25 Jun 2022 22:44:30
Pistons 2022 Free Agency

Re-sign Marvin Bagley (2 yrs)
exercise option on Hamidou Diallo
exercise option on Luka Garza
decline option on Frank Jackson

main free agent targets: Lonnie Walker IV (3 yrs) Gary Harris (2 yrs)

Ivey/Walker IV/Diallo

let everyone develop individually and as a team. play with the intent of winning. stay competitive. 32-50 is a reasonable record for this team this coming season. as long as they play well together and create chemistry.

then you still have a ton of cap space and you can move Olynyk, Diallo and Joseph at the deadline since 2 are expiring and KO has a club option for 23-24

2023 you draft your blue chip F prospect. i know rankings will change but based on the very early mocks, i will be keeping an eye on Dillon Mitchell, Cameron Whitmore and Dariq Whitehead just to name a few.

1.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 00:00:10
You think Ayton is off the table now that they have Duren, or do you think they acquired him with the intention of trying to flip him as part of a S&T for Ayton? Personally I like the idea of them keeping him to grow alongside Cade and Ivey.

2.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 00:50:25
Ayton is off the table. i keep hearing Miles Bridges as a possibility but i don't think he is worth a max and Saddiq Bey could take a similar leap this upcoming year.

i think 2 or 3 low key quality depth signings just to fill out the roster.

3.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 01:09:12
knowing Troy Weaver, Ayton probably was never REALLY on the table. Troy is not giving value away PLUS max money on top of that. it got blown out of proportion cause of the media and us having all this cap space and Piston fans went bananas. Duren is the new franchise C for Detroit. now we just need a couple of talented 2-way wings and bench depth. as far as i am concerned, Detroit has its future stars already on the roster. we need to find the 2023 version of Jabari Smith cause that is the missing piece IMO.

the 2 "max" guys this free agency have made 0 all star teams combined right? so its a HUGE risk and rebuilding teams should never take huge risks cause it can undo everything you did and turn you into the Lakers. (no offense Lakers fans)

4.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 01:31:26
Zero use for Bagley at this point.