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13 Nov 2018 03:33:55
Lets say the top 3 in next year nba draft are these 3 Duke players, Zion, RJ and Cameron.. and the teams who will be in the no. 1-3 are Cavs, Hawks and Suns..

who do you think are the most fit or suited player for their teams..

Mine would be:
Zion to Suns (imagine Zion and Ayton on the same team)
RJ to Cavs (his shooting skill fits well)
Cameron to Hawks (he could be Joe Johnson version 2)


1.) 13 Nov 2018 04:07:00
So far I have barret no.2 with Reddish nipping his heels @ 3. If the cavs have those picks they have to pick one of those 3 so far. Sexton would have to Go, unless you didn't want to develop the point guard in Barret if that's who they choose, which I would. Williamson is LBJ all over again. Maybe better if he can shoot the 3 consistently. LBJ never did figure shooting out really. I expected a Malone fade away in his older yesrs.

2.) 13 Nov 2018 04:39:58
Barret is a wing. He can play with Sexton.

3.) 13 Nov 2018 05:01:31
Barret is too good a ball handler to off him into 3/ 4 land in my opinion. I like him as a 1/ 2 in the NBA.

4.) 13 Nov 2018 17:56:47
Zion- Cavs. A clean slate team that could totally build around him.
RJ- Hawks, need a 2, physicality, and a player who has won everything he can to a franchise that’s never won.
Cam- Suns. Suns need a PG and 4, Cam is a point forward who spaces, would be great in the half court.



25 Oct 2018 13:09:54
Jimmy Butler and G Dieng for Tris Thompson, Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Korver plus 1st rd pick..


1.) 25 Oct 2018 13:37:20
Thompson’s contract is just as bad as Dieng’s if not worse. Clarkson is a slightly bad contract as well. It doesn’t make any sense for Minnesota.

2.) 25 Oct 2018 16:55:09
Doesn't Thompson expire next season? Dieng has a full season after that. Hard to beat the terrible contract of Dieng without bringing in Parsons and Batum larger deals.



17 Oct 2018 04:48:35
Butler to Sixers or Bucks
Which one do you want..

Butler to Sixers for Covington and Fultz/Saric

Butler to Bucks for Bledsoe and Maker/Brogdon plus future 1st pick/s

3rd wheel team would be Phoenix Suns, getting a PG and Dieng for Chandler and pick/s..

Simmons, Embiid, Giannis and Middleton are off limits..


1.) 17 Oct 2018 11:24:36
They aren’t getting Fultz or Saric or multiple picks from the Bucks.

2.) 17 Oct 2018 15:49:58
If Minny had been smart, I think Covington and Saric could have happened, but that train has long passed. I think they could still get Saric out of it, but that would be with Wilson Chandler and/ or Bayless as salary filler.

3.) 17 Oct 2018 16:35:00
They are going to play butler and lose him to FA next summer the way this has gone so far. And yep that expiring deal keeps losing value everyday.

4.) 18 Oct 2018 14:09:59
@bmiller, Covington and Saric would be nice trade for both teams.

5.) 18 Oct 2018 16:08:35
Minny just has no leverage anymore. If they had tried to move Butler the first week of July when free agency had hit or at the draft or even a few weeks ago, I think Phili might have done it. Now, I can't see them sacrificing that much with the weird way Minny has handled this.



05 Oct 2018 13:53:57
getting tired of Twolves not trading Butler..

Butler to Miami
J.Richardson and T.Johnson going Minny

additional, Wolves want Dieng out, trade him to Suns with Jones for Chandler and 2nd rd pick

and Heat wants Waiters out, send him to Kings with 1st rd picks for any expiring contract/s..


1.) 05 Oct 2018 14:39:49
You’d need to add a first to get rid of Dieng and why take back a bad contract and more salary while only getting back 2 mediocre players if you’re Minnesota? Butler is a top 15 player no matter what you think of his attitude.



25 Sep 2018 15:15:42
If Butler goes to Raptors..
East Finals will be: Celtics vs Raptors..


1.) 25 Sep 2018 16:53:36
I think that's probably what it is anyway. Phili might step in, but right now those two are the two best teams in the east going into the season.

2.) 25 Sep 2018 17:37:32

*Jimmy Butler would move the heat into the top 3, sixers in the top 2.

3.) 25 Sep 2018 18:00:02
Bold outlook on the Pacers Btec. They're definitely top 4 to me. I do hope that's how it goes, I really like the Pacers team. The top 4 should be pretty interesting with Boston, Indy, and Phili's youth and Toronto's big move. I think there will be a huge gap to 5 after that.

4.) 25 Sep 2018 18:48:01
Agreed Bmiller, I think 2 is a little bullish for Indy, but top 4 is very realistic. There is definitely a drop off between that top 4 and the rest.

Raps do have the assets to make a deal for Butler, whether Minny wants current or future assets. With three good PG’s, Lowry can be the current star, or one of Fred/ Delon could be the future. Adding Miles, or OG would work as well.

I could see any number of combinations, and even potentially including the Kings to make it happen.

5.) 25 Sep 2018 19:54:14
I agree @triangle that the raps do have the right pieces in a value sense to land butler or at least be a finalist in offers made. Powell is a good young piece too. Tough break getting injured and OG tearing it up in his absence. Dealing their youth, and picks then butler and Leonard leave next summer? Bold. Give kudos to ujiri for going all in though. Butler going to the east is good for league balance too.

6.) 29 Sep 2018 14:53:16
As a Celtics fan, I might be as scared of the Bucks as anyone in the East.
Toronto should be good if Leonard comes back healthy, but swapping him for DeRozan is not a HUGE upgrade. It's a star for a bigger star, but who knows how it will fit.
Philly is still young, and I can see them going in just about any direction. they could see injuries to Embiid while Fultz' yips and Simmons' shooting woes continue, or they could all wind up being the best versions of themselves and be fantastic.
Indy is just a solid team to me, and they did it all with Turner being just OK. If he breaks out like he's capable, they could really ruin some team's season come playoff time.
The Bucks on the other hand have a bonafide superstar. The closest thing anyone has to him is Leonard, and we don't know how he will come back yet. Middleton is a really good scorer, but too much was put on him last year because they didn't have many great shooters. That's where I think DiVincenzo will make a difference. He probably won't do too much early on, but I could see him earning himself some serious playing time by the playoffs, and his spacing of the floor will make things a lot easier on Giannis and Bledsoe/ Brogdon to slash to the basket. The addition of Lopez (who can actually shoot now) and a possible breakout of Maker in the Celtics series last year make them a really interesting team to watch.




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28 Feb 2015 12:16:15
The Playoffs quest:
10 teams are locked in
12 teams are on the race

#Spurs, starting with the CHAMPIONS, the only team did not make any changes on their Starting 5 and rotational players, will their team chemistry and playoff experience prevail? Or are they running out of fuel from winning last playoffs.

#Clippers, without Griffin they are endangered from falling out the playoffs seed. plus without the Fantastic 4, (Paul, Griffin, Jordan and Crawford), they are just bad as the Knicks, Lakers and Sixers today.

#Heat, they are the 2nd best last year, they no longer have LeBron, minus Bosh due to injury, can they compete with the addition of Dragic, Deng and emergence of Whiteside? Their faith lies on Dwyane The Flash Wade's hands.

#Thunder, due to early injuries of KD and Russ, can they catch up? With addition of Waiters, Kanter, Singler and Augustin, they have better roster compared last year.

?Pelicans, with injured Davis and Holiday in the last half of this season and they are currently slightly behind, every game is important. there is no doubt Davis is the current best PF and favorites to win the DPOY award.

#Bucks, with an injured Parker, excuses is not an option, with addition of MCW, Plumlee and Ennis. Kidd is on the verge on making a young team to a contender.

?Suns, they may already thrown a towel by trading Dragic and Thomas but they are still beating some contender teams.

#Nets, KG departure is a heartbreak for me, but Young could fill in the starting SF and Plumlee and Lopez @ starting PF and C. They will rely more on Dwill and JJ in order to reach the Playoff spot.

?Hornets, same framework with Blazers but Blazers have better players. They need Walker on the lineup and if they get in the playoff, Lance will be their XFactor to succeed.

?Pistons, trading away some of their asset players and also Jennings injury, they will absolutely crush in the 1st rd if ever they reach the playoffs.

?Pacers, the Big loss of George are making them a bad team, they should now focus on drafting a new Lance Stephenson or a new Danny Granger on the team.

?Kings, with no luck this year but with Coach Karl on the team they can still compete. For Next Season! They need to find a new PG to lead the team.





28 Feb 2015 06:28:25
Top 8 teams in lottery:

Knicks: trading away all players, except Carmelo, and gaining cap space. They are tanking to get Okafor if not any of the top 4 draftees will do.

Lakers: just like the Knicks, playing without Kobe in the rest of this season and hoping to revive the Lakers dynasty. They are tanking to get a potential superstar center or point guard.

Sixers: trading away their ace player to get another draftee hopefuls. Unlike Lakers and Knicks, they don't want Okafor, They want to draft either Russell or Mudiay.

Wolves: with overhaul of young potential players, they want to draft a bigman to pair with Wiggins and Rubio, likely to draft Towns but who knows they might get Okafor as number one overall pick.

Magic: With Harris going to free agency, they going to need a wing man in the draft, if not, another big man might help.

Jazz: Trading away Kanter, leads them to draft a center or a power foward.

Nuggets: Making Lawson or Faried available for a trade, they want to reset and build a team for okafor, towns, russel or mudiay. A draft for a two way guard or a true center if they don't convey a trade with Lawson and Faried.

Celtics: with Olynyk and Zeller failing to reach their potential, They want to draft a starting center.





28 Feb 2015 04:48:18

10 teams are lock in the Playoffs:
*Cavaliers (with the greatest player in the world, LeBron James, on the team its a sure lock in the playoffs)
*Warriors (with the Splash Brothers, Steph and Klay, nothing can dethrone them being number one in West, and numero uno in offense)
*Bulls (the only team that can give a good fight to the cavs in east, but they going to need Rose)
*Hawks (the best starting 5 team's chemistry. they surely prove that they are number one in East)
*Grizzlies (they maybe underrated but they are current number one defensive team, trailing with Warriors as number 2 in west)
*Rockets (in the past years, they don't have a good bench players but now with good 2nd unit and with their MVP Harden and 3x DPOY Dwight, no one can stop them now)
*Blazers (with a addition of Afflalo and with big towers on frontcourt, its no excuse for them to fail)
*Raptors (they did not focus much adding players but they focus in developing on their players. one false move by the hawks, they will take the number one spot in East)
*Wizards (with a superB duo backcourt of Wall and Beal, they won't back down on any team)
*Mavericks (with too many former stars and good quality players, veterancy and experience could lead them to victory)





21 Feb 2015 16:41:38
Its very clear that 9 teams from east and also in west are battling for playoffs spot.

Cavaliers, Bulls, Hawks,
Wizards, Raptors, Bucks
Heat, Hornets, Nets

Warriors, T-Blazers, Grizzlies
Rockets, Mavericks, Clippers
Spurs, Thunder, Pelicans





14 Feb 2015 01:25:08

My winners pick
Rising stars challenge: World team
MVP: Wiggins or Antetokounmpo

Shooting stars challenge: Team Bosh, Cash and Wilkins

Skills challenge: Knight

Three point contest: Thompson

SlamDunk contest: LaVine

64th Allstar Game: EAST Team
MVP: Anthony






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27 Oct 2018 02:26:29
Having same idea of these 3 teams.

with concept of,
Butler to Heat
Dieng to Cavs (I want Nance to start)
Thompson and picks to Wolves

but can't come up with a good proposal because of unmatched salaries.




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25 Oct 2018 13:11:25
Butler and Dieng for Thompson, Clarkson and Korver plus 1st pick.




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18 Oct 2018 14:09:59
@bmiller, Covington and Saric would be nice trade for both teams.




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11 Aug 2018 06:59:06
Deng can still play, Luke should give him a chance to play.




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04 Jul 2018 17:56:19
how about:
Lakers get Leonard
Suns get Ball and Deng
Spurs get Chandler, Ingram, a 1st rd and 2nd rd pick from Lakers and a 2nd rd pick from suns

Suns want Lonzo
Lakers want Leonard
spurs get Chandler (could be their starting center) and Ingram (potential to be a kevin durant)





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I forgot Draymond Green! No. 24 for draymond, no. 25 Carlos boozer




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Im very sure
LeBron wins SEASONS MVP. Avg 25+ppg and 5+ each in reb and ast.

Davis wins Defensive POY. Top 5 in shot blocks and steals.

Parker wins Rookie of the year
Kerr wins coach of the year

Klay could snag MIP and Thomas for 6th man




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Shoot. I forgot Anthony Davis.




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My top 10 would be:
1. LeBron
2. Durant
3. Paul
4. Curry
5. Carmelo
6. Harden
7. Griffin
8. Love
9. George
10. Dwight