12 Oct 2016 22:49:25
Thunder get Gordon Hayward

Jazz get Domatas Sabonis, Andre Roberson, Cameron Payne, Alex Abrines, and 2017 1st Rd pick

Pf. E. Kanter/ E. Ilyasova/ M. McGary
Sf. G. Hayward/ K. Singler/ J. Huestis
C. S. Adams/ J. Leveargne/ N. Collison
Sg. V. Oladipo/ A. Morrow/ D. Hamilton
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Price/ S. Christon

Hard for Utah to say no to that many young assets. OKC stays in contend now mode.

1.) 13 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016 00:05:27
Actually rather easy for Utah to say no to that. late lottery pick, role player, role player that's injured, deep role player, and a pick. awesome return for a franchise player.

You manage to offer the exact same package for basically every franchise player in the league. its awful. especially when you take a 4 to 1 trade. the jazz need to cut 3 people after making this trade. no chance. Utah is an up and comer, this is moronic.

2.) 13 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016 00:14:30
Hayward has to resign with okc before that deal can go forward.

3.) 13 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016 00:41:46
thunder won't does this because it will kill depth.

4.) 13 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016 01:24:07
How can u call 2 rookies and 2 2nd year players, role players? . clearly none of them have reached their peak.

5.) 13 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016 02:47:57
Sabonis is the only piece that would interest me, and with Favors and Gobert already in tow, he comes off the bench, and even possibly as the fourth big behind Diaw.

The rest are just average players, and the pick would be non-lottery if the Thunder landed Hayward. All this adds up to a bad deal for the Jazz.