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18 Apr 2014 08:32:56
With things uncertain and a mess in New York. I think this will be their best approach to Free Agency this year

-Try and do a Sign and Trade for Carmelo Anthony, get some talent in return

-Tank upcoming season in order to get a high draft pick in 2015

Heres what they do


New York Gets: G/F Jimmy Butler, PF Taj Gibson, PF Carlos Boozer (Contract expires next year), 2014 16th pick

Chicago gets: SF Carmelo Anthony S&T, SG J. R Smith

New York gets: C JaVale McGee, SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

New Orleans gets: C Tyson Chandler, PG Jeremy Pargo

Denver gets: SG Eric Gordon

Charlotte gets: SF Wilson Chandler

Pelicans get the Center they need to put next to Davis, Denver gets a great wing scorer for their up-tempo offense and will have Galinari back, and the Bobcats get a go to scorer at the 3 to help take pressure off Jefferson and Walker

The knicks overall get what they need done. As fun as the Anthony era was in New York, the Knicks must move on to the future. They need to tank this year and let the young talent they aquired show what they are capable of. Then once next off-season comes, they will have close to $50m coming off the books and they can go out and try and get two great players to add to their team plus a top 10 pick in next years draft (possibly Jahil Okafor, Kelly Oubre, or Emanuel Mudiay). But heres what this team will look like this upcoming season
(with 19th pick, the Knicks draft PG Shabaz Napier)

2014-2015 New York Knicks team
PG: Shabaz Napier
SG: Tim Hardaway JR
SF: Michael Gilchrist
PF: Taj Gibson
C: JaVale McGee

6th: SF Jimmy Butler
7th: SG Iman Shumpert
8th: PG Raymond Felton
9th: PF/C Andrea Bargnani
10th: PF Jeremy Tyler
11th: PF Kenyon Martin
12th: PG Pablo Prigioni
res: PF Carlos Boozer
res: PF/C Amare Stoudemire



17 Apr 2014 22:54:36
Celtics off season
Boston gets Melo s&t
Nyk gets Jeff green, avery Bradley s&t, Brandon bass, brooklyn pick, clipper pick, celtics 2016 pick and Philly pick plus right to swap picks in 2015

Boston gets Kevin love and Kevin martin
Minny gets bogans (waive), sullinger, olynyk, anthony, Wallace (salary needs to be filled sorry) 2014 pick

Bos Detroit
Boston gets smith
Detroit gets trade exception, 2018 pick and 2 seconds (along with Johnson to fill their sf position)

Boston signs pp, sefolosha (mini mid level) and resigns hump and bay less


Comments please on what needs to be improved

Minnesota passes. Take out Bogans and Wallace (both negative trade value). Plus, that 2014 1st round pick better be the Celtics own.

IF Boston somehow magically had cap room to get J Smith for a pick, you could shift G Wallace over to the Detroit trade without salary matching the timberwolves trade

Everything needs to be trashed. Nothing can be changed to make any of this believable. Sorry.
-Cavs fan-

Besides the celtics, who would do any of those trades. Literally ANY?

You can definitely do it all one trade machine deal. I posted a deal like this but left K Martin on the Wolves. Had Celtics signing either Sefalosha or Ariza to play the 2 with cap space before the deal. Got all unbelievable and told love isn't a center.

Umm. Minny can get much better than that for Love. without including Martin as well

I doubt its plausible because melo is probably going to opt out and become a ufa

To the two comments above: trade exception does not count against the cap. That's why itscalled an exception. Reason why Wallace was included was for salary fill. If Minny is getting ko and sullinger and #4/5 pick. They better believe that Wallace is in the deal. And bogans can mediately be waived by minny

You just need to use the trade exception and a second and you have smith!!

How is Bogans negative value? Nonguaranteed salary next season



17 Apr 2014 21:59:57
Rockets/Knicks trade

To NYK: Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, S&T Chandler Parsons, 2014 1st Rd pick, 2017 1st Rd pick

To HOU: Melo S&t, Felton

Apparently the Rockets want Melo to form their own big three. I'm not quite sure why, but sounds like they do!

As for the Knicks, they take back two expiring deals in Lin and Asik. Both help them next year, and the Knicks get a full season to see if it's worth resigning Asik for 2015 and beyond.

Chandler is the real win here for them; and the picks are a bonus.

Houston passes -- Parsons is not a free agent and Houston is not trading Parsons

Rockets don't want Melo they want Rondo. the Knicks can keep Felton he is straight garbage

If I am Knicks Manager, I would say yes because parsons, lin and asik are younger than Melo and they are very talented players.

Knicks Lineup:


Rockets want Melo but they would sign him as a free agent. They would have to trade Lin and Asik to make cap room and likely would have to give up Parsons and draft picks to convince other teams to take their contracts.
-Cavs fan-



17 Apr 2014 20:20:35
Bulls offseason moves

Bulls sign nikola mirotic 4 year 30 million contract starting at $6M/year
Resign D. J. Augustin 2 year 8 million
Resign Kirk Hinrich 1 year 3 million

Draft day trade w/ Knicks:

Bulls trade: #16 pick via charlotte, Sacremento's top 10 protected pick (after 2 years becomes 2 2nd rounders), Carlos Boozer, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson

Bulls receive: Carmelo Anthony (S&T 4 year 72 million) and Iman Shumpert

Bulls draft Adrien Payne with #19 pick and Patric Young with #49 pick

PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich
SG: Shumpert/Snell
SF: Melo/Dunleavy
PF: Mirotic/Payne/Smith
C: Noah/Young

Young as backup Center? U r in trouble on bench

Exellent but no1 needs kurt hinrich



17 Apr 2014 16:27:19
Knicks get Nelson Maxiell Brand 1 yr
Orlando get JrSmith Teague 17th
Hawks get Afflalo Felton 12th

Both hawks development of Schroeder and Oladipo, Allows hawks to trade afflalo for Teague even talent. Knicks fill hawks void at PG and magic void at SG. knicks clear cap space for 2015 with expiring contracts. While Nelson much better pg in the triangle bc of his ability to shoot 3s from of the key. Lamb is play can develope as a pg in the triangle.

Hood/Carroll/CJ Fair
Milsap/Scott/ Ayon


Nash Kaman 1yr 6 mil for Bargnani Tyler
Chandler for Bogut

Hardaway/Shumpert/S. Brown

Assuming Affalo and Teague are even swap talent wise as you say, why would the magic trade nelson and the 12th pick for JR Smith and the 17th pick?

Why would the magic do this jr smith has an attitude problem and Teague is a standard pg affalo is better then both these and they give up a pick no thanks



17 Apr 2014 16:11:15
Celtics offseason if lottery puts them in top 3

3-Joel Embiid
16-Nik Stauskas

Re-sign Avery Bradley 3yr 21m

Re-sign Jerryd Bayless 2yr 5m

Sign Paul Pierce 1yr 4m

Trade Wallace, Olynyk, future 2nd, for Josh Smith

Trade Jeff Green, 2 future 1sts, for Gordon Hayward (4yr 56m)

Waive Keith Bogans (non-guarenteed)

6th man- Pierce or Sullinger

4-6 seed in East when healthy

They can just sign haywood because he a ufa

Too much (way) for smith

Also Cs can't get 16th pick (17/18)



17 Apr 2014 12:03:47
Knicks rebuilding case

Knicks don't have 2014 and 2016 first round pick

2015 draft class will be one of the best in last years (especially many big men)
2015 FA will be one of the best in years

trade Anthony, Chandler and Felton before 2014/15 season

Knicks get Boozer (16.8m), Snell (1.5m), Augustin (s&t, 1y 3m), Brewer (1.2m), Frye, Bobcats 2014 first round pick, Kings 2015 first round pick, Pacers 2014 first round pick

Bulls get Anthony (s&t, 4y 70m), Felton

Suns get Chandler

Roster 2014/15:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Boozer/Stoudemire/Frye/Draft 2014
- top5 pick 2015
- release Brewer
- add 2 x 2014 first round picks (Bobcats&Pacers), maybe they can draft up with adding Snell or Frye to add froncourt talent (PF/C)
- add Kings 2015 first round pick
- in 2015 let Bargnani, Stoudemire, Boozer walk
- in FA sign: Love and Rondo (also avaible Lebron!)
- with own and Kings pick 2015 draft best possible C (trade up in draft) in loaded big men class
- resign Shumpert and Augustin

Roster 2015/16:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Love/FA/Draft 2014
top5pick 2015/Aldrich


Butler/Hinrich/Draft 2014
- bring Mirotic over
- resign Hinrich vet min
- resign Butler 4y 30m
- with own 2014 pick draft best avaible SG/PG

Why would the Suns facilitate that? Chandler is not that good (for what he is getting paid) that the Knicks want to dump him.

So why would the Suns take his contract and have to give a pick?

Suns don't want Chandler. Suns are not making a trade for a one year rental. Actually they can do better with the Pacers draft pick and GMs Ryan skill in the draft.

Keep Suns out of this mess!


Chandler better than any suns big.

Chandler may be better but he has injuries problem and he is not a youngster. So he will be just getting worse.

Yes, Chandler is better, but he makes 4 times more and he is not that much better. That why New York payroll is 35 mil more then the Suns and 11 games worst in a week eastern conference.

Come on Suns fans. Name one player who is better than Chandler with the Pacers pick. You are not getting Durant or LeBron or Love. Chandler is the best you could do or draft with that pick. Get off your high horse. Or maybe you are all just high.

Jealousy ( Suns having cap space and draft picks) doesn't become you, NY fan. Why does a solid, up and coming team. an up temp team need a plodder like Chandler? Let him stasy in NY. Suns will do fine without him.

Lol can't you read? We don't want Chandler because he's overpaid, injuring prone, and he's 31. And he's definitely not pushing our team to the top. And we have a guy already who plays D, rebounds, 7 years younger, makes 5x less than chandler. Plumlee 8pts 8rbs 25mpg. Chandler 9pts 9. 5rbs 30mpg. So ya, keep laughing at why we don't want Chandler. LOL

There no high horse here. It just factual. Chandler is over the hill and injury prone. He to slow for the Suns. Why trade him. You want to trade him because the Knicks can not win with their team. They are losers and part of that is Chandler and the other is Melo which are the two players you want to trade.

It really does not make any difference what you or I want to do, because it not going to happen. Suns GM is too smart and he would say hell no.

Chandler is over paid and that the fact jack! Suns say hell no!

The Bulls say no! Hell no!

Why trade for Chandler! suns can get him next year for free.



17 apr 2014 03:51:30
lakers - knicks

offseason trade

nash + cash for bargnani

Forget cash add Kaman 1 yr 7 mil. Knicks don't care about luxury taxes as long they clear for 2015.



16 Apr 2014 20:58:42
Celtics Grizzlies Thunder

Celtics get Tayshaun Prince (expiring), Thunder 1st round pick, Grizzlies 1st round pick, Kendrick Perkins (expiring)

Grizzlies get Jeff Green, Joel Anthony

Thunder get Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass

Robinson III/Prince/Wallace

Conley/Hinrich (signing)/Calathes

Durant/Sefolosha/Jones III

If green Anthony and bass get 2 first rounders, I'll be the second happiest person in the world, next to Danny ainge

Wishful Celtics fan.



16 Apr 2014 19:41:03
How 2 save knicks and Lakers

Lakers get Melo Chandler Afflalo 12th
Magic get JrSmith Felton 5th
knicks get Kobe Nash Gasol (s&t) 1yr 10 mil lakers 2015 Kaman 1yr 7 mil

Magic draft Embiid Randolph=

Lakers sign lowry and Frye 4 yr 40 mil
draft Adrianne Payne-12th Semaj Christon-36th
bring back Hill Young Henry Johnson Meeks Marshall


Knicks sign for MLE Josh McRoberts
Odom MWP Brown vet min.

Kobe/Hardaway/S. Brown
Odom/MWP/S. Jackson

Both team elite status. Lakers great starting 5. Knicks deeper bench.

Magic Roster bledsoe 4yr 70 mil sick team



16 Apr 2014 19:26:56

Celtics get Smith

Pistons get Wallace, Olynyk, 1 future 1st rd pick, 1 future 2nd rd pick

Pistons would trade for Wallace for Smith. Smith has the worst contract in the NBA for the moment

To much, no olynk!

No for Olynyk in that trade.

Wallace and the # 18 pick for smith and #38 pick

Wallace and Johnson (Detroit needs a starting small forward and this kid stretches the floor well) and two second round pick

Trade exception and a conditional second for smith



16 Apr 2014 14:03:06
Rebuild Knicks


Nyk get- Gasol (s&t) & Kendall Marshall & 2014 1st DP

LAL get- Carmelo


NYK get- Bradley & Wallace
BOS get- Shumpert & Bargnani


NYK get- Mozgov & W. Chandler
NOLA get- Chandler & Felton
DEN get- Eric Gordon

Draft Aaron Gordon 6th overall

pg. bradley/marshall
sg. thj/jr smith
sf. w. chandler/wallace
pf. a. gordon/stat
c. gasol/mozgov

Lakers can just sign melo themselves. No reason to give up 2014 pick

No knick fan would consider trading melo for that. Only laker would value gasol that high. Poser

Gordon = fared. Overrated

Yeah I think the Lakers would prefer keeping their pick and signing Melo out right if they really wanted to



16 Apr 2014 09:38:24
Phil Jackson realistic summer plans for New York Knicks

Sf Carmelo Anthony
Pf Jeremy Tyler
Pg Toure Murry
C Cole Aldrich
Sg Shannon Brown

Pf Andrea Bargnani

Sf Metta World Peace (vet min)
Pf Lamar Oden (vet min)
C Kris Humphries (mid-level)

Knicks have 5 players who have prospects of becoming either decent starters or Role players. In the summer then need to work on certain things

Pg Toure Murry (consistent offensive game)
Sg Iman Shumpert (consistent offensive game)
Sg Tim Hardaway (consistent deffenive game)
Pf Jeremy Tyler (consistent deffenive game)
C Cole Aldrich (consistent offensive game)

Roster 2014/15
Pg Murry, Prigioni, Felton
Sg Shumpert, Hardaway, Brown
Sf Anthony, Smith, Metta World Peace
Pf Stoudemire, Tyler, Oden
C Chandler, Humphries, Aldrich

I no there is not much changes from this season. But let's be honest here. No team will take big contracts of Stoudemire and Bargnani and poor players of Felton and Smith without giving bad contracts back. Jackson isn't going to mess up plans for 2015 summer where he can mold his own roster. So next season it will be about being pathient and sitting tight. Next season should be about pushing guys like Shumpert, Hardaway, Tyler, Murry and Aldrich and seeing how they will fit in 2015 season.

This team won't be winning title. But with Woodson gone and another coach in place. They should still make playoffs at least

Murry and Felton as your pg you must hate the knicks. Prigioni is a 3rd string pg.

Bargnani will not opt out, he will milk the cow for the last time next season



15 Apr 2014 19:17:34

To SAS - Thad Young
To PHI - Spurs 2014 1st, Iman Shumpert, Pablo Prigioni
To NYK - Cory Joseph, Austin Daye

Spurs have the cap room and need for Thad Young, who would give them the perfect SF/PF off the bench.

Philly gets a 1st round pick (though late round admitedly), along with their starting SG for 2014 and a solid backup PG.

Knicks need an answer at PG, and getting a decent young one who just isn't getting the time in San Antonio is a nice move for them.

I would rather keep shumpert. I don't want JR or THJ defending the 1, 2 and 3



15 Apr 2014 17:36:23
New York Washington Detroit New Orleans

NYK get Marcin Gortat (s&t), Brandon Jennings

Washington get Greg Monroe (4yr 50mil), Knicks 1st round pick 2018

Detroit get Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Andrea Barnagni (expiring)

Nola get Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler

Knicks not giving up nearly enough.

Detroit gets two bad contracts and an okay SF for Monroe?

That worked without pistons taking on bargnani



15 Apr 2014 00:21:45
Boozer cats & bulls 1ST 2015 Kings 1st for melo

Sixers get JrSmith Felton
Knicks get J-Rich Wroten Sims 39th pick

Buyout Bargnani
Odom and MWP sign vet min
Gasol 1 yr 5 mil MLE

A. Payton-18th/S. Christon-39th/Prigioni

With 60 mil coming the books. Knicks can sign Marc and love LeBron - example of 3 maxed out contracts

Love/king pick/knicks pick

Why would the sixers want two problem players

Because compared to sixers talent, their talent alone excede their troubles. JRSmith troubles are behind him. Felton game has been solid since getting arrested. He actually defenses now!



14 Apr 2014 23:42:47
Hawks Pacers Knicks Rockets

Hawks get Roy Hibbert, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Rockets 1st round pick

Pacers get Jeff Teague, Tyson Chandler

Knicks get Omer Asik, George Hill, Pacers future 1st

Rockets get Paul Milsap

- Hawks get the center they need to pair with Horford, think that it might be better to play Al in 4 position and moving Paul Milsap might not hurt, they lose Teague but they got a first rounder and Iman Shumpert who plays defense and may play PG, use Lou Williams as PG (he did in Philly) and develop Shroeder more
-draft Rodney Hood (SF/PF) and Shabbaz Napier (PG)

Shroeder / Napier / Felton / Williams
Shumpert / Williams / Jenkins
Korver / Hood / Carroll
Horford / Scott / Brand
Hibbert / Noguierra / Antic

- Pacers finally land a pure PG that can generate offense for the team (Jeff Teague) and a championship experienced center to replace the struggling Hibbert (both of them are defensive centers but this will let West had the ball more due to Chandler wants the ball lesser than Hibbert)

Teague / Watson / Sloan
Stephenson / Turner / Butler
George / Copeland / Hill
West / Scola / Allen
Chandler / Mahinmi

- Knicks land a defensive PG to lead them and a more productive center maybe (offensive wise)

Hill / Murry / Prigioni
Hardaway / Smith / Brown
Anthony / MWP (fa)
Stoudemire / Odom (fa) / Martin
Asik / Tyler / Barnagni

- Rockets add an all-star PF who can play alongside Howard

Lin / Beverley / Canaan
Harden / Hamilton
Parsons / Garcia / Casspi
Milsap / Jones
Howard / Powell / Motiejunas

Who is Powell



14 Apr 2014 22:58:38
Lakers melo sign and trade 4y 80m amare

Knicks hill Nash meeks young 2014 1st dp top 5

Lakers sign. love 2015

Lakers can just sign melo this off season. No need for sign and trade when they have cap space

Possibly the worst thing the Lakers can do

^ Can't afford Love with Melo getting that kind of money.



14 Apr 2014 20:09:08
Bos gets Melo, and Josh Smith
NYK gets s&t bradley, olynyk, bass, johnson and bogans along with 2015 celtic pick, 2015 clipper pick, 2017 celtic pick, philly pick and 2 second rounders
Detroit gets green and wallace
boston drafts exum, resigns hump and signs pierce and sefolosha (mini-mid level)


So, Detroit trade one bad contract for two bad contracts? C'mon maaan.

Do you think Sully is going to be happy playing 8 to 10 minutes a night?



14 Apr 2014 20:00:08
Modification of Previous trade:
Boston gets Kevin Love, Kevin Martin and Josh Smith
Minny gets celtics # 4 pick, 2016 pick and 2018 pick, philly pick and 2 second rounders from celtics along with brandon bass, keith bogans, chris johnson, joel anthony and kelly olynyk
Detroit gets gerald wallace, chris babb, brooklyn pick and clipper pick
Boston signs pp, resigns bradley, hump and gives sefolosha mini mid level


Bogans, Johnson, and Anthony are worthless to Minnesota and should not be included in the trade.

To much to pistons. Just green head up/ 2 2s and wallace

Also remove pick from other deal



14 Apr 2014 06:38:03
Boston gets josh smith, Kevin martin and Kevin love
Detroit gets Gerald Wallace, Chris Johnson, Joel Anthony and clipper pick
Minny gets sullinger, Bradley s&t, bass and bogans, bkln pick, 2016 and 2018 pick (Celtics)
Celtics draft exum
Sign pp
Resign hump
Mini mid level sefolosha

No from D. Love, Martin and Smith for nothing? Dream, dream and dream celtic fan.

Unless Boston is including their own 2014 1st round pick, Minnesota passes.

^ how many times can I agree?

Modify the trade with minny to give them olynyk as well. Anything else and minnesota fans are delusional because no one else would offer three picks and two young players who have a great upside



13 Apr 2014 22:03:29
New York Knicks

Need to resign Carmelo Anthony
sign Lamar Odom
sign Ray Allen
sign Ramon Sessions
sign Mickael Pietrus

- I like the idea of Iman Shumpert being a PG
- trade Raymond Felton for a 2nd round pick
- Give more minutes for Hardaway Jr
- cut Barnagni now, they don't need him

I. Shumpert / R. Sessions / P. Prigioni
J. Smith / R. Allen / T. Murry
C. Anthony / T. Hardaway / M. Pietrus
A. Stoudemire / L. Odom / K. Martin
T. Chandler / J. Tyler
- surely will work as one of eastern top teams as Woodson being fired!

With what cap space are you signing all of these players?



13 Apr 2014 19:49:06
Det amare felton 2nd dp

Knicks Smith 2014 1st dp

Amare is a fa after next season so this won't hurt det they want to get rid of Smith

Why would Detroit include their 2014 1st round pick?

Stop making rest of the of knicks fan look bad, if Detroit trades Smith or Monroe they want a SF in return.

Salaries don't match



13 Apr 2014 16:13:36
NOLA get Chandler Copeland 24th
Pacers get Gordon Hardaway
Rockets get R. Anderson 40th
Knicks get Asik G. Hill (S&t) A. Bynum 1yr 3 mil

Pacers now have enough offensive power challenge the heat

Hibbert/Mahinmi/Alex Brown-58th

Rockets get stretch PF they wanted save money next yr

Anderson/Tjones/Isaiah Austin-42nd
Howard/Motiejunas/P. Young-40th

Much tougher defense and athleticism


Knicks finally get defensive PG
Gasol for MLE brown Odom MWP for vet min

JrSmith/Shumpert/S. Brown

Bynum is a free agent - and Houston is not trading Asik and a 1st round pick for that

Asik is worthless compared to Anderson Rockets to have him. 15 mil for and him and Jeremy Jinx is so funny wowzers



13 Apr 2014 08:50:41
Celtics offseason

- draft embiid (4th pick)
- trade green, bass, wallece, anthony, 18th pick, 2016's 1st rounder and 2015's 2nd rounder for j. smith, jerebko and 38th pick
- draft christon (38th pick)
- sign anthony (4-year, 88m)
- resign pressey (2-year, 3m)
- sign sefolosha (4-year, 12m) - MLA
- sign carter (3-year, 10m with player option) - MLA
- match any reasonable offer for bradley - like 4-year, 30m
- resign c. johnson (min. )
- sign hollins (min. )

Rondo - pressey - christon
Bradley - carter
Anthony - sefolosha - johnson
Smith - sullinger
Embiid - olynyk - hollins


Way to much for Josh Smith jerbko and a pick

So, take away 2016's 1st rounder

That is a great team.



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