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New York Knicks Trade Rumors


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06 Mar 2015 20:20:31
Nyk-NOP offseason trade

Nyk trade jose, Thj, early, 3 2nds
Pels trade jrue Holiday

Only reason pels may consider it is tyreke has been killing it lately as the starting pg could make jrue expendable Thj and early can play sf which is there position of need and they don't have a lot of money to go get one in f.a. Extra picks are good because Davis will be expensive to resign and already have a fair amount of money allocated

Knicks get an ideal combo guard to play pg for the future
Knicks draft towns max out monroe 15 mil sign best sg they can 10-15mil

Resign to min shved, Lou, cole, Thomas, Larkin
Resign Andrea(MLE)
Bring up gianis, Doron lamb, Orlando Sanchez

Ny roster

Pg- jrue, Galloway, Larkin
Sg- (butler or Middleton or green. for ex.), shved, lamb
Sf- melo, gianis, Thomas
Pf- monroe, Lou, Sanchez
C- towns, Andrea, cole


I like it, except why are we drafting Towns and not Okafor? & why is Bargnani still on the team?

It's assuming we don't win the lottery and Personally I think towns has more upside okafor will be good right away but no matter what were not a contender over night towns can shoot and pass better, great for triangle and honestly we really need the def presence

And Idk if you been watching the Knicks lately but bargnani can still score that second unit would need it

06 Mar 2015 03:11:59
Bulls get Melo Okafor Pacers 2nd
Knicks get P.George Noah Hibbert
Pacers get Calderon P.Gasol

Pacers Roster max out Marc Gasol 55 win

Bulls Roster Bull 21st kings 2016 McDermott to Pistons for Butler 8th-Cauley-Stein 58 win

Cauley Stein/Mirotic/Barlow

Knicks R Early for M.Jeitah Larkin for Andrew Harrison
Hardaway for 2 Sixers 2nd Upshaw RJ Hunter
Sign R.Jackson 4 50 mil Mathews 4 28 mil everybody else vet min


This knicks team is awful. Slow. And based entirely on George returning. Rather keep okafor and melo if you get the 1st. Also. No one wants Matthews now.

How in the world do the Bulls get melo okafor and a pick for Noah and gasol?

06 Mar 2015 13:55:48
Pizza you obviously like stats over winning and see defense monster like that as awful team. we asses talent differently. Fantasy team you right. Reality team I am right, so load up an all offensive team and I will load up an all defenisve team we will see in reality who wins when it comes playoff basketball. Knicks execute a successful type of offense. THe success of the offense is based on slowing it down and over sizing and over powering your opponents. you want stats higher offensively FG % and league best defense. JVG might beg for job back after leaving for 13 years

06 Mar 2015 13:58:17
what pick are you talking about? the 50th lol

Bulls got 50th pick in the draft.

they trade Their own pick and Kings unprotected from 2016 McDermott for 8th Butler.

06 Mar 2015 14:01:29
Mathews >>> any knicks guard right now. Thanasis potential as two player. Hardaway Okafor Melo not might type of players because they can't defend against quality oppenents. melo is best of one out of all of them and lol

06 Mar 2015 14:08:12
sub Jamal Crawford for Mathews

05 Mar 2015 19:31:20
Nyk offseason

Trade jose and two 2nds acquired this year to Philly or Denver(McGee t.e.) for whatever. gives them about 37 to spend in f.a before resigning their own players

Draft mudiay or russel
Sign koufos for 8 mil per year 4 years (a lot for Memphis to match)
Max offer order for pf - lamarcus(maybe if por has 1st rd playoff exit), milsap(doubtful), love(maybe if sick of being third option), monroe
Sign khris middleton 8-10 mil for 4 years (hopefully to rich for the bucks to match), or Gerald green or Danny green to a slightly cheaper offer

Resign Amundsen, shved to vet min
Resign Andrea with MLE 5 mil
Bring of gianis


05 Mar 2015 16:13:23
Magic get Larkin Early Hibbert
Bulls get Frye Melo
Pacers get Hardaway (s&t) T.Harris Bulls Knicks 1st
Knicks get P.Gasol Gibson P.George Pacers 1st

Magic Roster

Pacers Roster buy 2nd from phillies

Bulls Roster trade 21st 3 sixers 4th

Knicks Roster sign Marc Gasol & Mathews

05 Mar 2015 00:12:29
Magic offseason

Magic get THJ and future 2nd

Knicks get Harris


Magic get Future 2nd

Clippers get Nicholson

Draft Oubre and Walker

Sign Nelson

Payton - Nelson
Oladipo - THJ - Marble
Oubre - Harkless
Gordon - Frye - Walker
Vucevic - Dedmon

Why would they take Oubre at around 5 Oubre will be mid to late lottery. You forget they have Fournier whose shown promise for them so don't think Hardaway is going to be high demand for them. They need a rim protector and outside shooter which is their two biggest weaknesses.

04 Mar 2015 19:10:04
Draft Night Trade


NYK get: Demarcus Cousins & Ben McLemore
FA Signing: Rajon Rondo & Tobias Harris

pg. rondo
sg. mclemore
sf. melo
pf. harris
c. cousins

SAC get: Jahlil Okafor, Jose Calderon, & THJ
Draft: Kevon Looney

pg. calderon/collison
sg. thj/stauskus
sf. gay
pf. looney
c. okafor

Y ben mclemore In this deal cousin by himself better then all of them

04 Mar 2015 18:19:10
Knicks need to realize Larkin Melo Hardaway is not great fit in Triangle Offense. PG SG SF should be perimeter offensive players that can defend and attack the basket above the rim. Thanasis could develop into perfect triangle offensive player. already he would be NY best perimeter defender.

Calderon for G.Hill realistic
Melo for Gay & 38th realistic
sign Mathews or Afflalo realistic
Hardaway for 2 Rockets 2nd realistic
Early for 2 Hawks 2nd realistic
sign Monroe Sims at PF realistic
sign draft Okafor Christmas at C realistic

compliments the triangle offense and defense

04 Mar 2015 16:23:50


pg. russell
sg. butler
sf. melo
pf. milsap
c. gasol
AKA not going to happen


pg. beverly
sg. butler
sf. melo
pf. harris
c. okafor

04 Mar 2015 14:22:40
upgrade on the bulls knicks idea from before

Melo Hardaway Early for Pau Gibson Bulls 1st

Bulls keep your coach, he is not running triangle offense. This will give great chance of landing Marc Gasol. Forgot Okafor. THe east best players play SF center PG. We need shut down defender in Stanley Johnson and package Bobby Portis Bulls 1st Marcus Camby / Tyson Chandler package. sign Mathews and Gerald Green at SG 4yr 28mil everyone else vet min


Bulls strengthen their defense
Hardaway for 2 Rockets 2nd
Early for 2 Hawks 2nd


Bulls can't resign butler, keep rose and add melo. And bulls aren't starting mirotic yet. He's too much of a liability defensively if they still have tibs.

This is easily the worst trade I have ever seen for the knicks on here. So, get rid of your star and your 2 young prospects. ignore the clear number 1 Okafor. pick a number 5-8 prospect instead to replace melo. and you have nothing else. this is terrible.

This is so bad

04 Mar 2015 17:38:37
if you sign Marc Gasol and trade for gibson and Pau Pizza why do need Okafor. instead get the best perimeter defensive coming out of college since Tony Allen or Artest. If you want to beat Lebron you need stop him. Johnson is that player without being offensive liability. Okafor could be the next shaq or Eddie Curry. Johnson represents defenense and that is what wins in this league.

04 Mar 2015 17:43:59
young generation who wants players who can't defend never scene or never will see NY win anything. Melo and Hardaway are not NY type players. wait to Thanasis join this team. landing Pau is secure landing the best center in the league. accept for Cauley Stein none of the tops pick at center can defend avg centers in the nba.

04 Mar 2015 17:48:04
Bulls can resign Butler their own player. they will pay a huge tax penalty but Bulls can afford their cheap owner might not do it but certainly can be done. Melo and Rose Butler Noah and stretch 4 Mirotic compliments Melo game inside with spacing. if he does not get it done trade Frye for Mirotic as T.Harris replacement at starting SF.

04 Mar 2015 17:49:26
when ever your best players is avg defender you will win a championship

04 Mar 2015 17:51:56
Mirotic McDermott for A.Gordon Frye


Do you have tourettes @ shizzee

Why do we need okafor who is 19 and costs 5 mil a year instead of taj and pau who are old, past their prime and cost 4 times as much? I'm confused of that was a real question. Knicks aren't looking for a temp fix. The Bulls can keep their role player and an old pau. Much rather have a beast center prospect.

03 Mar 2015 21:38:17

Knicks get:
Tom thibeadou, pau gasol

Bulls get:
Carmelo Anthony

Why bulls do it:
I'm a huge D-rose fan but the bulls need a player who can carry the team if Rose gets hurt. They can let butler walk and still have a great starting 5.


Why Knicks do it:
The triangle experiment is clearly not working. Trading melo frees up cap space. They'll have a top 5 coach and a better shot at landing Marc Gasol to go along with a top 5 pick.

Knicks get a 34 yr pau and a coach who will be out of a job at the end of the season for the arguably the one redeemable part of their team. bad deal

Im a knicks fan. why would we want that? So we have NO one that can play the 1, 2 or 3. but we have a pf and 2 centers and 15 mill owed to derek fisher? Still thinking if the knicks land okafor, they can snag monroe or harris for the 4, keep thj at the 2 or get iman back. and possibly a 1 of rondo (if cheap enough) or reggie jackson. hell, knicks could also make a run for butler, who knows if the bulls REEEALLY will match all offers. basically, no chance they would do this

Thibs is on contract past this year so he wouldn't be "out of a job". He's the best coach in the east. Good players win games. Good organizations win championships. That starts with a good coach. And the Knicks wanted pau this offseason. Not to mention trading melo would give them room to add a guard via free agency. News flash: unless they get the #1 pick the Knicks aren't getting okafor. And even if they do, he's not tim Duncan.

How are you saying championships win with coaches and then offering up a coach that hasn't won or been to a championship? The Knicks aren't mailing in on fisher and melo for a disgruntled coach and an old pf. Knicks are far better off getting a young prospect like okafor. Getting Monroe who wants to go to ny. Than trying to get a solid pg like rondo or Reggie Jackson. This trade makes zero sense for the Knicks.

All of the reports are that bulls management will do its best to oust thibs after this season. And he is a great coach no doubt about it.

If you really don't think coaching helps winning your insane. Tibs is in the top 5 winning pcts if all time for coaches with 5 years or more. How's Derek fisher doing?

03 Mar 2015 19:17:58
Blockbuster at Draft Day

Nuggets trade Lawson, Faried, Foye
Nuggets get Smart, Sullinger, Thompson, Wallace, 1st round pick 2015 Celtics (projected #5-12)

Kings trade Cousins, Thompson
Kings get Lawson, Lopez

Celtics trade Sullinger, Smart, Young, Wallace, own 1st round

pick 2015, 1st round pick 2015 Clippers
Celtics get Cousins, Faried

Nets trade Lopez
Nets get Young, Foye, 1st round pick 2015 Clippers

- cap relief (Wallace's contract ends 2016, Thompson's is not fully guaranteed for 2017)
- get 2 young talents in Smart and Sullinger + add Celtics' lottery pick to their own
- draft best 2 best talents avaible except Center (Mudiay, Russell, Towns, Winslow, Hezonja, Johnson, Looney, Turner)

- complete new roster/mentality
Gay/Casspi/2nd round pick
Lottery pick/Landry/Evans
- already have a good core with Lawson-Gay-Lopez, add talents McLemore, Stauskas and 2015 lottery pick (PF) and coach Karl will have a roster to build a contender
- still have the flexibility (cap situation, Lopez' expiring contract) and assets (McLemore, Stauskas, picks) to make moves

- immediat playoff contender in eastern conference
- Celtics still have flexibility and future picks to build around this young talented roster and franchise player Cousins

- immediat cap relief
- add talented SG/SF Young + 2015 1st round pick

02 Mar 2015 21:17:38
Boston plans

Boston send Marcus Smart , Gerald Wallace exp. and Jared Sullinger and 2 1st round picks
Boston get Demarcus Cousins and Ray McCallum

Boston sign Greg Monroe and Mike Dunleavy

I. Thomas / R. McCallum
A. Bradley / J. Young
E. Turner / M. Dunleavy
G. Monroe / K. Olynyk
D. Cousins / T. Zeller

Cousins and IT = not going to happen

Smart is a bust. His game is weak

You can't say someone is a bust their rookie year.

I understand he's a rookie but I don't c him being successful in the nba.

Kobes rookie year was pretty bad. I am not saying smart is going to be the next kobe but I think he will be successful

02 Mar 2015 03:00:07
Kings get Larkin Early Melo
Pacers get Calderon
Knicks get Hibbert G.Hill Gay kings pacers 2nd


PACERS ROSTER sign Marc Gasol 4yr 92 mil & Belineli D Arthur 3yr 12 mil trade west mahinmi both exp pick for Gasol Gibson


KNICKS ROSTER knicks sign Monroe 4yr 64mil

Melo won't agree to play in Sac-Town.

If knicks get okafor, absolutely no need for hibbert. Knicks can buy a far better pg free agent and why get gay when you have a better version in melo? Terrible way of spending money and fixes no holes.

03 Mar 2015 01:53:44
triangle offense runs through PF and center. Your guards and Sf all perimeter shooters and better defenders is better way to go. Hibbert okafor excellent low post scorers. Monroe and Sims great high post passer perfect triangle depth of bigs. I would even trade Hardaway because he is worth defender than Melo.

01 Mar 2015 15:10:06
Knicks big moves to make huge noise next season

draft day megadeal

Receive : Demarcus Cousins from Sacramento
Send : 1st overall pick (JahLil Okafor) and Jose Calderon

sign SF/PF Tobias Harris
sign PG Mo Williams

PG : Mo Williams , Langston Galloway
SG : Tim Hardaway Jr , Thanasis Antetokounmpo
SF : Carmelo Anthony , Cleanthony Early
PF : Tobias Harris , Quincy Acy
CE : DeMarcus Cousins , Cole Aldrich

- retool when needed within the season and get a completely balnced roster , they can trade Hardaway for a defensive 2

Sign wesley matthews to have hardaway comin off thhe bench

The DMC deal is pretty good, and adding Harris makes sense, but no thanks to Mo being the starting PG.

01 Mar 2015 14:38:15

Min trade Nikola Pekovic , Shabbaz Muhammad
Min get Jared Sullinger , Nik Stauskas

Bos trade Jared Sullinger , Marcus Smart , 2 1st round picks
Bos get DeMarcus Cousins

Sac trade DeMarcus Cousins , Nik Stauskas
Sac get Marcus Smart , Shabbaz Muhammad , Nikola Pekovic and 2 1st from Boston

Celtics pull a big offseason
- sign Paul Millsap and Paul Pierce back for one more run

Celtics 2015-16 season

I. Thomas / P. Pressey / T. Jones (draft)
A. Bradley / E. Turner
P. Pierce / J. Young / G. Wallace
P. Millsap / K. Olynyk
D. Cousins / T. Zeller

01 Mar 2015 18:33:34
LOL Minnesota laughs and says no

28 Feb 2015 18:37:38
Knicks draft Emmanuel Mudiay

young big men
- sign Tobias Harris , Greg Monroe
- sign Emeka Okafor , Brandon Bass , Rodney Stuckey

E. Mudiay / J. Calderon
R. Stuckey / T. Hardaway / L. Galloway
C. Anthony / C. Early / T. Antetokounmpo
T. Harris / B. Bass
G. Monroe / E. Okafor / C. Aldrich

28 Feb 2015 18:20:57

Lawson and Faried for NY 1st (as long as it falls top 3) and THJ

Nuggets remove final good players and work in a total restart.

If the Knicks want to have a good team well Melo is a factor they cannot rely on FA and that Monroe and other FA will join them without a solid core.

1) Lawson
2) TBA
3) Melo
4) Faried
5) TBA
Jackson can make a better pitch to the FA and be relevant next year.

Heres the issue with this post. the knicks would be idiots to do it. If they get the 1st, they would be able to get Okafor, on a rookies salary, then sign someone like Greg Monroe, who is actually better than Faried for about the same price. Then they can turn to a pg, someone like Rondo, Dragic, as well as 1 or 2 others that may be available. The knicks making this trade would basically be giving away a starting sg and c, which costs them less than half as much as either player they get annnnd they are now left with gaping holes and little money to fill them

I don't think its a good move for nuggets they need more

28 Feb 2015 15:52:23
Boston-Oklahoma City-Sacramento mega deal

Boston recive Kevin Durant , Jason Thompson

Oklahoma receive DeMarcus Cousins , 2 1st round picks from Boston and James Young

Sacramento get Enes Kanter , 1st from Celtics , Kelly Olynyk and cash from Boston

Have to laugh at this post.

Yeah, sacremento seems like they def want to get rid of a top 3 center, that's 24, and a beast. for 2 mediocre prospects and a draft pick. great trade.

27 Feb 2015 18:08:18
Knicks - Kings - 76ers

Knicks get - Cousins

Kings get - Calderon and Embiid

76ers get - 1st pick and Stauskas


Kings draft Turner

76ers draft Russell, Towns, and Anderson

Russell - Anderson - Convington - Towns - Noel

Collison - McClemore - Gay - Turner - Embiid

Knicks (with FA)
Rondo - THJ - Melo - Thad - Cousins

U got to give a 1st to kings or no deal

No from sixers

Sixers pass

Sixers will keep joel instead I think. Okafor is tempting but Embiid has a higher upside. Sixers need upside.

27 Feb 2015 17:03:00
New York Knicks 2015/16 season

Jahil Okafor

Jason Smith, Cole Aldrich, Lance Thomas or Quincy Acy and maybe Louis Amundson if can't sigh Emeka Okafor

Tobias Harris, Rajon Rondo, Iman Shumpert, Landry Fields, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and if can Emeka Okafor

Pg Rajon Rondo, Jose Calderon, Luke Galloway
Sg Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway, Landry Fields
Sf Tobias Harris, Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Cleanthony Early
Pf Carmelo Anthony, Jason Smith, Lance Thomas or Quincy Acy
C Jahil Okafor, Cole Aldrich, Louis Amundson or Emeka Okafor

Yes, this is exactly what needs to happen. I'd really love Jimmy Butler in a Knicks uniform, but bringing back Shump would be a nice alternative.

Shump is restricted and the Cavs will match any offer to keep him. They didn't make that trade just to let him walk after the season and money is no object for Dan Gilbert so that's not an issue.

25 Feb 2015 22:12:59
Bulls get Okafor-1st Z.Randle Conley
Grizzlies get Pau Gasol
Knicks get Noah Gibson Rose Bulls 1st

Conley Butler Mirotic Randle Okafor

Calderon Allen Green PauG. MarcG.

Rose Hardaway Melo Gibson Noah

Of course this won't happen, it is a fair trade. Grizzlies get better chemistry- 3 players playing over decade with eachother. Bulls get healthier and younger. Okafor replaces Rose as new home product kid. Knicks are the risk takers bc Phil Jackson has to prevent another terrible season. Rose more protected in triangle offense less transition.all 3 teams get better. If he Retires/ injuries Gibson Noah > Okafor Calderon during the 2 yrs which Melo window to win.

Why would anyone do this horrific trade. I think that this is probably one of the worst trades ever on this site. Not even close to a fair trade.

27 Feb 2015 14:54:35
you just had doctor J turn in his grave with your dramatic comments

Isnt Dr J still alive?

25 Feb 2015 18:41:06
Orlando Magic Offseason

I'm not a fan of the Magic, but they are an intriguing team going into the offseason. They have some very good young pieces, a couple of trade candidates, and a boat load of cap space (approx. $20M) as it sits currently. They're a team that's close, and with a couple of moves, they could be a playoff team next year.

1) Draft

Stanley Johnson - 5th pick
Luka Mitrovic - 51st pick

No surprise with the number 5 pick, Johnson fills the most glaring need on the Magic's roster at SF.

The Magic have 11 players under contract next year when you factor in Johnson. They are not in a rush to add a second round pick onto their roster, so why not take a stash prospect like Petrovic who ended up 2nd to Dario Saric for the Adriatic League's most improved player award recently.

2) Current UFA's

Willie Green - Don't resign
Kyle O'Quinn - Resign 2yrs/$3M

3) Current RFA's

Tobias Harris - Sign and trade with the Knicks for Tim Hardaway Jr.

Knicks want Harris, and the Magic have the opportunity to match any contract. Put Harris in the Knicks hands, and get a piece in return.

4) Trade

To LAC - Mo Harkless
To ORL - Matt Barnes, 2016 2nd

Clips are desperately looking to make changes at their wing positions, why not take a flyer on Mo, who has for some reason worn out his welcome in Orlando.

Barnes won't see many minutes, but he can give the Magic some energy on defense. Though you're giving up a former first round pick for a 2nd, you're not going to get anything better for Mo currently.

5) FA signings

Amir Johnson - 2yrs/$14M
Patrick Beverley - 3yrs/$15M
Omer Asik - 4yrs/$42M

For all of the rebounding that Vucevic does, the Magic are still the third worst rebounding team in the NBA. They also do not guard the perimeter well, as they hold the 7th worse opponents 3 point shooting percentage in the league.

Adding Asik allows Nik to slide over to the 4, where he is better suited as he is undersized to play the five, but has the athletisism to guard opposing fours. Asik brings the tough interior presence the Magic need.

Beverley is a defensive standout who will be able to guard both ones and twos effectively along the perimeter.

Finally, Amir Johnson is a great motor guy off the bench that can bang with big men, and is nimble enough to guard more athletic fours.

2015-16 Magic

PG - Payton, Beverley, Ridnour
SG - Oladipo, TJH ,Fournier
SF - S Johnson, TJH, Barnes
PF - Vucevic, A Johnson, Frye
C - Asik, Frye, O'Quinn

Still won't win.

There are a few problems with your suggestion. The biggest is having Vucevic switch to PF. He simply doesn't have the athleticism to guard the 4 defensively.

p.s., unless I've missed you trading him away for rubbish, you've forgotten about AG on your depth chart.

Thanks for pointing out that I missed AG. If I had remembered to put him in, I could have scrapped the Mo/Barnes trade and just moved Mo for a pick. I should have put AG as the backup SF and move THJ back to 3rd on the SF depth chart.

As for Nik, he is a little more athletic than I think you give him credit for. Could he keep up with Blake Griffin, no, but how many PF's can? If the Magic face a team with a really athletic four, give Amir Johnson more minutes at the four, and move Vucevic to the five, moving Asik to the bench.

Johnson may be one of the best prospects at 5 but i'd be targeting one these Towns, Prozingis or Turner to play Pf obviously depending on where they land in the lottery, but all 3 can stretch the Floor and protect the rim which would complement Vucevic.
Harris doesn't fit as great as he is so move A.Gordon to Sf who at 6'9 and who had faster times then Curry, paul and westbrook in the speed and agility tests at the nba combine gives the Magic a mismatch at Sf.

23 Feb 2015 22:22:03
Boston - Sacramento - Brooklyn

Boston get DeMarcus Cousins and Joe Johnson

I. Thomas / M. Smart
J. Johnson / J. Young
E. Turner / J. Crowder / G. Wallace
K. Olynyk / B. Bass
D. Cousins / pick

Sacramento get 2 1st from Boston , Jared Sullinger and Brook Lopez

Brooklyn get Avery Bradley , Nik Stauskas , Jason Thompson and Celtics 2nd round pick and Tyler Zeller

23 Feb 2015 21:42:44
Knicks - Bulls

Knicks get Taj

Bulls get Jose Calderon, Jason Smith, and a 2nd

23 Feb 2015 15:39:52

Celtics get DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore

Kings get 2 1st round picks from Celtics , Terrence Ross and Kelly Olynyk

Raptors get Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger

offseason Megadeal

Raptors are not going to get avery and sullinger for just ross

Agreed, You could get ONE of Bradley or Sullinger for Ross, but not both.

Kings wouldn't throw in Ben. I say take him out and put in Stauskus instead and it's more likely to happen.

Kings say no. Take out Ben put in Jason Thompson. Give Ross to BOS and Smart to SAC

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