21 Sep 2021 17:33:18
Blazers get: Sabonis
76er's get: Brogdon & McCollum
Pacers get: Simmons & Maxey & Blazers 1st

1.) 21 Sep 2021
21 Sep 2021 18:43:23
It’s great value imo. There’s only one problem I can really see. Idk if Blazers trade McCollum for another true big. They just added Nance and would be pretty thin of quality wings. Maybe I’m wrong. Bmiller will put some input.

2.) 21 Sep 2021
21 Sep 2021 18:55:24
Yeah, I think it would have to coincide with a Nurkic trade for a wing. I’d do it because I really like Sabonis and he’s from here. But wouldn’t love the roster.