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24 Jan 2022 16:52:45
Cavaliers - Lakers - Hornets

Cavaliers get Rozier, Plumlee & Bazemore
- add a replacement guard


Lakers get Love, Bridges, 1st round pick Charlotte & 1st round pick Clevelan
- get a rising player in Bridges and Lebron's former championship teammate in Love. Also adds picks to have more flexibility


Hornets get AD & Osman
- bold move trying to move on from being mediocre and try to get a superstar to pair with Ball


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24 Jan 2022 15:10:40
In return for Simmons, the 76ers have wanted a top-level All-Star or a package featuring a bevy of first-round draft picks for Simmons.

For Simmons, the 76ers have asked the Kings for guard Tyrese Haliburton and multiple first-round picks, and asked for a package around John Collins and multiple first-round picks from the Hawks along with Atlanta taking on Tobias Harris, multiple sources tell The Athletic. The Athletic reported on Wednesday that the Kings do not plan to move De’Aaron Fox or Haliburton and want to build around them.

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24 Jan 2022 15:24:13
Morey seems more and more delusional as the days go on. Simmons won’t be moved until the offseason, and Philly fans should be irate that he just wasted a season.

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24 Jan 2022 17:47:23
Philly really should have taken Indiana's offer from last year.

Morey wanting to add Harris to any deal won't help. He'll get much less in return.

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24 Jan 2022 17:49:17
Also, the amount of “we’ll just trade for a superstar in the offseason” comments I’ve seen is insane. Portland fans have said that for a decade. Knicks fans for 20+ years. It’s rarely a mentality that works out.

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24 Jan 2022 14:29:23
Bulls: A Davis+Birch+D Jordan

Lakers: Anunoby+siakam+Caruso+ J Wall

Tor:Vucevic+THT+C White+P Williams

Hou:Westbrook+1rnd pick Por (From Chicago)

Bulls:receive a hometown star and go all in
Pf:A Davis

Lakers:trade Westbrook without giving up the 2028 pick and trade Davis for 9 players that fit LBJ playingstyle and can who play defense
C:James/D Howard
PF:siakam/C anthony
Pg:J Wall/Nunn/Bradley

Tor: receive the center they're missing and get 3 young players
SG:Trent/ THT
PG:Van Vleet/C White

receive a first rounder in the Westbrook for Wall swap

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24 Jan 2022 15:12:00
Can the Lakers reacquire Caruso this year?

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24 Jan 2022 16:21:45
Nice job @Gasupo. For such a large trade, this seems fair for all sides.

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24 Jan 2022 16:30:11
Not trading two of our three best players for that.

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24 Jan 2022 14:15:58
Raps trade Goran Dragic and Chris Boucher to Cavs for Ricki Rubio and Colin Sexton work?

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24 Jan 2022 16:28:51
No thanks from Cleveland. Sexton is a 25 PPG scorer and is only 23. He's worth way more than this horrible package.

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24 Jan 2022 16:30:31
Cleveland hangs up the phone.

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24 Jan 2022 13:43:13

Philly: Hield, Barnes, Smart, and Richardson, 2022 Boston 1st

Sac: Simmons and Harris

Boston: Fox

Philly gets a good return for Simmons and drops Harris's contract

Sacramento gets a borderline star to pair with Haliburton and Mitchell

Boston gets a 3rd star to pair with Tatum and Brown

Money works via ESPN trade machine

I know Philly fans and their GM will say it's not enough but it really is more than fair. They get 2 really good guards in Smart and Shield, 2 good role players in Barnes and Richardson, and a 1st for a player they aren't even playing and a horrible contract.

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24 Jan 2022 15:13:47
That's an easy Hell No from the Kings. Not getting Fox in a Simmons+Harris trade.

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24 Jan 2022 16:22:59
This is too good for Boston. I have them stealing value here.

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24 Jan 2022 16:31:37
Kings fans are delusional. Fox has close to zero trade value. Can’t shoot, is overpaid, and is now being outperformed by a sophomore in Haliburton. Getting rid of Fox while getting Simmons should receive a loud YES from the Kings fanbase.

Ps. : I’m a Celtics fan and don’t want Fox. Not a fan of Marcus Smart either, but Fox is not the answer (though an upgrade over Smart) .

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24 Jan 2022 16:38:12
And why would Philly want Smart, Richardson and 1st instead of just keeping Fox?

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24 Jan 2022 16:59:28
Wait. Smart+Richardson+2022first gets Boston Fox?

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24 Jan 2022 11:34:45

CHA get Domantas Sabonis & Danny Green

Pg Ball/Smith
Sg Rozier/Green/Bouknight
Sf Oubre/Martin
Pf Bridges/McDaniels/Carey
Ce Sabonis/Plumlee/Jones

IND get Ben Simmons & PJ Washington

Pg Simmons/McConnell
Sg Brogdon/Holiday
Sf Duarte/Lamb/Jackson
Pf Washington/Craig/Warren
Ce Turner/Bitadze

PHI get Gordon Hayward, Caris Levert & 1st round pick from CHA unprotected

Pg Levert/Maxey/Milton
Sg Curry/Korkmaz
Sf Hayward/Thybulle
Pf Harris/Niang
Ce Embiid/Drummond

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24 Jan 2022 16:52:48
I like this for all teams.

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24 Jan 2022 07:59:10
Hou: B simmons+ T Harris

Lakers: J Wall

Philly: Westbrook+ Gordon+1rnd pick Bucks 2023+ 1rnd pick Brooklyn 2024 + 1rnd pick LA 2028

Houston receives a superstar.

LA swaps Westbrook for Wall in the hope that he's a better fit

Philly can retool. Westbrook can lead that team and he's only on a one year contract if that fails.
The three future first round picks give them the flexibility to trade for another star.

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24 Jan 2022 11:49:23
Philly say no they don’t want Westbrick.

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24 Jan 2022 17:13:28
No, philly wants Fox and multiple picks or Collins and multiple picks or D Lilliard and multiple picks, but Westbrook and picks is the best they can get, if they want to ship T Harris too.

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23 Jan 2022 18:59:18

Eastern shake up

WAS get Sabonis, Green & Milton

Pg Holiday/Milton
Sg Beal/Kispert
Sf Green/Avdija
Pf Kuzma/Harrell
Ce Sabonis/Gafford/Bryant

IND get Simmons, KCP & Hachimura

Pg Brogdon/McConnell
Sg Duarte/Lamb
Sf KCP/Holiday
Pf Simmons/Hachimura
Ce Turner/Bitadze

PHI get Dinwiddie, Levert, Warren & 1st round pick WAS

Pg Dinwiddie/Maxey
Sg Curry/Korkmaz
Sf Levert/Thybulle
Pf Harris/Warren/Niang
Ce Embiid/Drummond

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23 Jan 2022 20:58:17
I think Indy would say no.

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24 Jan 2022 07:46:13
I like this for Indy and it's a fair deal for all
But i think Philly would want more ( It's a great offer, but not the superstar they want)

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