06 Jan 2016 19:59:16

Chi gets: Harrison Barnes, Jason Thompson, (David Lee trade exemption), 2016 1st via GS

GSW gets: Joakim Noah, Doug McDermott, 2016 2nd via CHI.

Chicago is looking for an elite wing. Although Barnes hasn't been "elite" I think given the oppurtunity to shine he could rise to that. He is very underrated in GS and would be a nice addition the Bulls could add at the 3. They could also give him a nice contract.

Bogut is inconsistent and injury prone, and although Joakim has had his share of injuries, put him on the court with Steph and Klay shooting he would boost their offense rebound production and ball movement. The Warriors also get a nice more long term piece in McDermott to let grow into a role for their future.

1.) 06 Jan 2016
06 Jan 2016 20:11:13
No way GS gives up Barnes for that.

2.) 06 Jan 2016
06 Jan 2016 20:50:34
I would disagree. Noah is a 10 board 5 assist a game C. Next to draymond and with curry their offense would be even more insane, and Joakims hustle and defense would help on the defensive side of the ball as well. I think we are forgetting McDermott was the 11th pick 2 years ago and has shown glimpses of how well he can shoot. Pair him with Steph and Klay and it could be something special. He is also locked up for 3 more years on his rookie contract. Which saves them a lot of $. Barnes is a very intriguing player, but his value is greatly based on his potential to be a star, and he won't reach that potential being the 4th option in GS.

3.) 06 Jan 2016
06 Jan 2016 21:25:06
I agree with most of what you said triple dub, but I just don't see golden state giving up a pick in that trade, they'd be the ones wanting a first in return. Change that and it's fairly even.

4.) 06 Jan 2016
06 Jan 2016 21:37:06
And getting rid of Barnes clears up cap if they really wanna sign KD.

5.) 06 Jan 2016
06 Jan 2016 23:13:59
The Warriors are what, 31-2! They're not doing anything big that could hurt the team chemistry they have right now.

If Durant really wants to go to GSW, keep Barnes now and use him as a trade chip once you've added Durant, or use him in a sign and trade for Durant in the offseason.

6.) 07 Jan 2016
07 Jan 2016 00:20:38
Warriors say hell no. They just won the championship. They're 31-2. Barnes has easily been their 4th most valuable player, and the Warriors greatly missed his versatility when he was hurt. Noah is on the decline. McDermott isn't a bust, but he's not going to start at SF on a championship team. And the Warriors aren't going to start Iguodala so you want Brandon Rush to be the everyday starter? Bogut has played real well, as has Ezeli. Noah is barely an upgrade over either one of them, and he is DEFINITELY not worth trading Barnes for.