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20 Mar 2018 16:40:12
If Lebron stays, Deandre Jordan opts in to be traded.

The Cavs get Jordan

The Clippers get Smith (Buyout), Clarkson, Zizic, and the Cavs 2021 1st lottery protected.


1.) 20 Mar 2018 17:00:54
The CAVS don't appear to have a 2019 pick to deal, or even a 2020. The Clips can do a mid-rebuild without tearing it down to the ground with an infusion of young talent in the next few years. Someone will offer better, and it won't cost a buyout.

2.) 20 Mar 2018 17:38:06
I believe the Clippers would want more. Maybe the Brooklyn pick?

3.) 20 Mar 2018 18:12:07
Jordan can walk and they'll end up with 12 million dollars in cap space. They are getting Clarkson, Zizic and a 1st for the Cavs use of their cap room. This is a way they can get something out of nothing. They basically go 2 older high level role players and a 1st out of Paul this way and he has a lot more value than.

There's no way the Cavs were the ever giving up the Brooklyn pick for Jordan. He's just not worth it. I don't see many teams out there over the cap willing to give up assets for Jordan. Apparently all of the offers for him near the deadline included big contracts.

4.) 20 Mar 2018 19:11:32
The Nets pick is to much, but the clippers would want Osman.

5.) 20 Mar 2018 20:26:24
D.J. Is a Clipper for life! Maybe. I think he fits LAC for the time being. I can't see why he wouldn't collect his option and sign a longer term deal next year. Not being traded speaks for his comfortability there, and can't get a better team builder than Jerry West. Good things are coming to LAC based on his record.

6.) 20 Mar 2018 21:44:38
Jordan did state that he wants to remain a Clipper. So, I guess time will tell if he changes his mind? The Clippers were offered multiple players, and 1st rd picks before for Jordan, From various teams, And the Clippers down them all down.



20 Mar 2018 00:33:44
Lebron opts in to be traded

The Blazers get Love and Lebron

The Grizzlies get Korver and McCollum

The Cavs get Parsons, Turner, Collins, Swanigan, Harrison, Brooks, the Grizzlies 2018 1st, and the Blazers 18 and 20 1sts


1.) 20 Mar 2018 08:14:31
Really unrealistic, and unbelievable.

2.) 20 Mar 2018 09:57:52
I think you can' do a sign and trade with multiple players.

The duo LBJ-Lillard would be great, but Portland would have the same problem as Cleveland: No defense

Not sure about the Grizlies. Is McCollum worth giving up Ayton or Doncic?

It's a great return for Cleveland.

3.) 20 Mar 2018 14:04:06
Gasupo, it's not a S and T. In the scenario, Lebron opts in. Also, I'm not sure defense would be a huge concern for the Blazers. They've been good on that end this year and Love has been plus defender the past 3 years. Lebron can play defense when he wants, but really only does it in stretches in the regular season. It's not like McCollum is a good defender.

As for the Grizzlies, they clearly still want to try and compete. This trade gives them that chance. Plus, not only do they get McCollum, but they dump one of the worst contracts in the league.



19 Mar 2018 15:25:20
San Antonio gets MKG, Kaminsky, Monk, the Charlotte 18 and 20 1st

Charlotte gets Leonard

Charlotte is in a weird position and needs to choose a direction to move at this point. If they could land Leonard, I think that could choose the direction for them.
Leonard's Jordan brand connections could help the Hornets resign him and I'm sure Jordan would do everything he can to make him a bigger star. If Batum can have a better season and Dwight can do what he's doing this year again that team has a legitimate shot at being really good.


1.) 19 Mar 2018 22:31:49
If i thought that could remotely get Leonard, I'd be packaging up Solomon Hill, Diallo Moore and a couple picks from NOLA. Kaminsky is a nice player but MKG is no package headline by any means.

2.) 19 Mar 2018 23:12:37
Monk is 19 and was just drafted top 10 plus that's a lottery pick that they get this year. I don't think MKG has a ton of value, but if anyone can salvage him it's Pop and he's more there for the salary anyway. Kamisky and the other first are also decent pieces. The package maybe doesn't blow you away, but it's pretty solid.

3.) 20 Mar 2018 08:31:45
K. Leonard if he wants out is going to be dealt to a team he wants to play for because almost any team would gladly rearrange their roster for him, and pay a proper asking price. Kinda like Irving to BOS. He was willing to go, and BOS had a good package to offer.

Leonard would likely be the same. CHA doesn't hit me as K. Leonard's first choice. CHA can offer a fair package, and a more than fair package I have no doubt. They have assets, and a good coach, but some front office upheaval to a degree with the GM stuff. K. Leonard strikes me as a less drama the better type of guy. I could be wrong.



18 Mar 2018 15:45:31
If Atlanta, Orlando, Sacramento or Cleveland (assuming Lebron walks) lands the 1st overall.

The Celtics trade the Boston 2018 pick, the Sacramento pick, the Memphis pick, and the Clippers pick for the 1st overall and draft Ayton


1.) 18 Mar 2018 20:11:26
Ainge might do that. The MEM, LAC picks have a window of conveying, so this might be a good idea. I like the spacing for adding talent the SAC pick gives BOS though by being next season. How much of a gambler is Ainge, and how much does he like the crop of draftee's this season. There's good talent on the cheap at 27-or better this season.

2.) 18 Mar 2018 20:16:33
I was mistaken, The MEM conveys eventually no matter what, so 3 first's guaranteed for 1, #1 overall? Nah. Ainge wouldn't do that probably.

3.) 18 Mar 2018 21:04:16
The only pick that's guaranteed to be in the lottery is the Sacramento pick. The Clippers pick at best is in the late lottery and at worst would be in the mid 20s. The same could be said for Memphis and Boston's pick will be late. Ayton could be the final piece they need to truly compete for a title. Plus, there is little doubt that Ayton can do it on the offensive end. His defense needs to improve and Stevens is a coach that can help him do that and the Celtics' defensive culture should do a lot towards him buying in.

4.) 19 Mar 2018 00:10:24
I bet BOS would take Bagley over Ayton. It doesn't matter, Ainge isn't falling for his own 1 pick for 2 trick anyway. Let alone 3, possibly 4 for 1. Seems unlikely anyway.

5.) 19 Mar 2018 03:18:58
Lottery-shmottery. 3-1sts, and 1 maybe 1st, for 1, #1 overall is a ridiculous price to pay. Ainge pulls that trick on others, not on himself. Draft Bamba, or Bagley, or Carter jr. If defense, and PF/ C is the need of BOS, why a project? I think Ayton is a good player/ young prospect, but maybe a bit hyped kinda like T. Young. Ayton is definitely not Embid-like. #1 also comes with a 10 mil/ per price tag. BOS would likely have to let go of Smart, or others. The timing of next seasons SAC pick gives them another full season, and this year's playoffs to analyze talent, and formulate a hypothesis on who to keep, let go, and draft. This years pick is just bonus. Who knows LAC could make playoffs, and they get another @ #15.

6.) 19 Mar 2018 04:05:51
Jorga, the only pick that Boston will have is their own this year unless they get extremely lucky in the lottery. I just think it would take that kind of haul for a team to move the first and not end up still being in the top 5.

I just don't see Bagley being the guy they take. They need a bigger center that could be a good defender and rim protector in the NBA. I'm just not sure Bagley has the tools to really be that in the NBA. I also think Ayton's upside is just so much higher than Bagley's. Bagley has the smoother game right now, but Ayton is the better athlete and has much better size.

Also, the Celtics have 7 or 8 players on their roster that are under 25 plus they have Horford, Gordon, and Irving that are all part of their long term plans. Will they even have space or minutes to develop 5 draft picks in the next 2 year? Especially, their own picks that will be late in the first and if the Clippers or Memphis picks land later in the draft. I think at some point they're going to have to package some of them to move up in the draft or in a trade for a super star. Their roster just doesn't have much room.

7.) 19 Mar 2018 10:48:51
I like Ayton going to the Celtics for that package, but i agree with Jorga that Ainge wouldn't do that.

If he trade those picks, it's for a star.



16 Mar 2018 21:45:43
What if Lebron would opt in for a trade to the Lakers and didn't want to play with Ball, because of fit and the noise around him.

Ball and Deng for Lebron

If the Lakers accept all option that would put their cap number at 49 million and the cap should be around 100 million.

After signing George at around 35 million? I know they can't sign him for the super max so it shouldn't be to ridiculous of a number. That gives them 15 million to spend in free agency plus the the 9ish million MLE.

They could easily fit Bradley and Lopez into that and might have some cash left over.

Bradley/ Hart/ solid veteran

Add some ring chasing veterans and go after a 3 and D prospect or defensive big man with the Cavs pick.


1.) 17 Mar 2018 01:13:54
That be good for the cavs if James wants out. Plus give the cavs Randle also. They would have ball, randle love hood and the Brook pick to build around plus Thompson is he can get it together. So love can get traded
Say George takes 30 and puts Lakers at 79 that's 22 left for DJ. Use mle on Evans
James/ evans
Noel/ zubak.

2.) 17 Mar 2018 01:43:34
What if.

3.) 17 Mar 2018 16:24:30
Shizzee, this whole site is what if and I've heard analysts mention that there are rumors that that may be the case. Lebron has been notably annoyed by TT bring the Kardashian stuff to the team and Ball doesn't play a style that seems like it would mesh well with Lebron. He's a solid defender, but on the offensive end, Ball needs the ball and doesn't spread the floor. I'm sure, they could make it work to a degree, but they may be better off keeping all of their other assets while getting rid of their 2 biggest contracts so that they can go out pieces that fit better than Ball.




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22 Mar 2018 02:22:36
I get what you're saying Suceed, but I'd argue that Drummond is the better player (or atleast the player that is actually able to stay on the court) . Who knows how long Van Gundy is going to be there and I don't think a new gm will feel any kind of attachment to Griffin.




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21 Mar 2018 21:09:27
I don't see why Detroit would be interested. Drummond has been really good this year and is still young. Why would Detroit want to move him?




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21 Mar 2018 18:11:00
I posted on the wrong thread, but basically, the Bucks don't have any money at all to sign Cousins with. It's impossible.




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21 Mar 2018 18:09:36
Milpso, the Bucks at best can offer him the MLE (I'm not even sure if they can offer that) . He would have to take 25+ million per year less than his max at best to sign with the Bucks and really how much better are the Bucks right now than the Pelicans. They have a little bit better roster, but not significantly better.




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21 Mar 2018 17:55:06
I don't see either trade happening. In the first one, I don't like it for either team. Dieng is a limited big man on a bad contract. The Cavs already have one of those in Thompson. I don't like the other one for either team. Phoenix isn't close to competing and Love will be 30. There is no way the Suns give up that package for him and for the Cavs, you need a second allstar caliber player if Lebron is staying. I do it if he's gone on Cleveland's end though.

I hate the Carter pick for Cleveland. The guy is a subpar athlete and hasn't been all that impressive at Duke. I've seen comps to Horford for him, but I don't see it. He isn't going to be able to get out on the perimeter like Horford and Horford was a good athlete coming out. Plodding centers are defensive liabilities in today's league. I'd much rather have who ever drops out of Young, Jackson, Bamba or Porter if they get the 7th pick or if they fall to 8, Sexton, Knox or either Bridges.





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