: Green Ginobili, Belinelli
SF: Leonard, Dorrell Wright, Kyle Anderson
PF: Duncan, Diaw, Bonner
C: Splitter, Sacre, Aaron Baynes




09 Jan 2015 04:26:57
It may take PG13 another year to come back to form

Spurs need a go to scorer (prolly Duncan and Manu last year)

Offseason trade

Spurs get PG13 Mahinmi and Scola

Pacers get Kawhi and Splitter

Spurs draft Caris Levert

Resign Green and Marco

Sign Monroe,J.Hill, and Aminu


Kawhi will be a free agent.




08 Jan 2015 18:06:06
Spurs / Celtics

Spurs get crowder,James young and Tyler Zeller

Celtics get t. Splitter,kyle Anderson, Austin daye, 2015 second round pick and first future round pick

This clears up cap space for spurs to go after gasol and Wesley matthews


Break up a good core for a chance at two players who are likely to stay with their current teams? Why?


Spurs are in win now mode, why would they move an asset like Splitter for players who are more likely to contribute after Duncan and Ginobili are gone?

SAS Champs 2014



05 Jan 2015 23:43:17
Larry Sanders reportedly wants to quit basketball


Bucks get Splitter

Spurs get Sanders and right to swap 2015 1st rd picks

The Spurs make this move for their future. The veterans can convince Sanders to stay and realize his potential. Then after Duncan retires, Sanders will be there to take his spot . The spurs get right to swap in case the Sanders experiment fails


Sanders will never be so good in offense like Tim is yet I would love to see Sanders playing more years in NBA and back in shape.

Jacob Kubacki

I wouldn't touch Sanders with a ten foot pole, let alone give an asset for him.




04 Jan 2015 10:38:13
phoenix get victor oladipo channing frye samuel dalembert
philadelphie get marcus and markieff morris 1tdraft denver 1tdraft oklahoma
denver get nerlens noel jeremy grant kevin love dorell wright russell westbrook
orlando get tyler ennis archie goodwin harrisson barnes david lee
cleveland get randy foye gary harris jj hickson timoftey mozgov
warriors get aaron gordon tobias harris luke ridnour
oklahoma get ty lawson dion waters iman shumpert marco bellineli ed davis
new york get wilson chandler landry fields jeremy lin mitch mac gary javalee mc gee
lakers get jose calderon reggie jackson kendrick perkins danillo gallinarie
san antonio get jordan hill jeremy lamb


No. Just no.


So a 10 team trade is common these days huh? Lol


04 Jan 2015 22:11:02
wtf orlando gets screwed so bad that this trade shouldn't be approved on this sight


I thought posts were being reviewed.




02 Jan 2015 19:59:07
Spurs / thunder

Spurs get Perry Jones, andre roberson

Thunder get Ryan Anderson, Austin daye




01 Jan 2015 21:36:39
Spurs trade Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes: 11.4 mil.
to Nets for Kevin Garnett; 12 mil.

Brook, Splitter, Plumlee inside
Teletovic, Johnson, Anderson Outside
D-Will, Jack at the point

Duncan, Garnett finally playing alongside eachother.
While still having all their aces out front.
Parker still at the point with Mills and Joseph as back-ups.

Nets might still make the playoff
Spurs might as well win the championship again.


No deal spurs rather keep splitter




29 Dec 2014 17:31:33

Spurs get Mitch MCgary,Perry Jones

Thunder get kyle Anderson, Austin daye,Jeff ayres and a second round pick

No one really wins but thunder need win and body's on the floor extra players

Spurs was after Mitch in the draft. And both of them are injured anyway




27 Dec 2014 22:35:43
Looking like its going to be a nice draft for bigs next year, so how about this trade:

Nets trade Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez in a 3 team deal;
76ers get Brook Lopez
Charlotte get Joe Johnson

Nets get; 1st round pick from 76ers(2015); Lowest of the two they have
Nets get; Lance Stephenson, Hornets 1st round pick
Nets get K.J. McDaniels

76ers get a guy for the future to play around Embiid, Noel.
Hornets get an instant boost in Joe Johnson that will help them become better.
Nets might not make the playoff this year, but the future looks better for the team.

Nets should try to find a suitable match for D-Will and Garnett if it is. Maybe Garnett to Warriors for David Lee or to Spurs for Tiago Splitter, or to Cavs for Anderson Varejao. D-Will could go to Nuggets for Wilson Chandler and their 2015; 1st round pick.


No way from Sixers. Sixers lose kj and their first overall picks for a broken down brook Lopez?? Why would they do that. Do you mean the Miami pick? because brook Lopez for the first pick the draft is insane.


Yes the miami pick I mean.


O ok. Sixers would say yes but would eventually have to trade noel or Embiid to make room for brook Lopez. Ehhh I'd still do it as a sixers fan. Good trade




26 Dec 2014 02:39:29
Spurs - Knicks

Spurs get Shumpert, Acy

Knicks get Ayres, Daye, 2015 first round pick top 23 protected (if pick is 1-23 the Knicks would get the Spurs 2nd round pick in 2015 and 2016).

Spurs take a draft pick and two players glued to the bench and swap them out for two defensive minded players who can help the Spurs try and repeat as champions.

Knicks move two players not in their long term plans and acquire two expiring contracts and some draft picks (something the Knicks know very little about).




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