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Latest Washington Wizards Trade Rumors

19 Apr 2014 06:00:22
Washington get D Lee R Anderson W Bynum
Golden State get G Monroe M Gortat M Webster
Detroit get H Barnes E Gordon A Harrington
New Orleans get A Bogut K Singler future Wizards pick

J. Wall / A. Miller / W. Bynum
B. Beal / G. Temple / G. Rice Jr
T. Ariza / O. Porter Jr
D. Lee / R. Anderson / T. Booker
N. Hilario / D. Gooden / K. Seraphin

S. Curry / S. Blake / N. Nedovic
K. Thompson / J. Crawford
A. Igoudala / M. Webster / D. Green
G. Monroe / D. Green / M. Speights
M. Gortat / J. Oneal / F. Ezeli

B. Jennings / P. Siva / FA
E. Gordon / G. Harris (8th)
H. Barnes / K. Caldwell-Pope
J. Smith / A. Harrington / J. Jerebko
A. Drummond / J. Harrelson / FA

J. Holiday / B. Roberts / P. Jackson
T. Evans / A. Rivers / A. Morrow
K. Singler / A. Aminu / D. Miller
A. Davis / J. Smith / A. Aminu
A. Bogut / A. Ajinca / J. Smith



19 Apr 2014 05:31:06
Magic - Suns

Magic get Suns pick, Wizards pick, Channing Frye, Ish Smith

Suns get Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Afflalo

Magic selects Joel Embiid, Tyler Ennis, Zach Lavine, Jerami Grant

Ennis - Smith - Nelson
Oladipo - Lavine
Harris - Grant - Harkless
Frye - Nicholson - Maxiell
Embiid - Oquinn

Dragic - Goodwin - Bledsoe
Bledsoe - Green - Christmas
Afflalo - Tucker - Morris
Morris - Plumlee - Capela (Pacers pick)
Vucevic - Len

As a suns fan I like it

Why is Afflalo in every Magic trade. I think there is a problem with him! Suns say hell no to the trade.

Magic not giving up Vucevic!

This trade is just to disruptive to the Suns chemistry. Suns say hell no!

That's a bad trade for the magic

Suns are not trading it's pick before lottery. Suns have a 1. 8% chance to get one of top three picks. It probably not going to happen, but they will wait and see. If it does happen they will have the 14th pick anyway.

^ You can't do trades until after the playoffs. Since the lottery will be decided during the playoffs, you have nothing to fear.

^Affalo is in every magic trade because they drafted a young sg and can't keep playing affalo and oladipo together and affalo needs to be on a playoff team not a rebuilding one, nothing wrong with him if anything theirs something right with him.

Affalo plays the 3 just fine. Think its more about selling while value is high

This trade will not happen, because both Suns and Magic say no!

I'm surprised the Magic did not ask for Goodwin after the 29 points he Dropped on the Kings. I told you!



15 Apr 2014 17:36:23
New York Washington Detroit New Orleans

NYK get Marcin Gortat (s&t), Brandon Jennings

Washington get Greg Monroe (4yr 50mil), Knicks 1st round pick 2018

Detroit get Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Andrea Barnagni (expiring)

Nola get Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler

Knicks not giving up nearly enough.

Detroit gets two bad contracts and an okay SF for Monroe?

That worked without pistons taking on bargnani



14 Apr 2014 17:19:17
Wizards - Pistons - Thunder - 76ers

Wizards trade M Gortat (s&t), 2015 1st round pick
Wizards receive G Monroe (s&t)

Pistons trade G Monroe (s&t)
Pistons receive P Jones, Wizards 2015 1st round pick, Thunder 2014 1st round pick (via Mavs)

Thunder trade P Jones, K Perkins, 2014 1st round pick (via Mavs), 2014 2nd round pick
Thunder receive M Gortat (s&t)

76ers receive K Perkins, Thunder 2014 2nd round pick

- Wizards want Monroe
- Pistons get 2 1st round picks for Monroe since Smith has no trade value
- Thunder get Gortat who probably wants to play for championship
- 76ers have 30 million (?) on the books for next season and must pay a minimum of 48 million (I think). They take on some "extra" salary they would have to pay anyway but essentially get a free 2nd round pick

Wizards cannot trade their 2015's 1st round pick



11 Apr 2014 15:35:53
Kings - Pistons - Wizards

Kings get Greg Monroe
Pistons get Kings pick, Trevor Ariza
Wizards get J Thompson

Pistons can keep Monroe and sign ariza. They need to make a trade to get rid of smith! Not Monroe!

This is totally true! Sadly, no one wants a guy that jacks up 4 threes a game at 25%, does little else, not a leader and oh yeah. has what, 4 years and like 70 million left? Good luck finding a taker!

Can't do a sign and trade involving a draft pick. The draft is a month before any S&T's.

Cousins monroe beast

The Kings aren't giving up their pick this year.



09 Apr 2014 11:56:12

Timberwolves Get:
-Miles Plumlee
-Channing Frye
-Archie Goodwin
-14th Pick
-25th Pick
-44th Pick
-2015 Lakers 1st Round Pick
-2015 Wizards 1st Round Pick

Suns Get:
-Kevin Love

Sign Carmelo Anthony: 4Yr, 88M
Resign Emeka Okafor: 2Yr, 11M
Resign Eric Bledsoe: 5Yr, 60M
Sign Ryan Hollins: Vet. Min
Sign Anthony Tolliver: Vet. Min
Sign Earl Watson: Vet. Min

Dragic - Smith - Watson
Bledsoe - Green - Christmas
Melo - Morris - Tucker
Love - Morris - Tolliver
Okafor - Len - Hollins

The Suns do not like paying the Luxury Tax, and they are quite a few million away

Any team that pairs up the worst defensive tandem of Love and Melo better have dynomite defenders at PG SG C, bad duo. melo said Rockets or Bulls and would only take pay cut for Knicks.

Bledsoe would bigger offer than 12 mil per season.

LOL! You are funny! The nba is a team sport!

Love can not carry Twolves to playoff. Is it because he not a team player? In addition, he is a rental.

Suns will get him for nothing in 2015. Twolves fans are too greedy, so they will get nothing for Love.

Nash only made 10 mill in his prime, so why should Bledsoe get 12 mil.

Stupid trade. Love not worth all that. And Melo for suns is a very bad idea.



08 Apr 2014 18:53:04
Wizards - Thunder

Wizards get Kendrick Perkins, Perry Jones III, Dallas pick or add the thunder pick as well

Thunder get Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter Jr.

- think Porter will be better backing up the thunder stars under a great trainor

Take out Porter and jones



08 Apr 2014 15:57:22
Suns get Demar Derozan

Raptors get Wizards, Pacers pick, Gerald Green

That's a BIG no from the Toronto Raptors!

As a Suns fan, I say NO. Look at the cost and the production of each before suggesting.

TOR GM would love this trade!

Derozen is averaging 20 ppg and he is less than 25 years old

Delmar needs to stay with toronto



06 Apr 2014 15:11:39

BUCKS receive OKC 1st via Mavs, Wizards 2nd round pick, Kendrick Perkins (expiring)

WIZARDS receive Larry Sanders, Perry Jones III

THUNDER receive Marcin Gortat (sign and trade)

Young (22nd)-Mayo-Delfino
Embiid (1st)-Perkins-Pachulia


Sefolosha-Lamb-Harrison (28th)

Take out Perry Jones from Okc and have them send 2nd rd pick



03 Apr 2014 10:32:57

Pick up team option of I. smith
Trade 2014 1st rounders (minny, washington, indiana and their pick) + 2015's first rounder from LAL + 2016's 1st&2nd rounders + len for bucks' 2014 1st round pick
Draft wiggins
Resign bledsoe - 4 years 50m
Sign monroe - 4 years 50m
Resign tucker - 3 years 10m

Bledsoe / smith
Dragic / green / goodwin
Wiggins / tucker
Morris / frye / morris
Monroe / plumplee


Absolutely way to much given up by the suns

As a suns fan would like it to happen but in reality it won't

@Trade 2014 1st rounders (minny, washington, indiana and their pick) + 2015's first rounder from LAL + 2016's 1st&2nd rounders + len for bucks' 2014 1st round pick

Stupid statement. You don't do that for a unknown player. If it is a great experienced player that would be a different story.

Move up some, but best learn to draft well and have more players to try from.

You are the same guy who keeps repeating this 5 Suns 1st round picks for Bucks pick rant?

6 first and a second plus len for #1 pick a bit much

And u don't have minny's. It's top 14 protected

Suns probably won't get Minnesota's 1st round pick this year.

Suns say no and I mean hell no!



02 Apr 2014 13:53:21

OKC get Larry Sanders, 32nd pick from Philly

MIL get K. Perkins (expiring), Wizards pick, Suns pick, Mavs pick, Pacers pick

PHX get #1 pick from Bucks, Thad Young

PHI get #29 pick from OKC, PJ Tucker

4 team trades are just impossible! I not sure any team would like this! Yes, there are pluses for each team, but negatives too.

The only team that benefits is my Phoenix suns

Suns fan here: Bucks are not trading their first.



02 Apr 2014 13:48:51

SUNS get #1 pick and OJ Mayo

BUCKS get Wizards pick, Suns pick, PJ Tucker and future 2nd rounders from Suns or maybe add the Pacers pick?

SUNS has to take OJ Mayo (maybe trade him for pick or for something?) to select Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins
sign Eric Bledsoe
make a deal for Thaddeus Young, The Pacers pick can be used if not got dealt to bucks.

Proposed Suns Roster

Goran Dragic / Ish Smith / Archie Goodwin
Eric Bledsoe / Gerald Green
Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker / Marcus Morris
Thaddeus Young / Channing Frye
Alex Len / Markeiff Morris / Miles Plumlee

Why would Bucks do this?

Suns do not want Mayo! Remember Beasley. Mayo is a twin brother!



31 Mar 2014 21:13:05
Suns - Wolves - Heat

Suns get Lebron James (s&t)

Wolves get Suns 1st, Wizards 1st, Channing Frye, Eric Bledsoe

Heat get Kevin Love and PJ Tucker

No. Just no. To all of it.

Suns don't need a s&t for james

Lebron. in PHX? Somehow, I don't think that'd ever happen. but, if so, at least the Suns would start getting some calls on the court.



27 Mar 2014 12:01:57
Wizards - Pistons - Pelicans

Wizards trade T Ariza (s&t), 2015 1st round pick
Wizards receive G Monroe

Pistons trade J Smith, G Monroe
Pistons receive E Gordon, R Anderson, Wizards 2015 1st round pick

Pelicans trade E Gordon, R Anderson
Pelicans receive J Smith, T Ariza (s&t)

Forget (s&t) Ariza Wiz would have to give O. Porter Jr But why would wizards want Mornoe, when they traded for equally talent Gortat and having Nene under contract. bad idea for wizards. also leave Pistons without SF.

^ because Josh Smith at small forward is currently working out so well.

Monroe will improve at the 5, the same way Smith will at the 4.

Pelicans don't need or want j smith
better off with r anderson



27 Mar 2014 05:58:10
Pistons - Wizards - Thunder

Pistons trade G Monroe (s&t)
Pistons receive T Ariza (s&t), K Perkins, Thunder 2014 1st round pick

Wizards trade T Ariza (s&t), M Gortat (s&t)
Wizards receive G Monroe (s&t)

Thunder trade K Perkins, 2014 1st round pick
Thunder receive M Gortat

Kind of flawed since Ariza and Gortat are unrestricted free agents. Gortat may want to go to Thunder who have been linked to trying to trade for him, and Ariza may want to go to Detroit where they over pay people like J Smith.

Pistons have cap and can just sign ariza and keep Monroe



15 Mar 2014 23:51:19
bucks get: martell webster and 2016 1st rd pick
wizards get: ersan ilyasova and 2016 2nd rd pick

Ilyasova is playing more efficient lately

webster is doing bad



11 Mar 2014 17:21:37
Suns get Gordon Hayward via sign and trade
Jazz get Gerald Green, Wizards and Pacers pick 2014

Suns can sign Hayward if they need if Jazz do not match. NO need to do a S&T

Gerald Green > Hayward

^ Really, how many teams had Green been on? A few years ago, he was out of the year. His production seems kind of like a fluke to me.



10 Mar 2014 08:01:41
Lakers Offseason Plan

Lakers trade 2014 1st Lottery Pick (Top 5)

Suns trade Eric Bledsoe, Wizards 2014 1st rounder, Suns 2014 1st rounder, & Lakers 2015 1st rounder MAYBE Pacers 2014 1st rounder.

Lakers do this because they need cheap talent and young building blocks for the future. They also get their 1st rounder back. Lakers get FLEXIBILITY with this trade to pull a variety of moves. Lots of talent in this draft, plenty to pick in the 1st round.

EXAMPLE HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION:Lakers trade Pau Gasol (sign and trade) and Suns 1st rounder to Memphis for their 2014 1st rounder.

Lakers fire D'Antoni and Hire Hollins or Stan Van Gundy. Stretch Nash.

Lakers 2014 Roster

Bledsoe/ Farmar
Hood or Grant (SF pick)/Bazemore
Aaron Gordon OR Monroe/Ryan Kelly
Monroe OR Cauley-Stein/Sacre

Lakers use one pick for SF and the other for a Big (PF or C)

Hill, Meeks, and maybe Young leave and get paid elsewhere.

Again, this gives the Lakers flexibility to pull more moves in the future. Lakers compete in 2014 but not a championship TEAM.

2015 Lakers pressure Wolves to trade or Love leaves for nothing. Lakers have many pieces by this time to trade. Lakers acquire Love. Lakers compete for a championship.

2015 Lakers Roster

Hood or Grant

Suns do this if they fear Bledsoe won't be back. Dragic is playing like a star and continues to progress. Realistically, I do not see the Suns getting an All-Star by trading picks like Kevin Love, their best bet is drafting one. Suns finally get their all star with a top 5 draft pick in one of the deepest drafts ever. Suns also do not need all those draft picks.

Suns 2014 Roster


Very competitive roster. Suns can be the sleeper team with this roster. Reminds me off the Blazers right now.

Suns have no fear about whether or not Bledsoe will be back. Bledsoe is a RESTRICTED FREE AGENT.

^even if that were true I would take Exum over Bledsoe. that team is more balanced and better suited to compete

^ not if it means giving up 4st round picks aswell

Now that is a classic Lakers fan. Always way over valuing what they have!

Bledsoe + four 1st round picks for a #5 pick! Suns can get Love for that and more.

3 Picks were listed with the 4th being an option. so what should the Suns do with the picks in your opinion. I doubt the Suns use the picks for themselves. they are looking to package them for a bigger trade. Exum puts the Suns over the top. Bledsoe doesnt. better overall roster. you are getting a Lottery Pick in one of the deepest drafts ever.

To prove our theory wrong: Look at the players you have in the Suns lineup after the trade and the draft.

Only Exum and Lens are top 5 picks. Rest are middle to late or even 2nd round picks. A high pick does not guarantee anything.

Example: we have seen so many dud early lottery picks in the last few years - Wesley Johnson, Beasley, Dion Waiters, Thomas Robinson, Derrick Williams, Vesely and so many more.

Suns plan please tell me when you do get Love and MORE for those picks. just like you guys like to call us. DELUSIONAL. Love would never stay in Phoenix

What will the Suns do with all these picks:
1. Suns can trade up without giving a very good player - giving 3 or 4 picks easily get a top 5 pick, especially when a 2015 Lakers pick is included.
2. They can easily trade away a pick for a future 1st round pick in this great draft.

As for Exum puts the Suns over the top and Bledsoe does not - we don't know that. Bledsoe has shown that he is pretty good. Exum has not and we have seem so many players who were top 5 being duds or even below mediocre.

Classic Lakers fan thinking the other teams exist for them.



09 Mar 2014 15:20:12
Suns offseason

sign Rudy Gay
match any offer to Eric Bledsoe
sign Ramon Sessions

draft day

1. Send Wizards pick and Twolves own pick + Channing Frye and PJ Tucker to Minnesota for Kevin Love

2. Draft Terran Petteway and James Young

more competitive in 2015 season to make love resign


Not enough for love

Where did Phoenix get all of this money from to have Kevin Love, match any offer for Bled, sign Sessions who already showed his money craze when he left the Lakers to go to Charlotte, sign Rudy Gay and if I am right, Dragic has a player option in 2015. what's to say he won't want more money?

Minnesota passes on that trade every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Kevin Love for that? That is funny!

Gay has a big player option in sac. No way is he going to walk away from that money.



09 Mar 2014 15:19:07
Wizards, Bucks, Celtics

Wiz get Green, Wallace, Sanders
Bucks get Gortat on s&t, 2015 2nd rounder
C's get Nene, Porter, Delfino

Wizards do it: Green would be an athletic complement to beal and wall on the wing. Sanders is a trouble maker but might behave under a somewhat established superstar in John Wall. Wallace is a salary dump from Boston and he can still play defense.

Bucks do it: Get rid of team cancer Sanders, who will be replaced by Embiid in the draft, who can learn the game as Gortat starts for now.

Celtics do it: Green isn't part of their future, dump Wallace, gain Porter who hopefully grows into his draft position, Nene to pair with Sully down low, and Delfino to stretch the floor.

Wizards : Wall, Beal, Green, Jordan Hill (fa), Sanders
Bucks: Knight, Mayo, Antetokounmpo, Ilyasova (if embiid develops a good jumper he could play here), Gortat
Celtics: Rondo, Bradley, McDermott (pick 13), Sullinger, Nene



07 Mar 2014 21:14:42
Pistons need a big change and there owner seems willing to pay to make it work. Smith still has value on the right team.
Pistons offseason

Let Stucky, cv walk and Billups retire

Sign lance Stephenson 3-4 years 11 mil per
Sign Jordan Hamilton 3years 3mil per

Draft a sg who can shoot or a big with pick #40

3team trade Detroit Washington Houston
Detroit gets Lin (expiring), Ariza s&t 3 year 6-7mil per
Washington gets Asik, Datome
Houston gets Smith, Bynum, Saraphin

-Washington would look great with a defensive center like Asik I feel this would be a huge win for them.

-Houston has a lineup to compliment Smith and the players to keep his shooting in check. Imagine if smith saved all his energy for defense and slashing to the rim! This would make his contract look like a great deal. Howard and smith are BFF. With with parsons and harden shooting they could use another interior defender.

Detroit lineup

Jennings/Lin (expiring) /Siva
Drummond/ jorts/#40?

-Detroit has the $ and the youth! With Drummond Monroe and Stephenson playing as allstars in the future there futer would be very bright! Ariza would complement this young core with shooting and perimiter D. Jennings might still make it as a Piston but he has a lot to learn but this new team and Lin backing him up would take off a lot of pressure.
Whatever holes are left can be filled in '15 where Detroit has around 10mil in cap when jerebko and Lin expire.

Any thoughts?

Houston passes --- J. Smith is overrated

I'd rather have smith and Bynum the Asik and Lin

Smith and Bynum go to Houston
Asik goes to Washington.



07 Mar 2014 00:43:36
Bucks Trade: Brandon Knight, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Larry Sanders
Bucks Get: Jameer Nelson, Nikola Vucevic, Wizards 1st Round Pick From Suns

Magic Trade: Jameer Nelson, Doron Lamb, Tobias Harris
Magic Get: Brandon Knight, Larry Sanders

Lakers Trade: Pau Gasol (Sign and Trade)
Lakers Get: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Tobias Harris, Emeka Okafor

Suns Trade: Emeka Okafor, Wizards 1st Round Pick
Suns Get: Pau Gasol (Sign and Trade)

Why Bucks - Get a true starting point guard, smilie starting center and a high first round pick

Why Magic - get a young point guard, and an athletic center to pair with victor O. Mo harkless and Andrew N

Why lakers - get two young players for the future to rebuild around

Why suns - get an established post player with championship experience

You put the bucks get Vucevic but didn't put that the magic had to trade him away?

Bucks say no 100 times out of 100.

And the Lakers couldn't get Okafor for Gasol, what makes you think you will get Giannis or Harris for Gasol. Mentally challenged Laker fan.

Gasol and Okafor are free agents and cannot be traded. Both teams have enough cap space in the summer to sign them directly if they want to.

Another unreal Lakers fan. No one is going to give what you are suggesting. Not even one of those players.

And Okafor is a FA so cannot be traded as such. All these teams have the cap space to sign Gasol directly if he is interested.

If bucks do this your adding lakers 1st round pick then

Lakers get two young talents for gasol pffff don't think so. Why would the magic want knight when they could draft a pg in this years draft with way better potential.



20 Feb 2014 22:56:55
Washington gets Deng and Bledsoe and Cavs 1st pick
Cavs get Nene and the Morris Brothers
Suns get Beal and Harrington

Wall/Temple/Rice Jr
Bledsoe (Once gets better)/Miller/Webster



20 Feb 2014 18:18:36
Cavs and Wizards



Ariza and Webster



20 Feb 2014 16:13:53
Washington is reportedly interested in Luol Deng


Washington trades Otto Porter Jr. , Martell Webster, Eric Maynor

Cleveland trades Luol Deng

Washington gets Deng like they want for playoff push

Cleveland acquires some actual assets since Deng won't stay past this year

They won't get rid of Otto in his Rookie Season. He was a lotto pick, they won't trade it for a late 20's small forward with a $14 million expiring contract. As a Cavs fan I would love to see this happen, but it wont.

Wiz prefer Ariza.



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