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18 Jan 2017 01:14:16

WSH get Hassan Whiteside and James Johnson

MIA get Kelly Oubre, Marcin Gortat, 2017 unprotected 1st and 2019 1st round pick

18 Jan 2017 14:34:58
I think Miami can get a better offer.
Washington will propably make the playoffs with Whiteside.
But i like this idea

14 Jan 2017 01:31:43
76ers / Wizards

Wizards get: Okafor and Covington

Sixers get: Porter

Gortat is 32 and Mihimi is 30 and always hurt. Wiz could use some offense out of the center position. Okafor is only 21, and is averaging 11 and 5 in limited minutes. Plus he us under contract for 2 more years. Covington is an excellent wing defender, on a cheap contract, and could help bring Oubre along as the sf.

Porter is a glue guy the sixers could use. he's an excellent shooter, and an above average defender. he's only 23. Down side us that he's a rfa and will demand a payday, but sixers have plenty of salary room for him.

14 Jan 2017 12:04:54
Both players are a good fit in those teams.
Washington should only find a team that would want Mahinmi

14 Jan 2017 13:05:16
No way Wizards give Porter away for that. Like you said he is an excellent shooter, versatile, and only 23. Okafor may be a solid young big man but he doesn't have much trade value around the league. He isn't going to land you a guy like Porter.

14 Jan 2017 13:53:26
Okafor for porter is plenty. They don't need Covington too.

14 Jan 2017 14:23:21
Okafor is not plenty for Porter, it's not close which is the better talent.

14 Jan 2017 14:56:03
Porter is much more vuluable than Okafor in this current climate. Philly fans should stop bugging

14 Jan 2017 18:39:50
Judah: i agree that porter has more value as a player then okafor, but he may be lost for nothing if he's leaves as a rfa at seasons end. Could wiz offer him a max deal to go along with beals huge contract and walls on the way? They would yave oubre and covington at the sf, maybe they could use the 23 million on a position of more need instead of porter. That was a huge part of the thinling behind this idea.

14 Jan 2017 22:19:36
Jvoung, you are the reasonable one. Tre is just a fool on Okafor's value. Also, Covington does not have really any value. Seriously. tre, do you follow the sport?

10pts, 5 rebounds, shoots at 35% from the field. You realize he is literally the worst shooter in the league and he chucks it 10 times a game. If it was any other team, he'd be cut.

15 Jan 2017 05:33:00
Okafor sucks, trade him for cap space, at this point idc. he's a waste and he's just getting into better players minutes i. e. holmes, noel.

09 Jan 2017 20:04:13
Philly moves ---

Near the February deadline, trade Noel and the Lakers pick to Milwaukee for Khris Middleton. Trade Okafor to Washington for their 1st round pick (around 15?) . Off-season, resign Ilyasova. Draft Fultz or Ball with their pick, and Terrence Ferguson at 15.

Embiid/ Holmes
Ilyasova/ Saric
Middleton/ Covington/ Luwawu
Fultz/ Stauskas/ Ferguson
Simmons/ Bayless/ McConnell

09 Jan 2017 20:50:51
First trade, no. Second trade, not worth it.

Especially if they trade Noel. They have to keep a backup big man.

Middleton is worth more than an expiring contract and a mid to late lottery pick.

09 Jan 2017 21:21:10
at this point. Unless I get fair value I'm keep Noel and okafor. We have Noel birds rights so it's an easy resigning for us to have his skills as a back up big. And okafor is so young and costs nothing for us to keep on the roster to further develop.

So I'm keeping them both unless some one actually wants to give fair value. Middleton is hurt so I really don't want him at all. I never really liked him when he was healthy but I can see why people like him too. I personally just don't.

09 Jan 2017 21:47:14
Why do you think you can get even a mid-first-rounder for Okafor if he's not good enough to get on the court for the Sixers?

09 Jan 2017 23:02:51
Philly laughs and hangs up on the first trade, the 7th pick (currently) and Noel who has been proving his defensive value since returning to the lineup.

You want a big for Middleton whos coming off an ACL tear? Okafor + philly pick with top 10 protection for 3 years then converts to 2 2nds. Something like that is Middletons current value.

10 Jan 2017 00:47:47
You don't know wat you're talking about aspie because Middleton doesn't have anything wrong with his knee

10 Jan 2017 02:30:55
Aspie76ersfan First off, it's not an ACL tear it's not even anything to do with his knee. Second off he is 100x more valuable than Noel and that pick. Your trade is terrible, far worse than your garbage team to put it in perspective.

12 Jan 2017 03:44:36
If this happened i think the bucks would get noel and 2 1st rd picks and a 2nd rd pick

16 Jan 2017 23:41:36
Bucks- how about that "garbage" team taking your boys to school today?

09 Jan 2017 16:41:10
Kings Beal lopez

Wizards Cousins

Nets Gortat mclemore 1st from wizards

Then kings trade gay to okc for Payne and 2nd round dp

09 Jan 2017 20:04:30
Not enough for boogie

08 Jan 2017 04:51:15
Bulls trade wizards

Bulls get John wall and Andrew Nicholson

Wizards get rondo, valentine, gibson, portis, and bulls 1rst round 2017 and another future 1rst round

07 Jan 2017 02:31:59
Wizards - T Wolves - Kings

W send: John wall, 2017 2nd
W get: kris Dunn, Rudy Gay, WCS, Twolves 2017 1st

T W send: kris Dunn, Ricky Rubio, shabazz Muhammad, 2017 1st, 2017 2nd
T W get: John wall, Darren collison

K send: Rudy Gay, WCS, Darren collison
K get: Ricky Rubio, shabazz Muhammad, T Wolves 2017 2nd, Wizards 2017 2nd

Seems pretty fair return for wiz, and maybe the Kings could get a future 1st from the wolves if this isn't enough but it doesn't seem like the Kings are too attached to any of those 3 players.

07 Jan 2017 06:11:49
Not an awful return for the Wizards but I wouldn't do it if I were them especially with the team's improvement over last few weeks. The Twolves have been surprisingly bad so their pick projects to be pretty good but when they gain Wall one has to assume they'd win more games. Dunn has been a bit underwhelming thus far and is already 22 so I'm not as high on him as people were initially.

Kings part is alright.

07 Jan 2017 00:29:17

WSH get Paul Millsap

ATL get Markieff Morris and Kelly Oubre + protected 1st

07 Jan 2017 06:33:22
I don't think it makes sense mediocre teams to give up assets for expiring contracts who they have no guarantee will resign. With Millsap I don't think Wizards season drastically changes so they might as well just wait and try and sign him in the offseason. For a team like the Raptors who are already pretty good, Millsap could put them over the top so I could understand giving up assets for him since he'd give them a much better shot at knocking Cleveland off and a title.

02 Jan 2017 10:01:34
receive: J Wall+ D cousins
trade: Drummond+ Jackson+ S Johnson+ 1rnd pick 17

receive: Jackson+ S Johnson
trade: D Cousins

trade: J Wall
receive: Drummond+ 1rnd pick 17 Detroit.

02 Jan 2017 01:06:40
Wizards and Clippers trade

Wizards get - Griffin and Redick

Clippers get - Beal, Morris, and Oubre Jr


Ourbe Jr

01 Jan 2017 23:25:37

Was: K Lowry+Valanciunas

Sac: Derozan+ Porter

Tor: D cousins+ J Wall

C: Valanciunas
PF: Morris
SF: Oubre
SG: Beal
PG: Lowry

C: WC Stein
PF: Labissiere
Pg: Collison

C:D Cousins
SF: T Ross
SG: Powell
PG: J Wall.

02 Jan 2017 02:02:24
I don't think its the direction Toronto should go but with Lowry an upcoming FA I could see them possibly going this route. It may hurt them in short term but it improves their prospects in longer term.

I think Kings would be fine getting just Derozan and that Wizards should keep porter since Lowry is an upcoming FA and Wizards may not be too keen adding another center with Gortat playing well and they just shelled out big bucks to Mahinmi. Wizards may need more since I don't like chances Lowry resigns there based off that roster.

06 Jan 2017 05:30:34
Horrible trade away your heart for an ass lol bad trade wall is great but Lowry is better as of late and cousins the ass who can play but can't be coached Raptors hang up Lowry and DeRozan are untouchable this year Raptors will retire Lowry and DeRozan number and hopefully Joesph will learn to shoot by that time and I would love to see Wright play more minutes kid got great length and skill.

31 Dec 2016 10:45:45
Cle: J Wall+ D Cousins+ R Gay

Sac: K Love+ Porter

Was: K Irving.

31 Dec 2016 13:36:35
Why would Washington and Sacramento do that? Terrible.

01 Jan 2017 03:00:13
I understand Washington doing it but not Sac. Love and Porter seem more win now players and Sac wants the rebuild I believe so they need younger talent and could get it from someone else.

31 Dec 2016 01:37:17
Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers:

■ Blazers→ 76ers
2G: Craig McCollum 6'3
**: Portland/ 2018-1st Round Protd/ #1-#10

■ 76ers→ Blazers
*C: Nerlen Noel 6'11
**: LA Lakers/ 2017-1st Round Protected

NOTE: Tough getting trade value for Natural
Center-5: Portland gets a Defensive
Rim Protector w/ capabilities of
guarding PF/ Stretch-4; 76ers get a
off guard perfect for PG-Ben Simmons
backcourt partner, proven shooter
with ball handling skills to help
keep pressure off Simmons while
playing together, and move to PG
duties when Ben is resting;Good
outside shooter:Portland gets another
guard w/ LAL-76ers Draft Pick @ #4-#9

NOTE: 76ers 2017 NBA Draft Selection #1-#3;
#1-Lonzo Ball/ G-UCLA
#2-M. Fultz/ G-Washington
#3-J. Jackson/ SW-Kansas

76ers ☆★☆ 2017-2018:
*G: C. McCollum/ 6'3
*G: L. Ball/ 6'6;M. Fultz/ 6'4;J. Jackson/ 6'8
*C: J. Embiid/ 7'1
*F: B. Simmons/ 6'10
*F: D. Saric/ 6'10

RS: R. Holmes/ 6'10
RS: J. Okafor/ 6'11
RS: N. Staukus/ 6'6.

31 Dec 2016 09:47:23
I'd be surprised if Noel and Lakers pick got you McCollum let alone wanting Portland to give up a pick as well. McCollum would be a perfect fit with 76ers as a young perimeter scoring threat that is natural playing off the ball. Portland has no reason to part with him (he just signed a new contract) so if 76ers wanted him they'd have to overpay a little bit especially if a majority of their value would be through draft picks that Portland at the stage they are at wouldn't really want (3rd team can always be brought in) .

31 Dec 2016 16:20:53
You have the right players going to the right teams here, but PHI needs to add more value than this. You know why McCollum fits PHI, and his new longterm deal fits as well. POR desperately needs rim protection, and they won't have cap space, so Noel's Bird rights actually have value. The problem is that Noel is not on his good next deal, and really all POR gets for those rights is the ability to match the highest, overpaid offer from one of the 20 teams with cap space. Add in Noel's injury and character risk (don't rent to that guy! ), and you need to offer POR more than that.

Good idea, and I think you are 80% of the way to a really nice trade. Good job, PHILLY.

31 Dec 2016 17:21:32
I think this trade makes sense. I personally don't like McCollum so I'd pass but value wise it makes sense.

31 Dec 2016 22:12:05
You don't like him because he is good. Stick with 4 big men. Getting you real far. Okafor. Balls. Noel. Balls. Sixers. Balls. Who wants a proven talent with McCollum when you have so many big men and not so many wins!

02 Jan 2017 06:42:58
That deal sucks for Portland.

02 Jan 2017 06:44:17
Try this deal . Okafor or Noel for Michael Kidd Gilgrest .

30 Dec 2016 18:28:36

Jazz get John Wall and Marcus Thornton

Wall/ Hill/ Mack
Hood/ Thornton
Hayward/ Johnson/ Ingles
Favors/ Lyles/ Bolomboy
Gobert/ Diaw/ Withey

Wizards get Dante Exum, Alec Burks, Raul Neto, 2017 Jazz 1st, 2018 Thunder 1st, and 2021 own 2nd returned

Exum/ Burke/ Neto
Beal/ Burks/ McClellan
Porter/ Satoransky/ Oubre
Morris/ Smith/ Nicholson
Gortat/ Mahinmi/ Ochefu.

31 Dec 2016 01:21:59
I think Jazz can make it happen but they'd have to include Favors or Lyles too for starters maybe throw in their 2019 pick. With Hill playing at such a high level I'm not sure how willing they would be to make this deal this season (although Hill and Wall could potentially play together) since they wouldn't be able to get fair value for Hill who is an upcoming FA.

31 Dec 2016 03:14:22
ochefu is a small forward XD.

30 Dec 2016 10:56:33

receive: Mahinmi+ B Knight+Portis+ return 1rnd pick 18+ 1rnd pick 2021+ 1rnd pick Phoe 2017
trade: H Whiteside+ Dragic

Receive: Dragic
trade: Rondo+ Portis

receive: J Wall+ Rondo
trade: B Knight+ Beldsoe+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018 and 2021+ 1rnd pick Phoe 2017

trade: J Wall
receive: Whiteside+ Bledsoe

Miami will have two lottery picks in the 2017 draft (little chance Phoenix would make the playoffs) and they can start rebuilding.

Chicago receive a good Pointguard, only giving up Portis

Phoe has a great young core, J Wall, Booker, Chriss, Lenn, Warren, Bender and they have the capspace to sign a great free agent.

Washington loses a great pointguard, but this isn't a bad return.

30 Dec 2016 14:25:52
PHX says no. if they were one guy away from winning consistently, maybe. but they are not and need those draft picks. Moving Knight. yes. Bledsoe? Sure. but, IMO, the Suns want to hang onto those picks. Rondo even as a rental? No thanks.

31 Dec 2016 06:53:07
Agree with Phxfan.

29 Dec 2016 20:44:01
A few trades to get a balanced, competetive team in Philly.

Wizards get:Okafor or Noel and Stauskas
Sixers get: Porter

Blazers get: Noel or Okafor, Lakers #1 (currently at 7), and Bayless
Sixers get McCollum

Draft: Fultz or Smith

C: Embiid/ Holmes
PF:Saric/ Illyosova
SF:Porter/ Covington/ Hederson
Sg:McCollum/ Fultz/ korkmaz
Pg:Simmons/ Fultz/ Rodriguez.

29 Dec 2016 22:22:14
I'll pass on McCollum for that price.

Porter is interesting but he can't shoot. Not sure how he would fit with this team and Simmons.

30 Dec 2016 00:29:15
Porter is a 43% three point shooter this year, 37% for his career. He's not a shooter?!?

And Portland passes on that package for McCollum. Noel and Okafor look more and more like backup big every day, the lakers pick is ok, and Bayless is another backup. Nothing to get a borderline all star.

30 Dec 2016 04:03:49
Tre, either you love just having the 1st pick every year and being an awful team or you really don't get basketball. Simple as that.

30 Dec 2016 08:55:08
I wouldn't even say the blazers would be reluctant to give CJ up considering he is a young borderline all star who is imporving greatly and has great chemistry with lillard.

30 Dec 2016 17:23:45
Yeah I'm a blazer fan and I would take that look for CJ as much as I like him.

29 Dec 2016 19:04:30
Sixers get John Wall

Wizards get 2017 unprotected 1st, Nerlens Noel, Sergio Rodriguez (exp), and Ersan Ilyasova (exp)

29 Dec 2016 20:08:58
Man Sixers fans really value Noel (an upcoming RFA who will get overpaid and is injury prone) as a damn superstar LOL.

29 Dec 2016 20:14:15
Sixers would have to say yes to that. It's going to take

Philly pick, laker star pick, Noel, and possibly saric.

29 Dec 2016 20:47:51
If Noel was interested in Washington, the Wizards would know and just wait til after the season and sign him.
And if they do, they would have two angry centers on their hands because Gortat is always ticked about something.

29 Dec 2016 20:55:51
Yea Philly should include saric instead of Ersan.

29 Dec 2016 20:57:30
Pf. Okafor
Sf. Simmons
C. Embiid
Sg. Henderson
Pg. Wall

That's a top 4 east team next year and a contender in 3 years.

29 Dec 2016 23:53:48

And why wouldn't philly match?

30 Dec 2016 04:05:40
Because you don't have him in the rotation but you'd match 15 millions plus a year? Is that a serious question?

FYI. the addition of wall doesn't and a rookie in Ben Simmons doesn't make you go from the worst team in the league to top 4. Get real.

30 Dec 2016 07:18:28
Tre - PHI would be cutting their own throat to match.

Noel isn't going to accept a median deal - he's going to accept the highest deal that anybteam offers. Sure PHI could match, but you can't trade him now. He now costs more than all the other teams were willing to pay except one, and the cba prevents you from trading to that team for one year. The other teams aren't going to trade for noel on a deal they consider overpaid, let alone give you an asset for him.

30 Dec 2016 08:56:52
FFS Wall is a top 5 point guard the wizards aren't giving him up for phillie's Trump.

29 Dec 2016 18:27:14

Philly: D Cousins+ J Wall+ N Powell

Was: Embiid+ d caroll

Sac: Okafor+ 1rnd pick LA+ 1rnd pick Clippers
+return swap 17+ 1rnd pcik Philly 17+return 1 rnd pick 19

Tor: Noel+ McLemore

Philly sings K Durant or G Hayward

C: Cousins
PF: Simmons
SF: Saric
SG: Hayward
PG: J Wall
Sixth: Powell.

29 Dec 2016 20:15:07
Ehhh. I mean it's hard to say no to cousins and wall. But it's not happening.

29 Dec 2016 16:52:50

Sac: J Wall+ Mahinmi
Was:WC Stein+McLemore+Gay+Labissiere+Tolliver+1rnd pick Sac 17

Washingon's draft pick would fall in the top three, so they can draft Fulz or Ball and they would have enough capspace to sign a few good free agents

C: WC Stein/ gortat
PF: Morris/ Labisierre
SF:Porter/ Oubre
SG: Beal
PG: Ball.

29 Dec 2016 17:22:13
The problem is that free agents do not want to sign with bad teams.

29 Dec 2016 18:10:07
That's why i say good and not top free agents :-)

29 Dec 2016 04:07:29
Wizards get O'Quinn Pekovic Rose Hill 2 NY 1st OKC 1ST Wolves lotto protect 1st
Wolves get Noah Thomas
OKC get Wall Melo
Knicks get Westbrook Mahinmi Gortat Singler

Wizards clear cap space stack up on picks build around Beal and Porter
OKC get 2 superstar for best player Melo get a real chance at a title accepts trade
Wolves get great leader and quality experience.
Knicks get best player

Won't happen but fair trade

Rose/ Burke/ Thornton
Beal/ Satorsky/ McCellan
Porter/ Oubre/ Ochefu
Morris/ Nicholson/ House
O'Quinn/ Smith/ Hill

Wall/ Payne/ Christon
Oladipo/ Morrow/ Abrines
Melo/ Grant/ Huertis
Sabonis/ Roberson/ Collison
Adams/ Kanter/ Lauvergne

Rubio/ Jones/ Lucas
Lavine/ Dunn/ Vujacic
Wiggens/ Muhammed/ Rush
Towns/ Payne/ Bjelica
Noah/ Dieng/ Aldrich

Westbrook/ Jennings/ Randle
Lee/ Holiday/ Baker
Singler/ Kuzminskas/ Thomas
Porzingis/ Hernangomez/ Ndour
Gortat/ Plumlee/ Mahinmi.

29 Dec 2016 15:08:58
"Fair? " Noah's four year deal is the worst contract in the NBA, and you have the Wolves giving up a lotto-protected 1st for it! Pek's deal comes of the books for them on 1/ 31, including the cap hold.

29 Dec 2016 21:37:29
Shrink u under value Noah leadership which clearly wolves don't have. Young talent needs a great coach and great leader. In that purpose if plays 60-72 games per season avg 32 min over the next 3 yr. He played his role. You can even sub Hill for Aldrich. If u prefer u can sub Mahinmi or Gortat for Noah. But I think wolves still take Noah.

29 Dec 2016 22:44:29
Wizards get Rose Quinn 2 1st NY 1 1st OKC
OKC get Wall Melo
Knicks get Westbrook Singler Mahinmi

Westbrook/ Jennings/ Randle
Lee/ Holiday/ Baker
Singler/ Kuzminskas/ Thomas
Porzingis/ Hernangomez/ Ndour
Noah/ Plumlee/ Mahinmi.

29 Dec 2016 22:56:08
Shizzee, we already know the price Thibs will pay for Noah and his leadership. Last summer, he was willing to give him only two guaranteed years. NYK gave him four, so that's already worse, and on top of that Noah's play has made his value even worse than that.

Thibs is not going to suddenly want Noah on a 4 year deal after seeing him this year - he wouldn't take the deal for nothing, let alone add a pick! And Pek's deal will come off the books 1/ 21, so it will only cost Taylor less than $4 mil, with no cap hold.

30 Dec 2016 04:10:31
Shrink. It's a terrible contract. I think crabbe is worse lol

I do think thibs would trade for him. Or some team would. But I don't think the Knicks can expect anything more than an expiring contract if lucky. This trade proposal is moronic. And that's coming from a Knicks fan.

Although. Westbrook and porzingis would be AWESOME to watch.

28 Dec 2016 09:14:26

Indy: Booker+ Bender+ 1rnd pick Phoe 17 and 19

Was: B Knight+ chriss+ Len+Warren+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018+ 2021

Phoe: P george+ Wall.

28 Dec 2016 14:04:59
Laughing here. so, PHX gives up 6 guys plus much of their drafting future for 2 guys who can't even get their current teams past the first round of the playoffs typically? No one should gut their team for this kind of deal. not even the Suns.

28 Dec 2016 15:43:21
Agree with PHXfan. its not that those guys are not worth it the suns would be left with no young talented players!

28 Dec 2016 17:36:16
While I don't think this is the direction that PHX should go, I don't have a problem with value from the Suns end. Pairing two vet stars would instantly make PHX a top 8 team. The NBA runs on star talent . Good players or prospects are worth a whole lot less than esrablished star players.

29 Dec 2016 05:43:41
Suns giving way, way to much!

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