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30 Aug 2015 06:38:10
Kings get Marcin Gortat, Bradley Beal, and Kelly Oubre

Wizards get Demarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi

Wizards booster their team adding the best center to lure KD in.

Wall, Durant, and Cousins in the east is scary

As for the Kings they get Beals rights and they get a top 10 center locked in for 3 more years plus a good lookin rookie in Oubre. Possibly add a 1st in?

30 Aug 2015 18:30:14
Sac would need a draft pick as well

27 Aug 2015 16:03:36
DET-WSH simple deal

DET get Martell Webster & 2nd rd pick

WSH get Brandon Jennings

DET get another shooter

WSH get what could finally be a reliable 6th man

28 Aug 2015 01:28:30
Change the second to a first.

28 Aug 2015 13:48:05
No first and no Webster when was the last year he had a good statistical season. The analytics doesn't back up this trade. Its not a good idea to add to the logjam at the SF and SG. He won't see the court. Detroit should wait on Jennings and if they want to trade him do so at the deadline if he proves he is healthy they will get a lot more.

18 Aug 2015 04:06:33
3 Team Trade
Cousins to Wizards
Faried and Beal plus 2 1st rd picks from Washington to Kings
Gortat to Nuggets

*Wall-Cousins reunited, plus they will go for Durant's free agency next season
Coach Karl loves Faried
Nuggets need a Center than a PF, so they could go for Mudiay-Foye- Chandler-Gallinari-Gortat as starting lineup.

18 Aug 2015 12:57:05

19 Aug 2015 16:21:43
No chance that Boogie goes to the Wizards. If anything, Wall comes to the Kings if Rondo bolts in free agency next year.

17 Aug 2015 03:34:49
Washington gets Kevin Durant and Mitch McGary

New York gets Serge Ibaka, Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter, and Steve Novak

OKC gets Carmelo Anthony and Bradley Beal

Pf. M. McGary
Sf. K. Durant
C. Nene
Sg. K. Oubre
Pg. J. Wall
6m. M. Webster

Pf. S. Ibaka
Sf. O. Porter
C. M. Gortat
Sg. A. Afflalo
Pg. J. Calderon
6m. K. Porpinguz

Pf. E. Kanter
Sf. C. Anthony
C. S. Adams
Sg. B. Beal
Pg. R. Westbrook
6m. D. Waiters

17 Aug 2015 06:04:18
This trade says that Carmelo is more valuable than Durant. IMO.

17 Aug 2015 11:54:32
Durant doesn't have full value until he signs new contract and shows.hes healthy (which it looks like.hes doing with team USA)

17 Aug 2015 01:19:07
Lakers trade young sacre
Thunder trade Novak and 2016 second
Wizards trade Webster

Lakers receive Novak Webster thunder second round pick
Thunder receive sacre
Wizards young

10 Aug 2015 17:55:14
This deal is an example of what really happens when there is a disgruntled player. fair market value is never received and the player is usually dealt for basically only salary cap relief in return.

Suns get Nene ($13 mil expiring) and future protected 1st round pick

Wizards get Markeef Morris and PJ Tucker

Again Suns get a lot of salary cap relief. Nene will come in next to Chandler for 1 season and they will have a nice defensive front court. Also let's not confuse PJ Tucker for a player with a lot of upside. He's over 30 years old and averages 9ppg and TJ Warren looked good as a rookie

Wizards do it to receive an upgrade and younger PF. And although PJ Tucker might not have a high ceiling he is a very solid rotational guy for a team ready to win now

11 Aug 2015 00:31:15
Phx says no, only because pj Tucker is their only good defensive wing and Nene isn't worth his contract. Also I don't understand why Washington would want Tucker, they already have three very similar players in dudley, Anderson and Porter.

11 Aug 2015 02:29:18
PJ tucker is a good defensive player and has improved his 3 point shot. I wouldn't trade him when tj warren isn't ready defensively

11 Aug 2015 08:41:14
Humpries, Blair and 2016 1st round pick for Morris?

10 Aug 2015 15:53:43
Wizards Suns Mavs
Wiz: Nene, Dudley, Blair, 2016 first rounder
For: Morris, Goodwin, Powel

Wizards get strech pf with great cotract and two young pieces. They also wanted draft Powell last year.

Suns: Morris, Goodwin
For Dudley, Harris, Blair, 2016 first rounder from Wizards

Suns get rid of Morris and get pick, good strrch four back and third pg and center.

Mavs: Harris, Powell
For: Nene

Mavs get talented bigmen for two solid player

13 Aug 2015 19:01:34
Mavs trade
Feltons 4m expiring
JJ barea 4m y
Camp sign

Pistons trade
Brandon Jennings

Mavs get a proven point guard though hurt this move could make our backcourt lethal OE could break us with injuries
Pistons get a proven back up in barea
4m expiring
Camp invite

10 Aug 2015 12:13:24

WIZARDS get : Markieff Morris & PJ Tucker

SUNS get : Kenneth Faried, DeJuan Blair & Jared Dudley

NUGGETS get : Nene & WIZARDS 2016 1st round pick

WIZARDS gets an upgrade at PF position while also getting a defensive SF to start for them

J. Wall / R. Sessions
B. Beal / G. Neal / A. Anderson
P. Tucker / O. Porter / K. Oubre
M. Morris / D. Gooden
M. Gortat / K. Humphries

SUNS get 2 energetic big men and Jared Dudley back in PHX

B. Knight / A. Goodwin
E. Bledsoe / D. Booker
J. Dudley / T. Warren
K. Faried / M. Teletovic
T. Chandler / A. Len / D. Blair

NUGGETS get expiring deal and a 1st round pick

E. Mudiay / J. Nelson
W. Chandler / R. Foye / G. Harris
D. Gallinari / W. Barton
N. Hilario / J. Hickson
J. Nurkic / J. Lauvergne

07 Aug 2015 12:09:19
Knicks Get: Nene, Martell Webster, Otto Porter Jr, 2 1st Round Picks

Wizards Get: Carmelo Anthony

08 Aug 2015 11:53:31
horible trade

08 Aug 2015 21:20:22
Varejao is an injury waiting to happen. his whole career. Suns say no.

07 Aug 2015 10:29:10
Wizards Get: Boogie, Ben McLemore

Kings Get: Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr, Nene, 2 1st Round Picks

07 Aug 2015 00:24:05

Utah gets Garrett Temple

Washington gets grant jerret

Utah could use some defensive help in the backcourt now that exum tore his acl and could be out for the season.

Washington has a lot of depth in the backcourt and they could use another floorspacing big.

05 Aug 2015 07:04:57
In February if Durant still hasn't agreed to extension with Thunder

Wizards get Kevin Durant (with extension) and Dion Waiters

Pacers get Bradley Beal, Steven Adams, Otto Porter, Cameron Payne, rights to Alex Abrines, and 2017 OKC 1st round pick

Thunder get Paul George, Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, and Kelly Oubre

PF. Nene/ K. Humphries
SF. K. Durant/ A. Anderson
C. M. Gortat/ D. Blair
SG. D. Waiters/ G. Neal
Pg. J. Wall/ R. Session

PF. J. Hill/ M. Turner
SF. O. Porter/ C. Budinger
C. S. Adams/ I. Mahimi
SG. B. Beal/ G. Robinson
Pg. G. Hill/ C. Payne

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary
SF. P. George/ K. Singler
C. E. Kanter/ N. Collison
SG. M. Ellis/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine

05 Aug 2015 13:08:25
Pacers say no.

05 Aug 2015 14:54:33
He likely won't agree to one until free agency

05 Aug 2015 15:26:49
Zero chance this trade ever happens,,and its not because Durant will sign extension, because He is most likely moving on anyway

04 Aug 2015 16:00:05

Celtics trade Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger & 1st round pick
Celtics get Marcin Gortat & Otto Porter Jr

Wizards trade Marcin Gortat, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr & 2 1st round picks
Wizards get Kevin Durant & Steven Adams

Thunder trade Kevin Durant & Steven Adams
Thunder get Bradley Beal, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger & 3 1st round picks


Crowder/Porter Jr





05 Aug 2015 09:41:10
Why would Washington trade beal and porter for someone they can lure in free agency?

03 Aug 2015 15:01:42

Hornets get Webster

Wizards get Landry and Hawes

76ers get Humphries

03 Aug 2015 17:06:57
The Sixers aren't going to make this trade just one body for another. Humphries' contract is slightly less than Landry's. Just spending less isn't what Hinkie's trying to do. If he can get a draft consideration, he'll do it.

03 Aug 2015 19:32:33
Terrible idea. Why would Sixers do that?? They would need a first rounder.

03 Aug 2015 20:35:30
Humpries is a cheaper better player than Landry, that is why they do that trade.

04 Aug 2015 16:42:52
Apparently the Sixers are only looking for guys on their rookie contracts and taking on older players only if they come with draft considerations. So this trade doesn't achieve either of those, which is why there's push back from the Philly fans.

03 Aug 2015 04:13:20

Detroit gets: Webster

Washington gets: Granger, Bullock, Martin

Pistons have to many guaranteed contracts and gets a shooter of the bench in return. Webster have some injury concerns but could be a steal.

Wizards saves 4, 6 million in 2016 and can go after big free agents. Wizards are hoping for Durant to come home.

01 Aug 2015 20:22:42
Pistons Wizards

Pistons get : Martell Webster

Wizards get : Brandon Jennings

30 Jul 2015 07:24:22
Bulls Get: Martell Webster, 2016 Unprotected 1st Round Pick

Wizards Get: Taj Gibson

Bulls Agree Because: They can trade an expendable big for two respectable trade chips, also cut cap

Wizards Agree Because: They flip a dead rotation member along with a 1st that should be worth the upgrade for a legitimate 6th man but more importantly 3rd big off the bench



29 Jul 2015 19:17:55

76ers get Webster and Oubre jr
Get a rookie wing loaded with potential

Wizards get Canaan and OKC's 1st rd pick
Dump salary to make a run for KD next summer

29 Jul 2015 20:51:19
Sixers do that. I'm willing to see if I can get a rebound year out of Webster and although I wasn't a fan of Oubre at the draft, what little I saw of him in summer league was pretty solid. He's got some "ups."

I can live without Canaan and that OKC first rounder.

Done deal. Make it happen.

29 Jul 2015 22:17:08
Sixers say yes.

30 Jul 2015 01:07:03
Sixers do it. More promise of youth mean more hope. Cannon is probably not even going to play. Well at least shouldn't play.

30 Jul 2015 05:32:14
@ TreGib.
Canaan will play but he will stick until the trade deadline and then we will try to move him. but with this trade it would be better bcoz we move on now and allow our youngsters the chance to shine. so I`m with you on this one!

30 Jul 2015 15:14:03
I may be missing something here, but the wizards are under the tax line. they have 13 mil coming off the books in Nene next year. They have another 8-10 million coming off the books with other players. The cap is taking a drastic jump next year. I don't see why the wizards would do this, or need to do this. They should be able to go full out for Durant either way.

30 Jul 2015 16:08:43
That make no sense at all obure will be ere future small forward. Even with a beal extension they would still have enough money. Sixers fans trying to rob other teams again

29 Jul 2015 04:35:41

Lakers get Markeiff

Suns get Nick young, Ryan kelly and Otto porter jr.

Wizards get Sacre and Tucker

Lakers get a 4 that is versatile enough to play the 3. Wizards get a defensive SF that will be a good replacement for pierce while oubre develops. And suns get a young wing in Porter

29 Jul 2015 05:43:17
Idk about it for Suns, it's time for Warren to shine

29 Jul 2015 15:26:17
Lakers don't want another power forward lol

29 Jul 2015 15:57:30
why do lakers need another pf? Brandon Bass is a lowkey baller and they have Randle returning? lol

29 Jul 2015 17:24:00
Morris is very capable of playing the three. Which is what the lakers need unless you guys think Anthony brown can be a starter from day 1

29 Jul 2015 22:10:22
1) Suns do not like dealing with the Lakers 2) Contrary to what they think in LA, no one wants Young. incl PHX. 3) IMO, they move Markieff. but not for this deal.

30 Jul 2015 15:00:04
Why don't Suns like dealing with the lakers? Considering you got three first round picks for a thirty seven year old point guard who barely played for us. Not our fault you traded the pick

29 Jul 2015 00:06:45
Utah Jazz

Utah sign veterans

Carlos Boozer back (can be the mentor of all their young big men, Boozer's great years are with this team)

Jr Smith (additional depth for this young squad, could help Burks and Hayward with the wing scoring)



Utah acquire Martell Webster & Ramon Sessions

Was acquire Trey Burke & Grant Jerrett

Utah Jazz

Pg : D. Exum / R. Sessions / R. Neto
Sg : A. Burks / J. Smith / E. Millsap
Sf : G. Hayward / R. Hood / M. Webster
Pf : D. Favors / C. Boozer / T. Booker
Ce : R. Gobert / T. Lyles

mix of talented young guys and some sort of veterans to make them push for the 8th seed in the West.

29 Jul 2015 08:04:49
Signing boozer makes sense, but signing Jr does not and Washington would say no to that trade.

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