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27 Jun 2016 03:36:00
Goin out on a limb here.


Wiz sends- John Wall and a 2nd rounder
Rockets send- James Harden

This is all about scheme, the Rockets with D'antoni need speed on offense, and that offense would be elite with a missle at point. Harden has a tendency to slow down the offense, and while he demands the ball in the half court, he's doesn't bring it up off the inbound. Surrounding Wall with shooters would be the priority along with finding mobile rim protection, but the potential would be there for an offensive blitz. The Rockets could do the Beverly for Meeks deal mentioned on here before, sign mid tier free agents like Noah and Eric Gordon have a really solid line up going forward.

Harden would be ideal for Brook's heavy iso scheme, and would fit better with Washington's attempts to control the paint. I think Harden would be seen in the media as an upgrade but Wilbon has said often that other GMs don't rate Harden quite as high because they see the difficult position he puts his teammates in. Trading for Harden will also allow Washington to let Beal walk instead over paying him for the max and try to find upgrades for other parts of the roster. They'd have a lot flexibility in FA, could go a lot of different directions.

27 Jun 2016 18:36:25
Wall has more value then harden I'd think.

27 Jun 2016 19:58:46
I agree with the logic behind the scheme swap, but Washington can't run Harden and Beal as a backcourt, can they?

27 Jun 2016 01:23:34
Wizards OffSeason:

Re-sign: B. Beal, J. Dudley, G. Neal, M. Thornton, D. Gooden

Sign: C. Parsons, B. Jennings, R. Hibbert, T. Jones.

26 Jun 2016 09:02:12
#1▶76ers / Utah

C: J. Okafor
3F: R. Covington
**: 2017 2nd Round
**: 2018 2nd Round (1st Highest of 3)

3F: G. Hayward

PG: G. Hill
2G: A. Burke
C: J. Okafor
3F: R. Covington
PF: D. Favor

#2▶76ers / Bulls

C: N. Noel
2G: N. Staukus
3F: J. Grant
PF: D. Saric (Rights)
**: 2017-LAL 1st #1-#3/ Protected

2G: J. Butler

■ Bulls in Rebuilding Mode; Noah, Gasol, &
Rose→ All Gone;

76ers★ 2016-2017
PG: I. Smith/ T. McConnell
2G: J. Butler/ T. Luwawu
C: J. Embiid/ D. Powell
3F: G. Hayward/ T. Luwawu
PF: B. Simmons/ R. Holmes/ C. Landry

NOTE: 76ers Resign PG-Ish Smith to help
assist B. Simmons with guard duties
on offense in 2016; In 2017, Ish
Smith becomes 76ers back'up PG;

NOTE: B. Simmons playing Point-Forward on
76ers Offense, makes L. Ball of UCLA
a perfect fit @ PG in 2017 Draft

NOTE: 76ers Sign Dallas C-6'10" D. Powell
@ 4-Years $25M

NOTE: 76ers Round Out Team in 2017-2018;
Draft PG, and Sign UFA Reserves to
Strengthen Bench;

■ 76ers 2017 Draft;1 Lottery Pick (SAC)

PG: L. Ball/ 6'6" UCLA
PG: M. Fultz/ 6'5" Washington
PG: D. Fox/ 6'3" Kentucky
PG: F. Ntilikina/ 6'5" France-International
PG: D. Smith/ 6'3" N. C. State.

26 Jun 2016 14:15:23
No from Jazz, Hayward worth more than that.

26 Jun 2016 14:26:48
Did Rudy Gobert go back to france?

26 Jun 2016 15:19:45
Why would Utah want okafor? Gobert is considerably better than okafor.

26 Jun 2016 15:28:07
Gobert is considerably better defensively****.

26 Jun 2016 16:07:34
So, SOB, do you think Okafor is better than Gobert?

26 Jun 2016 16:22:17
Ok, redefine that: gobert has CONSIDERABLY more value than okafor and contributes more to winning than okafor ever will. So, he's a considerably better center than okafor.

An elite defensive center beats an elite scoring center (which I'm not sold that okafor is yet) .

26 Jun 2016 19:52:47
Benmiller. Spot. On.

26 Jun 2016 21:03:26
Utah needs scoring on frontline; R. Gobert, good defense, so good he lead the Jazz in block shots during playoffs;

■ Did Jazz make playoffs this season?
Who's scoring points in the paint
for Utah, outside PF-D. Favors? Utah
needs scoring down low in the West
Conference▶ Utah need to focus on
the defensive play from there
Guards and Wings; Put Gobert on
Cleveland, San Antonio, GSW, or a
Indiana team, his presence would be
valuable to a title run;▶With
a Utah team, No! They need pieces,
and I rather have a Center giving
me 17-20ppg/ 8-9rpg than a
starting Center @ 2 blocks, and
averaging 10-11 boards for a non-
playoff team in the West;

▶Utah guards always get
tough pressure up top on offense,
because there's no scoring threat
down low; Favors is the only choice
giving them 15-16ppg, along with
his 4 fouls pg

■ Amazes me how people post up about
how these Rookies and 2-Year
players will NEVER develop their
games over their careers; So if
Okafor defense is suspect now,
NBA teams/ coaches are not capable
of making him, or other young
players any better on Defense; Not
to say they'll be selected All D
Teams during their careers, but how
can anyone think a Rookie or 2nd
year player cannot become a better
outside or mid-range shooter,
better rebounder, or even a better
defensive player; Players 19,20 and
21 years old starting in the NBA
right now, will get much better at
some of their present weaknesses;

▶Take my chances/ future with Okafor
scoring 18-20ppg 10 boards and
the coaching staff
improving his defense @ 20 years
old, than Gobert @ 8-9 points, 10
rebs/ 2 blocks, 5 years older;Gobert
played about 60 games in 2015-2016;
Does that label Gobert injury prone
for the remainder of his career;
NO, Just like Ja Okafor can't be
labeled as a career non-defensive
performing center after one year

▶Guess B. Simmons/ 76ers mid-range
shot will never improve, even
though he and the coaches are
working towards his improvement

■ How many all star teams G. Hayward
been selected too, or how many times
did he make any All-NBA Teams? Is
Hayward an Olympic selection: ▶
Don't Go There thinking Hayward is
a player worthy of giving up the
house for him; Utah know's Hayward
will depart in Free Agency in 2017,
why not get a young scorer down
low to compete in the West:
■ Okafor, D. Favors, Gobert be a nice
frontline rotation; Ask the Utah
guards who they rather throw the
ball down low to, then set up for
the open look: Gobert or Okafor?

■ When your Defense can't put you
into the Playoffs each year, It's
time to add some Offense:

27 Jun 2016 00:35:04
I agree gobert is obviously more valuable, but Utah isn't winning a ton of games.

27 Jun 2016 00:53:01
Utah was decimated by injuries, is really young, and almost made the playoffs. They have a great core to build on. Also, favors is their big that can score.

27 Jun 2016 02:42:22
D. Favors Utah's main scorer; Okay, see how many playoffs the Jazz will make with Favors as their main scoring option up front;

▶Like D. Favor as a 3rd option, but he needs that young or veteran dawg with him in the trenches on offense, which helps the Jazz guards (Utah Guards-No All Star Candidates) who need as much help as possible to create open shots;

▶ Every team is young, but it's about who's willing to make that move to jump ahead of others; Top Free Agents are not running to play for Utah, and the Salary Cap makes it easier for teams to jump ahead of others; So ALMOST making the playoffs this season doesn't make guarantees for making the playoffs next year; This ain't the Eastern Conference!

25 Jun 2016 18:07:42
Wizards trades

Trade Gortat for Kyle Korver and Mike Scott

Sign Howard to max
Sign Jared Bayless to 2 year deal

Resign Nene and Beal

Wall - Bayless
Beal - Korver
Porter - Oubre
Morris - Scott
Howard - Nene.

25 Jun 2016 15:58:21
Did anyone else the rumor that the Wizards plan to offer Joakim Noah 4yr 120m? How insane is that?! Offering him tripled what he made last year and he was hurt and had a bad year!

25 Jun 2016 16:33:40
I saw that also. But people close to the Wizards have been denying that.

25 Jun 2016 17:09:25
I think even 4yr 90m is a lot for him. I say a reasonable deal for Noah would be 3yr 42m.

25 Jun 2016 18:15:39
Noah did win DPOY two years ago. If a teams thinks he can stay healthy, he can be one of the 5 best centers in the NBA. Obviously health is a big question, but I could see him getting maybe 3 years 60+ million, with the third year as a team option.

24 Jun 2016 04:27:50
Great Night for NBA Draft;

76ers @ #1 6'10 PF-B. Simmons▶LSU

Spurs @ #29 6'5 PG/ 2G-D. Murray▶Washington

■ D. Murray will be groomed into a nice
addition for the Spurs in 3 years:
Crazy raw talent, with Coach Pop
molding Murray into a top quality
combination guard for the future, and
before he leaves coaching!

■ Think 76ers #24 Pick can play this
season with team; #26 can be Stashed

■ WOW→Thon Maker @ 1-#10 Milwaukee.

21 Jun 2016 03:27:51
Couple of random ideas that i thought of:

Sixers trade: Okafor, 2018 first
Cavs trade: Kevin Love

Sixers sign Bradley Beal to a max deal
-Washington let's him walk in hopes to sign KD

PG: Ish Smith
SG: Beal
SF: Simmons
PF: Love
C: Noel

---------------------- OR------------------------

Sixers make same kevin love deal; Sign Barnes to a Max Deal, and use Simmons in a weird Magic Johnson Role:

PG: Simmons
SG: Waiters
SF: Barnes
PF: Love
C: Noel.

21 Jun 2016 04:24:29
Not enough for Love, and Harrison Barnes in no way deserves a max contract. He is barely an average player.

If Kev Love's value has gone down over the course of the playoffs as many people on here have said, then Barnes's value should have gone down two fold.

21 Jun 2016 04:39:16
Love and Barnes both have great value still. Fans may overreact to 7 games, but GMs won't. They're both still difference makers.

Barnes will get a max deal. His max is pretty average being only a 4 year vet. and the 76ers won't get a free agent without overpaying, no one wants to go there.

21 Jun 2016 04:54:16
Don't see Okafor fitting in with Cavs and would prefer to have Love's shooting and rebounding. I agree with SimmonsOrBust I wouldn't give Barnes a max contract after his showing over the course of the entire playoffs. Teams were deliberately leaving him wide open and he couldn't make them pay. Even though the max isn't that much since he hasn't played that long signing a player like him to 20+ million per year is a recipe for disaster. He showed this post season he can't be a reliable role player so I don't understand why you'd pay him like he is a superstar. That being said if you want to steal him from Warriors it'll probably take offering him the max and that may not be enough.

21 Jun 2016 05:20:48
Ben-I have no idea what the max amount will be for Barnes so you may be right if it's in the 12mil range (which I assume it isn't), but when I hear the word max I don't think of an ok role player like barnes.

Barnes along with Luke Walton were major coat tail riders this year and past years.

I agree the Sixers would have to overpay someone this year to get them, but Barnes isn't a guy to overpay for.

And I also agree with jaw the Okafor wouldn't fit with the Cavs.

21 Jun 2016 05:21:50
., And I'm in no way saying Barnes won't get a max deal. I'm just saying I'd be unhappy if my team did it. He just isn't a good player.

21 Jun 2016 08:33:27
Sixers could take on shumpert too. Then cavs can keep fry and Jr bird rights and james bird rights. Then could have cap to sign deng. Then resign everyone and use mle on Johnson. Jefferson minimum.
Irving/ delly
Smith/ Johnson
Deng/ Jefferson
James/ fry
Thompson/ okafor
James would stay and cavs be better and have stronger bench and have better defense.

21 Jun 2016 13:07:09
Why would Sixers want love?

18 Jun 2016 23:21:57
76ers / Denver


C/ PF: N. Noel
F/ SG: R. Covington
****: 2016 1Rd-#26


****: 2016 1Rd-#7
****: 2016 1Rd-#15

76ers◆ 2016-2017
PG: I. Smith/ D. Murray 1-#15/ T. McConnell
2G: M. Beasley 1-#24/ N. Staukus/ H. Thompson
C: J. Embiid/ J. Okafor
PF: J. Okafor/ M. Chriss 1-#7/ R. Holmes
3F: B. Simmons 1-#1/ J. Grant/ D. Saric

NOTE: Denver Now Has C/ F-Nerlen Noel,
and F/ G-R. Covington, and still have
two 2016 1Rd. Picks @ #19,#26

NOTE: 76ers Keep Ja Okafor until Embiid shows
his game and health is ready; Ja
Okafor might bring more waiting
until 2017 Draft, or by next year
NBA Trade Deadline; If Okafor stand
out on the US Select Team next month,
makes his value go up; I think it
does .

NOTE: Play Simmons @ both 3&4 spot during the
season; Rotating Embiid, Okafor,
Simmons, Grant, Holmes, and Chriss in
the Frontcourt

NOTE: Drafting PF-M. Chriss/ Washington; Better
upside than Nerlen; Once the decision is
made with Embiid future, 76ers will have
a nice PF/ C- M. Chriss, to replace Okafor
spot, while keeping Simmons @ the 4F

NOTE: Resign PG-Ish Smith to hold the PG
duties next year, until 76ers draft,
trade, or sign FA-PG in 2017; Smith
will be among the best PG reserves in
the league starting in 2017-2018, but
for now, have Smith with Point Forward
Simmons handling things

NOTE: Dario Saric probably won't be in 76ers
uniform until the 2017-2018 season due
to the NBA Rookie Salary he'll be on
if he comes in 2016.More money for
Saric if he waits until 2017

NOTE: 76ers Have 2-1st Round Picks in
2017: PG/ UCLA Lorenzo Ball or SF/ Kansas
Josh Jackson; 76ers could get both!

NOTE: If Okafor and Nerlen are Traded, 76ers
Management should try and get another
1st Round Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft;
3 Lottery Selections, and High Cap
Money to Spend, should be good for
Sign/ Trade situations if the
situation occurs for a good player; If
not, it's a good PG Draft in 2017, and
another 1st Round Pick gives 76ers
extra help getting Ball/ UCLA and
Jackson/ Kansas to fill that 3;

NOTE: Both 76ers and Sacramento will be in
the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery; 76ers
getting the Highest of the two (2);
That LA-Protected 2017 will drop
to 76ers, really don't think LAL
will be in Top 3, but will be in
Top 8-10; LAL will be better.

19 Jun 2016 01:04:41
Why would Denver do that deal? They are rich at center and have a good PF in Faried. And Noel proved last year that he is not a PF. And in what works is Covington a SG.

19 Jun 2016 02:12:37
First off man I always love how organized and easy to read your post are. It's actually rewarding to study an basketball mind like yours and try to learn from it. And these post are on point with the ideas. With that though I have to disagree with the proposed trade just because I believe the sixers should be asking for a little more or take out the 26 pick. I personally feel Noel is worth the 7 and a little more. Covington is worth the 15 exactly just because of his youth and his current skill set is proven talent that is improving. It's honestly just an opinion but I think the sixers shouldn't undersell just because they have a ton of draft picks and youth. They built this system of tanking for so long so not to see it out a little longer doesn't make sense unless a once in a lifetime opportunity comes.

19 Jun 2016 04:15:41
Not sure what Nuggets would want Noel for they already have a young loaded front court with Jokic, Nurkic, Faried, Lauvergne and can play Galo as stretch 4. The value isn't terrible however. I'm not sure Chriss makes it to #7 in the draft as his stocks risen. I think he'd be perfect in PHX at #4.

19 Jun 2016 03:08:25
I'd do this as a Sixers fan.

19 Jun 2016 06:09:59
This may appeal to Denver because they don't have any athletic bigs.

19 Jun 2016 07:50:34
■Jokic and Nurkic is up for trades according to Denver; Boston high on Jokic; Nerlen can play both 4 and 5, and coaches love his ability to play stretch 4's on Defense and the 5 on small ball line-ups; Denver need Defenders, and Noel is one of the best among young 2-3 year players

■I rather see 76ers grab and develop a possible PG in 6'5 D. Murray of Washington @ #15, and grab another 1st Round Pick @#7, than trade Nerlen Noel for Atlanta Jeff Teague; Keep a young prospect behind Smith in case 76ers don't get their PG next season

■Not feeling Teague with a young 76ers team; If Ish Smith gets a consistent jumper from 15 feet out, he's just as good as Teague in my opinion, @ a much lower salary

■Nerlen won't get the 76ers Dunn/ Providence or Murray/ Kentucky, and I rather keep Okafor than Nerlen; In case Embiid not ready, Okafor will be 76ers center @ 18ppg/ 10rpg; Nerlen has to be traded, because he's going into his RFA year, and his agent is not letting him come off the bench; I don't blame him!

■So 76ers should think about building their bench now (I. Smith, J. Grant, Holmes, Saric, 2016 1-#7,#15,#24 Picks), while they coordinate the Starting 5 pieces, via trade next season (Okafor), their 2017 Draft Picks and FA Signings to go along with B. Simmons and Embiid

■76ers need to develop a bench while the possible staters form over the next 2-3 seasons, because that will help their star players of the future (Okafor/ Embiid, Simmons, Saric, 2017 Picks (PG-L. Ball/ UCLA or SF-J. Jackson/ Kansas) be eastern conference title contenders in 4-5 years (Post LeBron Dominance) :

■Bench is important, and young prospects can develop into good role players for the future, or can be pieces for trades of top veteran players if the draft prospects develop to the point the 76ers can't afford them in 4 years as RFA. by then, 76ers will know how good Simmons, Embiid, Saric, and their 2017 #1 Lottery Picks will be, and those multiple 2016 draft picks for Nerlen will serve 76ers well for getting what they need down the line;

■Until then, having 6'5 Combo Guard D. Murray/ Washington, 6'4 2G-M. Beasley/ FSU, and PF/ C-M. Chriss/ Washington or the 6'10 Center from Utah could be nice in the 76ers rotation; In 4 years, see who develop into a good reserve, or maybe starter, or trade bait for a highly package deal; Investment!

■R. Covington: When Nerlen, J. Grant, and Okafor/ Holmes was on the floor together as the 76ers frontline, R. Covington played the 2G spot, but he's more 3F; Covington can play both, a good 3-Point Reserve threat with a good contract salary for his skills.

11 Jun 2016 07:40:55
Beal s&t for Noel and pick 26
Washington gives first away got to and Porter jr for best picks they can get
Sign Durant, horford, Michael Beasley if he's a fa
Let Nene walk
Hope Malik Beasley falls to 26

Wall, oubre, Durant, horford, Noel
Sessions, ma. Beasley, mi. Beasley, Morris, fa or draft pick center.

11 Jun 2016 07:50:48
Gives gortat and porter jr away*.

11 Jun 2016 08:07:52
I like Beal trade for both teams and think Wizards should do it even if they can't sign Durant (hopefully they'd be able to get some big free agent with saved cap space) . Not sure about trading Porter (they already traded their first for Morris) for a draft pick since this starting lineup would be among top in east so I think they'd want as many ready to contribute pieces as possible (he doesn't make that much money) . They still have Gortat under contract and he could be the backup center. Not a fan of Michael Beasley signing since he seems similar to what they already have in Morris. At 26 I'd go for Prince, Bembry or LeVert since don't think Beasley will be there. In fact I'd prefer Covington instead of the pick if possible. Not sure how much cap space they have left but they'd need to bolster the bench.

11 Jun 2016 08:18:12
So how about draft LeVert, forget michael Beasley and trade porter who is still growing for Evan Turner to be the sf in 2nd unit?
Big reason for the Beasley signing is because of friendship with kd.

11 Jun 2016 15:14:49
Personally I don't see beal as anything like a star. His injuries are a huge concern in my book. He's said himself he'll never play full minutes again due to those injuries. That doesn't sound like a Max player to me. That being said Noel for beal is fair if the deal is reasonable. If not I'd pass.

10 Jun 2016 19:47:36
76ers / Suns

■ 76ers Management should wait at grabbing a PG this coming season, unless a no brainer trade is offered; B. Simmons 1-#1 Pick is a Point Forward, and if the 76ers are drafting him, then resign Ish Smith, and roll with him for the year . He'll be a good back'up come 2017;

■ I rather draft 3F B. Ingram

■ Nerlen Noel and Agent won't be happy with him coming off the bench next season, especially going into his RFA season; Some team will offer Nerlen a nice contract; 6'11,future all defensive teams type potential; Can play Center, while capable of defending Stretch 4's; Top Teams like GSW or Spurs could afford to offer him a contract, and have a nice young defensive Center, giving you 10-12 points, 9-10 boards, 2 blocks

■ Nerlen has one season left before free agency, J. Okafor has three years remaining before hitting free agency, making him a better trade option; So both are being shopped around to see value, which will get better days before the upcoming 2016 draft;

■ 76ers might have 2 1st Round Lottery Picks next season; PG, and a chance for SG/ SF J. Jackson of U-Kansas

■ 2017 has a free agent P-Guard class of;
◇ R. Westbrook-OKC
◇ K. Lowry-TOR
◇ G. Ant'Man-MIL
◇ D. Schroeder-ATL (RFA)

■ 2017 has a Draft Class of P-Guard of;
◇ M. Fultz/ Washington
◇ F. Ntilikina/ International
◇ L. Ball/ UCLA
◇ D. Smith/ N. C. State
◇ D. Fox/ Kentucky

C: N. Noel
2G: N. Staukus
**: 2016 1Rd-#24
**: 2018 2Rd- (Lowest 2 of 3)

**: 2016 1Rd-#4
**: 2016 1Rd-#13
PG: A. Goodwin

PG: I. Smith/ T. McConnell
2G: J. Murray 1-#4
C: J. Embiid/ R. Holmes
3F: B. Ingram 1-#1/ D. Saric/ J. Grant
PF: J. Okafor/ H. Ellenson 1-#13

■76ers Trade 2016 1-#26 for Future 1st / 2nd Round Picks, or in a 2016 Trade for veteran player;

■ 76ers shouldn't trade Okafor until they see Embiid play; See what staff can do with Embiid/ Okafor on the court; Embiid can go outside hitting the 15-18 foot shot, which Nerlen can't on a consistent basis;

■ 76ers, wait until next season trade deadline, or before the 2017 NBA Draft to move Okafor . 2 possible lottery picks and Okafor can get a MAX Free Agent in 2017, or a high top pick if 76ers don't get #1-#2 pick next year . IF they don't get a VERY GOOD offer this summer . we need to see Ja and Embiid together first .

10 Jun 2016 19:57:24
Your a smart man

10 Jun 2016 19:58:39
Decent but in the 76ers-Suns trade, change the 24th pick to 26th and drop the 13th pick
Noel is not worth that much.

10 Jun 2016 21:20:57
Philly shouldn't be looking into 2017 free agency because none of those players will sign with them.

10 Jun 2016 21:22:27
All fair ideas in my book.

10 Jun 2016 23:17:50
Sixers are taking Simmons.

10 Jun 2016 23:28:00
if the sixers can get Murray for Noel, stauskas, and #24 I'm good with that. Suns can keep giidein, and adding #13 makes it unfair in philly s favor.

11 Jun 2016 01:11:22
■If not a 2017 MAX-Free Agent, 76ers can definitely select a nice young point guard . my choice; L. Ball 6'5 from UCLA .

■If Embiid comes in healthy (Hopefully), and average 18-20ppg/ 11rpg, Ingram develop's over the season, top free agents will consider 76ers . whether PG's or whatever position .

■DON'T Sleep on the 76ers situation . Colangelo plans→

Will have them competing quickly in the playoffs; Wants the young highly skilled rookies to get that playoff experience early, with the help of veterans FA reserves this summer and Top Tier FA in 2017, so they can go for the Eastern Conference finals series within next 4 years .

■LeBron, Melo, Wade, all be older, mid 35-plus in age, giving the 76ers enough time to be ready to compete for Eastern Conference Titles against the Detroit/ Indiana/ Cleveland/ Toronto teams, IF they make the right moves this summer and next .

■76ers should think about building a bench/ reserves this summer; Saric, J. Grant, R. Holmes, McConnell, 1Rd-#24/ #26 . and get some role players (Mid-Level Tier) this summer through free agency

■76ers then set up their Starting Core with the Nerlen trade (With Whoever) this summer, and a 2017 MAX Player (Sign/ Trade Deal w/ Okafor Included, or RFA, UFA Signing), and selecting their 2017 Top Draft Pick . Draft Ball from UCLA/ Jackson-Kansas, and maybe sign Utah PF-D. Favors to replace Okafor, once he's traded-maybe for a package deal for Bulls 2G-J. Butler, Cavs PG- K. Irving

■ I'm not saying 76ers will get those three (Butler, or Irving and Favors), but they have the pieces/ cap room to get good young veterans players like them that can give the 76ers a good chemistry of young veterans with Embiid/ Ingram/ Saric/ Grant/ McConnell and next year 1st Round Pick, to get into the playoffs sooner than later

■But the key to making and creating respect and noise in the playoffs early, is signing or trading for a MAX Player, and building a bench (Ish Smith @ PG) that will hold things down in the early stages while the young Saric/ Embiid/ Grant/ Ingram/ McConnell gain experience and confidence this 2016/ 2017 year, to make a playoff run during 2017/ 2018 season

■Embiid/ Saric/ Ingram must learn the NBA Speed, Conditioning, Mistakes and Travel next season, after that, come 2017/ 2018 season, with a good bench and added MAX player and a 2nd Tier FA . 76ers should clinch a playoff spot

■AGAIN, the right moves count, and trading off Ja Okafor should be on hold until after 2016 draft, especially if he does serious work on the U. S. Select Team this summer against other top young players . Value Goes UP even higher

■By 2019, a year when the 76ers get 2 more 1st Round Picks, and 3-2nd Round Draft Picks, they should be ready to complete no lesser then the 2nd Round of Playoffs, before they become one of the Premier Teams in the Eastern Conference come 2020.

11 Jun 2016 03:19:20
Yeah . I think you can subtract the 1-#13 from deal, I totally agree; but not switching the 1-#24 for 1-#26: 2 selections apart @ the bottom half of draft is not big difference in talent level;

■Save every dollar on 1st Round Salary structure on the team, especially having 4 1st Rounders if Dario Saric comes over; Plus, let Phoenix feel good about getting the higher selection

■Suns have the 1-#28 Selection also
■Key is 76ers getting J. Murray from
Kentucky; Better combination guard
than K. Dunn of Providence.

11 Jun 2016 06:06:27
I agree 76ers shouldn't rush to get a pg unless right deal arises. Don't think they should pass on Simmons talent even though Ingram is a better fit. Don't think they'll be able to get that much for Noel especially from Suns who don't have a glaring need to invest that much in a young center (already have Lens) .

11 Jun 2016 13:57:06
Did you just say Embiid averaging 20 and 11? That's completely unfair to Embiid, who has not played in two years. Expecting anything from him is insane.

12 Jun 2016 07:35:05
I said "IF" Embiid average 18-20ppg/ 11rpg .

10 Jun 2016 14:42:14
Cleveland: Otto Porter, Marcin Gortat,2 2nd round Picks

Washington: Kevin Love


Oubre Jr.

10 Jun 2016 17:35:02
Gortat would start and Porter off bench.

10 Jun 2016 21:23:51
Gortat and t. Thompson are the same players.

11 Jun 2016 03:42:13
Do it now get their pick.

11 Jun 2016 03:42:57
Do it get their pick.

10 Jun 2016 09:44:42

Cavs gets: Gortat, Morris, Gooden, 1st rd pick (top 20 protected)

Wizards gets: Love

Cavs gets depth and a new starting 4 while Wizards save 3 million and can recruit free agents to play with Wall, Beal and Love.

11 Jun 2016 03:44:39
Go for it come home Kevin Durant.

11 Jun 2016 03:53:48
Do it.

09 Jun 2016 20:29:57
Wizard Sixers.

Sixers trade Okafor and Noel and lakers pick.

Wizards trade John wall and gortat

Sixers get a star pg and clear room for saric and Simmons at pf to go with Embiid. Also have gortat as a back up for two year at 11 mil.

Wizard rebuild. Let nene walk and now have a starting center of the future and a starting of the future. Noel is clearly a center and Oakfor is the pf. It worked really well in limited minutes last year. And the here beal obre and porter all ready to take over and get a chance or play next season.

Too much to little?

09 Jun 2016 21:28:54
Noel and Okafor are Centers, regardless as to what Noel played last year. I would see if you couldn't go Saric and another asset in a deal for Wall, though I don't see the Wiz moving him.

09 Jun 2016 23:02:44
I don't see wall being moved, but like all the other all stars the 76ers fans want, they have to include #1 to start a conversation.

10 Jun 2016 01:59:01
I can't imagine a team trading for both Okafor and Noel as they've shown they aren't a great pairing. Like BenMiller says a team will want #1 if they're moving a superstar. Wizards have a pipe dream of landing Durant so I don't see them making a move like this that would compromise their chances ( I guess they could do it after they strike out) . If I were 76ers I'd be trying to snag Bradley Beal in some sort of sign and trade since I think Wizards don't really want to resign him to the max he'll likely get but don't want to just let him walk.

05 Jun 2016 14:46:16
Memphis- p. Beverley 25,27 draft picks (memphis has a pg just incase Conley leaves and two picks to build for the future)

Clippers - t. Ariza ( ariza numbers are good when a plays with a good pg plus d rivers would give it one more shot to make it work)

Raptors- p pierce (raptors need a veteran that been there where raptors are trying to go
pierce help the wizards when he was that team

Houston - l stephson 17 pick from memphis (buy out stephson plus u will get out of long term contracts and have a first round pick)

05 Jun 2016 18:14:45
Pierce to Toronto for anything, no thanks. He's more than done as a player, look at last year with the Clips.

30 May 2016 04:24:47
Sixers Offseason

Trade PHI/ BOS

BOS: #3,#16
PHI: Okafor, #24,#26

Trade PHI/ WAS

WAS: Beal
PHI: Holmes, #16,2017 1st (LAL),2018 1st (SAC)

#1: Ben Simmons
#3: Kris Dunn

Free Agency
Resign Ish Smith: 3yrs/ $21 mil
Sign Bradley Beal: 4yrs/ $90 mil

Starting Lineup
PG:Dunn/ Smith
SG:Beal/ Thompson
SF:Saric/ Covington
PF:Simmons/ Grant/ Landry
C:Embiid/ Noel/.

30 May 2016 10:40:55
Not sure that Okafor would even get you the No. 3 at this point. And late first-rounders don't help the Celtics at all because they have 5 picks in the second round (where contracts are not guaranteed) .

30 May 2016 15:52:11

I have no idea if you even watch basketball.

Seriously Okafor isn't worth the third pick in this draft? Just a stupid thing to say. I'm thinking the third and more to get Okafor. Easy. Especially to bostons division rival.

31 May 2016 01:25:25
Thank you for saying that. It's about time someone brought up that point. Why would the sixers make a trade with Boston.

31 May 2016 14:31:46
Because they wouldn't make a trade with Boston. Although it seems like Celtic can wants Okafor.

27 May 2016 14:52:26
D`Antoni in Houston confirms the Exit of Howard. Where could he sign? Washington, Chiago maybe? But this Team have Player that penetrade and Play inside.
Dallas! They will have outside shootes and Howard could dominate the paint! Perfect fit!

Mavs should trade:


Sign FA:
-Howard 4y/ 90m starting with 23.5m
-Leuer 1+1y starting 4m
-Mayo 1+1y starting 4m
-Terry (Vetmin)

D12, Mejri, McGee
Dirk, Leuer, Powell
Parsons, Anderson, Butler
Wes, O. J. Mayo, Terry
DWil, Barea, Harris

With raising cap Mayo and/ or Leuer could ask for more money next season if it works out.

27 May 2016 17:08:12
That team is so old and worn out, they will break hard. Your most "durable" players are wes. coming off achilles surgery and playing significantly subpar. and parson. constantly a knee injury.

Well played.

27 May 2016 18:56:36
I think this is Dallas' best way to stay relevant. Their future isn't looking great as they have little young talent and Dirk their cornerstone is getting up their in age. Unfortunately I think these moves don't make them a contender so these moves just give them more wins and make their pick less valuable further straining their chances at landing young talent to revitalize the franchise.

28 May 2016 07:15:40
Go mavs this will give all teams trouble
Dwight mejri pachulia
Dirk mirza teletovic powell
Parsons Anderson jamal Crawford
Matthews jr Smith felton
Dwill barea dellanova

McGhee can't buy time but shaqs fool mayo didn't work dirk can now rest games Dwight has help Parsons minutes can get low help keep him ready for playoffs Matthews minutes gets cut a little to keep him fresh legs looked tiered an dwill has all the help he needs to stay healthy barea dellanova
smith felton
2nd in west at least
Western conference finals
Carlisle would rock with this much talent.

25 May 2016 01:03:11
76ers / Wizards

I saw this idea on a Wizards site:

1. Wizards sign and trade Beal to sixers for Noel.

Now I'll be the first to admit, value wise, Beal is more valuable then Noel. However, with the sign and trade, Washington gets a good player in return instead of losing Beal and getting nothing. Plus, don't know how Wall will take being the second highest paid guard on his team. And grunfield is high on oubre being his 6'7" shooting guard of the future. Also, Noel may be a piece KD would like in Washington.

2. Sixers / Bulls

Sixers get: Rose
Bulls get: #26 pick

Bulls dump Roses contact and move on. I think a late first is the most they will get for rose at this point.

3. Sixers draft Simmons #1, Malik Beasley #24

Pg: Rose, Ish, McConnell
Sg: Beal, Stauskas, Beasley
Sf: Simmons, Covington, Grant
Pf : Okafor, Saric, Landry
C: Embiid, Okafor, Holmes.

25 May 2016 08:06:41
1- Salaries don't match. Noel is on a rookie deal and Beal will get something around 20 mil/ per year.

Moreover Simmons may play sf yet probably he would be a better pf and at the same time Okafor will be a bad D when played against stretch pf.

25 May 2016 13:53:18
Salaries don't matter since Sixers are wat under cap.

25 May 2016 13:54:06
I like your idea. Wizards could use Noel and freeing up some money would be nice too.

I agree. Bulls can't get more then a late first for rose now.

25 May 2016 14:30:22
Sixers have 40mil in cap think they could take it.

25 May 2016 14:34:59
I like these moves for all parties.

25 May 2016 16:16:26
Just want to point out that it really doesn't matter about what Durant wants cause each night shows that he isn't leaving OKC this year once they make the finals. And I think it might be harder next offseason to get him.

17 May 2016 21:49:44
Bucks 2016-17

Trade Greg Monroe and 40th Overall 2016 draft pick to Washington for 14th Overall 2016 draft pick

Sign Dwight Howard
Sign Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Re-sign Miles Plumlee

Draft Timothe Luwawu 10th Overall
Draft Thon Maker 14th Overall
Draft Melo Trimble 34th Overall

G. Antetokounmpo / M. Carter-Williams / T. Ennis
K. Middleton / R. Vaughn / M. Trimble
J. Parker / T. Luwawu / D. Inglis
J. Henson / L. Mbah a Moute / J. O'Bryant
D. Howard/ M. Plumlee / T. Maker.

18 May 2016 01:48:00
I think Greg Monroe could fetch more value than that (possibly I'm incorrect) but I think the bigger issue would be the floor spacing with that potential lineup. Middleton would be only capable shooter on the floor. Bucks need another shooter at either 3 or 4 spot (push Parker to the other position) and keep Henson in a backup role.

17 May 2016 03:23:02
76ers / Wizards

76ers: J. Okafor, #26/ OKC
Wizards: B. Beal

*Wall needs a frontline scorer (Okafor 17ppg/ 8reb) who will demand double team
*Beal wants out of Wall's shadow
*Beal shooting open's up space for Embid/ Noel
*Gortat is a good reserve center

Wall/ PG
Bembry/ SG #26 Pick; O. J. Mayo (3-Year/ $18M)
Morris/ PF
Porter/ SF
Okafor/ C; Gortat

Smith/ PG;O'Connell
Beal/ SG;Covington
Noel/ PF;Saric
Ingram/ SF;Grant
Embid/ C;Holmes

76ers wait until 2017 for serious cap spending
for All Star caliber PG;

17 May 2016 05:36:14
Makes sense to me. Wizards seem kinda reluctant to pay big money to Beal but would get fair value in return. They may need to get a few more shooters to put around the two but Wall and Okafor would be a dangerous tandem for next few years and Porter is a decent other piece. With money saved from not spending it on Beal they also should be able to bring in some FA help. Only concern other than possible spacing issues (Morris could be stretch 4 tho) is defensively with Okafor and Morris. Although I believe Okafor is young and will only improve in this area.

For the sixers they lighten the overloaded front court and get star potential player in Beal. Money isn't really an issue for sixers as they don't have anyone else to spend it on and I don't see free agents going there. Sets them up nicely going forward with Beal still young enough to be at his peak still when rest of team grows up.

17 May 2016 13:23:20
Ehh. I don't think sixer give up okafor for a free agent. Let the Wizards waste max money on him. Neal isn't a superstar any way. If they want him for max they can have him.

13 May 2016 16:09:23
Boston- Washington- houston- Philly

Boston: J Harden/ J Wall
Wash: Smart+ A Johnson+ 1rnd pick Nets 16 and 17
Hou: I Thomas+ Noel
Philly: Crowder+ Bradley+ 1rnd pick Nets 18 and 1rnd pick Memphis 19.

13 May 2016 16:35:48
Wow, Philly is getting an lot for just Noel and a backup PG.

13 May 2016 17:00:18
Am I missing something? You have the Sixers receiving Crowder, Bradly, and 2 firsts (The nets which is likely high lottery) for Noel? Are you insane?

Dont get me wrong, I like Noel. But I really don't think the sixers could get just crowder, just the nets 1st. and likely, not even just bradley. But you have all 3. AND the memphis first? I have to be missing something.

13 May 2016 17:09:39
Washington and sixers say no Deal.

13 May 2016 18:40:21
Sixers say no deal MJ23?
That would be the biggest steal in trade history for them.

13 May 2016 23:01:54
Mj clearly just wants to disagree. Every gm from every sport would take that deal for the sixers. I dare one person to give an even marginal argument to not.

14 May 2016 05:17:48
So celtics gut the roster for nothing? No thanks.

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