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Latest Washington Wizards Trade Rumors

10 Aug 2014 23:22:25
2 trades to make the Hornets a true playoff contender

1. Hornets-Wizards

Hornets get Martrell Webster
Get some 3pt shooting on wing

Wizards get Gerald Henderson
Get a perimeter defender and more cap room for 2016 to go after KD

2. Hornets-Bucks

Hornets get Ilyasova
A stretch 4, good fit beside Big Al, more experience

Bucks get Zeller and Hairiston
Get 2 young players with good potential, help rebuild


Good depth and all around game


Wizards won't give up Webster for that. If they want a two year contract for him they can do better than Hendo.

Second trade is a huge overpay by the Hornets. Two good prospects for a questionable contract.




01 Aug 2014 17:44:24

Memphis receives- Andrea Bargnani(exp), Otto Porter Jr., Perry Jones lll and Jeremy Lamb

Memphis trades-Courtney Lee, Tayshaun Prince, Kosta Koufos, 2015 1st rd pick and 2016 2nd via Boston

Porter/Carter/Jones lll
**Allows Memphis to still contend in the west, ship off Prince's expiring deal and gives them cap going into offseason when gasol and Bargnani deals expire. Team also gets young players to give them a future with all the vets they have getting older

Washington receives- Courtney Lee, Quincy Pondexter, Mem 2017 1st rd pick,

Washington trades- Otto Porter jr., Melvin Ely 2016 2nd rd pick (use Trevor Ariza 3.1mil trade exception for pondexter)

Beal/Lee/Rice Jr
**Team wants to win now with lee and pondexter to solidly their bench on the wing. They give up Porter who can still be a very good player in the future. But with pierce next two years with solid bench players they can make the ECF

Oklahoma City receives- Tayshaun Prince, Iman Shumpert, Kosta Koufas

Oklahoma City trades-Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones lll, Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison and 2015 2nd rd pick

**OKC gets needed veteran off bench in prince who could play better in a smaller role, where as KD's backup is a perfect role. A starting SG who can play both ways and could play well off westbrook and durant. Koufas is a quality center who could start or come off bench

New York receives-Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison, Melvin Ely, 2015 2nd rd pick from OKC, 2016 2nd rd pick from WAS and 2016 2nd rd pick via Boston

New York trades- Andrea Bargnani, Iman Shumpert

Hardaway Jr/Smith/Ellington
**NYK gets 1 year deals and get rid of Bargnani to a team what will make the playoffs, Perkins doesn't make much of a difference but since the kicks couldn't get a first for shumpert before draft they settle for 3 2nds and just look forward to 2015 offseason (just cut Ely or something)





01 Aug 2014 05:37:31
Early Prediction for East and West



I think Mavs will make it


Mavs will make it and so will the nuggets. pelicans and suns most likely not.




28 Jul 2014 00:02:48
If KD really wants to go to Washington.


Thunder get Beal, Pierce, Gortat
Waive Thabeet (non-guarenteed)

Wizards get Durant, Perkins, Lamb
Lamb/Webster/Rice jr

Unrealistic trade, but hey I think both teams improve


No they don't!

OKC becomes much worse in this deal.

SAS Champs 2014

But they get a better starting SG, downgrade at SF, and upgrade at Center


Lol. u included Jeremy Lamb to Washington like Durant by himself wasn't enough


Washington has nothing worth Durant.




27 Jul 2014 21:41:43

- key additions: Gasol, Mirotic, McDermott, last year developments of Gibson and Snell

- championship roster, clear #1 in eastern conference (before Wizards, Heat, Cavs, Nets and Raptors)

- before next season resign Butler 4y 30m, Dunleavy 1y 2m, Brooks 2y 5m

- McDermott and Snell will have good rookie/sophiemore seasons to become starter at SF / main back-up at SG



- in 2016 resign Noah
- in 2017 huge cap space (Rose, Gibson, Gasol) to continue championship run




26 Jul 2014 19:42:31
Wolves trade: Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, and Dante Cunningham
Wolves get: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Otto Porter, Dallas 1st

Wizards trade: Otto Porter and Kevin Sepharin
Wizards get: SnT Shawn Marion, Jae Crowder and Dallas 1st

Mavs trade: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Jae crowder, SnT Shawn Marion, and 2 first rd picks
Mavs get: Ricky Rubio, SnT Dante Cunningham, Kevin Martin, and Kevin Sepharin

LaVine / Barea / Mekel
Martin / Shved / Robinson
Brewer / Porter / Moute
Love / Wright
Pekovic / Dieng / Turiaf

Rebuilding mode. Rubio wants max and I don't see the willing to do so. Mekel and Porter are young prospects.

Wall / Miller
Beal / Rice
Pierce / Crowder / Webster
Nene / Marion / Humphries
Gortat / Blair

Add some depth and veteran Marion for defense on guys like Melo, George and Lebron.

Rubio / Harris / Nelson
Ellis / Martin / Ledo
Parsons / Jefferson / Aminu
Nowitzki / Cunningham / Smith
Chandler / Sepharin / James

I'd put this Mavs team atop the west possibly. You got Rubio with shooters everywhere. Solid depth and great coaching. I would not want to play this team come playoff time. They remind me of that 2011 championship team




19 Jul 2014 15:22:56
Nets Wizards Pistons trade

Nets get Nene, Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings

Wizards get Kevin Garnett, Marques Teague, Luigi Datome and a 2nd from the bucks

Pistons get Deron Williams, Mirza Teletovic, Martell Webster and a 2nd from the bucks

Starting lineups

Jennings, Johnson, Smith, Nene and Lopez

Wall, Beal, Pierce, Garnett and Gortat

Williams, Meeks, Webster, Monroe and Drummond

The Nets change some faces around to have a fresh start in Brooklyn with Hollins as the new head coach.

The Wizards get Garnett to join Pierce and make a run at the title. Even if Garnett is old and can't play a lot of minutes, they wizards acquired Humphries and Blair so far this off-season.

The Pistons get rid of Smith and Jennings who weren't really getting the job done in the motor city. SVG gets a new starting pg in Williams that can hopefully lead the team to a winning season. Plus they get scoring off the bench with Teletovic.




17 Jul 2014 01:03:52
just read this trade rumor below, but here bit more explained

Wizards use trade expception

Hornets trade Henderson

Hornets get get space to sign Boozer from amnesty list (to win bidding for him)

- deep roster, elite wing defense, still talent to develop (MKG, Walker, Zeller, Stephenson, Hairston, Biyombo)!!
- can reach top4 in eastern conference

- get needed backcourt depth with athletic Henderson who brings scoring from bench
- have top3 quality roster in eastern conference
- Henderson's contract also ends 2016, to give Wizards huge flexibility for Free Agency 2016 . go after another superstar (Durant) and resign Beal


And the rookie Vonleh?




16 Jul 2014 00:14:19
Hornets Wizards trade

Hornets get a future pick plus a trade exception from Ariza trade

Wizards get Henderson

Hornets sign Lance Stephenson and also pick up Boozers contract

Hornets lineup
Walker, Stephenson, MKG, Boozer and Jefferson
with Vonleh as the 6th man

Wizards lineup
Wall, Beal, Pierce, Nene and Gortat
with Henderson and Porter off the bench

Both of these lineups can go finish possibly top 5 in the east




15 Jul 2014 16:58:31
Its rumored that Kevin Durant would consider leaving OKC in 2016 for his hometown Wizards. Presti may be conservative as a GM, but he has shown to willing to make big moves as opposed to losing high value players for nothing (Ray Allen, James Harden, Jeff Green). I could see him pulling the trigger on a KD deal to a team with attractive pieces if absolutely necessary.

I'm a huge Thunder fan and losing KD would be devastating. One of the few deals I would be ok with may be with the Warriors. Getting the MVP caliber small forward comes at a price, but I could see the Warriors doing it just to see Curry and KD on the same team.

Warriors receive:
Kevin Durant
Kendrick Perkins
Perry Jones III
***Obvious reasons for making the move. They get one of the two best players on the planet. The floor spacing with Durant and Curry would be insane. Perk is a serviceable big man and PJ3 has a ton of potential. They do this deal hoping to lock up KD to a longterm deal. They get him for at least 2 years and after filling out their roster, they can contend in the West.

Thunder receive:
Klay Thompson
Andre Iguodala
Andrew Bogut
Draymond Green
Future first(s)
***The Thunder would officially become Russell Westbrook's team. Because of this, they make a move to create a team that works to his strengths. Klay Thompson (along with newly signed Anthony Morrow) create an incredible amount of space for Westbrook. Iggy is a solid vet who could provide strong D on the wing. Bogut is a big upgrade over Perk but won't take too many mins away from Adams. Green is a big upgrade for depth at the 3. The pick(s) would act a sweetener in the deal to provide future stability and assets.

The Lineups.

PG- Curry, Livingston
SG- Barnes/FA
SF- Durant, Barnes
PF- Lee, Speights
C- Perk, Ezeli

PG- Westbrook, Jackson, Telfair
SG- Thompson, Morrow, Lamb, Robeson
SF- Iggy, Green, Heustis
PF- Ibaka, Collison, McGary
C- Bogut, Adams, Thabeet (most likely waived)


Take out green and the future picks to OKC and deal


Barnes can't play the 2.




13 Jul 2014 14:38:15
Now that Pierce has signed with Washington:

Nene for Garnett


Don't think it's a good deal for the Wizards. Nene was an important piece for them in their playoff run and Garnett is pretty much done.


Garnett + m teague


Nene is a starter fringe all star and Garnett is finished and will retire this season or next. No thank you from the Wizards.




13 Jul 2014 05:32:35

Thunder get Morrow.
Knicks get Melo.
Bulls get Gasol (but need to amnesty/trade Boozer).
Rockets get Ariza.
Wizards get Pierce.

Justin Holliday (warriors), Shabazz Muhhamed (TWolves), Otto Porter Jr (Wizards), Gary Harris (Nuggets), Tony Snell (Bulls) shine at NBA Summer League. Justin Holliday (Jrue's brother) and Shane Larkin both hit game-winners.




13 Jul 2014 05:04:51
Wizards sign Paul Pierce WOW did not see that coming


I honestly think that was a good move to get pierce for the wizards to go with them young gaurds and otto porter




11 Jul 2014 15:39:09
Seeing a lot of people saying the Cavs can't get Love without trading Wiggins. Assuming LeBron goes to Cleveland (he may not, but any Love deal is contingent on that), I think Cleveland actually has a really good shot at landing Love without trading Wiggins. Here's why:

Kevin Love said he'd 100% sign long-term with the Cavs if LeBron was there. This is a very similar situation to Carmelo and the Nuggets. Love has all the power. If he wants to go there, which it clearly seems like he would with LeBron, all he has to say is "they're the only team I'll re-sign with." That leaves the Timberwolves at the mercy of Love and the Cavs. Either trade him to the Cavs for something or let him walk for nothing at the end of the season. If the Cavs are smart (unlike the Knicks who had the power and still gutted their whole team for 1 guy when they had the upper hand) they will refuse putting Wiggins in the deal.

I'm neither a Cavs, TWolves or Warriors fan (actually a Knicks/Wizards guy) but I don't see Waiters as a huge downgrade from Klay Thompson. The guy can potentially give you 20 a night and good D in a non-disfunctional setting. TWolves get a young big in Tristin Thompson who I personally am not high on but a lot of people are. Pair that with Anthony Bennett and 2 first round picks and I think that's still way better than Boston's offer and about even with the Warriors. Cleveland could give them 4 first rounders and it wouldn't matter for the Cavs. They'll be loaded. 1sts become early 2nds in their position at the end of the draft and they have no need to add key guys in the draft in the next 5 years.


No Wiggins, no Love. it is really that simple.


Rather keep Love 1 year, than take the contracts of T.Thompson , Benett and Waiters.


Carl006 what a riveting counter argument. Your detailed rebuttal was really insightful. Unfortunately the timberwolves don't have a leg to stand on. Please don't take the trade, let him walk in free agency for nothing and see what that does for your team. If the Cavs are smart they'll call your bluff


^ It's not supposed to be riveting. It is simple. Flip has already said that he won't trade Love to Cleveland without getting Wiggins in return or to Golden State without getting Thompson in return.

Like I said, no Wiggins, no Love.


It's called posturing. He has to say that to give himself any chance of actually getting them. He's just trying to create a bidding war. He can say whatever he wants. Truth is he's not getting Klay Thompson. If he was he'd already have him. He has 0 leverage. It's either Harrison Barnes & David Lee or Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett & Tristin Thompson or nothing. You really think he will take nothing? Minnesota can't attract good FA. Nobody wants to go there. Letting Love go for nothing but cap space will set them back 5 years and they will be the 2010/11 Cavs. Trust me when I tell you he WILL trade Kevin Love for the best offer. I believe Dion Waiters, Tristin Thompson, Anthony Bennett & 2 1sts is a better than Barnes & Lee, Taj Gibson & McDermott (haha I love when Bulls fans think that's a good package), or Kelly Olynyk and . Yeah. If you think he let's him walk for nothing from a franchise in Minnesota where no one wants to willingly go, keep dreaming. Cavs still got best offer without Wiggins




04 Jul 2014 08:04:12
Nuggets get Carmelo Anthony , Jr Smith , Nene

Lawson / Foye / Robinson
Afflalo / Harris
Anthony / Smith
Faried / Hickson
Nene / Nurkic

Knicks Danilo Gallinari , Wilson Chandler , Timofey Mozgov and 1st round pick from Nuggets

Calderon - Larkin
Hardaway - Shumpert
Gallinari - Chandler
Stoudemire - Odom - Early
Mozgov - Dalembert - Bargnani

Wizards get JaVale McGee
sign Blatche and C. Butler

Wall - Miller
Beal - Webster - Rice
Ariza - Butler - Porter
Blatche - Seraphin - Gooden
Gortat - McGee - Booker


Everyone gets their former players back lol


^you got the point bud




04 Jul 2014 03:45:55

76ers trade Wroten, Thad Young
76ers get Porter and Nene, 2nd rd pick

Wizards trade Porter, Nene, Ariza (4yr 40m)
Wizards get Monroe (4yr 60m), Wroten, MKG

Hornets get Ariza (4yr 40m)
Hornets trade MKG, 2 2nd rd picks, Hairiston
Stephenson(4yr 42m)/Neal/Henderson

Pistons trade Monroe (4yr 60m)
Pistons get Thad Young, 2nd rd pick, Hairiston

All teams get what they need/want and improve


Detroit laughs at this deal and hangs up. Four team deals never happen and the 76ers are not giving anything up.




03 Jul 2014 18:06:25
Hornets-Wizards if Ariza wants out

Hornets get Ariza (4yr 41m)
Sign Lance Stephenson 4yr 43m

Wizards get MKG, Hairiston, future 2nd


Ariza isn't worth a young MKG and their pick from this year. Ariza was good this year on a contract year but before that no one barely even heard a whisper from him




02 Jul 2014 11:04:00
What Orlando should do to become a contender by 2016

Current team:

Pg:Payton, Price
Sg:Oladipo, Fournier, Marble, Green
Sf:Harris, Harkless
Pf:Gordon, Nicholson, Maxiell
C:Vucevic, O'Quinn

They have a year to develope, their defence will look better but offence could be in question Payton and oladipo are going to work well on defence but need to improve those 3's? Oladipo went from 30% to 38% after Allstar break let's hope he continues from their. Fournier trade sounds bad but in the 11 games he played 36mins compared to affalo his numbers were better I think he had less assists so he could slot into that hole affalo left coming off the bench. I like the tandem of Harris and Gordon whose offence and defence could compleat each other, Harris can score in multiple ways like a poor mans melo jus needs to become consistent, he's strong enough and quick enough to guard the weaker forward while Gordon takes the other and Gordon is a great athlete who will get points on the drive. Harkless could be a good 6th man he reminds me of Sam Posey. Nicholson I think will be traded he doesn't fit O'quinn took bigger steps and had become a great bencher.
Now Vucevic is a good center but I think for the Magic to contend they should get a franchise center with teams like heat, cavs, wizards having a good center makes it easier as they all struggle against better bigs. With Hornets, sixers, pistons going big it would pay to have a decent big.

They could target Davis, Cousins, Drummond or aim to draft Okafor in next years draft.

But a great Center could help this team compete in the east.

Galaxy Gordon



30 Jun 2014 21:17:50

Washington S&T Trevor Ariza 3yr $24m, 2015 2nd rd pick

Detroit gives Josh Smith


Yes because no more smith




27 Jun 2014 17:05:41

Wizards receive- Monroe, Haywood, and a future 2nd rd pick
Wizards trade- Porter, Rice, and a future 1st rd pick

Kings receive- Josh Smith, Henderson, and Rice
Kings trade- Thompson, Outlaw, Williams, and McLemore

Pistons Receive- Vonleh, Thompson, Outlaw, and McLemore
Pistons Trade- Monroe, KCP, Josh Smith, and a future 2nd rd pick

Hornets Receive- Porter, KCP, Williams, and a future first rd pick
Hornets trade- Vonleh, Henderson, and Haywood

Wizards lineup-
PG- Wall, Miller
SG- Beal, Temple
SF- Ariza, Webster
PF- Nene, Booker
C- Monroe, Haywood

Kings lineup-
PG- Thomas, McCallum
SG- Stauskas, Henderson
SF- Gay, Landry
PF- Smith, Evens
C- Cousins, Gray

Pistons Lineup-
PG- Jennings, Bynum
SG- McLemore, Dinwiddie
SF- Singler, Outlaw
PF- Vonleh, Jerebko
C-Drummond, Harrellson

Hornets Lineup-
PG- Walker, Ridnour
SG-Kidd-Gilchrist, KCP
SF- Porter, Taylor
PF- Zeller, Williams
C- Jefferson, Biyombo

Why The Wizards do it?
Get a young franchise caliber big, while not giving the house for him.

Why the kings do it?
Get rid of some bad contracts while getting smith who would pair well with Cousins. And Henderson could be a really good 6th man for them.

Why the Pistons do it?
Get rid of smith who doesn't fit there team well. And get two young players with up side.

Why the Hornets do it?
Get young talent to help them make a playoff push not only for next season but the future, and a 1st rd pick doesn't hurt.


No from hornets


No from kings


The Kings can take Smith's bad contract without losing McLemore.




25 Jun 2014 16:54:31
Wizards - Nets

Wizards get K Garnett, P Pierce (s&t 1 year 7 million)
Nets get Nene, M Webster, A Miller

Wizards would like Nene's long term deal off the books to resign Ariza and Gortat to long term deals. Makes life easier when Beal needs a raise. Pierce was able to convince Garnett to waive no trade clause to go to a contender and play with all star pg D Williams. Williams ankles failed but John Wall could be used for same type of motivation.

Nets may lose Garnett, Pierce, Livingston, Blatche, and Anderson this off season with no cap room to replace them other then vet min deals. Take a chance on Nene's injury history and get some rotation players along the way.

Good or bad idea?



Not a bad lineup, can make serious them contenders




25 Jun 2014 04:51:55
Wizards Offseason

I realize this is unlikely to happen because basketball players don't see past tomorrow. but I think this would be a shrewd basketball move for everyone involved short-term & long-term

Wizards trade Nene, Otto Porter, 2nd Round Pick
Wizards get Ryan Anderson
Wizards sign Lebron James & re-sign Marcin Gortat

Pelicans trade Ryan Anderson & Jason Smith (S&T 1yr/$3mill)
Pelicans get Nene

Lakers trade 2nd Round Pick
Lakers get Otto Porter, 2nd Round Pick

Wizards get a stretch-4 while creating an extra $4-5 million in cap space to sign Lebron. Although Lebron may never actually sign with the Wizards, I think it's really dumb for him to overlook them. Lebron's future in Miami would be contingent on a mid-30's oft-injured SG on the decline, a 30 year old soft big man who will begin declining within the next 2 years. Lebron will begin a (much slower) decline within the next 2-3 seasons but will still be at an all-star level for pretty much his entire career. If you are Lebron, why would you not place yourself with a team stacked with young talent that has shouldered the load on their own at ages 23 & 20 and who will continue to get better and will be able to shoulder a big burden when you are declining? He would be extending his championship years quite a bit. Maybe money?

I am not actually a Wizards fan, but I lived in DC recently during college and Washington DC has a good owner and is situated between two of the top-10 richest counties in America. The city is quietly undergoing a development boom. It would be a better marketing city than Miami when placed on a level playing field (aka, if neither city had a big 3 and it was just Lebron marketing himself). Miami's "Big 3" is deteriorating quickly while DC's is quickly growing. Add a stretch 4 with great rebounding skills to stretch the floor with Beal when Wall & Lebron penetrate, and it's deadly. Add Gortat as your inside presence and you've got a great, cohesive starting 5.

Why do Pelican's do it? This gets them a legitimate center, enforcer, and experienced leader so they can transition Anthony Davis into a full-time PF role.

Why do Lakers do it? You're getting Otto Porter for free. If the Lakers decide they cannot get Lebron/Carmelo in free agency they need to start rebuilding because the class of 2015 is now a bust with them out of it. Porter didn't do much last year but he still has a ton of potential and the Lakers are giving up virtually nothing to get him. It's a no-brainer for them in my mind.

Let me know what you think.




24 Jun 2014 05:06:30
Washington can offer better than Bulls or Rockets. Melo roots in Baltimore close to DC. Nobody wants Lin and asik, they cost 3x their value and bulls wants to low ball NY. when they knowing they have give up both to land melo for maxed contract Gibson and Boozer off the books while taking on Felton in sign and trade.

Wizards get Melo 5yr 100mil Hardaway
Knicks get Wall Ariza 3yr 21mil Webster


Bargnani Shumpert for Hickson W.Chandler Robinson 41st
Tyler to Suns for 50th-Dwight Powell

50 win season

Lawson/Foye/Jahii Carson-56th


Wizards aren't giving up wall lol.




24 Jun 2014 01:18:27
Knicks will sign carmello Anthony back
Knicks will sign Eric Bledsoe! Bledsoe never was an allstar and did not post up good numbers in season so he will be denied a high salary and will be very cheap to get. If he demands a high salary of max contract then no nba team will sign him at that amount!

Knicks trade Tyson chandler and iman shumpert to wizards for porter and Webster.
Knicks line up
Pg Bledsoe/Felton
Sg Tim hardway/ jr smith
Sf porter/Webster
Pf carmello Anthony
C stoudimire / bargani

Then in 2015 stoudimire and bargani come off books
Sign Kevin love and Lebron James
Starting 5 in 2015
Pg Bledsoe
Sg Tim hardway/jr smith
Sf Lebron James
Pf carmello Anthony
C Kevin love
This team will be the first team in nba history to win every game in the season!


Bledsoe didn't put up good numbers???? suns got where they were because of what bledsoe did when he was healthy




23 Jun 2014 19:20:51
Wizards trade Nene, Ariza(s&t, 3y 20m), Porter
Wizards get T.Young, Rivers

76ers trade T.Young, 2nd round pick 2015 76ers
76ers get E.Gordon, Porter, Aminu

Pelicans trade E.Gordon, Aminu(s&t, 3y 10m), Rivers
Pelicans get Nene, Ariza, 2nd round pick 2015 76ers

- sign Anthony to max contract
- resign Gortat 4y 40m, Booker 3y 12m
- Anthony would play for an immediat contender who not even hit their ceiling Wall(23), Beal(20), Young(25)
- also productive, experienced bench

- E.Gordon is a good fit to MCW who needs a confident shooter next to him
- Porter is a project at SF, Aminu is a talented backup
- draft Embiid with #3 pick and Gordon SF/PF with #10
- within a few years this team could be best defensive team

- get needed frontcourt presence in Nene to pair with Davis for at least 2 years. offensively Davis would not only play C, he also plays PF and Nene C. both are natural PF who can play C.
- Ariza is needed real SF to bring 3&D
- resign Morrow 2y 5m
- trade into 2nd round pick for another SG or SF (or both)




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