28 Oct 2020 01:21:14
Blazers offseason:

Blazers trade Ariza, Hood, Collins, and 2021 top 5 protected first

Boston trades Gordon Hayward (opt out and S&T for 3 years 75 million)

Draft Bey

Sign Gallinari to MLE, Aron Baynes to BAE, and Evan Turner and Melo to min.

Starting lineup: Lillard, McCollum, Hayward, Gallinari, Nurkic

Bench Trent, Simons, Turner, Baynes, Melo, Little, and Bey.

1.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 04:43:55
I like Gordon Hayward going to Blazers. He fits perfectly with their stars there.

2.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 05:43:20
Don’t like it for the Celtics. They would be better of keeping Hayward.

3.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 06:00:31
I'm leaning towards Hayward not opting out. And if the Blazers did land Hayward, then Gallinari is probably not the right choice at power forward . a huge Blazer need is defense at both forward positions.

And when the Blazers had E. Turner before, he was a huge disappointment. So that would be an extremely unpopular, and likely unsuccessful, grab.

4.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 08:59:01
Bubbleboy, if Gallo signs with them for MLE, they are lucky and stupid not to take the chance. Who are the candidates for cheap PF who plays defense? millsap?

5.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 12:37:44
BHC: but if he opts out, he’s a free agent. It could come down to this return or he signs for one year and bolts next year or signs somewhere else this offseason.

Bubbleboy: Hayward and Gallinari are both ok defenders. They’re not leading the league in defense, but with Nurkic protecting the paint, that’s a middling defense. And that might be the best offense in the league.

Turner was hated for one reason, his contract. I think he’s become an underrated player around the league. He’s a really good defender, and a good floor general.

And yeah, I’d take Grant for the MLE too, but I don’t think he’ll be available.

6.) 28 Oct 2020
28 Oct 2020 21:21:38
bmiller66 - Hayward would be a solid grab for Portland. After that the Blazers absolutely need defense. that means a player above average versus "middling".

As for offense, Portland already has one of the top offenses in the league and look where they are. No to Gallinari.

The problem with Turner when he was with the Blazers was much more than just his contract. He did not fit with Lillard as he is a ball in hand player. And his play was very uninspiring all around. He shot .27% from 3 during his 3 years in Portland, and didn't/ couldn't carve out a role.

7.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 07:06:08
boston has 14 player on their roster. they should waive some players first.

8.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 01:40:24
USA. we will have to disagree regarding Gallinari. Portland needs defense and grit at the forward position much more than more scoring with snooze-level defense. More scoring will not get them closer towards contention. There's nothing "stupid" about paying attention to team needs, team fit, winning pedigree, and what may or may not happen at the small forward position. The MLE might be better used on backup center. Or keep starting Collins at PF, then bring Gallinari in as a 6th man.

9.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 17:04:04
ya as someone who likes turner he wasn't a good fit with the blazers and doesn't fit in many situations because he is a ball dominant player (who isn't as dominant as premier ball dominant players) who struggles to space the floor off-ball. trade makes sense also forget about resigning melo. he doesn't want a minimum to play in portland they're going to need a wing defender type to guard lebron and kawhi.