14 Oct 2021 00:33:19
Building off of Psiphon's idea:

Nets get John Wall and a return on their 2024 second round pick

Rockets get Kyrie Irving and DeAndre' Bembry

Having John Wall is a lot better than having the $35 million in dead cap that Kyrie will essentially be this year. The Nets also get a pick back and create a roster spot that could be used to sign a guy like James Ennis.

Any team trading for Kyrie runs the risk of him retiring: but the Rockets wouldn't care. If Kyrie retires, then they get out of having to pay John Wall while only surrendering a likely late second round pick. If Kyrie decides to play for them, then they got a massive upgrade at point guard for virtually nothing.

Seems like a win-win to me.

1.) 14 Oct 2021
14 Oct 2021 21:15:28
I know Irving's value has plummeted, but not this bad. Wall is cooked. I'd rather keep Irving and hope he gets the vax.

2.) 14 Oct 2021
14 Oct 2021 22:51:43
Wall still put up 21/ 3/ 7/ 1/ 1 last year (albeit on a bad team) . I wouldn't say he's completely cooked. His contract expires in the summer of 2023, so that'd be major salary relief for the Nets. At the end of the day, something is better than nothing.